Debts to Pay - Session 2

Taliq has received initiative.
Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
FoxyGrif has connected.
FoxyGrif: Huzzuh
JeffG has connected.
FoxyGrif: Good fortune to all
JeffG: Blargo blargo.
JeffG: Alright, now to figure out what to buy…
Jshock-GM: Not so fast…
Tygaran has connected.
Jshock-GM: Well, hopefully that SNAFU doesn’t confuse the other two players
JeffG: Post it on the forum? You got their Skype info?
Tygaran: grumble.. I wish swithcing between b87 and b84 didn’t mess up my frame placement in b84…
JeffG: Same.
JeffG: BTW Jshock, I assume the only Attachments our ship has so far is the Smuggling Compartments, right?
Jshock-GM: In Config in .maptool, there’s a layout.dat – ditch it and it resets all your windows
Jshock-GM: That and the transponder; I’m honestly not sure if that counts as a slot though
JeffG: I don’t think so.
JeffG: Alright then, big ship modification question: Do we want a Targeting Array or a Reinforced Shield Generator first?
JeffG: Both are ~4000 credits.
FoxyGrif: Oh maptool isn’t alerting me when things are being said, like it usually does.
FoxyGrif: Lolwells.
FoxyGrif: Hello everyone.
JeffG: ’Lo.
JeffG: J, did you PM Drekkan the IP address over Obsidian Portal?
Tygaran: you mean the box that says player typing? I can see it…
JeffG: I think he means the ping notification.
Jshock-GM: I put it on the forums
FoxyGrif: Oh no, I mean, it does "DING" when I’m alt tabbed
Tygaran: ah, that’s a setting under preferences too
FoxyGrif: ANd it would always annoy me and now I miss it.
FoxyGrif: Oh…actually
FoxyGrif: I totally muted it last week in the windows mixer…
FoxyGrif: Guess I don’t miss it that much.
FoxyGrif: Hastati don’t ahve testudo! Whatchu doing CA
JeffG: ?
Jshock-GM: U wot m*
FoxyGrif: Rome 2 Total War :P
FoxyGrif: It’s my jam.
JeffG: Blarg, had to pay $270 in parking tickets & towing fines today… all because I didn’t move my car every 24 hours.
FoxyGrif: Ouch.
FoxyGrif: If you had a legitimate reason for parking can’t you get it waived? Like I ahvea r estricted parking zone on my street, so I’ll get a 75 dolalr parking fine if I park in front of my house, but if I wanted to could send a written letter to the council and be all "BITCHES THIS BE THE MANOR OF THE LORD OF BRISBANE" and they’ll say "Oh cool, nevermind then."
JeffG: I can’t waive the $240 tow fee. Compared to that, the $30 parking tickets feels like nothing.
JeffG: I will look at City Hall for permanent parking license, though.
FoxyGrif: Ah yeah, that sucks.
Jshock-GM: MAn, you do not want to have your car sitting in impound, either. Those guys don’t mess
JeffG: Yeah.
FoxyGrif: I’ve never had to, but a life if TV and Film, and general pop culture exposure says "do not want"
JeffG: Hmmm, 45,000 credits left after ship upgrades… that’s 9,000 to each of us… hopefully.
FoxyGrif: Space hookers and space blow obviously.
Jshock-GM: That would be funny… next week "Your spice binge had the obvious after effects… you’re all penniless, but have a baby and a gundark in tow"
FoxyGrif: Spaceover III
FoxyGrif: XIe is Space Gallifinakis…I am not going to google!
Jshock-GM: Where is that kid, anyway?
FoxyGrif: Not sure.
FoxyGrif: Lemme check steam
FoxyGrif: Newp
FoxyGrif: Must be running late for whatever reason.
Tygaran: I PM’d Drek the IP via Obsidian Portal.. but those lawyer hours * shrug *
JeffG: I’m not playing Star Wars: The Hangover.
Jshock-GM: Ton’t be a wet blanket, Jeff
JeffG: I’ll play Star Wars: World’s End though.
JeffG: We have to hit 12 bars in one night and stop a Sith plan.
Jshock-GM: On it
FoxyGrif: :)
JeffG: Hmm… Slicer Gear, Electronic Lock Breaker, Armored Clothing, and Superior Shock Gloves.
  • JeffG finishes shopping list.


Space blow, Space hookers, Space DVD
of Baby’s Day out and SPace Space Jam, Space Macaroni and CHeese
and Space flu vacination (Gotta be careful)


I’m done.

Drekkan has connected.








I loved that movie back when I was
young & stupid.


Hey, Drekkan


Did you guys want to wait a bit more
for Xie (8:30)?


I’ve no problem waiting




I’m good with waiting 8 minutes.

  • Jshock-GM spends his quality 8 minutes
    writing a recap…

  • Jshock-GM:

    OK, I’m done.


    And, Xie pops online just in time…


    Yeah, although he’s set to Busy.


    He might be bluffing. I’ll try hailing


    Oh, Drekkan; we solved Lowurra’s
    translation problems. The guys pointed out that 41-VEX came with
    you all, so he is acting as your translator


    VEX should be strapped to Lowurra’s
    back ala C3PO in Empire.

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Well
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: we only really need his head… wired to a power unit
    FoxyGrif: BUT BUT BUT
    FoxyGrif: WE BROS
    JeffG: We can hollow out his interior for a backpack.
    Jshock-GM: Like Bender
    FoxyGrif: Don’t you touch him, we’re in love!
    Jshock-GM: Just swings his chest open on some hinges
    JeffG: You can’t backstab a guy with a robot strapped to his back.
    Xie has connected.
    JeffG: Hey hye, gang’s all here.
    FoxyGrif: Hey bebbe.
    Jshock-GM: BRB… going to take a piss before we get started
    Xie: Which map?
    Xie: Hi btw _
    Tygaran: ryloth looks like
    Jshock-GM: oops, Ryloth
    Jshock-GM: Anyone want to roll starting destiny, od should I do it again?
    Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Force </image> Skill Check
    Success </image> 0 Dark Side Points1</image>
    Force </image> Skill Check
    Success </image> 0 Light Side Points1</image>
    Jshock-GM: One person has to select all the PCs and roll it all at once
    Jshock-GM: That’s why i asked
    Drekkan is disconnected.
    Vale: The Destiny Pool has been set!
    Dark Side Points2</image>
    Vale: Oops
    Vale: Tololo
    Xie is disconnected.
    Xie is disconnected.
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Force </image> Piloting – Space Check
    Success </image> 3 Advantage1</image>Dark Side Points1</image>
    Tygaran: going to be one of those d/c night… =/
    Vale: Oh wut
    Vale: Guess it doens’t reset :P
    Jshock-GM: I set everyone to "all players" if someone wants to roll for everyone
    Vale: I know what I did wrong
    JeffG: After last session? I’d rather roll individually. :p
    Vale: Dice pool isntead fo using those cool new stat sheet thing
    Jshock-GM: Can’t do that ATM
    Tygaran: The Destiny Pool has been set!
    Light Side Points3</image>Dark Side Points4</image>
    Vale: Fearsome wound?
    Jshock-GM: Got me, actually
    Vale: Vale removed Fearsome Wound
    Vale: YEAH I DID
    Taliq: Taliq removed Fearsome Wound
    Jaana: Jaana removed Fearsome Wound
    Jshock-GM: OK. Time for the recapping…


    When we last left the crew of the Krayt Fang, they were attempting to retrieve their ship from TRELLIK HIVE, the domain of the irate DUKE DIMMOCK.

    The crew managed to sneak into the holding bay where the ship was kept. Facing them were a guard of five Geonosians; working quickly, the crew staged an ambush, taking the guards out in a firefight. The bay’s technicians threw in a monkeywrench in the form of a BINARY LOADLIFTER, but the part time slicer MATHUS managed to stop the juggernaut before it could do any harm.

    Escape off the surface was equally complicated, as the crew were followed by two flights of fighters after they launched… directly towards an asteroid field! Geonosian maneuvers were no mathc for the crew’s gunners TALIQ and JAANA, however. After jumping out of harms way, the crew dropped out of hyperspace and plotted a new course for RYLOTH, where they hope to meet up with some old friends…

    Jshock-GM: (( Oh, I should roll for obligation ))
    Jshock-GM: Victim of obligation: Taliq (???)
    Jshock-GM: Doubles? 8
    Xie has connected.
    Jshock-GM: (( No doubles. TAliq is down 1 strain this session ))
    Tygaran: heh, it was taliq last time too
    the crew has berthed their ship on the planet’s surface…
    Xie: Why is obligation always pickin’ on me
    Mathus: Because you haven’t picked your obligation yet, of coure.
    Xie: lol
    • Mathus is actually smiling.


    That’s OK, saves me the trouble of
    restoring that strain

    Jshock-GM: (( he actually has… he just
    doesn’t want to share ))

    Mathus: "We’re no longer wanted and we’re about to get paid. I haven’t felt this good in years!"
    Vale: Careful Math, don’t jinx it, yeah?
    Xie: (( Yeah because I don’t trust any of you! You’re all out to get me! ))
    Xie: (( my obligation is paranoia apparently :P ))
    Jaana: "So, I guess we’re here to see your patron again, Vale?"
    Drekkan has connected.
    Vale: Well we got those guns to drop off, so I guess so.
    Jshock-GM: (( Yeah, what’s 1st order of business? ))
    Vale: Who doesn’t like Twi’leks ayways?
    • Mathus smirks at Vale.

    Drekkan: (( sorry – I got DCed right around the
    rolling of destiny and didn’t get announced. Waited around pinging a bit

  • Taliq considers trading her carbine for a

  • Jaana: "They’re ok I guess."
    Mathus: (( Unload the guns, then figure out how to contact the booker. Ugh, it’s been a while- what were their names again? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you need the recap again, Drekkan? ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( yar – sorry ))


    When we last left the crew of the Krayt Fang, they were attempting to retrieve their ship from TRELLIK HIVE, the domain of the irate DUKE DIMMOCK.

    The crew managed to sneak into the holding bay where the ship was kept. Facing them were a guard of five Geonosians; working quickly, the crew staged an ambush, taking the guards out in a firefight. The bay’s technicians threw in a monkeywrench in the form of a BINARY LOADLIFTER, but the part time slicer MATHUS managed to stop the juggernaut before it could do any harm.

    Escape off the surface was equally complicated, as the crew were followed by two flights of fighters after they launched… directly towards an asteroid field! Geonosian maneuvers were no mathc for the crew’s gunners TALIQ and JAANA, however. After jumping out of harms way, the crew dropped out of hyperspace and plotted a new course for RYLOTH, where they hope to meet up with some old friends…

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( not sure why it DCed me without notification ))
    Vale: (( is that what we’re looking at (the map)? Like ugh, is it on fire? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( no, but you could say those are industrial smoke ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: raaawr (Very well gentlmen, shall we go find our allies amongst the proud and noble rebel elements upon the planet below?)
    • Taliq points at Lowurra

    Jshock-GM: (( That was Ota the infochant and
    Nyn the revolutionary, Mathus ))

    Taliq: "What he said"
    Mathus: (( K, thanks. ))
    • Mathus nods.

    The crew make their way through the caves to Nyn’s headquarters…

  • Taliq struggles under the weight of the arms
    shipment of… 3 guns? :P

  • Jshock-GM: (( Usual rigamarole – password,
    secret handshake, etc. They let you in. ))

  • Mathus carries it instead.

  • Nyn: ’You’re alive! I’m so glad…"
    Mathus: "You can thank Jabba’s wrath for that."
    Nyn: "<u>THE</u> Jabba?"
    Mathus: "Apparently Teemo skimmed on his tribute to him. Jabba wasn’t happy when he saw the financial records."
    Nyn: "I can imagine. I see you’ve brought gifts…"
    Taliq: "Sorry, these were all we could afford"
    Mathus: "Superior to the standard weaponry, though."
    Vale: "Yes, sorry it’s isn’t a whole package, you know…costs."
    • Mathus runs through their advantages in
      layman’s terms.

    Vale: Hopefully you’ll be able to tests them, and set up an ongoing arrangement with the Duke.
    Taliq: "Yeah, they pack a punch alright"
    Nyn: "Piddock made contact with me; we arranged a deal. That is what really mattered."
    Mathus: "Good to hear. Could you put us in contact with Ota?"
    Nyn: "Hmm… yes, I think I can. I know he’s not currently on planet, though."
    Vale: "Ma’am, as nice as it was working here (gotta love you twi’leks, ahem,) might be best I stay on with this lot.
    • Nyn nods
    Nyn: ’I suspected you might say that… I would have been surprised if you didn’t, actually."
    • Taliq punches Vale on the shoulder

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Raaawr (Jolly good to have you on board)
    Vale: "You lot have nice, erm, assets."
    Vale: (( not sure why I’m sleazy all of a sudden. Sudden death high? ))
    Vale: (( *near death ))
    Mathus: (( Vale doesn’t want to die a virgin. ))
    Nyn: ‘Why don’t you have some refreshments; getting a response from Ota could take some time…"
    Hours later…
    • Mathus has somehow broken out a bottle of

  • Jaana finishes cleaning her rifle…

  • Nyn: "…I’ve just heard back from our mutual friend. He’s arranged for one of his contacts to meet you at the Ryll Fine".
    Taliq: "Got any Felucian brandy?"
    Nyn: "I’m afraid not. Trade embargoes…"
    • Mathus nods at Nyn.

    Vale: (( Felucian brady would nbe crazy! ))

    Mathus: "He tell us how to identify his contact?"
    • Nyn looks puzzled
    Nyn: ‘He didn’t, actually. Just that you’d know him when you see him…"
    Mathus: "Okay… when do we meet him?"
    Nyn: "Tonight."
    Mathus: (( It nighttime yet? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( afternoon ))
    Vale: (( we’re on RYloth, it’s never nightitme :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( enough time where you could do something if you want ))
    Taliq: "Is there a market near here? Or someone who would be interested in buying a slightly used but still very serviceable carbine?"
    Taliq: (( :P ))
    Nyn: "Do you have to leave right away? I f you give me a day, I could ask, see if I could arrange a meet…"
    Mathus: "A break would be nice…"
    Taliq: "I’m in no hurry… I just have some… debts to pay, so I’m looking to scratch up some cash."
    Vale: "I don’t see why we can’t stick arond. Not like we have a heading at hte moment."
    • Taliq looks sidelong at Mathus

  • Mathus shrugs.

  • Mathus: "No rush, Taliq."
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Raaaar (Find a place to get a decent cup of coffee)
    Mathus: "Could you arrange for a decent place for us to stay the night? One that isn’t ship bunks?"
    Jshock-GM: (( FYI, Nyn is berthing your ship as a token of gratitude. No fees. ))
    Taliq: (( THANKS NYN ))
    Nyn: "No problem."
    • Mathus grins and nods.

    Mathus: "Much appreciated. Been a while since I’ve gotten a good night’s rest."
    Taliq: "I’ll sleep on the ship… Just to be on the safe side…"
    Jshock-GM: BTW; not that it’s come up yet, but you have 3 bunks on the ship, and 5 crew… one of which is a wookiee. How you working that?
    Taliq: (( HAHAHAHAHA ))
    Taliq: (( Uh… head to toe? XD ))
    Vale: (( XD WUT ))
    Mathus: (( Vale sleeps in the pilot’s chair. ))
    Vale: (( I’ll sling a hammock in whatever room is close to the cockpit ))
    Jaana: (( a pilot and copilot on duty at all times… other three can rest.. or soemthing ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( shotgun big spoon ))
    Vale: (( and make the pilots chair comfy for naps ))
    Taliq: (( Yeah we could do it in shifts ))
    Vale: (( or thatm yeah. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( hot bunking. Got it ))
    Later that night…
    • Mathus asks Nyn if she can arrange for him
      to buy some slicer gear.

  • Mathus has shared a few drinks with Taliq by

  • Mathus: (( Assuming Taliq’s up for it. ))

    Jshock-GM: (( Nyn’s directions told you to
    meet Ota’s contact in the same shadowy room you first met Ota. Anyone
    doing anythign special? ))

  • Mathus isn’t.

  • Taliq: (( Taliq takes the couch… :P

  • Vale asks if his contact has the same
    aversion to weapons that Ota does.

  • Taliq: (( Mathus needs his sleep :P

  • Vale explains that he trusts Ota, but he’s
    not sure how far the proxy goes.

  • Nyn:
    • Nyn doesn’t know
    Jshock-GM: (( I will tell you that guns heavier than sidearms will probably not get you through the door in the first place ))
    Mathus: (( Are shock gloves also out? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( meh, probably not ))
    • Jaana treats Taliq’s lingering wounds before
      leaving.. just in case…

    Jshock-GM: (( rolling it? ))

    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Difficulty </image> Medicine Check
    Success </image> 0 Advantage3</image>
    Jaana: * sigh *
    Jaana: "Have you been poking at those?"
    • Mathus has the shock gloves on, just in case.

    Taliq: "Hey, if they itch I’m gonna scratch…"
    Taliq: "I’m fine….. thanks though."
    • Taliq smiles weakly

    As you enter the meeting room, you are indeed greeted by a
    familiar face…

    Vale: (( Oooh familiar….? ))

  • Taliq leaves her weapons behind but brings a
    holdout blaster strapped somewhere

  • Taliq: (( THAT GUY!!!! ))

    Taliq: (( BLAMMM!! jk ))

  • Mathus immediately tenses up upon seeing the
    familiar face.

  • Vrixxtt:
    • Vrixxtt is sitting behind the conference desk,
      watching you enter
    Taliq: (( And now for something, completely different ))
    Mathus: (( One of us gets killed by a 6-ton weight. ))
    Vale: (( I legit don’t remember who this is, because Xie informs I was away that session ))
    Mathus: (( He tried to kill us earlier. ))
    Jaana: "Hey." * wave * "Guess you survived my nearly killing you. Nothing personal, ya know."
    Jshock-GM: (( oh yeah; he was a party guest at Piddock’s place, then he tried killing you as you tried to board the Lucky Guess ))
    • Vrixxtt nods at Jaana, then reaches under the
    • Mathus fights the urge to leap over the
      table and throttle him before he sets off a bomb.

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Raaaawr (This occurs to me to be something of bad faith)
    • Vrixxtt pulls out an attache case, which he
      slides across the table
    Jaana: "Gotta say, you’re an odd choice on Otta’s par.t"
    • Mathus opens the attache case.

  • Jaana turns the case and casually opens it
    slightly to peek inside…

  • Taliq backs towards a wall and looks around

  • Jaana: ^ unless math does first
    it appears to be neat stacks of credit chips
    • Mathus checks the quantity & legitimacy of
      the chips.


    I’m not going to make you roll for
    that; the math checks out, 50k credits

    • Vrixxtt then reaches into his robes…
    • Mathus nods, closes the case.

    Mathus: "Looks good."
    • Taliq narrows her eyes

    Mathus: (( You go through all that trouble to
    save him, then keep tempting us to shoot him? ))

  • Taliq marks every exit in the building

  • Vale hand is resting on his heavy pistol at
    his hip.

  • Bib Fortuna (Hologram):
    • Bib Fortuna (Hologram) speaks in pigdin Hutt
    Jaana: "Ah, traded up to Jabba, eh?"
    • Vale leans in Jaana. "Got a bad feeling
      about the attention we’re getting."

    Bib Fortuna (Hologram): (Greetings, gentlebeings. I am Bib Fortuna, majordomo to the house of Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Mighty Jabba sends his warmest wishes."
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: rawwwrr (And our greetings to the Mighty Jabba – may his profits always be high)
    it appears this is a recording, as the hologram does not react to you…
    Bib Fortuna (Hologram): (Jabba notes your help in alerting him to the machinations of his sadly deceased relative Teemo. As thanks, he would give you a token… a ‘milk run’, to use the common term.)
    • Vale waits patiently, clearly suspicious.

  • Taliq curses quietly under her breath

  • Bib Fortuna (Hologram): (The cousin of the mighty Jabba, Bargos, has need of some help. Bargos would pay hansomely for what is a small favor, unworthy of beings such as yourselves.)
    Jaana: "But he’s goign to ask us anyway…"
    Bib Fortuna (Hologram): (If you would meet with the magnificent Bargos at his home, You would be treated as family – kindly, and with all the luxury worthy of your standing.)
    Coordinates follow
    the holoemitter turns itself off
    • Mathus stays silent, occasionally glancing
      at his teammates.

    • Vrixxtt looks around, then gets up to leave
    • Taliq shakes her head slowly and sighs

  • Vale looks visibly annoyed.

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk: raaawr (Clearly possible to be a trap… but lucrative)
    Taliq: "Yeah… at least it’ll pay."
    Vale: "You lose ships by doing this sort of thing…"
    Vale: "Still, I suppose we could make it work, got nop other job."
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Raaawr (But you gain fleets)
    Mathus: (( So, does Mathus have an idea what’ll happen if we decline his offer? ))
    • Taliq can make a streetwise check, she’s got
      a rank and everything :P

  • Mathus could make an Underworld Knowledge

  • Jshock-GM: (( Maybe. Why don’t you guys give
    me a group Streetwise; no diff. highest stat, highest skill, anyone past
    that is adding a boost ))

  • Vale can make a pilot check to zoom away

  • Taliq could make a punch the smug
    know-it-all in the face check

  • Taliq: (( jk :P

    Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 1 Advantage1</image>
    Taliq: (( 1 have 1 street 2 cunning, you? ))
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Ability </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 2 Advantage2</image>
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 2 Advantage1</image>
    Taliq: (( Cunning of 3 Jaana? Let’s use your cunning and Taliq’s streetwise for 1 y 2 g? ))
    Mathus: (( And 3 boosts for our other successes? ))
    Jshock-GM: yes
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Ability </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 3 Advantage2</image>
    Mathus: (( Make that 4. ))
    Vale: (( lulz 3 successes on an assist :P ))
    Jaana: (( roll em up Taliq… it’s yoru trained rank… ))
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Boost </image> Boost </image> Boost </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 5 Advantage3</image>
    Taliq: (( I think it was only meant to be 3 boosts, but anyway :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK; between the 5 of you, you <u>know</u> that saying no to Hutts is a Very Bad Thing. Saying no to Jabba in particular is a Very, Very, Bad Thing. ))
    • Mathus looks like he needs a drink now.

    Vale: "It rankles, but looks like we don’t have much choice."
    Mathus: "…We’re never gonna leave the Hutts, are we?"
    Jaana: "Well, bound to be a side effect of taking down a Hutt. You get ‘noticed’ by the bigger ones…"
    Vale: "Yeah…"
    Taliq: (( Well we knew that already OOC, but good to know we know it IC as well XD ))
    Mathus: "…Well, let’s buy new equipment tomorrow, then head off to see this Bargos."
    Mathus: "Tonight, I suggest heavy drinking."
    • Taliq sighs

    Taliq: "I can get on board with that, Mathus."
    Drekkan is disconnected.
    Mathus: "First round’s on me."
    Taliq: (( How much money was that again? XD ))
    Jaana: "Heavy drinking is NOT going to help you."
    Jshock-GM: (( 50,000 credits total ))
    Taliq: "Yeah, but it’ll make me feel better about my problems"
    Jaana: "Don’t expect me to make something for your inevitable hangover."
    The next day…
    • Taliq counts out her share and deducts her
      debt to Mathus, handing it to him

    Taliq: (( How much was it again Mathus? XD ))

    Jshock-GM: (( actually, I’ll wait for
    Drekkan to reconnect ))

    Taliq: (( OK… Actually I’m keen to go
    shopping, I want to gear up! :D

    Taliq: (( Mods! All the mods!! ))

    Jshock-GM: (( I’ve got the book open to 150.
    Nyn’s giving you a free upgrade to Streetwise checks for finding things

    Drekkan has connected.

  • Mathus spends the night drinking with Taliq
    and mentioning how alluring Taliq looks in combat.

  • Mathus: (( The next day… ))

    Vale: (( 0.0 ))

    Mathus: "Oof… okay, how much of this are we going to put aside for ship upgrades?"
    Jshock-GM: (( we’re going over finding things ))
    Mathus: "We can either put aside 4000 credits for one upgrade, or 8000 for two upgrades."
    Jshock-GM: (( you should consider fuel, food, and berthing too ))
    Taliq: "Or zero thousand for no upgrades, and spend it all on guns!"
    Jshock-GM: (( I’ve got a list of common charges somewhere… ))
    Mathus: (( Mhm. Quick estimate of how much a month of that stuff costs? ))
    Mathus: "I could spend 4000 credits making our ship’s guns more accurate."
    Vale: "Do we want to be shooting at people?
    Mathus: "Another 4000 to improve our shields."
    Mathus: "The question should be, how often do we have to shoot at people?"
    • Taliq shrugs

    Taliq: "Make a profession out of whatever you’re good at. I’m good at shooting people…"
    Vale: (( Damnit, I ened to go buy this damn edge of the empire book. I want to go shopping toooooo ))
    Jshock-GM: (( what did you have in mind, Vale? ))
    Vale: (( Nothing to be honest. ))
    Vale: (( Just like lists :P ))
    Taliq: (( Who volunteers to spreadsheet our ship’s maintenace costs? XD ))
    Vale: (( I can? ))
    Vale: (( I dunno, seems like something I’d ahve had to do when I had my own ship ))
    Mathus: (( Over a cursory glance, we should probably save 5000 credits for miscellaneous expenses. ))
    Mathus: (( Sound good? ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( I would concur ))
    Taliq: (( FINE ))
    Mathus: "How about this: we spend 4000 to upgrade the ship’s guns, keep 6000 for maintenance and expenses, and we split the rest amongst ourselves, 8000 each?"
    Jshock-GM: (( ha, there’s rules for carousing… group Charm check, everyone. ))
    Taliq: (( YES ))
    Mathus: (( Heh. ))
    Mathus: (( Is it just me & Taliq if we’re the only ones carousing? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( how hard were you partying? ))
    Taliq: (( I think Jaana wanted a quiet night, anybody else? ))
    Mathus: (( Like soldiers on the last day of shore leave.. ))
    Taliq: (( I have 1 charm 3 presence ))
    Mathus: (( 0 charm 2 presence ))
    • Jaana is a survivalist… anythign that can
      dull her awareness isn’ good…

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( 2 charm 3 presence ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( I can party hardy ))

    Taliq: (( No wonder Mathus never gets any
    action :3 ))

    Vale: (( lulz i LOST MY CHARM IN THE UPGRADE ))

    Mathus: (( HEY! ))

    Taliq: (( OK Lowurra makes the check, we can
    all assists for boosts! ))

    Vale: (( opos caps lock and not touch typing ))

    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Charm Check
    Success </image> 4
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Ability </image> Charm Check
    Success </image> 1 Advantage2</image>
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Charm Check
    Success </image> 0 Advantage2</image>
    Jshock-GM: We’ll call the check 2d, and at least 50 credits spent
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Ability </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Charm Check
    Success </image> 0 Failure</image>3 Advantage1</image>
    Vale: oh right only
    Vale: Ugh
    Vale: (( oops occ ))
    Taliq: (( If we end up with tattoos my morning… :P ))
    Jshock-GM: wait… hang on, everyone
    Mathus: (( So 2 boosts to Lowurra. ))
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Charm Check
    Success </image> 0
    Vale: (( jumped hte gun :P ))
    Jshock-GM: Everyone hold on
    Taliq: (( HOoooooLLD! ))
    Jshock-GM: Alright. Lowurra, Charm, 2d, +2 boost
    Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Boost </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Charm Check
    Success </image> 4 Advantage1</image>Triumph1</image>
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( so I show us a fantastic time ))
    Jshock-GM: Indeed, the wookiee knows how to show people a good time.
    Vale: (( Wook da house! ))
    Jshock-GM: In addition, you manage to find some information about Bargos.
    Taliq: (( Was that 50 credits each? ))
    Jshock-GM: It doesn’t asy, so I’m assumiong 50cr total
    • Taliq easily manages to spend 50 credits on
      her own anyway


    When you drop the name Bargos, a
    spacer lets slip with what he knows about the Hutt; early in his
    life, anassassination attempt was made on him with a disruptor
    pistol. The shot was botched, but it left the Hutt with hideous
    scarring over a good half of his face

    Taliq: (( because I don’t want to bother doing
    the math :P

  • Taliq whistles

  • Taliq: "Disruptor… nasty!"
    • Mathus grimaces.

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: rawwwwr (and survived it
    Mathus: "Right, so don’t mention the scar…"
    Jshock-GM: The Hutt’s reasonably small time. He spends a lot of money gambling. Rumor has it that he recently scored some share with a mining operation as part of some Sabbac winnings
    Mathus: "Interesting… glad you haven’t had any run-ins with disruptor pistols, Taliq."
    • Mathus grins, flushed from the drink.


    I could probably give you some more
    info, if you wanted to know something specific

  • Taliq shrugs

  • Taliq: "Scars are cool…"
    Mathus: Any advice for negotiating with Bargos?
    • Taliq lifts up her shirt to show off a
      blaster burn scar on her side

  • Mathus whistles.

  • Taliq: "Aw yeah… I earned that one!"
    Mathus: "…-How-?"
    Mathus: "Well, aside from the fights we’ve gotten into the past week…"
    Jshock-GM: Lying to him probably won’t work; like most hutts, Bargos is a natural negotiator
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: rawwwr (the key will e careful negotiation and concilliatory gestures)
    Jshock-GM: …unless you roll 4 BLANKS WITH UPGRADES
    Taliq: "… I… can’t remember"
    • Taliq stares somberly into empty cup

    Taliq: "Another round!"
    • Taliq wanders off to find the bar

  • Mathus follows her, spending most of the
    night drinking & flirting with her.

  • Taliq swaps war stories with Mathus, and
    asks him about weapon upgrades

  • Jshock-GM: (( "Weapon upgrades"… ))

    Taliq: (( Yeah y’know, jury rigging,
    attachments, mods… :P

  • Mathus shares tales of his youth, brawling
    with people, robbing passerbys, stealing everything that wasn’t nailed

  • Vale: (( WHo says you can’t lie to hutts XD ))

    Jshock-GM: (( you show her the THUG LYFE you
    have tatooed across your abs? ))

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk engages in deep
    intellectual discourse on the nature of the soul

  • Taliq expresses an interest in Wookiee
    culture, especially the significance of bowcasters

  • Mathus: (( No. ))

  • Mathus gets right into business the next
    day, then.

  • Mathus: (( After several large glasses of water.

    Mathus: "How about this: we spend 4000 to upgrade the ship’s guns, keep 6000 for maintenance and expenses, and we split the rest amongst ourselves, 8000 each?"
    Taliq: "Fine, whatever you think… Just… don’t talk so loud…"
    • Mathus nods.


    OK. What do you guys want to deal with
    first; upgunning the ship or personal shopping?

    Mathus: I say ship. I’d suggest we buy an Advanced Targeting Array.
    Vale: (( Mathus wants to upgrade the ship…so maybe that :P ))
    Mathus: Costs 4,000 credits, gives the gunners 1 upgrade to Gunnery checks.
    Mathus: Basically, it turns a green into a yellow.
    Taliq: (( Hey how much did Taliq owe Mathus again? Was it 200 or 300 creds? ))
    Mathus: (( 300 credits. ))
    • Taliq gives Mathus 300 credits

    Mathus: "Thanks."
    Mathus: Sound good for the ship?
    Mathus: (( It’ll take up 1 Hard Point, leaving us 4 of 6 Hard Points left. It’s Rarity 4. ))
    Taliq: "No worries! I’ll probably owe you more again before long though. I like what your hands can do!"
    Jshock-GM: Ok. That upgrade is base rarity 4. You’re on an outer rim planet; that ups the rarity to 6 (Hard). Luckily, Nyn is acting as a free upgrade to the Streetwise check.
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: raawwr (I need comparatively little by way of equipment, perhaps some fine liquor)
    Vale: "low has the right of it. FIne liquor for me!"
    Jaana: "I’ve a short list of survival gear it wold be good to have available…"
    Mathus: "For the group?" checks
    Jaana: "For me. If he rest of you want similar, that’s your own affair."
    Mathus: "Mind if I check it out quick?"
    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: SO I was trying to think what I wanted to buy, then I realised in character I jsut want a ship. So ima save my clams for that. Is getting a one or two man fighter something that will be okay in this camapgin, like maybe having docking clamps so I can detach from the Krayt? Is thatg like…a thing?
    Mathus: "You are the survival expert here."
    Jaana: "Well, there’s the basics.. thermal cloak, breath mask, some climbing gear, glow rods, emergency medpacs, stimpacs…"
    Jaana: "A crash survival kit covers much of that…"
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: raaaawr (sun-monocles?)
    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: Not sure really. I love x-wings, but the whole rebel thing…I dunno. I just thought fighter, so it’ll fit in with the group. He’s sorta realised that going it along hasn’t worke din the past, and he kinda likes being with a bunch of folk.
    • Mathus hmms, nods.

    Mathus: "Perhaps we should each get a crash survival kits just in case."
    Mathus: (They’re 300 credits and common.)
    Mathus: "Which reminds me, we also need 4 more spacesuits." (400 credits total)
    Jshock-GM: OK; I’m inclined to say that mundane gear (low rarity 500cr or less) is no roll for tonight
    Mathus: (( Yep. ))
    Mathus: (( We’ll handle exactly what we get there later; onto the big items? ))
    Vale: "WHatever you lot thinks is best.
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m waiting for a roll to see if you can find an advanced targeter ))
    Mathus: (( Ah. Lowurra, you mind making it? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Streetwise vs Hard (3d) ))
    Mathus: (( With a free upgrade. ))
    Jshock-GM: Nyn is giving a free upgrade to the roll
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( my streetwise is only 2g ))
    • Taliq spends 25c on extra reloads, 25c on a
      utility belt, and 50c on 2xStimpacks, assuming that’s all mundane stuffs

    Mathus: (( Who has the best Streetwise then,
    Taliq? ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( I"m not some backwoods
    ruffian! ))

    Jaana: 3g streetwise…
    Taliq: (( 1y1g ))
    Jaana: (( so 2y for taliq or 2g1y for me… ))
    • Taliq is doing her own shopping though, do
      we have enough time to help each other out?

    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: yeah that might do. Well i’ll just try and
    save and then pick a fighter based on the story at the time.

    Mathus: (( Yeah, think so. ))

    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: but the baseline will be something like that

    Mathus: (( I say we let Jaana roll it. ))

    FoxyGrif says to the GMs: just letting you know I think that’s what I’d
    like, and to see if it’s a good diea/okay idea/not a dumb idea :P

    Jshock-GM: (( you’re on planet as long as
    you need to be… and installing the thing is going to take time too ))

    Jaana: ok.. was that 2 or 3 diff?
    Jshock-GM: 3d
    Taliq: (( OK we assist each other, use your ability and my skill rank ))
    Jshock-GM: oh, no
    Jaana: I’ll use one of those destiny for insureance…
    Taliq: (( So 2y1g 3p? ))
    Jshock-GM: Sorry, I misread what you meant. 1 person rolls.
    Taliq: (( np, go for it Janna ))
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 1 Threat1</image>Triumph1</image>
    • Jaana is triumphant

  • Jaana is winded for talking more than she’
    sused to

  • Jshock-GM:

    Not quite

    Jaana: Jaana spends a Destiny Point!
    Jshock-GM: You find a pristine example, but the shady dealer you met wants 4500 credits for it
    • Jaana is in no mood to haggle, so pays the
      extra for the best…

  • Jaana thinks to herself, "Taliq and I can
    toss in 250 extra from the quote.. We’ll be th eones using the thing."

  • Mathus: (( What do we get for the Triumph? ))


    MAthus, I’m assuming you’re at least
    supervising the rebuild on the guns. You want them to go slow, or
    do you want them to speed things along by taking matters in to
    your own hands?


    It’s pristine

    Taliq: (( Or we can take it out of the 6000 we
    set aside for extra stuff ;)

  • Vale looks wistfully at the used ship shops

  • Mathus: What’s the downside of taking matters into my own hands?
    Jshock-GM: I’m upgrading the difficulty
    Mathus: Hmm… I’ll take matters into my own hands.
    Jshock-GM: Well, because this is a shiny new attachment, I’m reducing the difficulty to 2d… but I’m upgrading it. 1d1c
    Bib Fortuna (Hologram): Bib Fortuna (Hologram) spends a Destiny Point!
    Mathus: K, don’t think I need to upgrade to match that…
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Challenge </image> Mechanics Check
    Success </image> 1 Advantage1</image>
    Mathus: Badaboom.
    Jshock-GM: OK. Your personal supervision reduces the time slightly… 3 days.
    Mathus: Alright. Personal stuff now… who has specific big items to buy?
    Jshock-GM: Unfortunately, you’ll have to do your personal shopping after those 3 days.
    • Taliq wants to buy some better armor


    Something specific in mind?

    Taliq: (( Like laminate? Rarity 5, upgraded
    makes it hard I think? ))

    Taliq: (( I’d love heavy battle armor, but
    that difficulty would be daunting :P

    Taliq: (( Which I don’t think I could manage ))


    yeah, 7 is hard… again, free upgrade

    Mathus: Give it a shot. shrug
    Taliq: (( I guess, there’s no penalty for failing, right? ))
    Taliq: (( Can’t hurt to shop a round for heavy battle armor…. right? XD ))
    Jshock-GM: Sure there is. I could strain you into a coma
    Taliq: (( BRING IT ))
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Jshock-GM: 3d
    Taliq: (( 4d… base 7 + 2, right? :P ))
    Jshock-GM: isn’t base rarity 5?
    Jshock-GM: 5+2 = 7 (3d
    Taliq: (( I’m going for heavy battle armour ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( ooh, let’s get some thermal detonators! That always turns out well ))
    Taliq: (( Cause I just love being strained :P ))
    Jshock-GM: Oh, yah. 4d then
    Taliq: (( Streetwise or negotiate? ))
    Vale: (( Make a it a double! ))
    Taliq: (( Or streetwise using charm instead of cunning? :3 ))
    Jshock-GM: I like that idea… you’re using Rylothinan wiles to open doors…
    Taliq: (( Streetwise using presence instead of cunning, I meant :P ))
    Taliq: (( Hey, don’t judge. I’ll do anything for bobba fett armor! XD ))
    Taliq: (( OMG this is so many purple dice, I’m going to die XD ))
    Jshock-GM: I’m upgrading, since you’re using unconventional methods
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 0 Failure</image>1
    Bib Fortuna (Hologram): Bib Fortuna (Hologram) spends a Destiny Point!
    Taliq: (( Oh sorry ))
    Taliq: (( Oh I forgot the upgrade ))
    Taliq: (( so 1g2y3d1r? ))
    Jshock-GM: Wel’ll keep your green & yellow, reroll the rest
    Taliq: (( I forgot Nyn’s upgrade as well ))
    Jshock-GM: True. OK, reroll all
    Jaana: so.. if I went shoppin for laminate the normal way, it’d be 3d (based rarity 5)?
    Taliq: yeah, laminate would just be 3d
    Jshock-GM: yes
    Taliq: Hold onto your hats!!!
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Challenge </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 0 Threat1</image>
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Taliq: (( Could’ve been worse? :P ))
    Mathus: Well, it’d be 4D here; Ryloth is +2 rarity because it’s an Outer Rim world.
    • Jaana shops for non-basics…


    Could have been worse

    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 2 Threat1</image>
    Jaana: heh…
    Taliq: (( No ix-spair-de :P ))
    Jshock-GM: I’ll just strain each of you with those threat – shopping is hard…
    Mathus: (( Oh wait, 5 is 2d, so 7 is 3d… yep, you get Laminate. ))
    Jaana: no change in my soak.. but now I can start workign towards an optical camo system…
    Jshock-GM: Ah, right; you have hard points now…
    Jaana: .. I can see a price, but not a rarity…
    Mathus: Rarity’s on the far right side of the armor charts.
    Taliq: (( optical camo? rarity 6 ))
    Jaana: can’t afford it right now anyway.. 5,500 cr for the stealth option
    Mathus: Speaking of armor… can Taliq help Mathus find some Armored Clothing? 4d check.
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: rraaawr (I would save some money for bribes and other inducements… that’s where my money is)
    • Jaana looks for 1 hard poitn items since
      laminate has 3…

    Mathus: Superior Armor Customization.
    Mathus: -1 encumbrance, +1 soak.
    Jshock-GM: Thermal shielding
    Jshock-GM: Heating system
    Jshock-GM: Vacuum sealing
    Jaana: I’ve got the book.. reading :D
    Mathus: Taliq, mind giving Mathus a roll for finding some Armored Clothing? Rarity 6+2 = 8, so 4d.
    Taliq: Fine
    Mathus: Thanks.
    Taliq: You’ll have some modding to do for me though ;)
    Mathus: Of course.
    Jshock-GM: I almost want to dock Mathus some street cred for not shopping for his own stuff
    Mathus: I was never a shopper. I’m a repairman, not a supplier, dammit.
    Jshock-GM: OG license REVOKED
    Taliq: (( It’s an exchange of services :P ))
    Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 1 Threat2</image>
    Taliq: (( Oh, so I pass THAT check :P ))
    Mathus: (( NICE. ))
    Jshock-GM: …yeah. Mathus, the clothes she brings back fit… technically.
    • Vale still looks wistfully at ship shops

    Mathus: …Technically?
    Taliq: "You look great. Honest."
    Jshock-GM: Well… the tailor definitely understood armor, but knew less of fashion sense. Far less.
    Mathus: Is it suitable for a mechanic?
    Jshock-GM: It would be suitable for MC hammer.
    Taliq: (( YESSS XD ))
    Mathus: (( So… yellow shirt, baggy pants? ))
    Taliq: (( And it’s not like Taliq has a fantastic fashion sense either. She things they’re AWESOME. ))
    Jshock-GM: Indeed. You saw those, squealed like a schoolgirl, shoved moneyt in the clerk’s hand, and ran.
    • Vale is basically a dad when it comes to
      shopping. Being dragged around, wish he could watch hte sports game or

    Taliq: (( Don’t forget the fist pump ))


    Yes. Als fist pumping.

    Mathus: (( Mathus thinks they’re alright; a
    little gaudy, perhaps, but nothing some oil & grease stains can’t fix. ))

    Mathus: "Thanks."
    • Taliq also goes shopping for superior weapon
      customisation attachment… supplies? XD 4d again I believe…



    Mathus: (( Yep, 4d. ))

    Taliq: (( Can I use streetwise+presence again
    because I weally weally want it? XD ))


    I’m upgrading the roll again, but sure

    Bib Fortuna (Hologram): Bib Fortuna (Hologram) spends a Destiny Point!
    Taliq: (( . ))
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Challenge </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 0 Failure</image>1 Threat1</image>Despair1</image>
    Jshock-GM: Oh dear…
    Jshock-GM: Well, here’s what I see:
    Jshock-GM: You managed to find an arms dealer, who was willing to sell you the upgrade kit; but while trying to charm the price down, you managed to offend him so badly that he sicced his goons on you.
    Jshock-GM: Take 1 strain from being rolled. Also, no one seems willing to sell you black market goods (for now).
    Vale: (( weas legit going to make a joke about how I go with Taliq to shoot down all the thugs gernated from the gtjhreat…didn’t r4ealsie yo uwere actually gonna do that :P ))
    Taliq: "Damn aliens. Can’t take a joke…"
    Taliq: (( Fine, I didn’t need that strain anyway :P ))
    Mathus: (( So Taliq’s done rolling Streetwise checks for now here? ))
    Jshock-GM: yeah.
    Taliq: Taliq gains 1 Strain
    Jshock-GM: Who’s next? MAthus?
    Mathus: (( Yeah. ))
    Jshock-GM: What was your biggie; slicer gear?
    • Mathus listens to Taliq’s story, frowns,
      waits for Jaana to get back.

    Mathus: "Jaana, you mind grabbing some survival gear for me?"
    Vale: (( WAIT ))
    Mathus: (( ? ))
    Jshock-GM: Hm?
    • Jaana returns wearing dark laminate, sans
      halfmet, and some green and brown paint…




    Mathus: (( Mhm. ))

    Vale: (( It isn’t aprt of that core idea of
    what my character waqs, as it wa saa prereq to get other stuff, so I
    completely forgot. That and I ahven’t ever bought anyhting in this
    system/hgame yet ))

    Mathus: (( That’ll be useful. ))

    Taliq: (( lol ))

    Mathus: (( Vale can help Jaana shop & apply that
    to her rolls, right? ))

    Vale: (( Just decrease the rarity by one ))

    Vale: (( for illegal items ))

    Mathus: (( Decrease rarity by one, increase cost
    by 50%. ))


    Yep; I’ll allow it

    Vale: (( I think ))


    Yes; I have the book open


    -1 Rarity, +50%

  • Vale comments that he moight ahve been able
    to get a better deal on the goods bought in

  • Vale: (( trolololo ))

    Vale: (( so sorry gang ))

    Vale: (( honest mistake ))

    Mathus: But yeah, if you count Slicer Gear as "illegal" for that, Mathus will take the increased price.
    Mathus: Sadly, it won’t help on the Electronic Lock Breaker.
    Taliq: "It’s fine, I like getting beat up by street thugs…"
    Jshock-GM: Slicer gear is by definition illegal.
    Taliq: (( Lock picks are illegal? You don’t say? XD ))
    Mathus: Fine by me; it’ll cost 750 credits then, but only be 2d.
    Drekkan is disconnected.
    • Mathus goes with Jaana & Vale to make sure
      the slicer gear is good quality.

  • Vale was too busy thinking about ships,
    before realising he might ahve some contacts squirrelled away from his
    days as a merc here.

  • Mathus: I’m also looking for an electronic lock breaker; that’ll be 1000 credits for 3d.
    Jshock-GM: What else did you have (other than the armored clothing)?
    Jshock-GM: Oh, kk
    Mathus: And finally, a Superior Shock Gloves upgrade; 5000 credits, 4d.
    Jshock-GM: Probably best to go easiest first
    Taliq: (( OK so I’m out of shopping, but can I still pay for Mathus to mod my forearm grip? 100 creds and hard mechanics check I believe… ))
    Taliq: (( Also I’m just going to quickly reroll those two checks, for science… Just to see what might have been… XD ))
    Mathus: (( Yeah, believe so. ))
    Jshock-GM: Sure; mods are separate. You’re buying spare parts rather than rares
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Challenge </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 4 Threat1</image>
    Mathus: (( Yep. ))
    Jshock-GM: Strain…
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Challenge </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 1
    Vale: (( HAHAHA ))
    Vale: (( DOUBLEY SORRY ))
    Jaana: so… one at a time – what do you want me to look for and what’s it’s diff… with the upgrade I only have 2g1y streetwise…
    Mathus: Slicer gear: 2d
    Mathus: Electronic Lock Breaker: 3d
    Mathus: Superior Shock Gloves: 4d
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 0 Failure</image>2 Advantage1</image>
    Jshock-GM: NO slicer gear. Advantage?
    Jshock-GM: Leads for boost next check?
    Jaana: if it can boost my next search?
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 1
    Jaana: lcok breaker!
    • Mathus grins as he fondles it.

    Mathus: "Oh, wanted one of these back in my thug days… look, it has a high-wave frequency disruptor!"
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Streetwise Check
    Success </image> 2 Threat3</image>
    Mathus: (( Whoa. ))
    • Jaana somehow finds the gloves too…

    Vale: (( is there anyhting to make
    flying/decepton better, like a cybernetic implant? Not min maxxing here,
    just \nothing I want :P

    Jaana: "Must be the new armor… gains more respect…"
    Jaana: (( tho I’m sure jshock has something in mind for that 3 threat… ))
    • Mathus giggles like a schoolkid at the shock
      glove components. Or is that cackles like a mad scientist?

  • Taliq sulks back aboard the ship

  • Jshock-GM:

    "HEY! You’re friends with that Taliq


    3 strain each

    Jaana: Jaana gains 3 Strain
    Vale: Who is each?
    Taliq: (( Making friends and taking names! XD ))
    Jshock-GM: Jaana and Mathus
    Mathus: Mathus gains 3 Strain
    • Mathus returns to the ship bruised but

    Mathus: "Guess what we found!"
    Jshock-GM: Vale; you were looking for something?
    Vale: (( Not rteally like I said, just asking bout the deception/pilot upgrady thing. ))
    Vale: (( Browsing if it were :P ))
    Taliq: "Nice!"
    Taliq: (( Wait, what did you find? XD ))
    Jshock-GM: Not personal gear, but I want to say there’s a ship upgrade that boosts piloting…
    Vale: (( Yeah I figured htere would be, but we’re upgrading targetting systems first. ))
    Taliq: "Hey Mathus, I’ve got an idea for adjusting this forearm grip to make the weapon more stable while firing, but I might need some help…"
    Vale: (( I’ll wait., I’m busy helping (now…) people with their shopping and don’t really look for myself ))
    JeffG says to the GMs: Mathus updated their character sheet
    Jshock-GM: Got it, Vale
    Jshock-GM: Lowurra; you sure you don’t want anything?
    • Mathus nods at Taliq, smiling.

    Mathus: (( Drekken’s DCed. ))

    Mathus: "Sure, as soon as I find the ice packs…"
    Jshock-GM: Oh, hasn’t come back yet
    Vale: (( How much do we ahve? SO I know how much I’ve saved ))
    JeffG says to the GMs: Mathus updated their character sheet
    Mathus: (( We each got 8000 credits for personal things. ))
    Mathus: looks like a tornado’s hit him.
    Mathus: (( We have 5500 credits in the group fund for supplies/etc. ))
    Mathus: "Ow…"
    Taliq: (( Um 3d mechanics check Mathus! :D ))
    Vale: (( DO we remember how much we had at the end of last port of the campaign, I enver bought anything? ))
    • Taliq spends 100 credits on… tools and



    Vale: (( cheers ))


    you started with 500… don’t know if
    Vale bought anythign with it

    Vale: Nope
    Taliq: (( Just going for the "accuracy" mod for the forearm attachment ))
    Vale: (( all I need is my quick wits and quicker mouth :P ))
    Vale: (( and by quicker mouth I mean, ridiculous luck ))
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Mechanics Check
    Success </image> 1 Advantage1</image>
    • Mathus successfully does the Forearm Grip

    Taliq: "Thanks Mathus! You’re a good friend!"
    Taliq: (( :3 ))
    Mathus: (( Actually, it’s only 50 creds; Mathus manages to jurryrig most of the stuff. ))
    Taliq: (( Nice! ))
    Mathus: (( He has a trait that halves modification costs. ))
    Jaana: (( I need more ways to counteract encumberance.. ot just not carry as much with me… :P ))
    Taliq: (( Got a backback and a utility belt already? ))
    Jaana: yup
    Taliq: (( And remember that armor’s encumberance is reduced when worn? ))
    Jshock-GM: two words: droid porters
    Taliq: (( YES XD ))
    Jshock-GM: OK. Anythign else? I need sleep soon
    Mathus: I’m good.
    Vale: (( Dandy ))
    Jaana: the other expensive things I want are TOO expensive, and like rarity 6…
    Taliq: (( I’m done shopping (obviously :P) ))
    Jshock-GM: Yeah. Here might not be the best place to look
    Xie says to the GMs: Taliq updated their character sheet
    Jaana: there IS the Enhanced Optics Suite, but I’m not sold on it.. kinda holding out for the camo and item that give the Superior quality.. both Rare 6
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Super Blaster Carbine Check
    Success </image> 4 Advantage5</image>
    Taliq: BLAMN!
    Jshock-GM: OK; between all the shopping, upgrading, etc You’re probably like a week planetside. Call it 50 credits ea in food and expenses
    Taliq: Yeah we should go to a core world or something
    • Taliq spends 100 credits in food and
      expenses, eating well, a few drinks, maybe a massage or something :P

    Mathus: Okay, so our party kit is down to 5200 credits then.
    Mathus: We wont’ worry about taking food & board from our personal stores.
    Mathus: Well, maybe Taliq’s extra 50…
    Taliq: (( Oh… lol ))
    Mathus: In which case, our party kit’s at 5250.
    • Vale uses his own money

    Vale: (( I alrady changed it and Im lazy :P

    Mathus: (( :p ))

    Mathus: 5300 then.
    Mathus: So, party kit’s at 5300 credits. My personal credits is at 2050 atm.
    Vale: (( IM jsut keeping the creds in the notes section when I double click on my icon…that wil lcarry over right? Or do I need something more permanent? ))
    Taliq: (( I’m at 7400 credits because I failed to buy anything XD ))
    Jshock-GM: Assuming you’re not jumping around elsewhere, we’ll assume you head straight to Bargos’s palace, which we’ll cover next week…
    Vale: (( sounds good ))
    Taliq: (( Yeah I’m OK with that ))
    Jaana: kk
    Taliq: (( Is Bargos on Ryloth? ))
    Mathus: (( Yeah, which planet’s Bargos on, anyway? ))
    Jshock-GM: No; i didn’t determine where he is, but it’s off planet
    Vale: (( you would know if you didn’t grow up on a human planet ))
    Taliq: (( Hopefully somewhere with a better market :P ))
    Mathus: Heh.
    Jshock-GM: I kind of hope we didn’t bore Drekkan
    Taliq: (( Yeah… All that shopping was a bit boring I guess ))
    Taliq: (( Well, apart from my despair roll :P ))
    Mathus: Yeah, it was our first time, though. And a lot of credits to boot.
    Mathus: Oh BTW, did you see there’s a different modifier for worlds on major trade lanes?
    Taliq: (( Next session will have tonnes of negotiation with Bargos though, so he’ll be in his element _ ))
    Mathus: (( Yep. ))
    Jshock-GM: Oh, I missed that
    Jshock-GM: that on 150?
    Mathus: Yep.
    Mathus: And checking the map on Pg.326, looks like Ryloth’s on a major trade route.
    Mathus: Not sure if that counts as a major trade lane, though.
    Jshock-GM: probably does
    Taliq: (( I guess we weren’t near a trading port ))
    Taliq: (( :P ))
    Jshock-GM: Trade embargoes…
    Mathus: Heh, perhaps.
    Taliq: (( It’s fine. I’ll get my bobba fett armor and my superior weapon customisation when we visit Corelia :P ))
    Vale: QUick
    Vale: Send the jedi?
    Mathus: But yeah, modifier for Outer Rim world is +2. Modifier for world on Major Trade Lane is -1.
    Taliq: "The negotiations were short!"
    Vale: That’ll learn them
    Mathus: Mathus is a much more effective brawler now, at least.
    Jshock-GM: I would assume that’s cumulative though (net +1)
    Mathus: Gotcha.
    Mathus: He has 1 defense now, does 1 more damage, and auto-generate 1 Advantage.
    Taliq: (( Would’ve made all the difference for my checks XD ))
    Taliq: (( Doesn’t matter ))
    Jaana: well, I’ll play with encumberance numbers a bit, decide what I carry with me and what I leave on the ship.. and get jshock a list of ‘low cost’ items by next week
    Jaana: :P
    Taliq: (( I don’t need it XD ))
    Taliq: That’s a good idea
    Mathus: Yeah, I’m gonna stock up on various miscellaneous items as well.

    Debts to Pay - Session 2

    Tales from the Outer Rim Jshock Xie