• Jaana Raeth

    Jaana Raeth

    This human looks at ease with living in the wild - her gear and clothing all show evidence of rugged abuse.
  • Lowurra


    This brown wookiee looks like it is no stranger to action; a well worn vibroaxe is slung over its shoulder, and an oversized blaster pistol is holstered at its hip.
  • Mathus


    This human appears to be a repairman... albiet a rough one. A set of tools jangles from his belt, and he wears a set of gloves obviously made for combat.
  • Taliq


    This Twi'lek appears to be some sort of mercenary. She holds a modified blaster carbine in her hands, and wears a suit of well worn body armor. A targeting monocle constantly scrolls data across her left eye.
  • Vale


    This shifty human wears a heavy bantha skin duster and sports an intimidating blaster pistol in a hip holster. His eyes seem to be constantly on the lookout for something.
  • 3D-4K


    This 3D-4 administrative droid has been painted in the orange and white of the Oridelve mining company.
  • 41-VEX


    This droid looks like it was mostly made from an older Cybot Galactica protocol droid. Its right forearm has been replaced with a field surgery rig, and a light manipulator arm springs from its right shoulder.
  • B'ura B'an

    B'ura B'an

    This aged twi'lek has pale violet skin and bears a thoughtful expression. His left lekku is missing; all that remains is a cauterized stump.
  • Bargos the Hutt

    Bargos the Hutt

    This pale green Hutt has stripes of grey across its skin, and wears colorful, finely woven tassels on its arms. The left half of its face is a mass of gnarled scar tissue.
  • Captain Trex

    Captain Trex

    This trandoshan is huge and intimidating, standing nearly 2.5 meters tall. A heavy blaster modified for trandoshan claws hangs at his hip.
  • EV-8D3


    This supervisor droid has been painted in the orange and white company colors of the Oridelve mining company. It wields a blaster rifle.
  • Jodo Kast

    Jodo Kast

    A hardened mercenary, wearing the armor of an ancient people.
  • Mu Nanb

    Mu Nanb

    A young, quiet Sullustran with an appreciation for Jatz.
  • Nyn


    This female twi'lek looks beautiful, but stern - the face of a leader.
  • Ota


    A bothan information broker, met on the twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth.
  • Reom


    The charming leader of IsoTech.
  • the Krayt Fang

    the Krayt Fang

    This rust colored light freighter is a familiar sight in the rougher ports of the Arkanis sector.
  • Wex Vio

    Wex Vio

    A spacer - brother to Ota Wex.