Debts to Pay - Session 9

Drookiee has connected.
Drookiee: hurm
Jshock-GM: Sup dawg
Lowurra: my Xp still will not add
Lowurra: hurm
Unknown macro "openCharacterSheet@Lib:Sheet".
Unknown macro "openCharacterSheet@Lib:Sheet".
Unknown macro "openCharacterSheet@Lib:Sheet".
Unknown macro "openCharacterSheet@Lib:Sheet".
Lowurra: also need to program in my leadership boosting ability to go with Scathing Tirade
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Wookiee Rage (Ability)
Make an Average () Coercion check. Each causes 1 enemy in Short range to suffer 1 strain. Spend to cause 1 affected enemy to suffer 1 additional strain.
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Lowurra: but other than that
Lowurra: just work
Illegal argument type java.lang.String, expecting java.math.BigDecimal
You say to the GMs: Lowurra gains 90
Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Lowurra gains 90
You say to the GMs: Lowurra spends 70
Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Lowurra spends 70
Jshock-GM: I’ll tell you something; the char sheet on this version is better, but "update" only works if the token is on the same map as the Lib: tokens
Jshock-GM: No idea why
Jshock-GM: You have an idea for your Obligation?
JeffG has connected.
JeffG: Whoa, char sheet got gussied up good.
FoxyGrif has connected.
FoxyGrif: Whoaaaaa
Jshock-GM: Yeah, i thing 2 cols is a good call on Daelkyr’s part
FoxyGrif: THis is craaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyy
FoxyGrif: Hello chaps
Tygaran has connected.
Jshock-GM: Woah, any of you guys been on Obsidian Portal?
JeffG: So let’s see… last session we got a 4000 credit reward from Bargos… and spent 5000 credits on that Glitterstim shipment, right?
Tygaran: not recently
Vale: Yeah, I jsut went there about two minutes ago.
Jshock-GM: Yes yes
Vale: Well our page, edge of the empire at any rate.
Vale: *not edge of the empire
Vale: Tales of the outer rim
Vale: Trololo wrote tales of the outer rum
Tygaran: .. radical layout changes!
Jshock-GM: I’m going to have to tweak a few things
Vale: Am I still here?
Tygaran: there’s one annoyance.. they seme to have changed the banner size…
Vale: Oh we’re good. Couldn’t load any web pages so I thought I’d ahd a drop out
Jshock-GM: Yeah, and my spash page intro is all funkadelic now
Vale: Should we update our characters now from the xp last week? Or was that meant to be done during the week?
JeffG: Alright, so basically on the whole, our "group stash" is down 1000 credits… at least until we sell off that Glitterstim.
Xie has connected.
Xie: Good evening!
Xie: (And good morning)
JeffG: Hrm… Update seems to be broken.
Vale: Monrin’
Jshock-GM: Yeah, wanted to get you guys all in the same room on that; "Update" only seems to work if the token is on the same map as the Lib. Spent a good couple of hours trying to figure it out, no luck.
JeffG: Ah.
Jshock-GM: So, if you need to tweal something on your pog like that, let me know, and I’ll do it.
JeffG: I’d like my token tweaked:
JeffG: I’d like the Weapon "Group Gear" changed to 3000 Credits, Glitterstim Shipment.
JeffG: And my XP set to 10.
Vale: Okay cool, well Just increase cunning on my end by one, and total xp to 90 with all spent.
Vale: Is what I would neeeed.
Xie: I have yet to spend my XP
Xie: I’ll get around to it eventually
Vale: Taking dedication if that needs to be shown on character sheets etc
Lowurra: I’d like to up my xp by 15 from last time, and add the "Inspiring Rhetoric power" that I thought I had
Jshock-GM: You’ve got it, I didn’t code it though
Jshock-GM: And your unspent XP should be 35
You say to the GMs: Mathus updated their character sheet
Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Mathus updated their character sheet
You say to the GMs: Mathus updated their character sheet
Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Mathus updated their character sheet
Lowurra: hurm
Lowurra: talents or skills
Lowurra: what think y’all?
JeffG: Dunno.
  • JeffG is personally saving up his XP for
    Mechanics 3.

Mathus: BTW, current group gear:
  • Taliq desperately needs to take more skill

Taliq: s
Taliq: (( But I’ll probably spend it on talents XD ))
Mathus: 6 Spacesuits, 7 Breath Masks, 5 Thermal Cloaks, 2 Tents, Crash Survival Kit, Climbing Kit, 5 Glowrods, 3000 Credits, Glitterstim Shipment (bought for 5000 credits)
Jaana: Token Updated!
Jshock-GM: …you got update to work?
Error executing "getProperty": the token name or id "Lib:Sheet" is unknown.
Vale: Jaana has magical uppadate powers
Jaana: Token Updated!
Jshock-GM: Tell me your secrets
Tygaran: no.. I lost the character sheet window, and hit ‘Update Token’ macro on the campaign frame
Tygaran: the upate commnad ON the char sheets can’t find Libheet
Tygaran: Lib: Sheet
Jshock-GM: Oh, OK. Nothing to see here
Xie: Oops
Xie: Sorry, I may have jumped the gun XD
Tygaran: is was tryig to update the token itself to chane XP from 70 to 20, as it’s 20 I have unspent…
Tygaran: but it looks like it’s saving the infro on the shar sheet pop and then saving it back to the token, rather than pullin gthe char sheet into FROM the token each time you highly your char
Jshock-GM: I can do that by hand w/o jumping maps
Jshock-GM: There, all set
Mathus: Nice. Ready to start.
Jshock-GM: Oh, Xie disappeard. Yes, you jumped the gun.
Tygaran: maybe so.. but other than that updae token macro, is there a way to refresh the char sheet window? You may have made a cahnge, but it hasn’t updated
Xie: I’m sorry
Jshock-GM: Click off your token, then click back on
Tygaran: I have… it’s keepign the existing char sheet info…
Jshock-GM: It’s not for me
You say to the GMs: Jaana gains 20
Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Jaana gains 20
You say to the GMs: Jaana spends 20
Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Jaana spends 20
Lowurra: hurm
Lowurra: so even if I didn’t take the free bonus – anything that’s in my career skill list costs the same as a regular career skill?
Tygaran: wierd.. wouldn’t update until I selected a different token I had ownership over
Jshock-GM: Let me double check that Drooks, but I think so
Vale: I still don’t know how to update
Vale: trololos
Jshock-GM: Yes, it’s still a career skill even if you didn’t pick it
Jshock-GM: I just realized I need Taliq back to roll destiny
Xie: Again, I’m sorry XD
Jshock-GM: The Destiny Pool has been set!
Light Side Points3Dark Side Points3
Xie: Nice!
Jshock-GM: Victim of obligation: Vale (Betrayal) (31)
Vale: Oh noes
Xie: I mean, "Aw shucks"
Vale: Just when I was like "damn I forgot to do that backstory, ZI sure hope I don’t it this week"
Vale: "*get
Jshock-GM: So, who did it, FT?
Vale: We’ll say the undercover guy, officer and waht not, I can tie the other guys in as RP without being bound to it.
Mathus: Moment, connection might be crapping out…
Jshock-GM: So, mechanics wise Vale as his ST lowered by 2, everyone else is -1.
Mathus: NM, I’m good.
Vale: Cool Cool
Vale: So..I stil;l haven’t updated, and I am unaware how as the update function doesn’t work.
Mathus: So he’s -2, we’re -1 then?
Vale: Is there a tricky trick I need
Jshock-GM: RP wise, it’s on FT.
Vale: Yeah
Mathus: Mathus gains 1 Strain
Jshock-GM: (( stop that ))
Vale: Taking on the drugs has left me edgy.
Mathus: Mathus recovers 1 Strain
Jshock-GM: you don’t take strain… your threshold is 11
Vale: And I’m watching you lot a lot more, guarding the goods and what not.
Vale: Seem legit, J?
Jshock-GM: Ah yes… the goods…


Success! The crew of the KRAYT FANG have returned from the planet GAVOS with the money for BARGOS THE HUTT.

During a small party after negotiating with the Hutt, it was suggested by Bargos that the crew might want to try their fortunes at THE WHEEL, an unaligned space station along the Perlemian trade route, inexplicably free from Imperial control.

Never ones to pass on an opportunity to make a few credits, the crew arranged for the purchase of a crate of GLITTERSTIM – a highly illegal and incredibly addictive narcotic. While the purchase of the crate of contraban went relatively smoothly, the crew will soon find that smuggling is not nearly as simple as it seems…

Lowurra: ok,so I’m gonna take a rank in Streetwise for 5, dodge for 15, and another 15 to get a third rank in leadership
Jshock-GM: (( OK, let me hop out a sec ))
FoxyGrif says to the GMs: Vale gains 90
You say to the GMs: Lowurra updated their character sheet
Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Lowurra updated their character sheet
FoxyGrif says to the GMs: Vale spends 90
Jshock-GM: (( So, slightly more detailed recap: you can=ve a crate of incredibly hot drugs, and Taliq is relapsing. ))
  • Taliq would like to stash her share of the
    stims in a seperate part of the ship



Taliq: "If it’s all the same to you"
Taliq: (( ;) ))
Jaana: "Well it isn’t. Having all medical supplies centralzied is easier."
Vale: Hey Jshock can you increaes my cunning by one, taking decdication.
Jshock-GM: Oh, that’s why you wanted it up
Jshock-GM: Sure
Taliq: "It’s not a medical supply, it’s cargo."
Jaana: "Then you don’t ven have a share until we’ve sold it."
  • Mathus nods at Mathus.

Mathus: "Doesn’t make sense to split up cargo either."
Taliq: "I don’t like having all of our krayt eggs in one basket."
Taliq: (( lol, see what I did there ))
Jshock-GM: (( Looks like skills aren’t reflecting the stat change; one sec ))
JeffG is disconnected.
You say to the GMs: Vale updated their character sheet
Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Vale updated their character sheet
Lowurra: (Look, we can store the stim in different places. But under a centralized lock system)
Jshock-GM: (( "Update" needs t run id stats go up ))
Jaana: "Taliq.. the entire ship is gth basket. There is absolutely no point to storing thise shipment in multiple locations."
Lowurra: (Requiring a two-person authentication)
JeffG has connected.
JeffG: (( What’d I miss after my last statement? ))
Jshock-GM: Taliq: "I don’t like having all of our krayt eggs in one basket." Taliq: (( lol, see what I did there )) Jshock-GM: (( Looks like skills aren’t reflecting the stat change; one sec )) JeffG is disconnected. You say to the GMs: Vale updated their character sheet Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Vale updated their character sheet Lowurra: (Look, we can store the stim in different places. But under a centralized lock system) Jshock-GM: (( "Update" needs t run id stats go up )) Jaana: "Taliq.. the entire ship is gth basket. There is absolutely no point to storing thise shipment in multiple locations." Lowurra: (Requiring a two-person authentication)
Taliq: (( Not much, Jaana pointed out the the whole ship is an egg basket XD ))
Vale: I’ll jsut add a green die to any cunning test I make…
Taliq: "Fine, we can do this another way."
Jshock-GM: Oh, I ran it; you’re good now
Vale: Oh neato
Vale: Cheers
  • Taliq drops 1000 credits

  • Mathus blinks.

  • Taliq: "We make more money if we sell in smaller batches anyway. I’m buying out my share."
    Mathus: "…What the smeg?"
    Vale: "The share is in the take, not the product, which I think has been mentioned."
    Lowurra: (Taliq…)
    Vale: (( Where are the goods anyway? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Spess Opium ))
    • Lowurra puts a paw on her shoulders

    Taliq: "C’mon… Where’s the trust?"
    • Taliq smiles

    Lowurra: (You do not need this – you are beyond it)
    • Mathus deadpan looks at Taliq.

    Taliq: "You don’t understand."
    Taliq: "Please, it’s not what you think…"
    Taliq: (( DRAAAAAMA XD ))
    Jaana: "Seeing as how you recently partook of this highly addictive drug, as your associates we need to keep you away from further sampling."
    Lowurra: (Then help me understand Taliq… you can trust me)
    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: I’d like to use my hidden storage skill to hide it all but I can only assume the goods are with us in the conversation?
    Taliq: "Well first of all, thanks for taking care of me… I really do appreciate that."
    Jshock-GM: (( Mental note: dropping a crate full of drugs in the PCs laps is FUNFUNFUN ))
    • Taliq nods sincerely

    Taliq: "But I need my share… and not for the reasons you think."
    Mathus: "For what reasons, then?"
    • Vale eyes Taliq sharply. "I’ll not be
      brought low again by some dodgy job we should ahae thought beter of in
      the first place."

    Jaana: "Tha for what reasons?"
    • Taliq looks saddened

    Player "Foxtrot" is not connected.

    Taliq: "I can’t explain… at least not yet… I can’t give you answers I don’t have myself."
    Taliq: "And Vale, I totally understand, which is why I’m buying out, and forfeting my share of the take. Your profit margin will be unaffected."
    Jaana: "Than if you’ve no idea what you do plan to do with them, which isn’t sampling, they can all stay right where they are."
    Vale: "It’s ot about profits!"
    Taliq: "I’ve been a smuggler long enough to know not to mess with the crew’s take."
    • Vale is agitated in a way that he rarely is.

    Vale: (( where are the goods anyhoo, just i
    nthe middle of us? ))

    Taliq: (( I’m assuming y’all hid the goods
    while Taliq was unconcious XD ))

    Taliq: (( They have to be stored somewhere
    dark ))

  • Mathus peers at Taliq a moment.

  • Mathus: "…You mind if one of us helps you with… whatever you plan to do?"
    • Taliq smiles

    Jshock-GM: (( I’m assuming the individual
    packets are light shielded somehow, along with the crate, so they don’t
    have to be in the dark ))

    Taliq: "I’m sorry, I guess I should be grateful that I’m running with a crew that cares."
    Jshock-GM: (( "now GIMMEH MUH DRUGS!!!" ))
    Taliq: "But this is something I have to do…"
    • Taliq sighs

    Mathus: "…You mind if one of us helps you with… whatever you plan to do?"
    Taliq: "Sure Mathus… If that’s what it’ll take."
    Jaana: "You’ve yet to indicate what this ‘something’ is."
    Taliq: "That’s because you won’t understand…"
    • Taliq grins

  • Mathus peers at Taliq a moment.

  • Vale:

    "What’s to understand. You took some
    stim, nbow yo uwant more. Nothing cryptic about it now is there?"

    Mathus: "…Alright, I’ll help you with this. But the moment I see you ‘sampling’ it again, I’m belting you."
    • Mathus looks sternly at Taliq.

    Taliq: "Exactly! That’s what you think, but that’s not the truth of it, I swear on my mothers’ honor."
    • Taliq grins sheepishly

    Taliq: "That could be a problem, Mathus…"
    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: oh yeah, sgod dman I was totally going to write a back story this past week! GRUMBLE GRUMBLE Um yeah it was an imperial agent deep underdover as my first officer, my ol’ buddy ol’ pal, looking for rebels I guess. I’m gonna say I was doing a legit job, rather than a smuggling one but it was my contacts (who for obvious reason I didn’t know where rebels… Okay it’s getting convuluted. Yes, imperial agent betrayed me after being my officer for quite some time.
    Mathus: "Hmm?"
    • Mathus glances at Taliq a moment.

    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: god damn I wish I was more decisive, cuz now
    Im like…the rebellion as the betrayal which was my first instinct,
    woud be interesting…

    Taliq: "I’d like to point out that I’m not sneaking behind your backs and stealing, that’’s what a real addict would do… Trust me, I know!"
    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: :)
    Jaana: "Fine, whatever. This drug thing was your idea anyway, wasn’t it Mathus? You can take total responsibility for whatever she does."
    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: i was thinking a long the lines of a personal betrayal, like saved each others lives yadda yadda yadda, bvery close, hell make it a lady maybe even romantic, I dunno all up to you on that end, but yeah that’s my seed, and I’ll do a p[roper flesh out TODAY after the session :P
    • Mathus sighs, groans.

    Mathus: "-Never- again…"
    • Taliq looks Jaana in the eyes

    Taliq: "I promise I’ll try not to disappoint you again."
    Vale: "And when the addict brings us all down? Draws the law right on us? WHat then?"
    Vale: (( Bit of irrationality there… slightly shpwing ))
    • Taliq turns to Vale and holds her hands up

    Taliq: "Please, Vale… I may be an addict, but I’d die before I let anything happen to you."
    Taliq: "To any of you."
    Vale: "Heard that before."
    • Mathus ponders.

    Taliq: "Fine."
    Mathus: "Cover story. She smuggled her own share onto the ship and hid it from the rest of us except me, her partner."
    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: totally roleplaying an obligation I made a few months ago and never solidified…. god damn it haha
    Mathus: "We both go down, rest of you get off. Hopefully."
    Taliq: "It won’t come to that… We’re a long way from any law authorities."
    Vale: "that’s not how it work Mathus, the law doesn’t care who goes down in it’s pursuit."
    Taliq: "We should be more worried about the cartels, or the Hutts."
    • Mathus ponders a moment.

    Taliq: "Alright, I don’t want this to become any bigger than it is, so I’ll come clean."
    Mathus: "-Please- do."
    Vale: (( NARCO!" ))
    Jshock-GM: (( POLO ))
    Vale: "ooc IT’S THE FUZZ
    Taliq: "I DO want to try at least one more dose, and believe me I have my reasons… but we can go into that later…"
    Vale: (( trololos ))
    Vale: "Or we can go into it now and be done with nonsense.
    • Mathus nods at Vale.

    Taliq: ".. but let’s think of me as a customer. I’ll buy ONE dose at a time. I’ll pay triple."
    Lowurra: (( Hot Fuzz… best movie ever ))
    • Mathus sighs.

    Vale: (( Indeed ))

    Mathus: "You know, why don’t we just leave our own cargo untouched and you can buy it off someone else at the Wheel?"
    Mathus: "It’s not like we’re the only damn suppliers."
    Mathus: "And then we don’t have to worry about our potential buyers wondering where the rest of the shipment went off to."
    • Taliq frowns slightly

    Taliq: "Because I trust you."
    Drookiee is disconnected.
    • Mathus sighs a moment.

    Vale: "our potential biuys were drug dealers and addicts, sold off a bit at a time, so I don’t think they’ll give a jot for our stock… But not an entirely horrible idea, except for the part where all of this is a horrible idea.
    Mathus: "…Then please tell us what your reasons are before we RISK YOU GETTING ADDICTED AGAIN!"
    Taliq: "Oh please, I’ve kicked it before, I can kick it again…"
    Taliq: (( I CAN STOP ANY TIME I WANT :P ))
    Vale: "from the moment that bastard threatened to let the hutt know I had a bad feeling about this…"
    Mathus: "…While we’re relying on you to provide cover fire for us, Taliq?"
    Taliq: "And yeah, we’ll be selling it a bit at a time, we’ll make a lot more, and raise less suspision - that’s drug dealing 101."
    Taliq: "Which is exactly why I need you to help me keep it to a small, medicinal dosage."
    Mathus: "…Okay then, why do you need this dosage then?"
    Taliq: "Well… I don’t know…"
    • Taliq shrugs

    Taliq: "It was just… different this time. And I need to know why."
    Mathus: "…Howso? You mind describing it to us?"
    Jaana: "I say, if she wants to quit, do so NOW ratehr than later."
    Taliq: "If I take a dose and it’s the same old, I can forget about it, drink a lot of water and move on. But if I don’t.. it’s gonna gnaw at me…"
    • Mathus glances at Jaana.

    Mathus: "So have her take it now instead of later?"
    Jaana: "NO, have he quit right this second."
    Taliq: "Quitting won’t be a problem, give me a little credit, please."
    Jaana: "I can’t, so long as you continue to say you must have some."
    Taliq: (( Quitting’s easy, I’ve done it several times! :3 ))
    Drookiee has connected.
    Taliq: "I understand, but that’s not how it is… I just have to know… whatever it is I’m supposed to know…"
    • Taliq ’s eye twitches slightly

  • Mathus grumbles, grits his teeth.

  • Taliq: "I don’t need you, you know…"
    Taliq: "… all I’m asking is that you trust me, just a little…"
    • Mathus grits his teeth, glances at Jaana.

    Taliq: (( Don’t make me puppy dog eyes! :P

    Vale: (( Wiggle dem lekku ))

    Mathus: "…If she’s this damn insistent, she’d find it some other way. We got anything that’ll get it out of her system the moment she finds ‘it’?"
    Jshock-GM: (( Mathus and Jaana, make a combined Streetwise check (Hard) ))
    Mathus: (( My Streetwise is 0/2. I’ll just add a boost to Jaana’s. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( kk ))
    Jaana: 3g in streeetwise here…
    Jshock-GM: (( so 3g, 1b ))
    Mathus: (( Still higher than mine. 3g+boost vs 3 Difficulty. ))
    Ability Ability Ability Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Streetwise Check
    Success 0 Failure3 Advantage4
    Mathus: (( Well damn. ))
    Taliq: (( :O ))
    Jaana: "How about I just tranq her until the job’s over."
    Taliq: "Try it."
    Jshock-GM: (( hmm… You know it’s possible to kick the ’stim, but neither of you have ever heard of any "magic bullet" ))
    • Taliq narrows her eyes

    Mathus: "Then we’ll need to worry about it after that."
    Jshock-GM: (( …magic blaster bolt? Master slug? ))
    Taliq: "Look, I just need to work this through. I’ll buy one dose, for 400 credits. Mathus can watch me use it, if you still think I’m an addict after that I’ll… lock myself in the detention unit if you like."
    • Lowurra looks at Taliq

    Vale: "I think we’d all be there watching…"
    • Mathus nods in agreement with Vale.

    Jaana: * shrug * "I’ve already decided to defer responsibility to Mathus. Do what you want. I’ll be on the bridge maintaining navigation."
    Vale: "if even we were to consider such a thing.
    Taliq: "Plenty of fresh water, a little lemon juice… usually helps."
    Lowurra: (I simply do not understand)
    • Jaana heads to bridge

  • Taliq smiles weakly

  • Mathus sighs, sternly looks at Taliq.

  • Mathus: "…-One- dose. And if you ask for more after that I’m slugging you."
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m assuming you’re not underway yet, actually ))
    Mathus: (( …-Oh-. I thought we were already in transit. ))
    Taliq: "I would like you to understand, Lowurra. It kills to know what you must be thinking of me."
    • Mathus mutters under his breath.

    Taliq: "I accept your terms, Mathus…. er… with or without the shock gloves?"
    Mathus: "WITH."
    Jshock-GM: (( you know? Never mind. You have to microhop there anyway, next scene doesn’t hinge on it ))
    • Mathus mutters under his breath.

    Unknown command: "oo cYou’re in transit". Try /help for
    a list of commands.

    Jshock-GM: (( you’re in transit ))

    Mathus: "…Vale, Lowurra, if I ever suggest smuggling drugs again, please punch me."
    Taliq: (( It’s a few day trip, right? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( speaking of which; where were you guys keeping the stuff? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( it’s like a week trip ))
    Lowurra: (wookiees are not users – we can keep it in my quarters)
    Lowurra: (( GLITTERSTIM PARTY!!!!! ))
    Vale: (( I’ll use my hidden storage talent to hide them, especially after the events of this conversatin :P ))
    Lowurra: (( Like Scarface with his desk of coke ))
    Vale: (( or that ))
    • Lowurra can be VERY convincing…

    Jshock-GM: (( I told you; you can’t hide the
    entire crate with Vales hidden storage… you could use the ship’s
    smuggling compartments, though ))

    Vale: (( My mistake I missed that ))

    Mathus: "Alright… ONE dose. And we’re keeping an eye on you afterwards."
    Jshock-GM: OK; go ahead and hop on that pad to the north, then I’ll hit the lights on the next map…
    Taliq: "Fine… don’t let me see where it’s stored, just bring it to the holding cells, I’ll meet you there…"
    Taliq: "And thanks Mathus… I owe you one!"
    • Taliq walks off towards the holding cells

  • Mathus grumbles.

  • Mathus: "…Vale, Lowurra, if I ever suggest smuggling drugs again, please punch me."
    Taliq: (( Exeunt ))
    • Mathus grabs a dose from the cargo, brings
      it to Taliq.

    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: gonna gm this to you BUt when I first too
    hidden storage you told me I needed to choose between the ships
    compartments and my own person, is that what you meant by compartments?>
    Or just the vanilla rules for compartments?

    Jshock-GM: (( Sounds like a combination of
    Mechanics / Computers to install KO gas cylinders, override the
    enviromentals, etc ))

    Jshock-GM: (( oops ))

    Mathus: (( Hrm? ))

    Jaana: :P
    Taliq: (( lol, we didn’t see that ;) ))
    Jshock-GM: Exactly
    Jshock-GM: Nobony. Saw. Anything.
    Jshock-GM: Anyway…
    Vale: Mathus get off me! :P
    • Taliq takes off her armor

    Taliq: (( HOPE I DON’T REGRET THAT!!! ))

    As you drop out of hyperspace to calculate your next jump, you are
    greeted with an onimous sight; an Imperial corvette. A few seconds
    later, it hails you…

  • Vale glances at Jaana. "Just one day it’d be
    nice if…" he trails off.

  • Jaana listens to the hail…

  • Vale: (( we’re the Krayt Dragon right? ))

    Vale: (( Krayt fang ))

    Imperial customs officer: "Unknown light freighter, your transponder is giving some strange signals. Prepare for a boarding party, please."
    What do you do?
    Mathus: (( So… this happens right when Mathus is bringing the stim pack to Taliq? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( sure ))
    Vale: "Steady everyone, been in tighter scrapes than this…though last time I did lose a ship…"
    Mathus: (( Do Mathus & Taliq overhear that? ))
    Vale: "Right you are, prepping now."
    Vale: +Look sharp, have incoming.+
    Lowurra: Raaaaaawrrrrr
    Mathus: ++SMEG! Where do we put this packet?!++
    the corvette locks a tractor beam on you; soon, you are pulled towards it. You hear docking clamps engage…
    Taliq: "Give it to me Mathus"
    • Mathus gives it to her.

  • Taliq looks surprised

  • Mathus almost says something, grits his
    teeth and thinks better of it.

  • Taliq: "Really? That was easy"
    • Taliq winks

    Vale: +Hurry up you two+
    Taliq: "Quick, lock me in!"
    • Mathus locks her in.

    Taliq: "I’m a.. prisoner or a slave or something…"
    Your starboard airlock opens, and an officer and a group of stormtroopers steps throughj…
    Imperial customs officer:
    • Imperial customs officer frowns, looks
      disapprovingly at rhe corridor walls
    Vale: "Welcome, officer."
    Lowurra: hurm
    Lowurra: (( where’s my token?!? ))
    Vale: (( Lowurra is afk yeah? ))
    Vale: (( Nevermind :P ))
    Imperial customs officer: "You there… are you the captain of this… …vessel…?"
    • Mathus just frowns, nods silently, and
      stands watch in the "Brig".

    Lowurra: (( would be there ))

    Taliq: "Mathus, you should probably let the others know I’m… in here… so they get our story straight"
    Lowurra: (( how do I move it on over from map to map? ))
    • Mathus grits his teeth.

    Jaana: (( low i sstill on the mission start map..
    move to that telepad to yoru north… ))

    Mathus: "Right…"
    Jshock-GM: (( you rolling up on the officer like that, Lowurra? ))
    Lowurra: (( oh I assumed I was there all along ))
    Lowurra: (( I just couldn’t find my token ))
    • Taliq waits until Mathus is gone and snorts
      all the drugs!!!

    Taliq: (( JK ))

    Jshock-GM: (( but you’re in front of the
    officer? ))

  • Mathus sighs, punches the comm button.

  • Mathus: +…Captain?+
    • Jaana leans against a wall.. her rifle just
      up the corridor out of sight…

    Imperial customs officer: "Piloting certification, please. Also, I’ll need to see the Wookiee’s identification."
    Vale: "We ahve no direct captain, as we’re quit ehte small outfit. Feel free top speak with any of us as if you would treat with the officers of another vessel."
    Vale: "Of course…"
    Mathus: (( Hrm, does Vale hear Mathus’s comm call? ))
    Imperial customs officer: "Piloting. Certification. Please."
    Imperial customs officer:
    • Imperial customs officer gives the sergeant a
      little nod; they start advancing
    Vale: =Yes Mathus?+
    Vale: (( do we ahve pilot cerfication? ))
    Vale: (( or is that somehting I would ahve? I legit don’t know out of character how to go with that? ))
    Mathus: +This going to take long?+
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m assuming you have ID of some sort, yes ))
    • Vale produces his documentation."

    Vale: "It should all be in order."
    Imperial customs officer: "As long as it takes, <u>citizen.</u>"
    Mathus: (( Mentioned to Mathus over the comm? ))
    Imperial customs officer:
    • Imperial customs officer /me glances at your
      ID… glances up at you…
    • Vale waits patiently.

  • Mathus grumbles, shuts off the comm, hisses
    at Taliq.

  • Mathus: "…Too late, they’re already on board. Probably can’t tip off Vale without alerting them."
    Imperial customs officer: "Hm… Sergeant, tour the ship; make sure everything is in order. You, let’s find some place to talk."
    Vale: "Yes officer."
    • Mathus thinks quick.

    Stormtrooper Seargent: Affirmative.
    Mathus: "…How about this, Taliq; you’re some rich daughter, fled for a glitterstim fix, we were hired to drag you back. Sound good?"
    • Mathus glances at Taliq’s armor on the
      floor, shoves it off to the side in a heap somewhere.

  • Vale glances are Jaana as he goes past. He
    looks calm and collected."

  • Taliq: "Just say I’m a slave… Most humans are racist, they’ll totally buy it."
    Imperial customs officer: "Now then; your name is familiar to me. Argen Vale, Prefsbelt IV class wing D-7, correct?"
    Taliq: "Er… no offense."
    Vale: "That would be correct, sir."
    • Mathus sighs, nods, frowns.

    Imperial customs officer: "What in the emperor’s name are you doing on this piece of trash?"
    Taliq: "Hey, I know a lot of good humans Mathus, and you’re one of them."
    • Taliq smiles

    Taliq: "Don’t worry, this’ll be fine."
    • Mathus frowns a bit; he doesn’t seem to be
      believing that.

    Imperial customs officer: "Perhaps I should introduce myself. Argo Joxx. My son spoke fondly of you while he was in the academy."
    Vale: "Making ends meet. Galaxy can be a rough place out here, must keep flying."
    Taliq: "Oh… hey… If things DON’T go fine, I’ll have to bust out of here… Any way we can rig that?"
    • Mathus has his hand over the "Unlock" button.

    Vale: "Ah yes… I am glad to hear of it."
    • Lowurra looks at the sergeant

    Vale: "How is he?"
    Drookiee is disconnected.
    Imperial customs officer: "You were the best. You could have been flying any seat in the navy if you wanted it."
    Drookiee has connected.
    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: I was going to ask if I could ahve some background i nthe academy, as I’ve been picturing myself witha Birttish Officers accent this whole time, but I wans’t sure if that’d mess with anything you had planned "{
    Drookiee: (( not sure where I was cut off ))
    • Drookiee looks at the sergeant

    Taliq: (( You miised Imperial customs
    officer: "You were the best. You could have been flying any seat in the
    navy if you wanted it." ))

    Vale: "We can all fall on hard times. I have my freidns and my health. I am content, for now."
    Imperial customs officer: "He’s been reassigned to some sort of secret project; flying /lns on some sort of secret weapon. You did not hear it from me."
    Vale: "Of course, of course, right you are. Is there anyway I could gety into contact wqith such an old acquaintaince, or dare I say, friend?
    Stormtrooper Seargent: +You! The walking carpet. I’ll need to see your identification.+
    • Lowurra looks about

    Imperial customs officer: "At the moment, no… incredibly hush hush and all that."
    Stormtrooper Seargent: You heard me.
    Lowurra: (That is odd, I dare say that it would not be everyday that one sees a carpet that walks)
    Jaana: (( you don’t need to see his identification.. he’s not the wookie you’r elooking for… :P ))
    Taliq: (( XDDDDDDDDDDDDD ))
    Vale: "Indeed, I understand. Well when you speak to him, give him my regards would you?"
    Vale: (( XD So much love for that Wookie ))
    Lowurra: (Though I wager such a thing would be a marvel)
    The other stormtroopers are poking around everywhere…
    • Jaana contemplates putting the trandoshan
      opera musci on again…. thinks better of it

    Taliq: (( See, should’ve let Taliq smoke the
    whole stash, then we wouldn’t be sweating :3 ))

    Imperial customs officer: "Of course. Now, is there anything I should know about before my troopers start getting vigilant?"
    Vale: "Perhaps…"
    Imperial customs officer:
    • Imperial customs officer raises an eyebrow
    Imperial customs officer: "Do tell."
    Vale: "I must ask you to overlook our wookie on board. I must confess, when we took him on I did not ask any questions of his background, but he has shown himself to a stalwart companion, quite unlike the norm for wookie society. He, put simply, is a friend, and when times are tough one ties jnot to ask too many questions of the hjelp one receives.
    Jaana: "Careful with the console there. I was running some potential repel boarder simulations with knockout gas. Wouldn’t want you to KO your boss."
    Vale: (( Obviously lying through my teethm, playing up the well documented anti wookieness of the Imperials ))
    Jaana: ^ she says to the trooper on the bridge
    • Lowurra desperately considers yelling ‘Down
      the Empire!’ and then seizing the Imperial ship >.>

    Vale: (( XDDD ))

    Imperial customs officer: "An interesting request. It’s strange; I too have to cut corners someetimes, with the budget cuts and all…."
    Imperial customs officer:
    • Imperial customs officer coughs into his hand
    Vale: "Thank you for your understanding."
    Lowurra: (( Budget cuts? Almost like they’re diverting money to build some kind of giant super death ray? ))
    Lowurra: (( and asking for bribes… ))
    Imperial customs officer:
    • Imperial customs officer seems to be expecting
    • Vale Smiles ever so slightly, and nods, "I
      do believe I owe your son froma certain round of cards we played back
      inthe day."

    Vale: "please be certain he recieves it."
    • Vale hands over two thousand credits.

    Vale: (( I don’t know what gpoing rate for
    bribes is :P

    Vale: (( It’s out of my own money anyways, so
    don’t worry guys ))

    Imperial customs officer: "Oh, my good friend, I believe it was a mere 1000 credits he you owed him for that hand of Sabacc." winks
    Imperial customs officer: "Sergeant! I’ve seen enough!"
    Vale: "Time and memory are not the greatest allies, I thank you for reminding me."
    • Taliq winks at the stormtroopers in the
      holding cell

    Stormtrooper Seargent: glances back at Lowurra, pulls back
    Taliq: "Su cuy’gar verda."
    Jshock-GM: (( hmm; we’ll assume Vex was hanging out near the workshop… ))
    • Taliq mutters once they’re gone

    Taliq: "Stupid bucket heads"
    The imperals leave; in a moment, the clamps are released
    Taliq: "Well that sounds promising"
    • Mathus breathes a sigh of relief, wipes the
      sweat off his brow.

    Mathus: "Su cuy’gar verda? What’s that mean anyway?"
    Taliq: "I told you it’d be alright. Why don’t you ever trust me?"
    • Taliq grins

    Mathus: "Given the way our luck’s been recently, I expect the worst."
    Taliq: "Just a… Twi’lek expression."
    • Vale patch Lorurra on the shoulder. "Don’t
      know what you heard, but no hard feelings I hope.

    Mathus: "Hmmm?"
    Taliq: "I was just saying hi"
    Jshock-GM: (( Mathus… Lore check. Daunting ))
    Mathus: (( That’d 4d, right? ))
    Ability Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Lore Check
    Success 0 Advantage1
    Taliq: (( So close! ))
    Jshock-GM: Yes. Actually, add a boost since you were on Ryloth recently.
    Boost Lore Check
    Success 0
    Mathus: (( Nope. ))
    Taliq: (( HAhAHAHAHA ))
    Taliq: "I was mocking them, calling them brave warriors…"
    Taliq: "Lucky for us they don’t speak Twi’Lek, eh?"
    • Mathus mms, nods.

  • Mathus hmms.

  • Mathus: "Alright… once we’re out of here and hyperjumping again, you can take it and see what you find."
    Mathus: +We good to go now?+
    Taliq: "Thanks Mathus"
    Jaana: + Seems to be clear +
    Vale: +Looks like+
    Vale: +Well that was fun…+
    • Vale looks troubled

    Taliq: + I NEVER DOUBTED YOU VALE + (shouted over Mathus’ comm)
    Mathus: ++*sigh* Tell us when we’re in hyperspace again.++
    Lowurra: (We could have taken them)
    Lowurra: (And their ship)
    Vale: +Take your drugs.+
    Jshock-GM: (( when you’re all ready, go head and jump onto that arrow ))
    • Taliq pulls out a cluster of crystals and
      sets it on the floor, and sits cross legged on the floor

    Lowurra: (( and used the ship to buy more drugs!

    Vale: (( XD ))

    Lowurra: (( Star Wars: Drugs ‘n’ Pimps ))

    Lowurra: (( working title for Episode 7 ))

    Vale: (( Wookieberg ))

    Taliq: "You remind me of a guy I use to know, Mathus…"
    Mathus: "Hmm?"
    • Taliq pulls out a small incense burner and
      packs it with the small paper packet

    Jshock-GM: (( I’m kind of excited to see
    what JJ can do with Star Wars ))

    Taliq: (( Can’t be worse than what Lucas did
    with it :P

    Jshock-GM: (( hang on; it’s not working ))

    Taliq: "Yeah… he was a really good, and a really nice guy… Just like you…"
    • Taliq looks forlorn for a moment, before
      setting the incense burner on the floor

  • Mathus frowns a moment at that.

  • Vale: (( I’m not. I’m not apprehensive. JJ is
    adequate, but he doens’t ahve that6…personal spark to bring it out. At
    least Lucas was batshit enough to make it his own. With JJ we’ll know it
    will be neiether great nor horrible, but just good. Also why does he
    need two reboot franchioses :P

    Jshock-GM: (( pad wasn’t initialized; try it
    now ))

    Taliq: *really good mechanic
    Lowurra: (( I wasn’t a big fan of ST reboot ))
    Taliq: "Well… here goes nothing! Uh… I should be OK this time, lower dose and all, but… call Jaana if I start thinking you’re someone else, OK?"
    Lowurra: (( and was less of a fan of number 2 ))
    Taliq: (( It was a good movie, just not a good Star Trek movie… ))
    Lowurra: (( though I suppose I had problems with the writing more than anything else ))
    Lowurra: (( no it wasn’t ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I thought it was OK ))
    Lowurra: (( dear god it was an awful movie with a villain that made no sense, paper thin characters with incredible inconsistency, and physics that, even internally, made no sense ))
    Taliq: (( I haven’t seen number 2, just the first one ))
    Lowurra: (( which might fly in a Star Wars fantasy style universe but Star Trek is meant to be crunchy god dammit ))
    Taliq: (( It was action, not SF ))
    Lowurra: (( it had lazy writing, fan service directing, and hideously bad acting ))
    Vale: "It was an accessible space movie for a modern audience, that didn’t take too many risks, and because of it was a bit flat though the "Fire everything line was kinda cool." I don’t want that for Star Wrs, I want it to be bold, and out there. THe original trilogy was, god know shte prequels (for their faults) were.
    Vale: (( Star Wars shouldn’t run of the mill, and that’s my ownly fear of JJ ))
    • Vale SHoots through the fiftieth wall :P

    Lowurra: (( star wars was campy – but worked
    because of it, and because it just fit. It’s the classic "glue" film ))

  • Taliq has no idea what Vale is talking
    about, and she hasn’t even taken any drugs yet

  • Vale: (( XDD ))

    Jshock-GM: (( so… how bout those pirates
    of the Carribean movies, eh? ))

    Lowurra: (( where the whole is more than the sum
    of its parts ))

    Taliq: (( Pirates of the Carribean were
    AWESOME ))

    Mathus: (( OKAY SO, Taliq drug trip? ))

    Vale: (( There first was…the seocnd I think
    was,, I dunno, and the third, let me down cuuse I wanted a mass naval
    class :P

    Jshock-GM: (( yeah, need to rerail this
    freight train ))

    Vale: (( WOO WOO ))

  • Taliq strikes a match and smokes up!

  • Vale: (( brb ))

    Taliq: (( Back on track :P

  • Taliq lights her incense burner and looks at

  • Taliq: "I’ll be alright, I promise Mathus. I just need some answers…"
    Lowurra: (( at least it’s not inception ))
    Lowurra: (( shudder – I loathe that film ))
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( never saw it ))
    Lowurra: (I dare say – for some reason they seem to not appreciate the subtleties of etiquette
    Vale: (( back ))
    • Taliq closes her eyes, and places her hands
      gently on her knees, and manages her breathing

    Vale: (( GOTTA GO DEEPAAAA ))

  • Mathus just watches for signs of trouble.

  • Taliq ’s eyes flicker behind her eyelids

  • Player "Taliq" is not connected.

    Taliq goes into a deep trance, for what seems likean eternity,
    then snaps out of ot, still dizzy…

  • Taliq opens her eyes, they’re a little glazed

  • Jshock-GM: (( Endurance roll (Hard); I’ll
    upgrade ))

    Taliq: (( Of course you will ))

    Taliq: (( I’m not seeing endurance… ))

    Taliq: (( Hang on my dice pool is being
    weird, brb ))

    Xie is disconnected.

    Jshock-GM: (( Sorry; Resiliance ))

    Xie has connected.

    Vale: (( Ogtta brb again sorry ))

    Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Resilience Check
    Success 0 Failure2
    Taliq: (( Wah waaaaaah… ))
    Jshock-GM: (( You didn’t upgrade the pool; we’ll drop the blank, roll a red die ))
    Taliq: (( I already failed XD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( but how hard? ))
    Challenge Skill Check
    Success 0 Failure1 Threat1
    Taliq: (( That hard XD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( we’ll call that a strain… ))
    Taliq: (( Whatever, she knew the risks.. ))
    Taliq: Taliq gains 1 Strain
    Taliq: "… water…"
    Taliq: "… please"
    • Taliq smiles

  • Mathus gets a water for her.

  • Vale: (( back ))

    Vale: (( whaddimisssssoooooooh" ))

    Taliq: "Thanks…"
    • Mathus sighs.

    Mathus: "…Did you find it?"
    Taliq: "Yes and no…"
    • Taliq smiles faintly

    Jshock-GM: (( Taliq trying to find answers
    with spess opium, and only finding more questions ))

    Mathus: "…Alright. Gather the crew and explain it, then."
    Vale: (( aint it always the way ))
    Taliq: "There’s good news and bad news…"
    Taliq: "The good news is I was right… I do need to find some answers…."
    Taliq: "The bad news is… all I found this time were more questions…"
    Mathus: "…Which questions?"
    Taliq: "I don’t have an answer for that"
    • Taliq grimaces a little

  • Mathus frowns.

  • Mathus: "Well, you’re not going to find out any more answers by taking glitterstim."
    Mathus: "…-Right-?" peers
    • Taliq laughs

    Taliq: "Alright, I’ll ease off the stims."
    Taliq: "Let’s go make some money, assuming I didn’t smoke too much of our cargo"
    Jaana: "You mean you’ll quit."
    Mathus: "Nah, you touch another batch, I’m belting you."
    • Taliq gives Jaana a dead cold stare

    Taliq: "Of course I’ll quit. When I’m ready to."
    Mathus: "Which is now."
    Jaana: "Well, as medical treats have uncertain effects when combined with trace elements of other stims, you’r elikely going to have to rely on natural healing if you get shot up again."
    Jaana: ^ treats = treatments
    • Taliq snaps her head up

    Taliq: "Alright, alright, I’ll quit…"
    Taliq: "I mean, I don’t have to quit, I’m not even addicted…"
    Jaana: -.-
    Vale: (( XD ))
    Taliq: "… but you’re right Jaana, I uh… won’t risk my health, or the wellbeing of the team."
    • Lowurra notices the subtle evasion

    Taliq: "We’re good. Thanks for being patient with me, I’m… just glad you all care so much."
    Jshock-GM: (( subtle? ))
    Taliq: (( Subtle as a brick ))
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m not even asking for die rolls ))
    • Mathus sighs.

    Vale: (( hehe ))

    Mathus: "I’ll belt you because I care. Don’t make me do it."
    • Taliq grins

    Vale: (( o.o ))

    Taliq: "Bring it Mathus. I could take you with one arm behind my back!"
    • Mathus hmphs.

    Taliq: "Uh… with or without your shock gloves?"
    Mathus: "With."
    • Taliq pouts

    Taliq: "Maybe I’ll need both arms then."
    Taliq: "Alright, let’s talk business. I may have a few contacts on The Wheel. We’ll maximise our profit by splitting the cargo and selling in small batches."
    Taliq: (( BTW add 400 credits to the group fund, I’ll deduct 400 from Taliq’s ))
    Mathus: (( Noted. Current group stash: 3400 credits. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I’ll change that up end of the adventure ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Now, If Mathus and Taliq could jump to the next map, so we can move on… ))
    Taliq: (( Oh… lol XD ))
    Taliq: (( Sorry, didn’t realise y’all were waiting on us XD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( s’cool; didn’t mind playing that out ))
    • Mathus will keep an eye on Taliq until they

  • Taliq drinks a lot of water and chews her
    nails a lot

  • after a few more days travel, you arrive at your destination: The
    Wheel. The station hangs like a spinning ring among the dust clouds of
    the Besh Gorgon system.

    Taliq: "… anyone want to know why they call it ‘The Wheel’?"
    Mathus: "I think Circle would be more appropriate."
    An automated message welcomes you, and outlines the rules of the station; light weapons only, any major disturbances will get you thrown off the station (possibly through the nearest airlock, for extreme violators).
    Taliq: (( Carbine’s are "light" right? :3 ))
    Unknown command: "eThe beacon also outlines the various fees for docking & resupply (100 credits a day)". Try /help for a list of commands.
    The beacon also outlines the various fees for docking & resupply (100 credits a day)
    Jshock-GM: (( Carbines are NOT light weapons. ))
    • Mathus hands Taliq his blaster.

  • Taliq dons her armor, but only packs her
    holdout blaster

  • Mathus: "This is still technically ‘light’. Give me the holdout blaster."
    Taliq: "It’s alright, I’m not expecting a fight. We’re here for business, not pleasure."
    • Taliq grins

    Jshock-GM: (( what about the rest of you? ))

    Jaana: "Guess they object to my rifle as well…"
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    • Mathus takes his shock gloves and his own
      holdout blaster. (Forgot I still had that…)

    Taliq: (( That massive autofire sniper
    rifle? That’s gotta count as a light weapon, right? :P

  • Mathus gives Taliq his heavy blaster pistol,
    which is still ‘light’.

  • Mathus: "oh, and this…"
    • Mathus hands Taliq an ammo clip for it.

    Jshock-GM: (( counts as a light field
    howitzer ))

    Mathus: "It chews through batteries."
    • Lowurra walks over

    Taliq: "Thanks Mathus."
    Lowurra: (Surely they would not separate an old man from his walking stick)
    Mathus: "Most old men can’t rip people’s arms off."
    Jshock-GM: (( your shock scane probably would get a bye, as long as you’re not walking around with the fields activated ))
    Xie says to the GMs: Taliq added a Weapon
    Mathus: (( I assume my shock gloves are fine as well if they’re allowing heavy blasters. ))
    Mathus: (( Er, ‘light’ blasters. ))
    Vale: (( I ))
    Vale: ’I
    Vale: ’I’ve just got my two pistols."
    Vale: (( ooc again =_ ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yeah, probably; they look big & armored, but most people probably wouldn’t look at them and think "weapon’ ))
    • Mathus exits onto the station with the rest
      of the crew.

    Lowurra: (( on sec – have to go afk for a few ))

    Jshock-GM: (( Alright; I have to figure out
    what you need to roll to sell this stuff off ))

    Taliq: (( Can we sell it in small batches to
    maximise our profit and minimise suspicion, or are we just dumping the
    lot? ))

    Taliq: (( Also, can Taliq "sell" some, but
    really just keep it and bring back enough cash to look like she "sold
    it"? :D

    Taliq: (( ;)

  • Jaana will be sending Mathus along with
    Taliq on any sales runs along

  • Jshock-GM:

    Well… someone make a Streetwise check

    Taliq: (( Difficulty? ))

    Vale: (( I’ve got that talent, and even though
    Im not using it (for buyoing) I could make it ))

    Vale: (( Taliq ))

    Vale: (( Or ))


    Hmm… inner workings of the Hustle…
    call it Hard

    Taliq: (( Oh shit XD ))

    Taliq: (( I’ma going to assist Vale ))

    Taliq: (( Use my ranks and his abilitiy ))

    Jshock-GM: (( Normal if you have 10 crack
    commandments playing ))

    Taliq: (( I have 1y/1g ))

    Jshock-GM: (( cos Biggie laid out all the
    rules ))

    Vale: (( I ahve 4 green os technically Im not
    trained, jsut just blunder my way through it ))

    Vale: (( XD ))

    Vale: (( to youtube! ))

    Taliq: (( I’m playing it XD ))

    Vale: (( me too : ))

    Jshock-GM: (( OK good. Taliq already broke a
    couple ))

    Taliq: (( Can we use my ranks and his
    ability, make it a 1y/3g? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( sure ))

    Vale: (( wasnt letting me increase the yellows
    wso Taliq can go ))

    Taliq: (( Should we upgrade? ))

    Vale: (( yeah ))

    Taliq: (( We should upgrade ))

    Taliq: (( If n-word think yo’ snitchin… ))

    Xie is disconnected.

    Xie has connected.

    Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Streetwise Check
    Success 3
    Jshock-GM: (( OK… you learned the rules. It occurs to you that moving in batches has problems; 1) it takes longer and 2) people start to notice as you hustle the corners ))
    Taliq: (( yeah fair enough ))
    Jshock-GM: (( so, take that for what it is ))
    Taliq: (( Risk vs reward ))
    Jshock-GM: (( and 4) never get high on your own supply ))
    Taliq: (( 5) ignore rule 4 when applicable :3 ))
    • Jaana , not being a conversationalist nor
      salesman, leaves all the drug dealing to the crazy people who suggested
      it in the first place.. all in the name of a ‘quick buck’ …

    Taliq: "Let’s split up. We’ll sell in 3 batches. Mathus, with me. Jaana with Vale. Lowurra with Wez."
    Jaana: "Wez??"
    Taliq: "Rex?"
    Jshock-GM: (( Wez and Silent Wook? ))
    Taliq: "Whatever that stupid droid’s name is…"
    Jaana: "We don’t have a Rex either."
    Jaana: "I’ve a better idea. VEX and I will look for normal work while the rest of you deal…"
    Vale: (( phone… ))
    Lowurra: (( back ))
    Taliq: "Lowurra needs the droid to translate for him, Princess."
    41-VEX: "Coming, madame…!"
    Taliq: "And if you can’t pull your weight, you’re welcome to stay on the ship while we earn your paycheck for you."
    • 41-VEX shuffles around the corner, then looks
      at the arguing gentlebeings, puzzled
    Vale: (( back, charities wanting my money….which Im not opposed to, but I don’t actually ahve any money to give sooo… ))
    • Vale blinks.

    Jaana: "I was never really for this particular cargo idea anyway. I’m fine forgoing any such prophits."
    Jaana: profits
    Jaana: "When I heard you were off to find cargo, I wasthinking something more typical. Too late to say anythign when you came back with i>that
    Taliq: "… I’m sorry Jaana, I didn’t meant to snap. I know it’s not ideal, but it is what it is, and there’s no reason not to make the most of it."
    Vale: "I for one regret it, but as I was a key part of the deal, I suppose it doesn’t mean much. I jsut want it gone.
    Taliq: "Two groups. Mathus with me, Vale with Lowurra. Let’s go make this cargo disappear."
    Mathus: "Right."
    • Mathus nods.

    Taliq: "And get back to good honest work. Like shooting people!"
    • Taliq grins

    Vale: "No."
    Jaana: "Come along Vex, let’s she if there is less nefarious work to be found here."
    Vale: "You’re with me Taliq."
    • 41-VEX merrily follows the tracker in the
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Taliq: "Fine, I’ll go with Vale. Mathus with Lowurra. Let’s get this done."
    Jshock-GM: (( OK. Here’s how we’ll do this; each batch has an approximate value of 2500 credits… but what you’ll actually get for it can vary ))
    Taliq: (( But we paid 5000, if we sell them individually we can make 10,000 XD ))
    Taliq: (( AND attract a lot of attention and get ourselves killed, yeah I know ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I’ve determined the trade multiplier will be x2; so you can potentially get 1/4 – 3/4 of 5000 each batch ))
    Taliq: (( Nice. I mean it only owes us 5000 total. However given the risk we went through, we want as much as possible ))
    Taliq: (( BUT sure it’ll be nice to be rid of it ))
    Vale: (( *through = in ))
    Jshock-GM: (( BUT trying to move that much stuff at once is tricky. Daunting Streetwise checks from each group ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Each group spends the day asking around, trying to find the right people to flip it ))
    • Mathus will aid Taliq for a boost.

    Jshock-GM: (( who was in each group again? ))

    Mathus: (( So, should we upgrade one roll? Or
    both? ))

    Taliq: (( Mathus + Lowura, Vale + Taliq ))

    Lowurra: (( I have 1y1g for streetwise ))

    Vale: (( can i get a boost for my black market
    contacts talent, even though it isn’t strictly part of the rule set? ))

    Vale: (( cool if not, jsut seeing what’s out
    there :P

    Jshock-GM: (( sure, Vale can grant an extra
    boost ))

    Vale: (( ta ))

    Taliq: (( So same streetwise check as before
    for Taliq and Vale then, with a boost. We’ll upgrade, as should you ))

    Taliq: Taliq spends a Destiny Point!
    Mathus: Mathus spends a Destiny Point!
    Taliq: (( Dice pool crapped out again, brb ))
    Xie is disconnected.
    • Mathus will help Lowurra with a boost, given
      he has no points in Streetwise himself.

    Xie has connected.


    hat does the pool keep doing?



    FoxyGrif is disconnected.

    FoxyGrif has connected.

    Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Streetwise Check
    Success 0 Failure1 Advantage3
    Taliq: (( Bollocks ))
    Jaana: (( she’s not really trying anyway… wanst it all for heerself… ))
    Vale: "Can’t seem to find any of my old contacts, It’s been a awhile."
    Vale: (( haha ))
    Jshock-GM: (( hmm… you find some leads, but no buyers. Try again later. ))
    • Mathus waits for Lowurra to make the roll.

    Taliq: "I know right. It’s a high turnover business… Maybe Jaana is right, and we should stick to other work."
    Lowurra: (( wait ))
    Jshock-GM: Taliq, did you up your agility?
    Lowurra: (( so I roll my streetwise with 1 boost? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( or were you always 4? ))
    Mathus: (( Yep. 1 boost, one upgrade. ))
    Taliq: (( It was using Vale’s cunning and Taliq’s 1 rank ))
    Taliq: (( Oh, yeah it’s always been 4. ))
    Taliq: (( Since character gen ))
    Jshock-GM: (( kk ))
    Jshock-GM: (( couldn’t remember ))
    Taliq: (( I stuck with the pregen characteristics ))
    Taliq: (( Haven’t bought enough talents to get there yet :P ))
    Ability Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Streetwise Check
    Success 0 Failure1 Threat2
    Taliq: (( UH OH ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Hmm, let me deal with that in a sec ))
    Mathus: (( Erm, take back a Destiny Point spend, Jshock. Lowurra didn’t factor that into the roll. ))
    Unknown command: "oo cOK". Try /help for a list of commands.
    Jshock-GM: (( OK ))
    Vale: (( we’re the worst drug dealers everywhere. We get a boss, betray him, ship her merch, then fail to sell any of it. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Got that reset ))
    Taliq: (( I know right XD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Fox, you on? Waiting for that roll ))
    Taliq: "Don’t worry Vale, if all else fails I’m happy to buy the lot myself…"
    • Taliq winks

    Mathus: (( Taliq already rolled for Vale,
    methinks. ))

    Taliq: (( JK! ))

    Jshock-GM: (( no she didn’t. ))

    Vale: (( oh sorry yeah I thought Taliqs roll
    was ours ))

    Ability Ability Ability Ability Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Streetwise Check
    Success 4 Threat4
    Taliq: (( What did you do? XD ))
    Vale: (( 0.0 ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you actually have a rank in Perception ))
    Vale: (( I rigyht I clickd streetwise ))
    Jshock-GM: (( roll a yellow, try to offset some of that Threat ))
    Vale: (( still challenging? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( no challenge ))
    Proficiency Perception Check
    Success 1
    Vale: (( Sooo found the best price, but the Hutt has homing missiles locked on our location? :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( that does nothing for you; you look over, see Taliq trying to dip into the supply bag… just as she sees you see her. ))
    Vale: (( that’s all my mistake, i missed hte part where it was perception, not streetwise ))
    • Taliq grins sheepishly

    Vale: "OI!
    Taliq: "Just trying to cut out the middleman…"
    • Vale snatches the stuff away. "What’s gotten
      into you? Apart from the drugs?

    You’r ein the middle of a crowded cantina; patrons are jostling
    you trying to get by, some swearing…

    Taliq: "Hey, we’re coming up empty here. No fish are biting. We’re going to attract more attention than we want."
    Vale: "Keep that away you fool. Can’t draw attention."
    Vale: "Then we find a wholesaler, and off it for base price, or we try again tomorrow. We don’t go fishing it out in a crowded… This isn’t the time or place"
    Taliq: "You’re right, of course."
    Lowurra: (( sorry gents ))
    • Taliq plays it casual

    Lowurra: (( I gotta run, late night and long day
    tomorrowtime ))

  • Vale eyes Ta;liq coldly "Of course."

  • Taliq: (( No worries Drekkan ))

    Jshock-GM: (( s’okay, we’re almost done for
    the night ))

    Mathus: (( Hrm, did Mathus notice anything
    interesting while helping Lowurra out? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( Hmm; make a Perception check
    (Normal) ))

    Drookiee is disconnected.

    Jshock-GM: (( Jeff? ))

    Mathus: (( K. ))

    Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Perception Check
    Success 0 Failure1 Advantage1
    Jshock-GM: (( Nop[e. ))
    • Mathus returns with Lowurra after a failed
      day of trying to sell the cargo.

    Jshock-GM: (( what about Vale and Taliq?
    Heading back I assume? ))

    Taliq: (( yeah ))

    Vale: (( Yep ))

    Vale: (( forcibly if need be ))

    Taliq: (( Hahaha, nah Taliq heads back, tail
    between her legs ))

    On the way back to the docking bay, Taliq passes by a vendor’s
    stall. On display is a battered suit of blue armor with a T shaped

  • Taliq freezes solid

  • Taliq: "Wait…"
    • Vale Vale stops too watching for ALL THE

    Vale: (( :P

  • Taliq approaches the stand

  • Taliq composes herself

  • Taliq: "So uh… that armor… looks pretty used… how much?"
    Alien vendor: "Hmm? That old suit? Battered, but still servicable. What did that Trandoshan sell it to me for again…?"
    • Taliq starts

    Taliq: "Doesn’t look like it’d fit a Trandoshan… With the boots and all…"
    • Taliq swallows hard

    Taliq: "Does it have a history?"
    Alien vendor: "Hm. Sure it does… just look at it. Blast if I know it, though."
    • Taliq nods

    Taliq: "7000 credits"
    Alien vendor: "…new to this negotiation thing, aren’t you, lekkie?"
    • Taliq balls her hand into a fist

    Taliq: "Don’t… calll me lekkie…"
    Jshock-GM: (( this is Laminate armor; new doesn’t even go for that much ))
    Taliq: "Just, give me a price."
    Taliq: (( I know, that’s just all the credits she has on her XD ))
    Alien vendor: "Settle down. Hmm… missing some of the actuators… targeting modules, too… say, 2500."
    • Taliq stuffs 3000 credits into the vendor’s

    Taliq: "Thanks."
    Vale: "You really want that beaten up old tin can, don’t you?"
    Alien vendor:
    • Alien vendor vendor looks completely baffled,
      but puts the credits away just the same
    Taliq: "It’s a service tip."
    • Taliq glares at Vale

    Vale: "You don’t get to glare, after the crap you’ve pulled."
    Taliq: "So this Trandoshan who sold it to you… Anything you can tell me about him?"
    Taliq: "I’m a… collector… Maybe he has more…"
    Alien vendor: "Hmm. Remember that one… had a sort of cold aura around him. Understand?"
    Taliq: "I do."
    Alien vendor:
    • Alien vendor nods
    • Taliq grits her teeth

    Alien vendor: "I would not go seeking that one."
    Taliq: "Thank you, and good fortune."
    • Taliq takes the armor and heads back to the
      ship in silence

    Alien vendor: "You wish me good fortune,so I will telly ou somethi gyou might not have heard."
    • Taliq pauses to listen

    Alien vendor: "I was told by some of the docking bay crew… a hyperspace message pod has been found. an <u>OLD</u> one."
    Alien vendor:
    • Alien vendor leans in closer, conspiratorially
    • Taliq leans in to listen

    Alien vendor: "They say it was from the Sa Nalador…"
    Alien vendor: "I can say no more. Go, with blessings on you."
    • Taliq blinks

    Taliq: "Thank you, again… For the armor."
    • Taliq nods and leaves off the vendor

    Alien vendor:
    • Alien vendor touches its hand to its forehead
      and waves
    • Taliq whispers to Vale "Sa Nalador mean
      anything to you?"

  • Taliq looks puzzled

  • Jshock-GM: (( Vale, Lore check ))

    Jshock-GM: (( Normal ))

    Vale: Sure
    Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Lore Check
    Success 1 Threat2
    Jshock-GM: (( Plenty good. I’s a legend; a ship from the clone wars, rumored to have a belly full of treasure… ))
    Vale: "Not entirely sure what he’s talking about, but there could be treasure involved…think I recall something…"
    • Vale shrugs, "We’ll put it to the others.

    Taliq: "Treasure you say?"
    Taliq: "Might be worth asking around…"
    Vale: Considering our drug empire is a dead end,, I’m not opposed to the idea
    Taliq: "But first I should get this armor safely back to the ship."
    • Taliq laughs

    Vale: "We sitll need to offload this stuff though. ANd not on you."
    Taliq: "Yeah, not gonna lie, I’m not sorry that we didn’t break into the drug trade."
    Taliq: "It’s a slippery slope. Now treasure hunting!! That’s something i can get behind."
    As Vale and Taliq make their way back to the ship, fade to black…
    Taliq: (( CLIFFHANGER!!! ))
    Jshock-GM: gg
    Jshock-GM: you guys have NO hustle, though.
    Xie: gg
    Tygaran: * yawn * ok.. cya next time folks
    Mathus: Night.
    Tygaran is disconnected.
    Mathus: Eh, we could’ve given another day!
    Xie: We still can ;)
    Mathus: Pity we didn’t get a chance to enjoy the Wheel, though.
    Vale: (( haha yeaaaaaaaah ))
    Vale: (( Vale is very muych of ht eopinion we dump it onto someone else for nop less than 5000 creds and just deal with their failure ))
    Xie: lol
    Xie: Taliq will buy 4000 credits worth of it :P
    Vale: *their= our

    Debts to Pay - Session 9

    Tales from the Outer Rim Jshock Xie