Debts to Pay - Session 8

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
FoxyGrif has connected.
FoxyGrif: Hellloooo
Jshock-GM: Hey d00d
Jshock-GM: So, I’ve got a problem; I has a bunch of BS to take care of, and I only have like 1 scene planned
FoxyGrif: Mmm?
FoxyGrif: DId yo uwant to postpone for a week?
Jshock-GM: No, just warning you this might end short
FoxyGrif: Aaah gotcha gotcha
FoxyGrif: Sall good
Jshock-GM: (and by "might" i mean "will be")
FoxyGrif: Hehe yeah I figured XD
FoxyGrif: But you know players, we’ll find a way to drag out your oe scene so you ahve to cut it in half and short anyways XD
FoxyGrif: *one
Jshock-GM: Yeah, I thought so
FoxyGrif: I SHOULDA ahve a busy day anyway today. I spent the entire day playing Rome Total War 2 instewad of productive stuff
FoxyGrif: Yesterday that is
Jshock-GM: My day was kind of a shitfest; ended up making a frame slightly too small for a piece, had to remake my stretcher bars
FoxyGrif: SO I feel like I syholulda clean, or see what jobs are floating about online, or I dunno, not be on my comptuer all day XD
FoxyGrif: Ouch
Jshock-GM: PITA
FoxyGrif: Hey did that big machine issue get sorted
Jshock-GM: Nope. Thing works, except the heat control’s all over the place. We’re supposed to see like 1 deg variation across the heat plate, we see like 30 deg.
FoxyGrif: ugh WHere do yo go from there?
FoxyGrif: Expensive repairs?
Jshock-GM: Apparently the manufacturer is sending someone out; if that doesn’t work, send it back
Jshock-GM: We’ve only got the deposit on it, and it was their fuckup that got it dropped off the truck
Jshock-GM: If need be’ we’re already looking at another manufacturer to buy from
FoxyGrif: Ah righteo
Jshock-GM: But yeah, shitshow. They’ve already promised a couple of orders we can’t even produce yet.
FoxyGrif: Stress an all time high round the work place too?
Xie has connected.
Jshock-GM: Not even. The bad stress comes when you’re setting up for a show; you’ve got to inventory everything that’s going, crate it, sometimes go with the tricks and offload it. 12 hr days, bleck
Jshock-GM: trucks^ Hey Xie
Xie: Hey!
Jshock-GM: Hey, do you have any experience converting XMP to HTML?
Xie: How’s it going
Xie: XMP? XML?
Jshock-GM: Sry, XML
Jshock-GM: finger slipped
Xie: No worries lol, I figured
Jshock-GM: Found a character builder that spits out XML if you want
Xie: And no I don’t, I’m afraid… Though I’d be happy to help anyway
Jshock-GM: I read up a bit, and they were talking about some tools that help with the find/replace process
Xie: That’s cool
Xie: Depending on the XML it might be displayable with a simple HTML wrapper
Jshock-GM: Yeah, I’ve got to look at the file it spits out
Xie: Did you get my late night email last night? :P
Jshock-GM: I don’t think so
Xie: I procrastinated all week then finally just sat down and wrote out some character notes :P
FoxyGrif: IS this for Taliq? Is this why You’ve been aksing about Loanr and Nautolans, and what noit?
Xie: Hahaha yeah
FoxyGrif: *Lonar
FoxyGrif: You craaaay boi
Jshock-GM: NAutolans? This is oficially all over the place
Xie: Yeah there’s a nautolan in her background :P
FoxyGrif: XDDD
Xie: Also I retconned Kressut’s name to be Tussker if that’s alright
Xie: It’s a better name ;)
Jshock-GM: Oh, cool. Yeah, found it; reading it now
FoxyGrif: I still don’t really ahve a background, which is wierd because I tend to flesh out before the campaign even starts
Xie: Can’t go past a good ssk in a trandoshan name ;)
Xie: Yeah I was wishy washy with Taliq but then suddenly I got the ball rolling with some ideas and it didn’t stop :P
FoxyGrif: Do you ahve a tratiorous trandoshan in your past ?
FoxyGrif: XDDDD
FoxyGrif: Babs will love that
Jshock-GM: That’s a huge wad of hooks to play with you gave me
Xie: I know right XD
Xie: I’m writing a novellete, but thought I’d give you a quick summary :P
Jshock-GM: …where’s the rest of the merry band?
FoxyGrif: XD Novella
Xie: Check Steam for JeffG :P
FoxyGrif: I sitll haven’t had morning cup of tea yet
FoxyGrif: But It is all the way in the kitchen
FoxyGrif: SO you know
FoxyGrif: That’s not happening anytime soon
Jshock-GM: So, FT; can you match or beat 9 bullet points worth of background (complete with short writeups of 7 NPCs)?
Jshock-GM: good point on steam
Jshock-GM: Nope, he’s not even online; weird
FoxyGrif: Hmmm
FoxyGrif: FT doe sdhtat mean foxtrot, i don’t get the implication of the question haha
Jshock-GM: You played Black Mesa (the HL rebuilld)?
  • Taliq gets drunk and emotionally vulnerable


That might lure him on :P




But no, I haven’t


A HL rebuild you say? Using the HL2


It’s weird; he seems to do that in
every game I’ve played with him


yeah, it’s a HL 2 mod


That sounds awesome… Never did play
original HL, which I’m sad about because it’s hard to go back to
bad graphics


But on the HL2 engine… ;)


I lke HL 2 but I don’t ahve the raging
hardon that seems to accompany the rabid love for that game. I
don’t even think the story is particularly inspiring, but you know
I had fun.


It’s pretty hard; I’m playing it on
Med, don’t remember being hurt as badly


Never finished Ep 2


I just wish they would finish the damn


Haha Valve don’t know how to count to
3, remember?


5 is right out

Drookiee has connected.


map not visible to players?!?!?!?!


what kind of sorcery is this!?!??!



Lowurra III of Kashykk: Raaawr! (zounds!)
Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( just the default start screen ))
FoxyGrif: Oh hello Low
FoxyGrif: OI was a;lt tabbed :P
Jshock-GM: That should pop everyone to my view
Xie: I’m in the Ordeillive mining complex map
Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( yar, got there ))
Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( long day is long ))
Player count is at 3/5 and holding…
Tygaran has connected.
Player count has risen to 4/5…
Jaana: (( is Taliq STILL eating that steak?? :P ))
Jshock-GM: It’s a big steak.
  • Taliq chews thoughfully on her steak


Apparently… :P


Today, the part of Vale will be played
by Xie, the part of Taliq by JSHock, the part of Lowurra by that
Dorid we picked up at some point, and Jaana shall be played by
Drookie. Mathus is Mathus as usual.

JeffG has connected.


Hail hail the gang’s all here




Hey guys; just got back from the
interview. Did I miss anything?

Lowurra III of Kashykk: sweet – hope it went well :D
Jshock-GM: Absolutely nothing
Jshock-GM: Yeah, how did it go?
JeffG: I give it a 40% chance of succeeding.
Jshock-GM: Better than Vegas
Xie: That’s exciting! Good luck
Jshock-GM: Stay on them; I managed to pester my way into my current job
Xie: Persistence pays off? XD
Jshock-GM: It does when the individual hiring you has ADD
Xie: Hahahaha
Xie: He probably always meant to hire you, but kept getting distracted by other things
Xie: Just needed a few casual reminders? ;)
Jshock-GM: So, I only got home a little while ago; I didn’t get a chance to write the recal. Any confusion as to what’s going on?
JeffG: Nope.
Jshock-GM: pretty much
JeffG: I’m just wondering if we got XP for last session.
Jshock-GM: no, act isn’t quite over; you’ll get XP at the end of this one
JeffG: K.
Jshock-GM: Anyone else need to know what’s going on?
  • Taliq ate some really good steak


Isn’t that reall what’s important?


reads forum Actually, do have a
question…. so their lifter is going gonk now, but I have the
lifter’s original brain now, right?




Ah, K.


Alright; I thought I had accidently
turned the wookie bot-brain into a gonk.


I’m assuming you’re going to do
something other than put that on your curios shelf… I’m going to
say you can build another clas 5 droid around that (Class 5s are
general laborers).

  • JeffG nods.

  • JeffG:

    But that’s for later… for now, time
    to move on?


    Let me generate destiny and find out
    if any obligation is in the mix…


    The Destiny Pool has been set!
    Dark Side Points6



    Vale: …………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    Jshock-GM: …and rolling obligation…
    JeffG: Hoo boy.
    Jshock-GM: Victim of obligation: None (51)
    Jshock-GM: Lucky.
    JeffG: …Huh, we have less than 50 obligation?
    Jshock-GM: That was the threshold
    Jshock-GM: (I think)
    Jshock-GM: Jaana has 5, you have 15, every one else has 10
    JeffG: Ah.
    The miners treat you to a night of loud music, drinking, and laughter…. and also some mourning for thir fallen friends. In the morning, Marv arranges an attache case for the credits destined for Bargos the Hutt.
    Marv: "You people sure you can sell this Bargos on our operation?"
    • Taliq has a good time carousing with the

    Mathus: "I don’t he’s in any position to refuse it."
    Taliq: "Only one way to find out!"
    Marv: "Well, can’t thank you enough, either way. Stay safe out there."
    • Mathus nods.

    Mathus: "You too."
    • Marv turns, walking back into the complex
    Taliq: "And remember, if you ever need a new home for Chef, you let me know!"
    Jshock-GM: (( OK… so what’s the plan? ))
    Mathus: (( Leave it to Drookie. ))
    Taliq: (( We go back to Bargos and let Lowurra and Vale do all the talking? :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Assuming you’re going straight back? I’l cut & paste if so ))
    Mathus: (( Yep. ))
    • Taliq almost becomes a miner so she doesn’t
      have to leave Chef behind

    Lowurra III of Kashykk:

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( I shall try and not
    let us down ))

    After a few days travel, you make it back to Orvax IV. Shortly,
    you are ushered before the bulking mass that is Bargos the Hutt…

    Bargos: (Ah, my new friends have returned? What did you find? Is my mine in good working order?)
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: raawr (Oh great Bargos, there was an issue at the mine which presents both setbacks, but also great opportunities)
    Bargos: (WHAAAAAT?! Explain yourself!)
    • Bargos knocks into the Toydarian while
    • Taliq hangs back

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (There was an uprising amongst the droids, inflicting damage upon the mine and the workers before our arrival. This has damaged immediate concerns increasing you CAPEX figures)
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (However, we have dealt with this impertinent droids, and have joyous news. The workers killed reduce your overhead, thus reducing your overall OPEX)
    Jshock-GM: (( …I won’t ask ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( CAPEX is capital expenditures, OPEX is operative expenditures ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( CAPEX is all front end, OPEX is your year by year ))
    Bargos: (I see…)
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (Your workers are also more motivated by fear that they themselves might be killed, should they slacken)
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (we also have brought an opportunity from this, for where there is crisis there is opportunity)
    Taliq: (( I’m so glad we have the negotiwookiiee XD ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (We have data from the ringleader of this… operation… for your technical experts to analyze)
    Jshock-GM: (( right; you brought the drod chassis with you? ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (think of the value of this, introduce the subroutines to a droid, shuffle the droid through several shell corporations)
    Mathus: (( Yep. ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (Perhaps a "charitable trust" or two)
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (then they make their ways into your competitors. Who then have…. shall we say "labour difficulties"?)
    Jshock-GM: (( who’s carrying it? ))
    • Mathus is.

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (We have this for you, plus a payment from the miners which is the profits minus the increased CAPEX to compensate for the initial damage)
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (I would also note you could set up the mine as a memorial trust for the miners, as a closely held private corporation)
    Jshock-GM: (( Alright; time for a roll ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (and claim a charitable tax benefit for yourself)
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( what’s the roll/difficulty? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( crap, book is upstairs… give me a sec ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( but seriously - corporate entities would be so useful to a hutt ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( for limiting liability ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK; it’s a Hard Coercion check, BUUUUT… ))
    Taliq: (( Careful now, you don’t have many dark side points to spend… :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I don’t actually need any ))
    Jshock-GM: (( He has Nobody’s Fool 3 (Upgrades Coercion checks 3 times), AAAAnd… ))
    Taliq: (( Oh damn.. ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( coercion? Not negotiation? ))
    Vale: (( Or even charm? ))
    Jshock-GM: (You gave a good schpiel, and brought a bennie (2 Adv); You admitted the place is in ruins (1 Setback)
    Jshock-GM: (( So; Coercion +2 Adv vs 3Chall ))
    Taliq: (( Can anybody assist? Would it be worth us trying to assist? :P ))
    Jshock-GM: 3 chall 1 setbk
    Jshock-GM: (( let’s hear some roleplay for assists ))
    Taliq: (( Yeah no, Taliq’s keeping her lip zipped :P ))
    Mathus: (( Hrm… my ideas: a Mechanics check to demonstrate the robot’s subversive subroutine, or a Computers or Skulduggery check to explain the ways he could use said droid for sabotage. ))
    • Jaana knows better than to try talking to a
      hutt about business

    Jshock-GM: (( You could probably power on
    the droid… :D ))

    Mathus: (( …I do not like that smiley. ))

    Jshock-GM: (( nor should you! ))

    Mathus: (( Only way I’d power on the droid was
    if I knew it was quadraplegic. ))

    Vale: O great Gargos, you sent us there to assess your rightful property. Finding it under assault, we did only as you would ahve expected. We put an end to such nonsense. Had we not been there, you would have lost it all. Please, listen to my friend here, and see us for the loyal servants we are.
    Mathus: (( And completely disarmed. ))
    Vale: (( ytrolo Bargos ))
    • Bargos does not look happy. That may be
    Vale: (( laying it on thick again, trying to put some sweetness in the air ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK, add another Adv for kowtowing ))
    Jshock-GM: (( anyone else? ))
    Taliq: (( Lip zipped. Taliq’s with Jaana on this one ))
    • Taliq stands in the background smiling and

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( aight ))

  • Mathus just looks concerned.

  • Taliq: (( Quick, spend a destiny point! Oh
    wait… :P

    Vale: (( the hutt got the place from someone
    else, and the droids were already there… perhaps we could use that? ))

    Vale: (( direct his anger at the previous
    owner for leaving fualty droids ))

    Jshock-GM: (( how, exactly? ))

    Vale: (( not sure, spit balling, carry on :P

    Taliq: (( Yeah, let’s not risk making things
    worse :P

    Jshock-GM: (( Drookie? You got all that? ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( coercion +3 adv vs 3
    challenge +2 setback ))

    Jshock-GM: (( That’s it… also, who’s
    carrying the credits? ))

    Mathus: (( Lowurra, I assume. ))

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk lays out the credits

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Boost Boost Challenge Challenge Challenge Setback Setback Coercion Check
    Success 2 Threat2
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( SUCCESS! ))
    Taliq: (( But… :P ))
    Mathus: (( WHOA. ))
    • Bargos twists his face in anger… then begins
      to laugh!
    Bargos: (HOO, HOO, HOO! Wookiee, your skill at negotiation is admirable, as is your ability with holo-presentations. I salute you.
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (You do me honoured Great Bargos)
    • Taliq sighs with relief

    Bargos: (You have all done well… and those who do well under me are rewarded…)
    Mathus: (( We’re Hutt Whisperers, apparently. ))
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Taliq: (( Hopefully his reward isn’t as bad as Jabbas was :P ))
    Vale: (( hehe ))
    Mathus: (( "Now you get to work for BABY hutt!" ))
    Bargos: (…sadly, as I have not recieved as many credits as expected, I cannot reward you as well as I wanted.)
    Mathus: "Understandable."
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (As is only just, your magnificence)
    • Bargos gives you 5% of the take – 4000 credits
    • Mathus keeps his comments about it being
      small to himself; he never wanted to work for a Hutt again anyway.

    Bargos: (Please, stak a while longer. Enjoy the hospitality of my house.)
    Taliq: "Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick," Taliq says to herself.
    A band appears from the shadows and begins to play modern jitz
    Mathus: (( "I keep my band on the turntable just for such occasions!" ))
    • Vale reclines and takes a drink

    So, we’re at the official end of the adventure

  • Taliq notices that they haven’t yet cleaned
    up the bodies of the dead intruders…

  • Taliq: :3
    Jshock-GM: (( They’re there as a warning! ))
    Xie: Yay!! We didn’t get fed to a rancor!!!
    Xie: I call it a win!
    Mathus: We didn’t piss off a Hutt!
    Jshock-GM: (( anyone have some side treks/business/etc? ))
    • Taliq sits back and shares a drink with her

  • Mathus sits back and drinks.

  • Taliq: "Look on the bright side. If we did too good a job, he might give us another one…"
    Mathus: (( On the slave moon? Nope. ))
    • Mathus breathes a sigh of relief at Taliq’s

    Mathus: "Who are we going to work for next, though?"
    • Taliq shrugs

    Taliq: "Maybe a nice quiet smuggling job."
    • Lowurra III of Kashykk is enjoying a G&T

    Act II completed! Experience:
    • +10 for completing the adventure

    Lowurra: +5 for sweet poetry

    Tygaran says to the GMs: Jaana gains 10

    Vale: H/ooc Hutts come with extra Xp because it’s always a crazy move to do anything risky with them :P
    • Mathus nods at Taliq.

    Xie says to the GMs: Taliq gains 10

    Bargos: (Ah, you were looking for something to do? You could always try some gambling at the Wheel. Got a mine out of it, last time I went…)
    Mathus: "Knowing my luck, I would lose my shirt."
    • Mathus ponders a moment.

  • Mathus glances at the others.

  • Mathus: "Got any better ideas?"
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( hurm Illegal argument type java.lang.String, expecting java.math.BigDecimal ))
    Vale: (( my xo box is bugged out and I can’t update it, so I’ll just ahve to remember ))
    Taliq: (( Yeah strangely my XP update box worked ))
    Vale: (( YEah getting some thing Drekkan ))
    JeffG says to the GMs: Mathus gains 10
    • Taliq asks Genko if he knows of any master
      armor craftsmen


    weird; char sheet isn’t even loading
    for me

    Jshock-GM: (( hmm ))

    FoxyGrif is disconnected.

    FoxyGrif has connected.

    Genko: "Can’t say that I dooa, huntura. Mosly slavers out here. Wheel would be a good place to look; all kinds of things get traded, in high and low places…"
    • Mathus glances at Taliq.

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    Taliq: "What are you looking at?"

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    Jaana: (( should peopel go drinking/gambling, Jaana might tag along as designated driver.. since she doesn’t drink if she can help it." ))
    Taliq: (( Aw good ole Jaana, always looking out for us ))
    • Vale is pretty muich jsut following the
      group, keeping an eye out, having a couple of drinkiepoos

    Jshock-GM: (( she’s straight edge? ))

    Mathus: (( Heh. ))

  • Taliq has a few drinks, but then retires to
    the ship

  • Jaana:

    with brawn 2.. she probably can’t hold
    her liqour very well anyway :P

  • Mathus smirks a bit at Taliq’s comment as
    they head over to the Wheel.

  • Mathus: (( I don’t think we’ll get done with the
    Wheel that fast. ))

    Taliq: … and keeps drinking where it’s safer ;P
    • Lowurra III of Kashykk enjoys his drinks

    For a slave moon, this place is reasonably quiet. Stay out of
    other people’s business and it seems like you’ll be left alone.

    Taliq: (( Oh that’s right, we’re going to
    the Wheel ))

    Jshock-GM: (( The place he’s referring to is
    a space station, several sectors away… days of travel. ))

    Taliq: (( Oh OK. That might not be a bad
    next destination. ))

    Jshock-GM: (( because it’s several sectors
    away from Bargos? ))

    Mathus: (( Ah. Sounds good. ))

    Mathus: (( Yep! ))

  • Mathus finishes enjoying Bargos’ house as
    soon as possible, then gets the ship ready to go.

  • Jshock-GM: (( I’m just looking up where this
    place is compared to you ))

    Taliq: "Don’t want to stay on this moon any longer than we have to, right?"
    Jshock-GM: (( …it’s actually outer rim, but sort of on the other side of the galaxy. Two ways to get there; major trade routes, or back road it. ))
    Taliq: (( Interseting… could we pick up some cargo while we’re here to take there? ))
    Taliq: (( Since we’re making the trip anyway ))
    Mathus: (( Oo, good point! ))
    Jshock-GM: (( that’s a reasonable question ))
    Xie: Wait, I saw rules for this XD
    Jshock-GM: (( yeah, looking those up ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Hmm… someone give me a lore check to determine what’s good to resell ))
    Mathus: (( Can I make an Outer Rim check instead? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yes ))
    Mathus: (( Difficulty? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( are you trying to move legal or illegal goods? ))
    Mathus: (( I vote illegal. ))
    Mathus: (( We’re already wanted by the Empire. We’d get jailed for other reasons. ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( I can give a lore check – if I get the difficulty ))
    Mathus: (( I have a 1/4 in Outer Rim. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Vale, you had Black Market Contacts, right? ))
    Vale: (( I do indeed ))
    Xie: Yeah illegal. Who smuggles legal cargo? :P
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( actually – lots of people ))
    Vale: (( XD ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( depending on your definition of "smuggling ))
    Xie: (( XD Fair point ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( a LOT of people mislabel (purposely or not) products, or don’t declare them ))
    Jshock-GM: (( The wook has the right of it; as long as you can buy low, sell high… ))
    Vale: (( looks like it decreases rarity by 1 but increases cost by 50% ))
    Vale: (( per rank but I only have 1 ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( it’s mostly on avoiding customs duties, or other taxes/inspections ))
    Mathus: So what’s the difficulty of the Lore / Outer Rim check?
    Xie: (( Good point, well made _ ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( consider on a shipment of textiles going from China to either Canada or the US, you’re paying about $100~250K for each $1M of product you bring in ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( a spicy meatball ))
    Jshock-GM: (( we’ll call it HArd; it’s reasonably well known, but you’re not exactly on the pulse of the grapevine from the slaver moon ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( can I assist with lore? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( absolutely ))
    Xie: (( Oh good point, we could just pick up a few slaves ))
    Xie: (( :3 ))
    Xie: And I shall assist with Streetwise
    Xie: ?
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( what’s the difficulty? ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( hard then – like the original check? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you’re just adding +adv to Mathus’s check; no need to roll ))
    Mathus: (( Alright, rolling. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( so +2 Mathuis ))
    Ability Ability Ability Proficiency Boost Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Outer Rim Check
    Success 1 Advantage2Triumph1
    Mathus: (( Badaboom. ))
    Taliq: (( BOOM goes the dynamite ))
    Jshock-GM: (( hot damn ))
    Jshock-GM: (( The Wheel is all about decedance; space liqour and space coke ))
    Mathus: (( Apparently the guy who’s lived on a backwater his whole life has the trading pulse. ))
    Taliq: (( Any diet coke? jk ))
    Mathus: "Drugs and booze."
    Taliq: "Sounds good. Let’s pick up some spice, that’s easy to move."
    Jshock-GM: (( so you score a lead on someone who wants to offload several kilos of glitterstim ))
    Vale: (( mmy glitterstim ))
    Taliq: (( Awww yeaah ))
    • Jshock-GM looks up how much the stuff is


    So, the shady dealer wants 5k for the
    crate, before negotiations.

  • Mathus will let Vale & Lowurra negotiate.

  • Mathus: (( Oho, the Empire guards its
    production? Interesting… ))

    Jshock-GM: (( let me get a pog so we can RP
    this; who’s coming to the meet? ))

  • Taliq is

  • Vale will.

  • Mathus is coming along in case things get

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk comes along, leaning
    on his cane

  • Vale: Muscle, Negotiator, and the eye :P
    Vale: (( FOr the first time this campaign..including the other beta one, I’ve ACTUALLY decided where all my XP will go. ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( on standing instructions, whoever is the evaluator, give me a figure worth exactly half of what you think we should pay for it ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( when I ask for a valuation ))
    • Mathus suggests Vale does the evaluation.

    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: can we spend our xp now, or would you rather
    between sessions. I’m taking Dedication and increasing Cunning which may
    be useful now, so Im seeing what I can squeeze you on XD

    Taliq: (( Can we tell how much it’s worth
    in-character? Obviously we know OOC because we have the book :P

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( we can evaluate –
    likely with streetwise I’d assume, or knowledge underworld ))

    Jshock-GM: (( that would require either
    specialized equipment or sampling the goods personally ))

    Taliq: "I can evaluate it…"
    Jshock-GM: (( or yeah, Streetwise; making sure it’s the right color, not cut, etc ))
    • Vale looks at Taliq, shrugs and nods

    Jshock-GM: (( can Gran speak basic? ))

    Mathus: (( We have a translation droid if he
    can’t. ))

    Taliq: (( I don’t remember one from the
    movies, so I don’t know :P

    Jshock-GM: (( only ones I can think of are
    the podracer and the one in the cantina scene ))

    Jshock-GM: (( I don’t think "YAAARGH!"
    really counts ))

    Taliq: (( Let’s bring our protocol droid
    along just in case ))

    41-VEX: "Sirs, is this strictly legal…?"
    Mathus: "Was working for a Hutt strictly legal?"
    Jaana: "Of necessity, our definittion of legal has broadened…"
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (41-Vex I would point out that on Slaver moon legality is more of a philosophical concept)
    Taliq: "We’re in the Outer Rim Wex, everything’s legal."
    Bokko: (So, you the ones who wanted to do a little business?)
    • Bokko looks around, his 3 eyestalks swiveling
      along with his head
    • Bokko slides a packet across the table
    Drookiee is disconnected.
    Bokko: (A sample.)
    Jshock-GM: (( yaargh ))
    Drookiee has connected.
    • Taliq picks up the paper packet carefully

    Taliq: (( How is it taken? ingested? XD ))

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk lets his thugs do the

  • Jshock-GM: (( looking that up ))

    Taliq: (( I can’t find it on the wiki ))

    Jshock-GM: (( weird, cause I think it’s from
    Han Solo & the corporate sector ))

    Taliq: (( Haha, yeah ))

    Taliq: (( When Han Solo fell off the wagon
    for a bit? :P

    Jshock-GM: (( it’s specifically mentioned
    that it comes in packets; I’m guessing you probably smoke it (space
    opium seems more star warsy than space coke ))

    Taliq: (( I figured it was added to food,
    being called "spice", like in Dune ))

    Vale: (( YEah sapce opium fits with the
    adventurey ness of it… John Carter and all… ))

    Taliq: (( But whatever you think ))

    Jshock-GM: (( they do everything with dune
    spice; guild navigators swim in the stuff ))

    Taliq: (( XD ))

    Taliq: (( Space opium makes sense ))

    • Bokko produces a small hookah…
    Vale: "I’m not sure that is necessary.
    • Taliq accepts it and proficiently packs the
      bowl with the spice packet

  • Mathus frowns a moment, glances at Taliq
    with worry.

  • Taliq gives them both a warning stare

  • Vale: Taliq…
    Taliq: "Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing."
    Vale: How about we inpect in in other ways that dpon’t lead to you wanting the rest of our stock.
    Bokko: (So, my contact mentioned you were interested in volume? 5000 for the container. 100 packets, just like that one.)
    Taliq: "Oh please…"
    Taliq: (( That was to Vale, not to Bokko XD ))
    Taliq looks like she’s done this before…
    • Mathus frowns a moment, decides not to push

  • Vale shrugs and sighs, keeping a watchful
    eye on Bokko

  • Taliq lights a wooden match and takes a
    quick draw, before handing the space hookah back to Bokko

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk looks at Taliq with a
    raised brow

  • Taliq closes her eyes and grits her teeth

  • Taliq goes into a momentary trance, then drops out of it

    Bokko: (Good stuff, eh?)
    • Taliq opens her eyes suddenly, startled

    Taliq: "Yeah… it’s legit…"
    • Lowurra III of Kashykk simply looks at Bokko

    Bokko: (Whaddaya say?)
    • Lowurra III of Kashykk just keeeeeps looking
      then makes a non-committal gesture

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (It appears to have some value – the effects wore off quickly enough)
    • Taliq nods

  • Taliq gives Lowurra a "it’s a fair price but
    I don’t want to say it out loud and undercut your negotiation" look

  • Jshock-GM: (( Uh, Taliq is still kind of
    high; I think the wave lasts for a few hours after the crest. Need to
    open my book back up ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (we can give you 3000, and we’d runa serious risk of a loss on the drop end)
    • Taliq tries to give Lowurra a "it’s a fair
      price but I don’t want to say it out loud and undercut your negotiation"

    Taliq: (( But instead gives him a vague eyes
    glazed over stare ))

  • Mathus frowns at Taliq.

  • Jshock-GM: (( Streetwise vs 1c2d, please;
    anyone want to alter that? ))

  • Mathus doesn’t.

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( damn – thoguht this
    would be negotiation – my streetwise is pretty crap ))

    Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Coercion Check
    Success 1 Advantage1
    Jshock-GM: (( we can Negotiate ))
    • Taliq convinces the Stormtoopers in her
      hallucination that they’re not looking for any droids

    Vale: "Think of us a first time buyer. We take it a little cheaper this time round, and the going rate is good when we ofload it, you can be sure to move some more."
    • Taliq laughs

    Taliq: "You tell him Makarus!"
    Jshock-GM: (( We’ll Negotiate vs 2c1d instead, but add 1 adv for Vale making some convincing talk ))
    • Mathus blinks at Taliq, frowns.

    Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Challenge Challenge Negotiation Check
    Success 0 Failure1 Advantage3Despair1
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( well that wasn’t very good ))
    Mathus: (( Hooooo boy. ))
    Vale: (( if only he wa sa hutt, we’d ahve like twelve successes ))
    Vale: (( and sixteen triumphs ))
    Taliq: (( Shit just got real yo ))
    Bokko: (I’m trying to make a living here. 5000, and I don’t tell Bargos you’re trying to cut into his business…)
    Bokko: (Yeah, that’s right. I know all about you and the slug.)
    • Mathus idly wonders if we could just shoot
      him and take the drugs for free.

    • Bokko doesn’t appear to have a crate full of
      drugs with him…
    Mathus: (( Ah crap, he’s smart. ))
    Taliq: "No…. no no no…."
    • Taliq looks worried about something

    • Bokko (looks worried)
    Bokko: (Blast – your friend’s coming down hard! Shut her up before you attract too much attention!)
    • Mathus walks over to Taliq.

    Mathus: "Come on, Taliq, let’s go."
    • Mathus escorts her to a different table or

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk looks to Vale

  • Vale takes Taliq by the shoulder, and gives
    her a sharp look

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk: +Thoughts?+
    Taliq: "How could you?!"
    Jaana: * sigh * "I should get her back to the ship and into medical, I suppose."
    Vale: ++I didn’t like the threat about Bargos++
    TAliq is obviously triipping balls.
    • Taliq slaps Mathus in the chest

    Vale: ++But creds are creds, and we’ll still make something out of it.++
    Taliq: (( Not that hard :P ))
    Mathus: "Oof!"
    Vale: "Good call, Jaana."
    Mathus: "I’ll come with you two."
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (Very well, we can agree on five)
    • Taliq looks at Jaana, and then turns to

    Taliq: "Can you make me look like her Doctor?"
    Vale: "Are you a friend of Bargos, then?"
    Bokko: (Excellent. Deposit in my account, and call me in a bit; then we can arrange a meet…)
    Mathus: "…Huh?"
    • Lowurra III of Kashykk looks to vale

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (This is your department
    • Mathus blinks at Taliq’s request.

    Mathus: "Er, why would you…"
    • Bokko leaves after the money is deposited
    Vale: (( SOrry missed my mark ))
    • Taliq squints

    Taliq: "Mathus…? Jaana…?"
    Vale: (( I guess we wait ‘a bit’ to make the call ))
    Mathus: "Yes…?"
    • Vale leans into the wookie

    Bokko: To Vale (None of your business.)
    Jaana: "You just had to go an sample it, didn’t you?"
    Taliq: "It was the only way to know for sure… I’m sorry…"
    Jshock-GM: (( speaking of which: ))
    • Taliq rubs her forehead

  • Mathus frowns.

  • Mathus: "…Alright, think we’re sticking with smuggling guns after this. No more drugs."
    Vale: "We could report this to Bargos, I’m not sure how interconnected htey are, but we might be rewarded, then we could jsut take o nthe job as a shipment. Less creds, but safer…I think?
    Taliq: "I’m fading in and out… get me some water and try to keep me away from stimulus."
    Mathus: "Right…"
    • Mathus follows her requests.

  • Taliq laughs

  • Taliq: "You’re funny when you’re brown."
    Mathus: "…Huh?"
    • Mathus blinks at Taliq.

    Jshock-GM: (( Taliq; how’s your Brawn? ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (I am not sure Hutts have volutnary disclosure programs)
    Taliq: (( NOT GREAT XD ))
    Taliq: (( Brawn is 2 :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Make a straight Brawn vs 1d1c please ))
    Vale: "Fair enough" Vale Shrugs, let’s jsut do it, and see where the chips fall.
    Taliq: (( Oh boy… ))
    Ability Ability Difficulty Challenge Brawn Check
    Success 0
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (We could though – but I fear the Hutt would take our creds and the shipment)
    Taliq: (( Could’ve been worse… ))
    Vale: "I just didn’t like the look of him, and that threat runs in my ears. DOn’t knwo what to make of it.
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (that is a good point)
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( I have to go afk for a bit ))
    Jshock-GM: (( You thought you had kicked the habit, but it appears you might be back on the wagon. Check again later. ))
    Vale: "still, he is a business man, and I doubt he wants to be labelled as a snitch, if you can all it that.
    Taliq: (( lolololol ))
    Later, a meet is arranged. 1 crate of glitterstim, as promised.
    Jaana: (( any way to use my Medicine skill to help clean out Taliq? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Sure, you could probably do that. She’s not quite hooked, but glitterstim is incredibly addictive; so 1d1c Medicine ))
    Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Challenge Medicine Check
    Success 0 Advantage4
    Jaana: (( well, I supopse I can softn the down side with those adv… ))
    Taliq: "Thanks mum… Your hair looks different…"
    • Taliq smiles at Jaana

    Jshock-GM: (( hmmm… psychologically
    hooked. She’ll have to be careful around rthe stuff. ))

    Jaana: "Lay back and rest.. I’ll tuck you in…"
    • Mathus frowns and keeps watch over Taliq.

    Vale: Is it jsut a drop and pick up, or an actual meet?
    Jshock-GM: (( drop and pick up. He gives you the name of a warehouse, you meet with one of his guys who hands it off. ))
    Vale: (( cool cool ))
    Taliq: (( What a pro ))
    Mathus: And with that, we’re on our way to the Wheel?
    Jshock-GM: (( unless you have some other shenannigans to pull, yes ))
    • Taliq falls asleep, assuming she’s sedated :P

  • Mathus doesn’t. He’ll spend most of the trip
    keeping watch over Taliq.

  • Mathus will also mention off-handedly,

  • Mathus: "We are never smuggling drugs again…"
    Taliq: (( I don’t think the high will last the whole trip XD ))
    Mathus: "Sticking with hard liquor after this."
    Taliq: (( A few hours at most ))
    Jshock-GM: (( …you realize you’re dressed like either a pimp or a drug dealer, right? ))
    Taliq: (( HAHHAHAHAHAA ))
    Mathus: (( This is all your fault, J. ))
    Jaana: "Ya know, Mathus… you want to wash that outfit in my left over camo paint?"
    Unknown command: "oo cI just administrate". Try /help for a list of commands.
    Jshock-GM: (( I just administrate ))
    Mathus: "Yes please."
    Taliq: (( You don’t like the outfit Taliq picked out for you? :P ))
    • Jaana taps the brown adn dark green markings
      she’s painted on her dark grey laminate…

    Mathus: (( It’s a new season. ))

    Taliq: (( lol XD ))

    Mathus: (( Neon red is out, camo is in. ))


    Jaana: "Just be careful inthe rain. The stuff is made for laminate.. not sure how well it’ll keep on that…"
    Mathus: "Worst comes to worst, it just washes off."
    Bargos: (…so that is what I am dealing with. They seemed honest, but then one of my contacts tells me they are trying to deal in Glitterstim! that is MY territory!)
    Taliq: (( BWAHAHAHAHA ))
    Mathus: (( Fuck, I rolled a Triumph! And it got us in worse trouble! ))
    Bargos: (Follow them! Find out what they are up to! But be discrete about it…)
    Taliq: (( I think that’s the despair that came up a bit later… :P ))
    Mathus: Bargos can have the bloody Glitterstim market.
    Mathus: Anyway, onto the Wheel?
    Taliq: (( :O DUN DUN DUN!!! ))
    Mysterious warrior: "No problem; they’ll never see me coming…"
    Fade to credits
    Mathus: (( That’s it for the night? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yep ))
    Taliq: (( Oh man, awesome closing scene ))
    Mathus: (( …Huh, ’twas short. ))
    Xie: Shit got real!!!
    Jshock-GM: (( RL slammed me ))
    Mathus: (( Ouch. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( not hard, just juggling a few things ))
    Xie: I hear ya, just one of those weeks, right?
    Jshock-GM: yeah
    Mathus: Ah.
    Jshock-GM: So, Xie gave me a big fat steaming load of background tonight
    Mathus: Damn; was hoping to get to the Wheel.
    Mathus: Aha.
    Jaana: so.. optioned from people who’ve read the rules deeper… do you think it worthwhile to continue saving XP to buy into the Doctor Specialization? it’s cost 30 XP just to get in, but then Medican becoem career and Jaana would gain access to mdeical talents.. liek Surgeon – it appears several times and would allow +1 wound to be healed for each ‘rank’
    Xie: I’ve been half working while we’ve been playing, trying to debug some bad code I wrote yesterday :P
    Jshock-GM: Let me bust out that tree
    Xie: Hmm…
    Vale: That would be useful, and you seem to be doing quite a bit of patch work so it seems natural
    Jshock-GM: …that does give you Stim Application on the same brance, which is an awesome talent
    Xie: Taliq got some Stim Application on tonight
    Xie: :P
    Jshock-GM: So, yeah, I’ve got some awesome hooks for Taliq now, but not really much for the rest of you
    Mathus: I’m good.
    Mathus: I seem to cause enough trouble for hooks as-is.
    • Mathus will forever regret that Trimph.

    Jaana: (( it’s a real shame there was no baseline
    ‘class/spec’ that contained all the skills I wanted for Jaana :P

    Jshock-GM: (( I like how you had no real
    issues with smuggling drugs… just the possible reprecussions ))

    Mathus: Someone else would smuggle them anyway.
    Mathus: Besides, we smuggled guns.
    Mathus: And I worked for a Hutt.
    Mathus: Most people don’t do that without loose morals in the first place.
    Jshock-GM: Does Jaana have Medicine as class? I think that’s the real bennie
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Wookie does not like hutts
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: wookie wants to supply rebel alliance
    Jaana: she does not.. I took it as Species to get a bit more out of it
    Jshock-GM: (( that’s a hook ))
    Vale: (( Ima write somehting up this week hopefully, I nevber did decide on the specifics of my obligation, but I’ll make sure it stays as Betrayal…unless something really grabs me, not like it has acutlaly come up in the obligation rolls ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Not yet… :D ))
    Vale: (( :P ))
    Xie: We can supply the rebel alliance with drugs? :P
    Jshock-GM: (( What was Lowurra’s Obligation? I’m missing that ))
    Vale: (( Drug-guns! ))
    Xie: Actually I think there are some legit medical applications of spice
    Xie: We should go to Kashykk and free some wookiees!
    Jaana: drug-gun… that a hypo-spary.. medical supplis :P
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: not sure – partly because of the fairly drastic change in character
    Xie: Hahahaha
    Xie: Yeah less vibro axe, more walking cane
    Jaana: (( there are certainly legit uses for Ryl, at least ))
    Jshock-GM: We could do a random roll, if you like
    Xie: WHOA I just read Stim Application
    Xie: TAKE IT
    Jshock-GM: Yeah, that’s a sweet one
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: I’ll muse on it a bit
    Jshock-GM: sure
    Xie: Yeah I was having a lot of trouble coming up with a background
    Jaana: it’ll be awhile. I need 10 more XP just to buy into it, then more to start grabbing the talents
    Xie: But once I found the basic idea, the rest just snowballed
    Xie: Out of control :P
    Xie: Are there other Survivalist talents you really want?
    Jshock-GM: Well, when you buy a tree, you don’t lose access to the old one
    Jaana: IF we were CERTAIN we’d be going into outdoorsy environments… but no.. no specifically
    Xie: You can always spend more on skills, too
    Xie: That’s something I’m considering, I’m a bit talent-heavy and skill-light
    Jaana: right now, my next sill levels are like 15 or 20 as is
    Xie: A rank in computers or mechanics might help in those odd situations where shooting something isn’t the answer
    Xie: Oh I see… :P
    Mathus: Eh, Mathus is the resident mech/hacker anyway.
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( I has 25 xp to spend ))
    Xie: That’s true, I wouldn’t need to specialise in either, but a rank wouldn’t hurt
    Mathus: And as I said… it seems like I get into enough trouble without a background.
    Xie: I need something to contribute to skill-based encounters
    Xie: You have a background
    Mathus: Er, without the background contributing to it.
    Jshock-GM: Yeah, your background just hasn’t come up yet
    Vale: Im taking dedicaton and increasing cunning to 4, to help with the lying, perception, and jsut general…ness of my character, plus it’s in the Souncdrel list so it makes sense. When I move back to the pilot tree, and IF we get long enough I can get to another dedication then I’d go agility there or something
    Xie: Just a small town boy
    Xie: Living in a lonely world
    Xie: Took a midnight ship going anywhere
    • Jshock-GM looks up Journey lyrics

    Vale: XD
    Jshock-GM: That is Journey, right? Not Boston?
    Vale: Yep Journey
    Xie: Haha, yeah
    Jshock-GM: Got the counter lyric
    Jshock-GM: Just a city ’lek
    Jshock-GM: Born and raised in Nar Shadda
    Jshock-GM: Bore a gun and traveled off and on, and on, and on, and on…
    Jshock-GM: OK, it’s possible this game has gotten much too silly for the night; I’m going to save & close
    Vale: Iw as waiting for itXD
    Vale: G’night
    Mathus: NIght.
    JeffG is disconnected.
    Xie: ’night
    Jaana: cya folks
    Tygaran is disconnected.
    Xie: XD
    Xie: gg all

    Debts to Pay - Session 8

    Tales from the Outer Rim Jshock Xie