Taken from “Suns of Fortune”

Micro jumps are used by military fleets to bring in reinforcements already in the system or for sneak attacks where timing is critical. Micro-jumps can also be used to make quick getaways. Because they are only intra-system, they are very quick to plot and execute.

  • Micro-jumps take a base time of 6 rounds rounds to plot, and 1 to execute.
  • Plotting a micro-jump requires a Hard (Diff_sym.pngDiff_sym.pngDiff_sym.png) Astrogation check, with Setbk_sym.png (Navicomputers aren’t normally set up to plot over such short distances).
  • Pilots commonly use their slower backup drive to micro-jump, as it allows for more accuracy (and is cheaper to replace if something fails). Plotting a micro-jump with a hyperdrive faster than a class 5 adds an additional Setbk_sym.png.

A successful micro-jump brings the ship within medium range of their destination. Additional Success.png can bring down the time required by 1 round per. Each Advantage.png reduces the range band to the destination, while each Threat.png increases it. Triumph.png allows the PCs to make the jump immediately. Despair.png can add Setbk_sym.png to future plotting attempts or cause malfunctions in the hyperdrive or other ship’s systems.


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