Escape from Mos Shuuta - Session 1

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
Xie has connected.
Xie: Huzzuh!!
Jshock-GM: boosh
Xie: Too easy, Hamachi! _
  • Xie goes afk

JeffG has connected.

GM: That’s better…
JeffG: makes a check!
Successes: 2 / Advantage: 3
JeffG: makes a check!
Successes: 5 / No Advantage or Threat
JeffG: makes a check!
Successes: 5 / No Advantage or Threat
JeffG: makes a check!
Successes: 2 / Advantage: 3
JeffG: makes a check!
Successes: 2 / Advantage: 4
JeffG: makes a check!
Successes: 1 / Advantage: 4
JeffG: makes a check!
Successes: 1 / Advantage: 2
GM: I see you have found the die roller.
JeffG: makes a check!
Successes: 8 / Advantage: 12
GM: I’m going to wait a bit on explaining all that so I don’t have to repeat myself at least 3 times.
GM: I may still have to, but it’s principle.
JeffG: So, we’re playing until midnight EST?
GM: Yeah, that’s the plan
GM: Maybe a bit longer, maybe a bit less. @ 12:30s when I’ve been going to bed
  • GM wonders where he put the light side / dark
    side counters…
  • GM I’m so glad Tyg didn’t change his pic up to
    an anime catgirl or something…
Xie: Is that Selene from Underworld? XD
GM: Yeppers. I’ll take it, she’s a fox.
Xie: At least its not anime, as you said XD
Xie: And yeah, she’s awesome
Xie: Those were pretty cool movies
GM: "no lord Vader she is not your waifu" was going to be my second houserule.
Xie: lol
GM: Actually, let me try to find something I saw…
GM: check that sheet out
  • GM uses the dark side to summon Tygaran
JeffG: So the other 2 players are Tyg and Drekken, right?
GM: Yeah, Tyg told me he’d be around 8:30; I have no idea what Drekkan is up to, so I think I’ll NPC him until he shows up.
GM: <u>IF</u> he shows up…
Xie: lol
The Force:
The Force:
The Force:
The Dark Side:
The Dark Side:
The Dark Side:
The Dark Side:
The Dark Side:
The Dark Side:
The Dark Side:
The Dark Side:
The Dark Side:
The Dark Side:
Xie: Man that’s some great animation
GM: The movie? Yeah, I kind of hope they go somewhere with it
GM: JeffMike, You don’t have Tyg’s skype or anything do you?
JeffG: Nope.
GM: I’ll try emailing him
JeffG: K.
GM: I had his yahoo; hopefully he has it connected with something he checks
Drekkan has connected.
GM: Bazinga.
Xie: Heyyy!
JeffG: Hey Drekkan.
GM: Well, what do you guys want to do? Should we give him another 10-15 or do you want to get going?
Drekkan: whew
Drekkan: long day
JeffG: Give him another 10-15, I’d say. Try PMing him on ObsidianPortal?
GM: good point
GM: he’s got a pm too; Drekkan, do you have Tyg’s skype or anything?
Drekkan: sadly no
GM: kk. Evil GM needs a pee break.
Drekkan: heh
Drekkan: next week is my one and only week of vacation since I started this job
Drekkan: am looking forward to it
GM: Nice; you said you were going to the bahamas or something?
Xie: Oh man… You must be looking forward to that!
Xie: I know how it is, I haven’t had a vacation since I started my job either.
Xie: Problem is we just got acquired, and instead of carrying over our vacation time they’re paying it out XD
Drekkan: nah – that’s Andy (Cuba)
Drekkan: My wife and I are just taking the week to finally relax
Drekkan: articling is a bitch
Xie: (First world problems )
Drekkan: yaaaaaaar
Drekkan: I might actually be taking some time to help out with a leadership campaign
GM: I’m due in a couple of months; last year I did a day long bicycle trip to my parents place
GM: Might go camping somewhere in state if I can find a good spot
Drekkan: nice
Xie: Very nice
Drekkan: come this summer we have either unemployment (and a job search) or a short break of a couple months before more hellishness
Drekkan: and if the latter we intend to make the most – some travel, maybe go cycling in Niagara Wine country
GM: I built a new commuter bike over the winter, so I’m looking to get the most out of it
Drekkan: built a bike…
Drekkan: that is something far beyond my skill set
GM: It’s retardedly easy, actually. The only hard stuff is cable routing, but that’s only hard if you go in blind.
GM: I’m not sauying it was cheaper than buying off the rack mind, but it was satisfying.
Drekkan: I can imagine
Drekkan: I’ve always been somewhat envious of people good with their hands at making things
Drekkan: I’m about the clumsiest most inept person around when it comes to that
GM: You build a computer? You could pull it off
Drekkan: also – does anyone know how to move the dialogue/dice boxes?
Drekkan: … I’ve never built a computer
GM: They’re framed, so you should be able to pull them off and snap them wherever
Drekkan: See for me I don’t see the title bar on them – it just merges into the top of my screen (the mac bar)
GM: Ah, that stinks. I’ve never seen MT on a mac, so I’m no help.
Xie: Is the window too big?
Xie: Should be the same on Mac as on PC since it’s a Java application… in theory
GM: Hue
GM: huehuehue
GM: welp, it’s 9. Apparently I’m NPCing Selene.
Xie: lol
GM: Everyone here?
Xie: At least there are 3 of us
Drekkan: S’all good. WOuld like a midnight stoppage anywho – tomorrow I have to be at a subway station about 15 minutes away for a charity drive
Drekkan: Food bank money drive – I have the prescription to cure my fever then
GM: Yeah, 3 is good. Tyg will probably catch up at some point.
JeffG: Yeah, I’m here.
GM: OK cool. Anyone need help with the roller or character sheet or anything?
Xie: "Many Bothans died to bring us this information…"
Drekkan: Well, one and a half Bothans…
Drekkan: I’m… playing it by ear….
GM: We should actually roll for light/dark side points before we start. Everyone roll ONE Force die; I’ll roll one for Sel*cough*Jaana (GM normally doesn’t).
Drekkan: makes a check!
Successes: None / No Advantage or Threat
Light Side: 0 / Dark Side: 2
Jshock-GM: makes a check!
Successes: None / No Advantage or Threat
Light Side: 0 / Dark Side: 1
JeffG: makes a check!
Successes: None / No Advantage or Threat
Light Side: 2 / Dark Side: 0
Xie: makes a check!
Successes: None / No Advantage or Threat
Light Side: 1 / Dark Side: 0
Xie: Ooooh… dark side wookie!!
Drekkan: Oh dammit… and I wanted to play all good and noble…
Drekkan: I tend to wave from very good to very evil… and I felt a good upswing
Drekkan: ah vell
Xie: You can. You just start off with a bit of corruption I guess.
GM: Hmm, equal points. Ill explain; you can use light side points as roll boosts, I can use dark side for the same. When you use a light side point, it becomes dark; same for me with dark side points.
The Dark Side:
The Dark Side:
The Force:
The Force:
GM: They renew each session, so don’t hesitate to spend ’em.
Xie: So it’s light vs dark campaign?
Drekkan: RAAAAWRWRRRRRR (Bashing Baddies for Goodness!)
Xie: Or is it just a nifty themed game mechanic?
GM: It’s just a name for the mechanic; wether you guys become rebels or just scum around is up to you.
Xie: Cool _
GM: The bars; Green is health, yellow is strain (nonpermenant damage).
GM: wounds, sorry
Xie: OK
GM: OK. To get the feeling right, an opening crawl:


GM: You step down a short flight of stairs into the cantina’s shadowy common room, the cool air a blessed relief from the scorching Tatooine heat. The Devaronian bartender pauses from cleaning some glasses to glance at you, his grizzled features intimidating. On a stage against the far wall, a Twi’lek woman dances to tinny recorded music. A few patrons turn their heads to stare at you when you enter, then go back about their business.

The cantina floor is scattered with tables, and private booths line the walls. The only exits you see are a closet door behind the counter and a pair of doors behind the dancer. The roof above you is supported by thick, heavy struts.

You only have a few moments to hide before Teemo’s thugs find you. What do you do?
Xie: (( WOW ))
Xie: (( First RPG I ever played with an opening crawl XD ))
JeffG: (( And right into the thick of it, too. Hmm… ))
GM: I don’t get the credit; I just found it
Xie: lol
  • Xie cranks a Star Wars soundtrack Pandora

Devaronian Bartender:
  • Devaronian Bartender doesn’t seem to be paying
    much attention to you (if any).
JeffG: (( Mind giving me ownership of Mathus? ))
  • Taliq scowls at the Devaronian Bartender

GM: oops; everybody has ownership now :D
Mathus: "Oh, this is bad… think, think…"
  • Taliq makes her way to a shady looking booth
    to lie low

  • Mathus glances around warily.

  • Mathus follows Taliq, hoping she has a plan.

  • Lowurra: (( wait do we know each other? ))

    Taliq: (( Its a terrible plan XD ))

    Mathus: (( I think so. ))

    Mathus: (( At least casually. Mathus is a
    former employer of the Hutt who decided to bail. ))

    Jaana Raeth:
    • Jaana Raeth looks around, jumps the counter
      next to the bartender.
    Mathus: (( Er, former employee. ))
    • GM is ducking.
    Taliq: (( You can’t just give a Hutt two week’s notice XD ))
    Jaana Raeth:
    • Jaana Raeth is ducking, I mean.
    GM: alright, let’s see…
    Mathus: "So, uh… now what?"
    Taliq: (( They’re totally going to see us XD ))
    • Mathus glances at Taliq.

    Lowurra: RAAAAAAWR (Mathus – you must know where a ship is)!
    Mathus: "I know where the ship is, it’s getting to it that’s the issue…"
    Lowurra: (( I can stop the RAAWR speak… but think ti fits ))
    GM: you guys are all hiding in the same booth?
    Taliq: "… I was following you."
    Mathus: (( For now, yes. ))
    Taliq: (( It’s called hiding in plain sight ))
    • GM is amused.
    • Mathus pales a bit at Taliq’s comment, then
      tries to look around for something he can use.

    Taliq: (( Totally effective

    Mathus: (( Is there a way I could shut off the
    lights here? ))

    Lowurra: (( wookies don’t do much hiding… ))

    GM: not that you see, but it’s pretty smoky / shadowy anyway…
    Taliq: (( Can I grab an empty cup or a coaster or something? ))
    GM: sure
    • Taliq grabs an empty glass and pretends to
      drink from it

    Mathus: (( Hmmm… a way I could cause a
    distraction? Anything I could hack into from here? ))

    GM: Mathus, go ahead and make a 2d difficulty Computers check – you have 1 in computers or 2?
    Mathus: checks
    Mathus: 1/4 in computers.
    Mathus: 2d = 2 Difficulty dice?
    GM: yes; so you’re rolling 3 green, 1 yellow, 2 purple
    Mathus: makes a check!
    Successes: 1 / No Advantage or Threat
    Taliq: (( Woo! ))
    Taliq: (( 3 this system’s dice XD ))
    GM: Alright. You have access to the cantina’s entertainment controls (the stage show lights, basically). You can activate to give them a setback when they show up.
    Mathus: Okay.
    • Mathus pulls out a datapad & rapidly taps a
      few things into it.

    Taliq: (( And I want to wait until they
    enter to throw this cup at that rodian ))

    GM: TAliq, make a 1d Cool pool if you would; you’re bluffing, basically.
    • Taliq Tosses the cup in the air a couple of
      times to get a feel for its mass and center of gravity

    Tygaran has connected.

    GM: AH HAH
    Mathus: (( Hey Tyg. ))
    Taliq: (( WOO! ))
    Tygaran: crazy near last minute clients…
    • Lowurra get’s ready to flip over the gaming
      table when the thugs come in to cause a general brawl

    Taliq: (( HAHAHAHA wookie subtlety ))

    You whisper to Tygaran: I had
    Jaana do something rather rash to hide; she jumped the counter and is
    basically holding her slugger on the bartender.

    Lowurra: (( where does an 8 foot tall wookiee
    hide? … Anywhere he wants ))

    GM: right, what is the wook doing again?
    Tygaran: I don’t own my own character
    Human Gambler:
    • Human Gambler looks puzzled at thwe walking
      carpet, but says nothing.
    Lowurra: (( getting ready to start a general brawl by the table ))
    Taliq: (( Crap, my dice has broken ))
    Taliq: makes a check!
    Successes: 2 / Advantage: 1
    Jshock-GM: ah, sorry
    Lowurra: RAAAAAWR!
    Taliq: It’s OK, I fixed it, just needed to click "Launch Dicebox" again
    Jaana Raeth: (( wierd, I could edit the token byut not impersonate until I gave myself ownership ))
    Lowurra: (( takes out some creds to indicate a desire to play ))
    Lowurra: (( that should have been an emote ))
    Human Gambler:
    • Human Gambler shrugs, indicates a seat
    • Lowurra sits and gets ready to yell cheat!
      as soon as the thugs come in

    • GM Hmm, let’s call that a deceit pool;
      1purple. I think you don’t have any pips in that, so just 2 green for your
      natural cunning.
    Lowurra: makes a check!
    Successes: 1 / Threat: 2
    Light Side: 1 / Dark Side: 0
    Lowurra: (( ooh – that light side shouldn’t be there – forgot to redo my dice ))
    GM: Tyg, did you want to do something other than what I had you doing?
    Taliq: (( lol ))
    Jshock-GM: Don’t sweat it, they don’t factor in
    Player "tyg?" is not connected.
    You whisper to Tygaran: tyg?
    Lowurra: (( so basically from what I saw, I succeed a bit but something rather dangerous happens…. ))
    Lowurra: (( which makes sense given the gambit ))
    GM: Yes… I have to figure out how I’m going to spend those…
    Taliq: (( lol, totally appropriate XD ))
    Taliq: (( So do you get to spend threats, and we get to spend advantages? ))
    GM: the R2 at the table starts beeping and whistling furiously, calling some attention to you. You will take a setback when we roll init.
    Tygaran: so… what’s going on? Brawl and hutt goons arriving soon?
    Taliq: (( What R2? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( converted dealer ))
    Tygaran: looks like an r2 in the middle of the tbale
    Taliq: XD
    GM: Did you want to do something other than intimidate the bartender into keeping quiet?
    Tygaran: guess not, as I don’t really know the situation
    Taliq: (( We’re hiding in here from a Tranny slaver ))
    Jaana Raeth: "Just keep quiet and this will all go smooth…"
    Taliq: (( Tranny = unfortunate nickname for Trandoshians ))
    Taliq: (( Smoth? We’re about to tear this poor guy’s bar apart XD ))
    Jshock-GM: makes a Coerce check!
    Successes: 1 / Advantage: 1
    Light Side: 0 / Dark Side: 1
    GM: Mere seconds after you hide yourselves, a small troupe of Gamorreans wielding clubs steps through the door. They peer around in the gloom, blinking; seeming to see nothing, they walk to the bartender and begin harassing him for information on your whereabouts.
    GM: (Jaana is just out of view, behind the counter)
    Devaronian Bartender: "I know nothing!"
    • Jaana Raeth keeps gun aimed, quitely touch
      her lips with on figure if the bartender glances down

    Devaronian Bartender:
    • Devaronian Bartender nervously peers behind
      the counter
    • Taliq whispers to Mathas

    Taliq: "I’ve got a bad feeling about this…"
    • Mathus nods at Taliq, his finger hovering
      over something on his datapad.

  • Taliq grips her cup tightly

  • Gamorrean Thug:
    • Gamorrean Thug start hunting around the bar…
    • Lowurra starts his gambit when they get too

    GM: Alright, init time! Everyone makes a simple Cool check (no purple); Lowurra, you add a black die.
    Lowurra: makes a check!
    Successes: 1 / Advantage: 1
    Mathus: makes a check!
    Successes: None / Advantage: 4
    Jaana Raeth: makes a Cool check!
    Successes: 2 / Advantage: 1
    Taliq: makes a check!
    Successes: 1 / Advantage: 1
    Jshock-GM: makes a Vigilance check!
    Successes: 2 / Threat: 1
    Light Side: 0 / Dark Side: 2
    Jshock-GM: reroll; I didn’t clear
    Jshock-GM: makes a check!
    Successes: 1 / No Advantage or Threat
    GM: OK, init is a lot like D&D BUT the order isn’t set from turn to turn; you choose who goes first. So one of the PCs gets to go.
    Taliq: Oh cool
    • Mathus votes Lowurra first.

    Jaana Raeth: (( yeah, he seemed tyo have
    something planned ))

    Taliq: (( Nobody can start shit going down
    like a wookie! ))

  • Lowurra grabs the Human Gambler’s hand

  • Lowurra: RRARWRAR! RAWRARWR! (Cheat! You dirty rotten cheat)
    • Lowurra decks him and flips the table

    GM: what were you planning?
    GM: OK, make a Brawl pool there
    Lowurra: (( does that work? ))
    GM: Call it 1 difficulty
    Lowurra: makes a check!
    Successes: 1 / Advantage: 2
    Taliq: (( pwned! ))
    Human Gambler:
    • Human Gambler flies over the table, unconcious.
    Lowurra: (( Chaos ensues! ))
    • Jaana Raeth thinks going last is good, since
      she’s hidden


    You could spend those 2 advantage to
    take cover behind the flipped table…


    2 for an extra maneuver, basically

    Taliq: (( Maybe mathus next, so he can do
    his funky hacking thing? ))

  • Lowurra ducks behind the table to scoop up
    some of the loose credits…

  • Mathus: (( Mhm. ))


    Oh, I assumed you did the hack when
    init went off

  • Mathus punches the button.

  • Jshock-GM:

    They got a setback for it

    Taliq: (( Oh cool ))

    Taliq: (( Well you can go next anyway if you
    like, or I can start shooting shit up

  • Mathus causes the dance lights to go wild,
    distracting the intruders & causing the wookie brawl to be strobed.

  • GM: Disco inferno goes off from the stage
    Lowurra: (( I’m also somewhat worried that I see Thug number 93 ))
    Taliq: (( HAHAHAHA oh man, that’s gotta be distracting ))
    Jshock-GM: Oh, the gammoreans have all noticed you..
    Jshock-GM: they DEF noticed the wookiee
    Lowurra: Lowurra takes cover!
    • Taliq breaks out her carbine, and rests it
      on the table, carefully aiming at a gammorean

    GM: OK, who was going next – Taliq or Mathus?
    • Mathus lets Taliq go first.

    Taliq: (( I dunno if I can draw and shoot in
    the same round? ))

    Taliq: (( OMG that’s awesome!! ))


    Sure; you can’t move too, unless you
    got advantage or strained yourself

    Taliq: OK
    Jshock-GM: so that’s blasters + 1 difficulty for range
    • Taliq lets rip a controlled burst at the
      nearest gammorean thug

    Taliq: (( gunnery or ranged heavy? ))


    sorry – rng hvy

    Taliq: (( or ranged light?

    Taliq: (( OK ))


    2 green, 2 yellow, 1 purp

    Taliq: makes a check!
    Successes: 1 / Advantage: 3
    Taliq: (( Will get faster at this as we go ))
    Weapon Skill Range Dmg Dice
    Blaster Carbine R (Hvy) Med 9
    • You deal 9 dmg on a hit, +1 dmg for each rolled.
    • Inflict a critical injury on a hit for .
    Taliq: (( Sweet! That’s a crit! ))
    Jshock-GM: As I thought; these guys die to a crit, so…
    Gamorrean Thug 46: Gamorrean Thug 46 is defeated!
    GM: Square in the chest
    • Taliq Without hesitation, Taliq moves her
      aim to the next gammorean

    Taliq: (( just for effect


    Oh, you could move if you wanted to
    spend strain; 2 strain for another maneuver


    just an option

    Taliq: (( Is shooting a maneuver?


    pulling your blastert was

  • Taliq takes cover

  • Taliq: (( cover is a maneuver? ))



    Mathus: (( They just have clubs, right? ))

    Taliq: (( 2 strain it is then ))


    yes, clubs with nasty studs

    Taliq: (( HAHAHAHA ))

    Taliq: (( nvm about the cover then, good
    point XD ))

    Taliq: (( I’ll just leave it there ))

    Taliq: (( brb ))


    Mathus next?

    Lowurra: (( my god. They have boards with a nail
    in them! ))

    Jaana Raeth: you’re up, M
    Lowurra: (( but one day those foolish earthling will invent a board with a nail in it so big it will doom them all! ))
    Jshock-GM: they do look rather clubby
    • Mathus puts away his datapad and gets ready
      to brawl any thug that approaches Taliq.

    Taliq: (( Guddentags ))

    Mathus: (( Basically running interference for
    her. ))

    Taliq: (( Always good to have a meatshield!


    OK, sounds like 2 maneuvers there; one
    to stow, another to guard. You’ll add a setback to brawl / meele
    til the end of your next, but opponents will add a setback to
    brawl / melee her.

    Lowurra: (( ok – have to do something quick ))


    I don’t have a state for guard. Noted.

    Mathus: K.
    Jshock-GM: Cool, I’ll do the guards…
    Gamorrean Thug 60:
    • Gamorrean Thug 60 moves and engages with
    Jshock-GM: (( he’s standing in front of the flipped table ))
    Gamorrean Thug 81:
    • Gamorrean Thug 81 moves and engages with Taliq.
    Taliq: (( Uh oh! ))
    Jshock-GM: Actually…
    Gamorrean Thug 81:
    • Gamorrean Thug 81 moves and kicks the table
      out of the way!
    Gamorrean Thug 81: CRASH
    Taliq: (( Awesome! That’s cinematic _ ))
    Gamorrean Thug 93:
    • Gamorrean Thug 93 pushes the rodian out of the
      way to crawl over the counter…
    Jshock-GM: makes a Coordination check!
    Successes: 1 / Threat: 1
    Jaana Raeth: (( he wasn’t supposed to come this way ))
    Jshock-GM: Makes it, but will add a setback to his next melee; he’s off balance.
    Gamorrean Thug 93:
    • Gamorrean Thug 93 engages for another maneuver.
    Jaana Raeth: (( so my ‘init’ cool roll had an advantage – does/did that do anything? ))
    Jshock-GM: Jaana, you’ve got a big smelly gammorean looming over you.
    Jshock-GM: No, for init, advantage is just a tie breaker
    • Jaana Raeth attempts to put a slug in the
      smelly gammo… so that’s just a heavy roll thingy?


    Yeah, let me check something…


    right; 1d for close, +2d because it’s
    a heavy weapon. 3d to your normal ranged – heavy total.

    Jaana Raeth: so… 3 purples?
    Jshock-GM: yes
    Taliq: (( yikes! ))
    Jaana Raeth: how annoying.. I onlt have three dice of my own
    Jaana Raeth: makes a Slugthrower @ 93 check!
    Successes: 2 / Threat: 3
    Jaana Raeth:
    Weapon Skill Max Range Dmg Dice
    Slugthrower Rifle R (Hvy) Medium 7
    • You deal 7 dmg on a hit, +1 dmg for each extra rolled.
    • Inflict a critical injury on a hit for .
    Jshock-GM: that’s 8d total…
    java.lang.ArithmeticException: Division undefined error executing expression bar.Strain = CurrStrain / MaxStrain .
    Jshock-GM: hmm…
    Jaana Raeth: (( meaning what exactly?? ))
    Jshock-GM: He’s almost out. Just got a weird error though
    Jshock-GM: You still have a maneuver; did you want to disengage?
    Jaana Raeth: sure.. what’ll that get me?
    Jshock-GM: You can spend 2 strain for a second maneuver too
    Jshock-GM: It just means you wount be in melee. You could strain for a second and run away somewhere else.
    Jaana Raeth: kk, I’ll spend the two to get further away
    Jaana Raeth: Jaana Raeth takes 0 wounds.
    Jaana Raeth takes 2 strain.
    Jshock-GM: Anywhere in the yellow behind the counter.
    Jshock-GM: Next PC!
    Lowurra: (( who wants it? ))
    Taliq: (( I’ll go ))
    Jaana Raeth: I’m thinking I want to go again before the NPC’s, so I can finish my uy off
    Jshock-GM: That’s doable, btw
    Mathus: (( Taliq, mind if I go before you? ))
    Taliq: (( I should go before mathus, don’t want to have to shoot if you’re in melee ))
    Mathus: (( Ah, depends what type of penalty you get to attacking him as-is. ))
    • Jshock-GM points at Jaana’s clever use of
      init idea

    Taliq: (( Indeed! the awesomeness of this
    system!! ))

    Jaana Raeth: so, since thr three of us go before them, I might as well go now… that’d be down to 1 purple, or 2?
    Taliq: (( So someone has to volunteer to go last ))
    Jshock-GM: 1
    Taliq: (( Go Jaana go! ))
    Jaana Raeth: makes a Slugthrower @ 93 check!
    Successes: 1 / Advantage: 3
    Taliq: (( Bite his freakin’ head off! ))
    Jaana Raeth:
    Weapon Skill Max Range Dmg Dice
    Slugthrower Rifle R (Hvy) Medium 7
    • You deal 7 dmg on a hit, +1 dmg for each extra rolled.
    • Inflict a critical injury on a hit for .
    Jaana Raeth: sheesh.. look at all thos icons I need for a crit
    Gamorrean Thug 93:
    • Gamorrean Thug 93 gets smoked.
    Taliq: (( I know right? wtf XD ))
    java.lang.ArithmeticException: Division undefined error executing expression bar.Strain = CurrStrain / MaxStrain .
    Jaana Raeth: suppose I can use my one maneuver to take cover behind bar
    Gamorrean Thug 93: Gamorrean Thug 93 is defeated!
    Jaana Raeth: or… is there an aim? I think I saw one.. what’d that do?
    Jshock-GM: Go for it; 1 setback if anyone tries to shoot you.
    Jshock-GM: Of course, you haven’t seen them pull guns either…
    Jshock-GM: Yes. Aim will give you 1 boost to your next ranged.
    Taliq: (( Drek do you mind Low going last? ))
    • Jaana Raeth takes aim for next round – done

    Lowurra: (( s’ok ))


    2 down, 1 engaged with Lowurra, 1
    standing in front of the other two looking menacing with his big
    nasty club.

    Taliq: (( OK if I go next? Or do you ahve a
    plan math? ))

    Mathus: (( You go next, then I jump the guy. ))

    Taliq: (( OK ))

    Taliq: (( PEW PEW! Difficulty for range? ))


    he’s not engaged with you, btw – feel
    free to blast him



    Taliq: makes a check!
    Successes: 3 / Advantage: 1
    Weapon Skill Range Dmg Dice
    Blaster Carbine R (Hvy) Med 9
    • You deal 9 dmg on a hit, +1 dmg for each rolled.
    • Inflict a critical injury on a hit for .
    Jshock-GM: after soak, that’s 8 dmg…
    Gamorrean Thug 81: Gamorrean Thug 81 is defeated!
    Jshock-GM: Anything else?
    Lowurra: (( mind if I go then? ))
    Taliq: (( I think I’ve done enough ))
    Mathus: (( Yeah, you go. I’ll go last. ))
    Taliq: (( Sorry Math, was expecting you to have to finish him off XD ))
    Jshock-GM: wookiee tiem
    Taliq: (( STOP ))
    Taliq: (( Its wookie time ))
    Lowurra: RAAAAAWR!!!!! (RAAAWRRRR!)
    Jshock-GM: Whatcha doing? He’s in melee range of you
    • Lowurra swings at him with his Vibroaxe!

    Lowurra: makes a check!
    Successes: 3 / Advantage: 3
    Weapon Skill Max Range Dmg Dice
    Vibro Axe Melee Engaged 7
    • You deal 7 dmg on a hit, +1 dmg for each extra rolled.
    • Inflict a critical injury on a hit for .
    • Pierce 2: Target’s soak is reduced by 2 against this attack.
    Taliq: (( OH DAYAM ))
    Jshock-GM: Needs difficulty
    Jshock-GM: Roll 1d
    Lowurra: makes a check!
    Successes: None / No Advantage or Threat
    Jshock-GM: so you’re actually 1 success, but that’s still a hit.
    Lowurra: (( and a crit! ))
    Jshock-GM: And youy crit
    Taliq: (( Good enough! ))
    Jshock-GM: Vreem
    Gamorrean Thug 60: Gamorrean Thug 60 is defeated!
    • Jaana Raeth retrain sher gun on the
      bartender, lest he reach for a com device

    Devaronian Bartender:
    • Devaronian Bartender slowly gets up from under
      the bar…
    GM: He’s meek as can be
    • Taliq spares a glance at the gammoreans, to
      make sure they’re not moving

    Taliq: "Let’s go"
    Taliq: (( No backdoor? ))
    • Jaana Raeth carefully slides ove the bar…

    Devaronian Bartender:
    • Devaronian Bartender ’Wait… Teemo is after
      you, yes?"
    • Taliq /loot

    Jaana Raeth: "What of it?"
    Jshock-GM: pretend I didn’t emote that
    • Mathus looks nervously at the bartender.

    Devaronian Bartender: "You will be trying to get off planet, I think."
    Lowurra: WAAARFGH (Of course you dense man-thing!)
    Devaronian Bartender: "Trying for Trex’s ship. Only way off."
    Jaana Raeth: "Tatooine’s not the best place to rey going to ground…"
    Taliq: (( totally a single word for that expression in wookeese XD ))
    Mathus: (( Wookeese is efficient. ))
    Devaronian Bartender:
    • Devaronian Bartender looks a bit nervous
    Lowurra: (( it’s like german – all compound words and the like ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( it’s like ‘baka’ in japanesse… worlds of meaning in one word ))
    Taliq: "The Krayt Fang? Won’t it be gaurded?"
    • Mathus looks a bit nervous about how much
      the bartender’s getting right.

    Devaronian Bartender:
    • Devaronian Bartender "Something you should
      know… heard from some crew at the landing platform that they are holding
      his ship."
    Jaana Raeth: "I sure hope you’re not suggested we pretend to be ‘freight’"
    • Taliq totally paid attention to the opening

    Mathus: "How come?"
    • Mathus looks at the bartender.

    Devaronian Bartender: "Broken part f some sort – bad ‘hypermatter reactor igniter’ or something."
    • Taliq /loot

  • Mathus hmms.

  • Lowurra: RURG? (This true?)
    • Lowurra looks at Mathus

    Mathus: (( Could we gain access to it by
    pretending to be a mechanics crew & repairing that part? ))

    GM: You know what that does, Mathus – can’t go to hyperspace without it.
    Mathus: "…Interesting."
    Mathus: (( How would we fix it? Just get access to it, or do we need a specific part? ))
    • Taliq slaps a handful of coins on the bar

    GM: They’re like spark plugs – you really don’t fix them.
    Taliq: "Where is the Krayt Fang docked?"
    Taliq: (( Probably only one starport in Tatooine lol ))
    Devaronian Bartender: "Bay Besh. What of it?"
    Taliq: "And is there a decent junkyard nearby?"
    Devaronian Bartender: ’Yes – Vorn might have one. TAlk to him."
    • Mathus nods.

    Devaronian Bartender: "It gets you out of my cantina…"
    • Taliq grins malignly

    Mathus: "Let’s get out of here."
    Lowurra: GREEEEEEE! (I heartily endorse this plan of action)
    Jaana Raeth: "You’r ebeing awfulyl helpful" * gun point * "What’s your angle?"
    Devaronian Bartender: "No angle… I am indentured, yes?"
    Devaronian Bartender: "Maybe you escape, maybe you take down the slug."
    Mathus: "…Good enough. Let’s go."
    Jaana Raeth: "Right…"
    • Jaana Raeth moves towards the door

    Taliq: "Sorry about the mess…"
    Jshock-GM: Alright. Moving tokens…
    Jaana Raeth: doh… I think I didn’t move…
    Jaana Raeth: and now there’s two of me
    Jshock-GM: attack of the clones
    Lowurra: Lowurra has moved out of cover.
    GM: Mos Shuuta is busy for such a small settlement. People bustle along constantly.
    GM: You guys can see the map, right?
    Mathus: (( Does Matthus know where to find Vorn? ))
    • Mathus can.

    Jaana Raeth:



    Oh yeah. To the north


    "Mathus… I don’t know what a
    transmatter… injection… matrix… howitzer looks like… I
    trust you do?"

  • Mathus nods, walking off quickly.

  • Mathus:

    "Vorn’s is just north of here."

  • Jaana Raeth follows along

  • Mathus leads them to Vorn’s.

  • Jaana Raeth: (( three greens in mechanics, so can
    likely assist) ))

    Taliq: (( You need to re-impersonate to get
    your icon back ))


    oh, hang on – Jaana probably gets back

    Taliq: (( Bug whenever the map changes


    Cool or Presence in strain back,
    whatever is higher.

    GM: The junk shop is immediately obvious byt the scrapyard adjoining the low pourstone building. As you step inside, you see an old hunched human tinkering with something behind the counter. He looks up, then glares angrily at the R5 droid standing at his side.
    Jaana Raeth: presence 2 – cool has 1 rank but otherwise 2…
    Jshock-GM: right, so 2
    Jaana Raeth: Jaana Raeth takes 0 wounds.
    Jaana Raeth is healed and gains back 2 strain.
    Taliq: (( Probably need to click "Launch dice box" again too… ))
    Taliq: makes a Cool check to look cool… check!
    Successes: 1 / Advantage: 1
    Scrap dealer: (v) �BLAST IT- you’re supposed to WARN me when they’re coming in, you bucket of bolts! Go finish stripping that wrecked speeder out back!�
    Scrap dealer: The man kicks the droid for emphasis!
    R5 droid:
    • R5 droid trundles off with a surly series of
    Mathus: "Greetings. Are you Vorn?"
    Jshock-GM: The man turns back you, indicating the racks of old parts cluttering his shop.
    Mathus: "We’re looking for a replacement hypermatter reactor igniter."
    Scrap dealer:
    • Scrap dealer "I am. Something I can interest
      you in?"
    Scrap dealer: �I have one. I’d part with it, but I already promised it to Captain Trex. He’s trying to raise the funds to purchase it from me, you see…�
    • Taliq attempts to look inconspicuous


    Yeah, what are the rest of you doing?

    Mathus: "Captain Trex?"
    Scrap dealer: "Mmm, yes. Trandoshan, Works for Teemo…"
    • Jaana Raeth leans nonchalantly out of the

  • Lowurra stands behind Mathus looking gruff

  • Scrap dealer: ’Not the nicest fellow, if I do say so myself."
    Mathus: (( Do I know if he’s the captain of the Krayt Fang? ))
    Taliq: (( getting some wierd errors, gonna relog brb ))
    GM: Knowledge check – no diff
    Xie is disconnected.
    Xie has connected.
    Mathus: makes a check!
    Successes: 4 / Advantage: 3
    Scrap dealer: You certainly do know that he IS the captain of the Krayt Fang. Bounty hunter, smuggler, whatever pays the creds.
    Mathus: "Ah. He actually sent us to help him get it. Money’s good and all, but sometimes a barter works better."
    Jshock-GM: Opposed check. Your coerce vs 1purple, 1 red for his discipline.
    Jshock-GM: Want to add force?
    Taliq: (( It’s a good bluff… ))
    Mathus: Yeah.
    Taliq: (( YES XD ))
    Jshock-GM: OK, you want to raise the stakes - change 1 green into a yellow.
    The Dark Side:
    The Force:
    Mathus: K.
    Mathus: makes a Coerce check!
    Successes: None / No Advantage or Threat
    Scrap dealer: "I’m really a credits kind of guy. I thought I told Trex that…"
    • Mathus pauses for a moment, trying to think
      of some way to get the igniter…

    Lowurra: RRRRRRR? (Perhaps we can do something for you?)
    Scrap dealer:
    • Scrap dealer turns to the wookiee
    Scrap dealer: "What…?"
    Scrap dealer: "I’m not sure I understood your… friend over there."
    Lowurra: RRRARAAAWRG (We’re very good at solving problems)
    Taliq: (( Wait, do I even speak wookie? XD ))
    GM: It’s chewie & Han with PCs – doesn’t matter
    Taliq: (( Awesome XD ))
    Taliq: (( This is such a great system XD ))
    Taliq: "What my associate said was… Trex is in a bit of a hurry…"
    Taliq: "We too are business people, though our trade is a little different to yours…"
    • Taliq pats her carbine

    Lowurra: (( we’ll see who’s laughing when we get
    to Kashyyyk ))

    Scrap dealer:
    • Scrap dealer Eyes go wide
    Taliq: "Perhaps we trade… we can provide you with a service, instead of credits…?"
    Jshock-GM: just so we’re clear – you holding a blaster on him, or just showing it off?
    Taliq: (( NO XD ))
    Jshock-GM: Juuust checking.
    Taliq: (( just showing it off, patting it while its still slung ))
    Taliq: (( For some reason I picture it slung across her chest like a P90 from Stargate: SG1 ))
    Scrap dealer:
    • Scrap dealer "I pay my dues to Teemo – I
      really can’t think of anything you might offer in that line of business."
    Jaana Raeth: (( so I imagine droid hacking would be computer? Perhaps we can get it to deliver the item for us ))
    Lowurra: Huurg? (Need a distraction?)
    Jshock-GM: Hmm – I’m guessing you really can’t slice a droid like that without plugging into it directly
    • Taliq shrugs and backs off


    You have the nessesary dongle, of

  • Jaana Raeth moves closerm "By the way, how
    much we talking again? For the igniter?"

  • Scrap dealer: "Was there somethign else I could help you with? There are other things I could be doing."
    Taliq: (( Yeah, how much cash would we need to put together? ))
    Jshock-GM: Just a sec
    Taliq: (( Probably millions XD ))
    Taliq: (( Or at least over 9000… ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( if she had more presence, she might try Charm and offer the guy alternative payment… but she has a mere 2… ))
    Scrap dealer: "Hmm. Be a lot of trouble to me; Trandoshans have tempers. Say 700 credits, in full."
    Jshock-GM: you can assist each other for boost dice
    Jshock-GM: Just give a plausible line
    Taliq: (( Do we HAVE 900 credits? ))
    Lowurra: (( who has the negotiate? ))
    Jshock-GM: you have 500 ea
    • Mathus doesn’t have Negotiation.

    Taliq: (( … let’s just give him the money
    XD ))

    Lowurra: (( I have 2 green pips ))

    Lowurra: (( come-on, we can haggle! ))


    The wookiee wants to negotiate!

    Lowurra: (( well – you can haggle… I speak
    wookiee… ))


    Extra xp if you can pull that off

    Taliq: (( ROFLMAO ))

    Taliq: (( OK looks like I’m actually trained
    in negotiate ))

    Taliq: "How about half now and half later?"
    Taliq: (( Or something to that effect XD ))
    Taliq: (( OK that’s rediculous, I’m sorry ))
    Jshock-GM: OK. Another opposed; your negotiate vs…
    Lowurra: Craaaar crar cra (That sounds more than fair)
    • Lowurra cracks his knuckle and stretches to
      full height


    2 purple, 1 red for his. and…

    The Dark Side:
    The Dark Side:
    The Dark Side:
    Taliq: Does opposed make me add… OK cool
    The Force:
    Taliq: Um can I "up the stakes"?
    Jshock-GM: make that 2 red, 1 purple.
    Jshock-GM: Sure.
    Lowurra: (( does that aid? ))
    Lowurra: (( my menacing menacing-ness ))
    Taliq: Do I add a force die for that?
    Jshock-GM: Hmm. Let me look somethign up, aqctually.
    Taliq: No, I upgrade a green to a yellow, I remember _
    Taliq: (( Everyone throw in a supporting line… XD ))
    Jshock-GM: right. The wookiee will add a boost, too; he’s getting <u>something</u> across.
    Taliq: (( HAHAHAHA ))
    Taliq: (( Well I’d want to give in if a wookie was yelling at me too ))
    The Force:
    The Force:
    The Force:
    Taliq: (( It’s the "make the wookie go away" instinct ))
    The Dark Side:
    The Dark Side:
    The Dark Side:
    Taliq: OK I have 2 yellow, 1 blue, 1 purple, 2 red…
    Jshock-GM: yes, unless someone else has something?
    • Mathus isn’t the charismatic one of the

    GM: force music is playing in the bg…
    Jaana Raeth: (( I’ve got nothin.. go ahead and make your roll ))
    Taliq: (( I ended up with Aranjuez Concerto… this playlist is unpredictable ))
    Taliq: (( Hahah, no worries. Here goes nothing! ))
    Taliq: makes a check!
    Successes: None / Advantage: 1
    Despair: 1
    Taliq: (( ))
    Jshock-GM: oh dear.
    Taliq: (( What does "despair" mean? ))
    Scrap dealer: "That… is easily the most insulting offer I’ve ever heard in my life."
    Jshock-GM: Bad Things.
    Scrap dealer: "Get out of here. Before I call the guards…"
    Scrap dealer:
    • Scrap dealer is reaching for a com…
    • Mathus blinks, looks around nervously, grits
      his teeth.

  • Jaana Raeth attemps some deceit

  • Jaana Raeth: "Well, I guess we’ll just have to take up those jawas on their offer instead. guess you won’t be sellign that eice any time soon."
    Jshock-GM: OK, time to save this.
    Taliq: (( Worth a try XD ))
    • Taliq twitches an eye

    Jaana Raeth: so what negatives to I add to me dice pool for this?
    • Jaana Raeth is suffering uber typos tonight

    Lowurra: Grrrooog rawr? (When do I axe him?)
    Jshock-GM: OK. Call it deciet vs his Discipline (1p1r), but add a setback because Taliq managed to piss him off.
    • Taliq grins at Lowurra

    Jaana Raeth: makes a Deceit check!
    Successes: None / No Advantage or Threat
    Jaana Raeth: net zero
    Jaana Raeth: (( fezzik, tear his arms off… ))
    Scrap dealer:
    • Scrap dealer "I don’t care about any jawas –
      you want to deal with the sand rats, go right ahead."
    Jshock-GM: aand I keep having emote checked…
    Taliq: "Now…"
    Jshock-GM: Init!
    • Jaana Raeth shrugs, turns her back on him,
      but facing the wookie, and punches her hand as a signla to him


    Cool for you guys, he’ll take

    Mathus: makes a Coerce check!
    Successes: 2 / Threat: 1
    Jaana Raeth: makes a Cool check!
    Successes: 1 / No Advantage or Threat
    Mathus: Whoops, that should be Init.
    Jshock-GM: makes a check!
    Successes: 4 / No Advantage or Threat
    Lowurra: makes a check!
    Successes: 1 / Advantage: 3
    Taliq: makes a Cool check!
    Successes: 2 / Advantage: 1
    Jshock-GM: woah – he saw it coming.
    Taliq: (( NO WAI XD ))
    Taliq: (( We were so subtle with our threats ))
    Jshock-GM: 3
    Taliq: (( Also… aren’t we wishing someone played the "smuggler" now? ))
    Scrap dealer:
    • Scrap dealer pulls a blaster on his hip,
      shoots at Jaana
    Jshock-GM: makes a check!
    Successes: 2 / No Advantage or Threat
    Jaana Raeth: on the cute girl and not the walking carpet monster?
    Taliq: (( OMG no joke, right that second, Dual of Fates started playing XD ))
    Jshock-GM: 6 dmg, subtract your soak.
    Jaana Raeth: which is 4 – so 4 wounds?
    Jaana Raeth: er 2?
    Jshock-GM: yes, 2
    Jaana Raeth: Jaana Raeth takes 2 wounds.
    Jaana Raeth takes 0 strain.
    Jshock-GM: OK, who’s next?
    Mathus: (( Can I tackle the gun out of his hands? ))
    Jshock-GM: Sure – let me look something up
    Taliq: (( I think he’s earned a good wookie’ing ))
    Lowurra: (( my init list didn’t populate ))
    Taliq: (( ditto ))
    • Jaana Raeth is about to shoot him inthe


    That do anything?

    Mathus: No.
    Taliq: (( Negatory ))
    Taliq: Its OK, he went, so that’s us 4 then him again
    Taliq: Right?
    Jshock-GM: Ah, I thinkI know why – those tokens are hidden
    Jaana Raeth: nada – dif map? hide npc checked?
    Taliq: This system doesn’t have a complicated initiative system
    Jshock-GM: that help?
    Jaana Raeth: nope
    • Lowurra steps up and punches the guy… no
      reason to KILL him

    Mathus: Still don’t see anything.
    Taliq: (( Still no initiative, but does it matter? ))
    Lowurra: makes a check!
    Successes: 5 / Advantage: 2
    Weapon Skill Max Range Dmg Dice
    Fists Brawl Eng 2
    • You deal 4 dmg on a hit, +1 dmg for each extra rolled.
    • Inflict a critical injury on a hit for .
    Taliq: (( Holy smokes! ))
    Lowurra: (( wait – I rolled my brawl ))
    Jshock-GM: hold. When you make a melee, you always add difficulty.
    Lowurra: (( which on my char sheet says 3 green plus a yellow ))
    Jshock-GM: yeah, copypasta error
    Jaana Raeth: if your token is liek mine, the skills weren’t already set
    Lowurra: (( oh… my bad, how many? ))
    Jshock-GM: Let me check char sheet
    Lowurra: (( I figure that fists do non-lethal ))
    Taliq: (( Not wookie fists! :3 ))
    Jshock-GM: your obportal sheet is correct. 3 green, 1 yellow. Default difficulty for brawl / melee is 1.
    Lowurra: makes a check!
    Successes: None / No Advantage or Threat
    Jshock-GM: Yes, nonlethal, even for wookiees
    Lowurra: (( so 4 successes 3 advantage, 8 damage? ))
    Jshock-GM: so that’s 4 success; 1 makes it a hit, +3 dmg
    Jshock-GM: his soak is 3
    Taliq: (( so net zero? :/ ))
    Lowurra: (( well – base 4 damage ))
    Jaana Raeth: well – the bas 2 dmg
    Taliq: (( Oh, net 4 XD ))
    Jshock-GM: yes – 7 total -3
    Jaana Raeth: er.. 4
    Jshock-GM: so 4
    Taliq: 4!
    • Taliq swings her golf club


    I didn’t set him up for combat, so
    I’ll count on my fingers

    Taliq: XD
    Taliq: Like a pro
    Jshock-GM: I really didn’t think it would come to this
    Lowurra: Huuuurr hurt (Don’t kill him – he’s just trying to do his job!)
    Taliq: (( We were supposed to talk our way through him, weren’t we? ))
    Mathus: (( Key word supposed to. ))
    Lowurra: (( or sneak in later and steal the part? ))
    Lowurra: (( or simply spend some of the 2K or so creds we had on us for the part ))
    Jshock-GM: Can you see anything now?
    Taliq: (( LOL we could have just paid for it XD ))
    Taliq: (( Still no init, no :/ ))
    Jshock-GM: Huh
    Jshock-GM: well, unless the wookiee wants to spend strain to move, it’s next turn
    Jaana Raeth: things to check – are the tokens on the hidden layer? are they player visible? is Hide NPC in the init panel checked?
    Jaana Raeth: there they are
    Jshock-GM: Ah, missed hide NPC
    • Mathus goes next?


    OK, one hurdle down


    Up to you guys

  • Mathus tries to tackle and disarm him.

  • Mathus: (( Mind if I go next? ))


    right, I was just looking up any

    Taliq: (( go for it ))

    Jaana Raeth: sure.. you need to disable him or Jaana will be shooting him in the leg…
    Mathus: Brawl with 1 DifficultY?
    Taliq: (( Better than me shooting him in the face ))
    Jshock-GM: Opposed brawl – you succeed, you whack the gun out of his hand
    Mathus: Ah, K.
    Taliq: (( OMG I love this system ))
    Mathus: makes a Brawl check!
    Successes: 1 / Advantage: 2
    Jshock-GM: he’s brawn 2, so 2 purple
    Jshock-GM: btw, wait for my signal guys
    Mathus: (( Oh whoops. Cancel that red dice. So 3 success, 2 advantage. ))
    Mathus: makes a Brawl Oppose check!
    Successes: None / Threat: 1
    Taliq: (( 3 success 1 advantage? ))
    Taliq: (( *2 success, 1 advantage ))
    Mathus: (( 2 success 1 advantage total, looks like. ))
    Jshock-GM: Oh yeah,
    Jshock-GM: you might be able to do something with 1 adv
    Taliq: (( Like grab the gun for yourself? ))
    • Mathus tries to pin him to the ground.

    Taliq: (( Or that XD ))

    Lowurra: (( can I "loan" him my 2 advantages from
    my roll? ))




    1 adv will get you recover 1 strain,
    add a boost to someone’s next check, or noice something that
    advances the plot



    Mathus: How about the latter? Advancing the plot sounds good.
    Mathus: "I am trying to escape, not kill random people! Someone tie him up before someone gets hurt!"
    Jshock-GM: he’s disarmed, at any rate
    Jshock-GM: who’s next?
    • Mathus is done. What does he notice?

    Taliq: (( Init is showing up btw _ ))


    I’m thinking

    You whisper to JeffG: you see
    the HMRI sitting behind the counter

    Mathus whispers: Ah, the type
    we probably need?

    You whisper to JeffG: yep.

    Lowurra: (( I think I gotta jet ))

    Lowurra: (( tis running into time for sleep ))

    You whisper to JeffG: looks
    like it was cleaned up for someone…

  • Jaana Raeth had rethough tshooting the lgeg
    – too noisy – and is about to rifle butt to the head… I’m guesing 1

  • Taliq supports Jaana’s plan

  • Jshock-GM:

    Sure – call it melee, whatever a club
    does, give me a sec


    brawn +2 dmg

    Jaana Raeth: makes a Rifle butt to the head! check!
    Successes: 1 / Advantage: 2
    Jshock-GM: 4 adv for a crit
    • Jaana Raeth clubs

    Jaana Raeth: if he’s up, boost taliq
    Jshock-GM: Sure – 1 boost to Taliq’s next att
    • Jaana Raeth ‘s brawn is 2


    Soak 3 – he takes another point. Thick
    skull, apparently.

    Taliq: (( OK I’ll do a brawl too I guess ))

    Taliq: (( I purple? ))



    Scrap dealer: "Not the face – not the face!"
    Taliq: makes a Kick him in the balls! check!
    Successes: 1 / Advantage: 1
    Jaana Raeth: (( and then we can stop at the bottom of the order unless the guy’s out by now… ))
    Scrap dealer: Hrooog….
    Jshock-GM: He blacks out
    • Mathus swipes the HMRI.

    Mathus: "Alright, we got it…"
    • Mathus finds the comm he was using and
      crushes it with his boot.

    GM: you hear droid whistling from out back…
    Taliq: "THAT was the most insulting offer you’ve ever received…"
    Mathus: "Let’s run!"
    Lowurra: Arrreeeggg loooguur (Don’t forget the part!)
    GM: Pan to black as the scene changes…
    • Mathus holds up said part.


    Alright, awesome 1st sesh

    Lowurra: fun!
    JeffG: Not bad, although those constant errors in the 2nd map were aggravating.
    Lowurra: and now fleeing to bed for 6 hours
    Taliq: (( The funniest part of this is we had the money all along XD ))
    Jshock-GM: you were getting errors?
    Drekkan is disconnected.
    Jshock-GM: I know!
    Xie: I was getting errors
    JeffG: Yeah, constantly.
    Xie: Like, mousing over tokens and such
    JeffG: Well, we got a five-fingered discount, then.
    Jshock-GM: I LMAO when you rolled that despair
    Xie: Despair = bad shit? XD
    Jshock-GM: yeah, despair is REALLY bad
    Jshock-GM: Scene altering, major setback bad
    Xie: Hahahahha
    Tygaran: ie – afgter that he’d never sell it to us
    Jshock-GM: yep.
    Xie: OMG I LURVE this system
    Xie: So much fun!
    Xie: And combat is so fast!
    Tygaran: so… did I misunderstand mond vs wed - or was this a make-up session?
    Jshock-GM: did you see any of the error text? Might be from the VBL
    Xie: Want me to email you a copypasta?
    Tygaran: no error text here
    Jshock-GM: Sure, email me
    JeffG: It was only on the 2nd map, though; not the 1st.
    Xie: I skyped it to you
    Xie: If only we knew a software developer who could help debug it :3
    Xie: And FYI I’m fine for Monday and/or Wednesday
    Jshock-GM: So, yeah. what’s better to game on; mon or wed?
    JeffG: Either works for me.
    Jshock-GM: Tyg?
    Jshock-GM: I’ll have to msg Drekkan or something; you know how to get a hold of him?
    Xie: Do you usually work late on Mondays Tyg?
    Tygaran: both work for me in general, tho I do often work until 8 pm EST on at least one if not both days… most times home by 8:30
    Jshock-GM: That time is OK, I think. Seemed like this sesh jammed
    Xie: Fortunately this system runs pretty quick, so shouldn’t be aproblem
    Tygaran: ^ late if I’m paired with the slow tax pro and a client comes in after 7… =/
    Jshock-GM: ick; never good
    Xie: Yeah, lame :/
    Xie: Whatever, we did fine tonight _
    Jshock-GM: Xie, that skype failed to go through. Can you try again?
    Xie: OK
    Tygaran: so Xie – now that you’re alive again - did you want to join either of my games still?

    Escape from Mos Shuuta - Session 1

    Tales from the Outer Rim Jshock Jshock