Long Arm of the Hutt - Session 13

Thug minion group 83: Thug minion group 83 is healed and gains back 31 wounds.
Thug minion group 83 takes 0 strain.
Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
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  • Jshock-GM idly wonders if the PCs actually
    put the unconscious guards there…

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Hey hey.


Set alarm for 9am, play the "DO NO
WANT DAYLIGHT GAME" aka "snooze button every ten minutes, get up,
log in immediately. Perfect timing. :P


Uck, sounds like me. My 6 o clock
alarm is only there so I can subliminally absorb the news for an


haha Yeah, tha’ spretty much what I’d
do if I had to be upo at that hour.


Actually, when I do ahve to be up at
that our, I turn int a grandpa. I get up, make myself a cup of
tea, search for oats, and watching those morning news programs


Hmm, wonder where that Xie feller is…


I found this out alst year when I was
babysitting my 18 moth old neice who would get me up at silly


Yeah I dunno


Hmm, wonder why my Steam is offline,




Yeah I just went through all the
various onlie means I have to contact hi


He’s only on steam, but set to away


SO Im guess he’s, doing a thing?


Hey do you think this will be our last
session or might it roll over next week?


I’m assuming this is the last, unless
the party gets incredibly unlucky for some reason


haha okay


You basically have to gewt some info
to Jaaba at this point, with the side goal of freeing Mathus’s
foster father


Right right


Ima go make myself a cup of tea.


God I’m, feeling alzy today. Stood
there for like a minute staring into the cupboard, having an
internal war of whehter I am hungry enough to cut some slices of




Well, get some info to Jabba & escape


I vapor lock staring into my freezer
on a regular basis




I mean if the bread were already
sliced, Bam, find pesto, we good. But I have to slice this shit?!
What is this, the dark ages!


Wat do?


Incidentally, siracha flavored potato
chips are the dog’s balls.

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Tygaran2 is disconnected.

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Eesa de Tygaran, eh?


Hey Tyg.




Hey Hey


I’ve not had siracha flavoured chips,
or dogs balls for that matter, but I’ll take your word on it!


Oh, fun fact from the developers: you
can actually use the advantage from initiative checks, if you
want… but since advantage beats ties, you may not want to.


Oooh neato


So you can give a bit of aboost to the
first round, or just, let it falls as it may and hope there are no




Or rahter, not care if there are ties.


You’d want to hope there’s no ties if
you use it :P


Hmm… I don’t think any of us have
enough initiative skills to abuse that heavily, though.


Heavily, no… a free boost never
hurts though


Yeah I think you’d need to be skilled
up in it to get a consistent effect, and at that point It’s more
your character build and how you play it than abuse. And yeah,
free boosts are great. S’why I always need to go fearly in the
first round of combat. Boost if I act before the enemy


Ia ctually like that rule Jshock, it
means you can ahv that quick thinking, quick shoot, quick
anythinging character and get some benefit. In other systems, you
take a decent iniative, it means you go first, which only matters
once. Which is fine, but this way at least acknowledges that
shooting someone i nthe face before they shoot you in the face has
it’s benefits :P


so.. we’re waiting on Xie adn the
drookie …?




Drookie gets kind of a bye


so mainly waiting on the other


He’s yours now!


I thought he was green card


Did he become a citizen?


oh eyah


Not a citizen yet


But still!


I have found him!




Here he comes


My scouting mission was successful

Xie has connected.




I’m sorry


Meh, whateva


Sorry, I still thought… ah nevermind :P


I’m here now _


Did we get enough info to excape with
last week, or do we need more?


I was so tired als week (3 hours
sleep) so my memory is a fuzzball


Lets see… evidence of droids…
evidence he was skimming the books… what else do you want?


Evidence that he hates kittens and is


Sounds enough to et a hit on his head,
dunno if we need anyhting else? But then I aint no mobster see!


I think our biggest problem right now
is that mob of thugs :P


Ph yeah :P


I had a plan last week! I swear to god
I had an idea but then we ended the session and being the super
talented smart chap that I am, I didn’t write it down :/


Yeah, about that… dud you guys
deliberately put the unconscious thugs in front of the door there?
I can’t remember


Nah they were stashed away


By Lekky there


ZI believe


Where did you put them, Xie?


thugs tokens left where they lay.. we
stashed the bodies in the crates we snuck in with…


I stashed them in the crates




And don’t call Taliq lekky, that’s a
racial slur :P


You had human parents!


I did!




It occured to me Thweek doesn’t
actually have LoS to anyone yet, so this could get very not –




Anyway, we should probably roll for




Well, he heard Vale speak IIRC.


There could be blood on the floor


And Grendle set off the alarum

Mathus: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Destiny check!
Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat

Light Side : 1 / Dark Side: 0
Vale: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a I found Xie! check!
Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat

Light Side : 0 / Dark Side: 1
Jshock-GM: There could be indeed.
Tygaran: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a trust me… check!
Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat

Light Side : 2 / Dark Side: 0
Tygaran: ^ yeah!
Vale: Nice
Jshock-GM: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Drookinator check!
Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat

Light Side : 0 / Dark Side: 1
Xie: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Use the forks luke! check!
Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat

Light Side : 0 / Dark Side: 2
The Dark Side:
The Dark Side:
Jshock-GM: Destiny is by the SE door to the cargo bay
Jshock-GM: OK, recap time


When we last left our protagonists, they had just
infiltrated the palace of the vile crime lord TEEMO THE

Infiltrating via cargo containers brought
into the palace’s workshop, the crew stealthily unpacked
themselves from the crates… only to be met by the
inquisitive droid 41-VEX. Vex questioned why the crew had
just appeared from the crates; but after recieving some
satisfactory resopnsed from the crew, the droid went about
his business.

The crew quickly went to work looking
for evidence. While searching the cargo bay, they
encountered a pair of Teemo’s guards on partol! After a
brief exchange of fisticuffs, the crew made their way to
the communications hub.

stealthily dispached another guard, allowing them access
to the palace’s computer! Meanwhile, VALE was busy
guarding another entrance to the cargo bay, when a
gladiator walked in! Vale and JAANA tried to put the
gladiator down, but the nimble fighter managed to set off
an alarm! Luckily Mathus and TALIQ were both on terminals
at the time, so the alarm only lasted a few seconds…
enough time for Teemo to inquire to Vex as to why it went
off in the first place! Not knowing what was going on,
Teemo sent his right hand being THWEEK and a group of
guards to investigate…

Thweek and crew have just opened the door as Taliq was coming south into the room…
Jshock-GM: What’s everyone’s Stealth?
Jshock-GM: No roll, just stats
  • Taliq shits bricks

  • Mathus doesn’t need it since he’s in a
    different room.

  • Tygaran:

    rank 1, agility 3, talent for a boost

    Vale: 3 green
    Jshock-GM: True, Mathus and Lowurra are occupied
    Taliq: No ranks, 4 green
    Jshock-GM: So… we’ll average this out. Someone make a collective Stealth check; Taliq’s Agility, Jaana’s rank 1 vs 2p2r and 2 setback (blood on the floor and the alarm went off, so they suspect something’s up)
    Jshock-GM: (that’s 3g1y if that wasn’t clear)
    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Mass Stealth check!
    Successes:  1  /  Advantage: 2

    Light Side : 0 / Dark Side: 1
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( muiaha, two blank reds! ))
    Jshock-GM: okeydokey. What’s up with the advantage then?
    Taliq: (( Wait… XD ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( that’s not blood.. it’s just oil mixed with rust… ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( ^ wait.. you have an iea that takes long to type up, xie? :P ))
    Taliq: (( No, nvm _ ))
    Jshock-GM: I’m going to the bathroom, kibitz for a second on that
    Jaana Raeth: (( then mayby a boost to Vales glib tongue? if he’s goign to use it this time :P ))
    Taliq: (( I was just wondering why you used a force die, but ofc you just hadn’t cleared the dice box. Happens every session to somebody :P ))
    Vale: (( XD ))
    • Taliq is quite prepared to just hose the lot
      of them

    Vale: (( yeah I was going to try and delay
    with MA MOUF as long as I could ))

    Taliq: pew pew pew
    Taliq: (( … that’s what she said? ))
    Jshock-GM: Wait… you’re missing the setback off that roll. That might change things
    Jaana Raeth: (Com) ++ I think our window of opportunity is up. You get the goods out to that toydarion? You DID get the goods, right? ++
    Jshock-GM: Somebody roll 2 setback, please
    Jaana Raeth: oh the black :P, no boost my my talent either then?
    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a check!
    Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat
    Jaana Raeth: weird.. I’m sur eI hit clear.. anyway.. no boost then…
    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a check!
    Successes:  None  /  Threat: 1
    Jaana Raeth: hah,, still success
    Jshock-GM: OK, you guys are unnaturally lucky
    Jshock-GM: so, 1 adv…
    Vale: (( my cat is problematic to gaming ))
    • Thweek visibly scratches his head in
      confusion, pulls out his com
    • Vale steps around the corner, "Oh good you
      got it the door working."

    Jshock-GM: (( that was unexpected… ))

    Jshock-GM: (( what’s your plan, sparky? ))

    Jaana Raeth: (( well, he DID speak to them last
    time, so they know SOMEONE is in here ))

    Vale: (( delay for time, let the tohers get
    into a better position, I’m the new guy after all ))

    Vale: (( attempt to block the door for a bit
    that kinda thing ))

    • Thweek is startled and confused as the smooth
      talking human walks around the corner
    Mathus: (( How much longer will it take me to get the "goods" to our contact? ))
    Tygaran is disconnected.
    Thweek: (And you are….?)
    Taliq: + get into position for an ambush +
    Vale: (( Tygaran rage quits at my dumb :P ))
    Vale: "The new guy, they sent me to let you know everything should be working fine again in a few moments"
    • Thweek has a hand on the butt of his pistol;
      the guards are looking around, unsure
    Vale: "Valen is the name, pelased to meet you."
    • Thweek stares at the outstretched hand
    Vale: "Do you need me to let the tohers guy know anyhting? Trying to make a good impression here. "
    Tygaran has connected.
    Vale: *other guys
    Thweek: (First things first… explain exactly who ‘they’ are. Quickly.)
    Mathus: (( How much longer will it take me to get the "goods" to our contact? I’ll reply to Jaana once I know. ))
    Vale: (( Ooooooh um um um ))
    Jshock-GM: (( let’s play this out a bit more, then we’ll cut to you, Mathus ))
    Taliq: (( Do I know them? ))
    Taliq: (( Oh, I can’t see them XD ))
    Taliq: (( SITH SPIT! :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m assuming you wisely froze in the shadows, Xie ))
    Vale: "Oh you know…"
    Taliq: (( Indeed ))
    • Taliq ducks behind a barrel

    Taliq: (( Can I duck behind a barrel? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( sure, party stealthed ))

    Thweek: (I do not.)
    Vale: "it’s my first damn day, the one that hired me, god what was his name. Ham don’t elt them know this… I’ll never heard hte end of it.’
    Taliq: (( Can I whisper some random names to Vale of thugs that I know work for Teemo? :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you feeling lucky? :D ))
    • Vale looks embarrassed

    Jaana Raeth: (( or just saw the ‘albino one…’ ?

    Jaana Raeth: ^ say
    Jshock-GM: Vale, get a deceit roll ready while we cut to Mathus…
    Vale: (( It’seither that or use my quick draw talent to get the drop and threaten him…and then its combat ))
    Vale: (( kk :) ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Mathus, you’re up. ))
    Vale: (( gonna light side this cuz it seems important ))
    The Force:
    Mathus: (( Shoot first! Shoot first! ))
    Taliq: (( +1 Mathus ))
    Jshock-GM: Mathus, what are you doing again?
    • Mathus is still busy trying to send that
      data to the contact Taliq gave him: the Mandalarian he hopes works for

    Mathus: (( And the Twi’lek info guy that hired
    us as well, if possible. ))

    Jshock-GM: (( Toydarian. OK, he eventually
    picks up… ))

    Taliq: (( It wasn’t a Mandalorian, it was a
    Watto ))

    Taliq: (( Toydarian :P

    Jshock-GM: (( give me a sec ))

    Mathus: (( I’m sending the info to Watto Jr! ))

    Taliq: (( And he doesn’t work for anyone,
    but if we perish then we can be sure that the information is out there,
    and he’ll sell it to the right buyer ))

    Anatta: "Eh? Who ees thees? How you get thees com code?"
    Jshock-GM: (( Jeff? ))
    Mathus: (( Whoops, was AFK a moment. ))
    Mathus: "Mathus, was with Taliq. You interested in several very sensitive & interesting files from Teemo?"
    Mathus: "Such as doctored financial records of his payments to Jabba?"
    • Taliq throws Mathus a thumbs up at the name

    Anatta: "Hey heeey, bleenky boy! From the party right? Whadda ya got?"
    Mathus: "Plenty. Uploading now before the shooting starts. It’s coming in hot."
    Jaana Raeth: (( droid holos and records, skimming.. etc. ))
    • Mathus hits the Upload button.

    Anatta: "What…" issues a file drop location "Let me see that…"
    • Mathus uploads the droid holos & records,
      the skimming.

    • Anatta hmms for a bit while reading…
    Back to Vale…
    Vale: (( what’s ma difficuylty? ))
    Taliq: (( We just made that fucker’s day XD ))
    Vale: sixteen redsd?
    Jshock-GM: (( he is untrained in Discipline, but I’m spending dark because I kind of want to see this end in disaster. 1p1r. ))
    The Dark Side:
    Vale: (( I also am using a lightside btw ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yep, recorded that ))
    Vale: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Oh god not again check!
    Successes:  1  /  Advantage: 2
    Jshock-GM: (( hmm ))
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( ’I’m so bad with names…’ ))
    Vale: ’yeah real sorry bout this guys, like I said, first day, trying to impress. You know how it is."
    • Thweek lets his guard down a bit
    Jshock-GM: (( Adv? ))
    Vale: (( hmm ))
    Vale: (( suggestions anyone? ))
    Mathus: (( Boost to your next roll? ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( or setback his… ))
    Jshock-GM: (( or somethihng on par with that ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m open for ideas ))
    Vale: (( Hmm I like the setback to be honest, seems fititng for what actualy just happened. So setback to his next roll, unles syou want somehting more specific ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK, I’m good with that ))
    Thweek: (Come with me. Lord Teemo and I will sort out where you should be going and what you are doing here…)
    Jaana Raeth: (( one of the other goons there was so convince he comments that he kinda remembers seeing vale before… :P ))
    • Thweek indicates you should follow him
    Tygaran is disconnected.
    Vale: "Sure thing buddy!"
    Vale: "I hope those guys wont mss me too much!"
    Back to mathus…
    • Mathus waits for a reply as he listens to
      the comms.

    Tygaran has connected.

    Mathus: (( Hmm, can Mathus idly glance at
    security monitor onto the dock? Might as well see if there’s a ship
    there. ))

  • Tygaran grumbles

  • Tygaran: (( did Vale go off with them? ))

    Mathus: (( Yep. ))

    Thweek: "This is major stuff, bleenky boy… where are you now?"
    Jshock-GM: (( wrong button ;D ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Anatta said that, obviously ))
    • Jaana Raeth sighs

    Taliq: (( lol ))

    Mathus: "In Teemo’s palace praying we can escape before we’re shot."
    Jaana Raeth: "I suppose I have time now to see if Math’s guy is around…"
    Taliq: ++ That’s our opportunity, let’s move ++
    Anatta: "ARE YOU NUTS!?"
    Vale: (( I got them out of the room…sorta :P ))
    Taliq: (( ROFL ))
    • Jaana Raeth will be sneaking, looking for
      mathus’ mentore

    Mathus: "-Yes-, now listen. I need 2 favors from you in exchange."
    Mathus: "One, how fast can you show this to Jabba and get him to set a bounty on Teemo?"
    Anatta: "Alright, get outta dere! I’m sending thees to Jabba as we speak…"
    Anatta: "We talk about that later! Jus get outta dere!"
    • Taliq wants to go help Wongo

    Mathus: "Can’t yet. If you can get him to set a bounty like now, I can pipe it over Teemo’s comms."
    Taliq: (( *Honwoo ))
    Taliq: (( I’m not sure he can do it that quickly XD ))
    Anatta: terminates the signal
    • Mathus grumbles, shuts down the comm channel.

    Mathus: +Info sent. Situation?+
    Taliq: (( Can Taliq move down to support Jaana ))
    Taliq: (( ? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( sure ))
    Jaana Raeth: + Vales left with Thweek +
    Jshock-GM: (( door slid back closed ))
    The Dark Side:
    Mathus: + What?! To where?!+
    The Force:
    Taliq just saw him go down the hall…
    Jaana Raeth: ++ To convince a certain Hutt he actualyl works here. ++
    Mathus: ++Oh crap… dammit, dammit, dammit… I’ll monitor the situation from here.++
    • Mathus tries to find a camera he can watch
      Vale on.

    Jshock-GM: (( Sure! 1d ))

  • Jaana Raeth heads into the side access
    tunnels unless there’s a locked door…

  • Taliq: ++ He’s providing a distraction, let’s make the most of it ++
    Change to Vale…
    • Taliq covers your back

    Vale has been brought before the mighty Teemo the Hutt

    Mathus: (( Computers 1d, right? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( yes ))

    Mathus: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Computers check!
    Successes:  None  /  Advantage: 5
    • Vale looks nervous.

    Vale: (( is nervous :P

    Mathus: (( No dice, I got 5 advantage though. ))

  • Vale waits to be spoken to

  • Jshock-GM: (( well… The throne room
    security is currently active; you can tell that at least.. ))

    Mathus: (( Hrm, security? Like turrets? ))

    Teemo the Hutt: (Thweek, who is this? I do not recognise him.)
    Taliq: (( Uh oh… :P ))
    Mathus: (( Like turrets I can reprogram ala Deus Ex? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( no, Mathus. Teemo does not have turrets in his throne room. ))
    Taliq: (( Set Teemo’s chair to overload and explode, that’s a thing, right? :P ))
    Thweek: (He claims to have bbeen hired by someone in the palace, mighty Teemo…)
    Mathus: (( Arg, any way I can subvert the security to attack Teemo’s forces instead, then? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( He has no automated guns you can find, Mathus. Back to Vale… ))
    Teemo the Hutt: (Speak then, human. And pray i like what i hear…)
    Teemo the Hutt:
    • Teemo the Hutt chews idly on a frog – thing as
      you talk
    Vale: "Sir, please forgive my impudence, but I lied to Tweek. I don’t work here., I just, I really want to. I always ahve. I’ve heard so much about your operations, and I’m sick of being held back by the dead weight around me. I know it was risky, but I was hoping you were reward my bravery rather than punish me. After all, I’d like to think you could make use of someone like me. SOmeone that can talk his way into your throne room."
    Teemo the Hutt: (WHAT!?)
    Taliq: (( EPIC CON XD ))
    Vale: (( Guys feel the water rising XD ))
    Teemo the Hutt:
    • Teemo the Hutt smashes his protocol droid as
      he gesticulates
    • Vale bows his head in acceptance, taking no
      threatening posture

    Taliq: (( I think the water just hit the
    ceiling, you’re already drowning :P

    Mathus: (( LOL ))

    Jshock-GM: (( hang on a sec, i actually have
    to look up his skills ))

    Unknown command: "oo cI didn’t think it would come to this". Try /help
    for a list of commands.

    Vale: (( wh othe frak let me be the face
    again, Xie. I recall this shit happening to Lonar a lot too ))

    Taliq: (( Yeah, more often than not XD ))

    Taliq: (( Lonar was his character from the
    last Star Wars game we played together, got himself into similar
    situations :P

    Teemo the Hutt:
    Talent: Nobody’s Fool 3
    Upgrade the difficulty of all Charm, Coerce and Deceit checks made against Teemo by 3.
    Taliq: (( AAAwwww shiiiiit :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you poor fool. His discipline is 5 ))
    Taliq: (( You’re so fucked XD ))
    Vale: (( RUH ROH ))
    Vale: (( Hey my job was to buy time :P ))
    Vale: (( I can try right, I guess I need to make the roll? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( since difficulties max out at 5 dice, you’re rolling vs 5r… ))
    Vale: (( upgrading my own die… jesus christ, CONMAN TO THE END ))
    Taliq: (( It’s OK to use a destiny on this. I’m OK with it. ))
    Mathus: (( Ohgod. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( on the plus side, I’ll give you +10 xp if you manage to survive this ))
    Vale: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a It’s been nice knowing you guys. check!
    Successes:  None  /  Threat: 1
    Taliq: (( So at least ONE of us will be making a new character… :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( oh, give yourself a boost, that one vs thweek was wasted ))
    Taliq: (( Actually that could’ve been a lot worse :P ))
    Vale: (( lol should ahve used the adv before on my not tweek :P ))
    Vale: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Pappa needs a new pair of everything check!
    Successes:  1  /  Advantage: 1
    Mathus: (( LOL ))
    Taliq: (( YEEEEAHHHHHH!!! ))
    Mathus: (( SUCCESS. ))
    Taliq: (( AND THE CROWD GOES WILD ))
    Mathus: (( 1 success, 0 advantage. ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( heh,, success and now no threat ))
    • Jshock-GM shakes his head at the player’s
      dumb luck

    Vale: (( What the actual fuck ))

    The Dark Side:
    Taliq: (( Not a check you should’ve passed :P ))
    The Force:
    The Force:
    The Force:
    The Dark Side:
    Jshock-GM: (( that’s better… ))
    Teemo the Hutt: (HO, hoo hoo hoo!)
    Teemo the Hutt: (I like this scum’s initiative. Fearless and inventive.)
    Teemo the Hutt: 9You shall stay here, for now. We will find something for you to do later.)
    back to the crew
    • Jaana Raeth heads into the side access
      tunnels unless there’s a locked door…

    Taliq: (( Is he his kind of scum? :P

    Jshock-GM: (( there is not ))

    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a mvoes quietly check!
    Successes:  None  /  Advantage: 4
    Taliq: (( Do I need to make one of those? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( wait for it… ))
    Taliq: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Be vewy vewy quiet check!
    Successes:  3  /  Advantage: 2
    • Taliq nailed it

    Jshock-GM: (( OK. great ))

    as you both round the corner, you see a pair of alien warriors
    walking north…

    as they walk by a door underneath the stairway, you also see a
    Rodian snout poking out…

    Taliq: + I think that’s our target +
    the two aliens go back into their rooms while muttering at each other…
    • Jaana Raeth quietly longstrides towards the

  • Taliq covers Jaana

  • Taliq: (( :P

    Jshock-GM: (( give me another stealth, both
    of you; 1d,1s ))

    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a mvoes quietly check!
    Successes:  3  /  Advantage: 2
    Despair: 1
    Jshock-GM: (( or just jaana ))
    Jaana Raeth: doh
    Jshock-GM: (( setback, not challenge ))
    Taliq: (( PHEW ))
    Jaana Raeth: phew!
    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a mvoes quietly check!
    Successes:  4  /  No Advantage or Threat
    Jshock-GM: (( OK, fine. You get up to the Rodian ))
    • Honwoo regards you quietly
    Taliq: "Come with us if you want to live."
    Jshock-GM: (( You’re shouting, Taliq? ))
    Taliq: (( Whispering? :P ))
    Jaana Raeth: "Hiyam your mech student says hello asks if you want to leave."
    • Honwoo looks surprised
    Honwoo: (Mathus is here?)
    Foxtrot says to the GMs: Hey, how long are we expecting this to go, I’ve got a mate that just came over. Don’t wnat to rush or anything, just wanna get an idee. :)
    Jaana Raeth: "Not for much longer, I hope, but yeah."
    Jshock-GM: (( I kill it at midnight regardless ))
    Jshock-GM: (( 2 hours more at the worst ))
    Honwoo: (We must leave! This place is not safe!)
    the door is set with a physical lock…
    Jaana Raeth: "Then move. Back to the workshop."
    Taliq: (( the door to bust him out? ))
    Taliq: (( What’s your mechanics Jaana? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( what’s your plan? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( it’s actually skulduggery\ ))
    Mathus: (( Really wish we had grenades right now. ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( oh, he’s locked in… what kind of skill for this lock ))
    Taliq: (( Sorry, i was thinking D20 Saga Edition :P ))
    Taliq: (( I have 2 g ))
    Jshock-GM: (( as far as I know, neither of you have toos either, so it’s be a setback ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( odd.. I don’t see that skill on my list ))
    Gear, Equipment and Other Items
    Stimpacks (1) Use a maneuver to heal 4 wounds to a non-droid. Consumed on use.
    Comlink Communicate with other characters who own a comlink.
    Binders (2) Binds prisoners’ hands.
    Datapad Handheld computer; accesses computer systems.
    Padded armor Soak 2 (already included in soak value).
    Some glow rods Good for raves
    Clump of Ageden crystals
    Credits 5
    Debts 300 cr owed to Mathus
    Taliq: (( Crapppp…. ))
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Jaana Raeth: so, inteligence?
    Mathus: (( Skulduggery’s a Cunning skill. mathus has 1/2. ))
    Mathus: (( I think Taliq has Cunning 3? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( missed putting t5hat in the framework ))
    Jaana Raeth: well, I’ve 3 cunning, no ranks
    Taliq: (( Cunning 2 ))
    Taliq: (( So can I assist to offset the setback? ))
    • Jaana Raeth fiddles with the lock…

    Jshock-GM: (( you going to try picking it,
    or you want to do something louder? ))

    Taliq: (( We could just shoot it XD ))

    Jaana Raeth: attempt wuit solution first
    Jshock-GM: (( Sure… we’re at 2p, 1s, 1b ))
    Taliq: (( You can do that Jaana ))
    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a knocking with finesse check!
    Successes:  None  /  Threat: 1
    Jshock-GM: (( why do you keep rolling challenge? ))
    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a knocking with finesse check!
    Successes:  1  /  Threat: 3
    Taliq: (( lol ))
    Jaana Raeth: bets mee… and why’d it roll again
    Taliq: (( 3rd time lucky :P ))
    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a knocking with finesse check!
    Successes:  2  /  Advantage: 2
    Jshock-GM: (( just roll a boost, we’ll use your 1st roll ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( at least it’s a goo boost ))
    Jshock-GM: (( no. Just roll a boost ))
    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a check!
    Successes:  None  /  Advantage: 1
    Jaana Raeth: (( so net zero ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK… yeah, your hairpin seems incapable of picking this thing ))
    Jshock-GM: (( let me look something up ))
    Jaana Raeth: ++ So Math, your pals here, but I cant seem to pop the lock quietly… ++
    Mathus: ++Great, what type of lock is it? Maybe I can bypass it from here.++
    Taliq: + It’s mechanical +
    Taliq: ++ I’m not sure we have time for this, we can probably melt it with blaster fire, and make a hasty exit… ++
    Jaana Raeth: (( if only I had a sonic screwdriver… ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m making a Perception for all this low whispering ))
    Mathus: ++Alright… how are we gonna get Vale?++
    Jshock-GM: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a detecting low whispering check!
    Successes:  2  /  Threat: 1
    Taliq: (( Oh shit ))
    one of the fighters you saw earlier snorts and sticks his head out the door…
    Cut to Vale…
    Jaana Raeth: (( as the fighter appears, we hear Teemos laugher from the previous vale scene… ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Vale, you’re currently being pampered by the luxuries of Teemo, listening to his fine Jatz ))
    • Vale enjoys his time :P

    Vale: (( Can I take a look around, look for
    points of interesting things, such as quick exits, or security or
    anything that can help me if it goes tits up ))

    you have any kind of a plan here?

    Vale: (( hoenstly my plan was to wait for
    them to be done and then try and find a find a way out. Or rather, even
    just wait till they leave and sneak out at night…but I’m not sure to
    be honest ))

    Jshock-GM: (( the only exits you can see are
    up the stairs and through a tunnel leading out of the gladiator pit ))

    Teemo the Hutt: (I did not catch your name, human…)
    Vale: (( how dep is the gladiator pit, can i jump the railing and run off down the tunnel with no problems? ))
    Vale: Valen sir
    Vale: Valen Neqra
    Jshock-GM: (( I’d say more than twice as tall as a man. You could survive it, but getting back out would be iffy. ))
    Vale: (( right be not risk it ))
    Teemo the Hutt: (Hmmm… and tell me, Valen Nequa, how did you get by my ample security? I would like to know this.)
    Vale: "Oh, well now… I staked out the comings and going of your various shipping operations, and waited for a time something was coming in. I snuck into your birth and used the sound and cerfuffle of the ships to get me through the doors. Then it was a matter of tripping the alarms, and getting your guards to trust me."
    Jaana Raeth: (( humans all look alike to the gamorreans, they thought you were a new dancer… :P ))
    Vale: (( XD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Mathus, go ahead and try to CXomputers the security systems again. You’re not standing idly by. ))
    Mathus: (( K. 1d again? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yeah ))
    Mathus: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Computers check!
    Successes:  4  /  Advantage: 1
    Unknown command: "oo cgood enough. You finally found the video feeds to Teemo’s throne room. You can see vale almost sweating near the slug…". Try /help for a list of commands.
    Jshock-GM: (( good enough; you’re now listening and seeing Vale’s situation. He almost looks like he’s sweating standing next to the slug… ))
    • Mathus idly wonders what the hell he’s
      doing. (Only Vale can hear comms from me, right?)

    Mathus: (I meant, Vale could & not Teemo.
    Jshock-GM: (( Make another Bluff Vale, but give yourself a boost, since it’s only a white lie ))
    Jshock-GM: (( nope – it’s like in ANH. Anyone standing around could potentially hear ))
    Vale: (( frive reds again? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( oh yeah ))
    Mathus: (( Aha, K. ))
    Vale: (( using another light side…tyring not to blow it. Will only ahve one left though ))
    Mathus: "Ohshitohshitohshit…"
    • Mathus looks around for some system he can
      use to help Vale out of that situation.

    Vale: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Lightning doesn’t strike twice check!
    Successes:  2  /  Threat: 3
    Despair: 2
    Taliq: (( OOOOOOOOOH SHIT ))
    Jshock-GM: (( lightning doesn’t strike twice ))
    Teemo the Hutt:
    • Teemo the Hutt narrows his eyes
    Mathus: "I don’t like that look…"
    Mathus: (( Alright, what can I do? Turn off the lights? ))
    Teemo the Hutt: (You are lying to me about something, human… I can smell your fear. But I do not know what you are lying about…)
    Jshock-GM: (( sure, you could do that ))
    • Mathus does so and prays Vale can stumble
      his way out.

    Teemo the Hutt: (WHAT-?)
    Vale: "Me? A liar, of course not."
    • Vale gives Teemo a cheeky grin

    Mathus: (( Hrm? Did the lights suddenly go off?
    No roll or anything? ))

    about this time, you hear a loud explosion from the front of the
    palace, and blaster fire…

    back to Jaana/TAliq…

    Taliq: (( DAFUQ? XD ))

    Mathus: (( ….Erwha? I mean, did I manage to
    turn out the lights? What did Teemo scream WHAT about? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( yes, you killed the lights ))

    Jshock-GM: (( Taliq, Jaana, Init; Vigilance

    Vale: (( K well Ima try and get the frak
    outta there ))

    Taliq: "Jaana, blast that door open and get Honwoo out. I’ll cover you."
    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a INit check!
    Successes:  4  /  No Advantage or Threat
    Mathus: (( I’m assuming Vale can still see light from the hallway there. ))
    Jshock-GM: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Retko Init check!
    Successes:  None  /  Threat: 1
    Taliq: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Shit got real check!
    Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat
    Jshock-GM: (( OK, you aren’t exactly surprised, so you both go before the gladiator ))
    Taliq: (( lol ))
    Jaana Raeth: * as it’s after we hear balster fire at the entrance, Jaana will swing rifle around and shoot out the lock *
    Jaana Raeth: "That sound you just heard is likely the start of a Hutt war. You may want to get away whiel you can."
    Jshock-GM: (( OK; it’s no diff, but give me a roll so we can see damage ))
    Jaana Raeth: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a bang check!
    Successes:  3  /  Advantage: 1
    Jaana Raeth:
    Weapon Skill Max Range Dmg Dice
    Heavy Bladter Rifle R (Hvy) Long (2d) 11
    • You deal 11 dmg on a hit, +1 dmg for each extra rolled.
    • Inflict a critical injury on a hit for
    • Pierce 1 – Ignores 1 point of Soak
    Jshock-GM: (( yeah, that’s fine ))
    lock melts, falls off
    Jaana Raeth: maneuver to kick open the doro I guess, and done
    Jshock-GM: (( Cool. Taliq? ))
    Taliq: (( Hmmm…. ))
    • Taliq draws her weapon and points it at the
      alien warrior

    Taliq: "We’re leaving. You’re not going to stop us," she says firmly, but calmy
    Taliq: *calmly
    Taliq: (( I’m not going to fire unless he draws a weapon or makes a hostile move… Dunno if there are rules for that :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Mathus, alarms are going off all over the palace now… ))
    Jshock-GM: (( That’s no prob, Taliq ))
    Mathus: (( I heard the explosion by the entrance, right? Can I quick cut to the entrance to see what’s going on there? ))
    Mathus: (( Er, quick check the entrance cam? ))
    Taliq: + Target secured, move out! +
    Jshock-GM: (( you can. There’s a sand skiff full of mercenaries trying to blast their way in ))
    • Mathus quickly turns on the Throne Room

    Mathus: (( Time for an announcement. Can I do
    that? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( also, you can see someone
    jumping around in a jetpack, of all things.. ))

    Taliq: (( lol ))

    Jshock-GM: (( sure ))

  • Mathus does so.

  • Taliq: (( OMG it’s that guy XD ))

    Taliq: (( Pffft, ‘sif you’d use a jetpack. Jetpacks are for looser Bounty Hunters :P ))
    • Mathus switches back to Throne Room cam to
      see reaction.

    Jshock-GM: (( they look confused. Teewmo is
    throwing orders to no one in particular. Vale? ))

    • Mathus tries to turn a single spotlight on

    audible gasp from the throne room

    Suddenly, the celing in the throne room explodes!
    Vale: (( sorry ))
    Boba Fett:
    • Boba Fett jumps in, guns blazing
    Jshock-GM: (( Vale? ))
    Vale: (( It is dark yeah? I’m keeping low and scampering away ))
    Taliq: (( lol Mathus ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Scamper away. ))
    • Mathus has a spotlight on Teemo like a giant
      ole’ bullseye.

    Taliq: (( Nice exit strategy XD ))

    Jaana Raeth: (( plot immunity, set immortal flag
    to true… ))

    Taliq: (( HAHAHAHAHA ))

    Mathus: (( Does Mathus hear Teemo’s impotent
    screams of rage before he turns off the speakers? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( you can hear them from the
    room you’re in, Mathus. No coms needed ))

    Mathus: (( Nice. ))

    Vale: (( dodi Need to make a roll to see how
    far I get i nteh confusion? ))

    Mathus: ++Alright, we’re done here, let’s move for the dock!++
    Boba Fett:
    • Boba Fett starts tossing thermal detonators
      around as Vale runs for the hills..
    • Mathus finally bolts for the dock.

    Taliq: (( That’s how you GET SHIT DONE XD ))

    Lowurra: GROWWWWOWOOOWO (What is going on!?)
    Vale: (( the hills are alive the sound of Vaaaale ))
    Mathus: "Jabba’s mad."
    Jaana Raeth: * as the thermals shake the place, she idly comments to the alien warrior *
    "Yeah, time for a new line of work pal. DOn’t mind us so much."
    Taliq: + It didn’t take him long… +
    Mathus: +Your contact works fast, Taliq.+
    Jshock-GM: (( he ducked back in behind cover, btw ))
    Vale: "Ohkriohkriohkriohkri"
    Jshock-GM: (( as Vale heads up the stairs… ))
    Jaana Raeth: "So, Honwoo, how fast can you run?" * motions with rifle but back dow the hall, southerly
    • Honwoo is limping a bit but looks mobile enough
    41-VEX: ’Ohdearohdearohdear…"
    Taliq: + Move move move +
    Jaana Raeth: (( math, tell the poor droid his inventory can wait… ))
    41-VEX: ’Master? I fear I did not finish the tally you asked about…"
    Mathus: (( I think he’s addressing Vale. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( he is. ))
    Vale: "It’s okay! Come with me instead!"
    Vale: "I have more inventory!"
    41-VEX: ’Oh, all right…"
    Vale: (( minion and/or ‘meat’ shield ))
    Jshock-GM: (( where are you guys all headed, btw? ))
    Taliq: (( Yes XD ))
    Taliq: (( Um back out to the landing pad? Is there even a ship there? XD ))
    Vale: "Guys guys guys, there’s a crazy man throwing THERMAL DETS"
    Vale: (( COmm obviously ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( well, our group has to teach the workshop first… ))
    Jaana Raeth: ^ teach = reach
    Mathus: (( LANDING PAD! LANDING PAD! ))
    Jshock-GM: (( that’s fine, you all cinematically meet up at the same place somehow ))
    Vale: :3
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Taliq: (( AWAY from the bounty hunter with the thermal detonators :P ))
    you then realize the ship on the pad is a one man fighter…
    Vale: (( OOOOH ))
    Mathus: "…Ah crap."
    Jaana Raeth: "I thought you said the cargo transport would still be here for our exit strategy."
    Vale: "Guys, don’t freak out, but if you strap yourselves to the side, I might be able to get us out."
    Vale: "Or you could all die horribly, relaly not sure on this one."
    Taliq: … It doesn’t belong to that bounty hunter, does it?
    Mathus: "…I didn’t say that."
    the Lucky guess swoops in suddenly and lowers a rope!
    Mathus: (( Lucky Guess? ))
    Taliq: (( WOW we really owe those guys XD ))
    Mathus: (( The freighter we hitched a ride on? ))
    Vale: "After you my dears."
    Vale: (( talking to erryone including mathus :P ))
    • Taliq waves at the captain siblings, a
      massive grin of relief on her face

    Mathus: (( How fast can I disable that ion
    cannon? ))

    Orpa Vio: ++You people need to get up that rope NOW!++
    Taliq: "Honwoo first"
    Orpa Vio: (( no need – the gunner has fled ))
    Mathus: (( Fast enough I’ll be done before the others are up? ))
    Mathus: (( K. ))
    • Mathus goes up last.

  • Jaana Raeth rolls her eyes as she sees
    mathus giving the ion cannons a speculative look and jumps for the rope

  • you all fly out as teemo’s palace explodes…

  • Mathus breathes a sigh of relief.

  • Taliq: (( YEYEEESSSS!!! ))

    Taliq: (( WOOOOOO ))

    Mathus: "…Nice timing. We owe ya one."
    Taliq: (( f’in A XD ))
    Orpa Vio: "Don’t you know it.’
    Mathus: Although honestly, Vale gave us enough time for Jabba to get mad.
    • Mathus breathes a sigh of relief.

    Orpa Vio: (( final words before we fade to
    black here? ))

    Mathus: "If you’ll excuse me a moment, I’m going to open a comm channel to Duke Dimmock and explain why trade partnership was just cut short."
    Mathus: (( why his ))
    Vale: "good work everyone."
    Vale: "I ugh…Gonna be honest, might need to go to the refresher now…"
    • Mathus breathes a sigh of relief.

    Mathus: "…Don’t blame ya."
    Vale: (( Oh man, I should have stolen the one man fighter… BOBBA FETT OBLIGATION XDDD lulz ))
    Taliq: "Wex and Orpa… We owe you one!"
    Jaana Raeth: ""Yeah, what’s it goign to cost?"
    Taliq: "Vale… I wasn’t sure you were making it out of there."
    Vale: "Always the pragmatist Jaana."
    Mathus: "Yeah, what the hell were you pulling in there?
    Vale: "Oh I wans’t sure either. Good work on the lights."
    • Mathus nods.

    Taliq: (( XD ))

    Mathus: "Amazing what you come up with when you’re desperate."
    Wex Vio: "Don’t worry about the credits. We prefer to handle favors a bit more informally."
    Vale: "yeah…hence why I was even there…"
    Mathus: "Right. Now let’s go somewhere off-planet for drinks. I think we all need one."
    Wex Vio: "You’re buying!"
    Fade to credits!
    Xie: gg!!!
    Mathus: Yeah, man, what a final session.
    Vale: Awwwww awesome!
    Vale: Lots of fun guys!
    Wex Vio: (( that was nuts. ))
    Vale: Thanks for letting me join :)
    Mathus: Also, man, i gotta wonder just what was on those financial records to get Jabba to declare war within minutes.
    Wex Vio: (( I’m serious about the XP, too. That was ballsy ))
    Mathus: That was obscenely fast timing.
    Mathus: (( Very. Do we all get +10xp for finishing the mission on top of that? ))
    Xie: Hater’s gonna hate
    Vale: Oh neat!
    Xie: He earned it
    Wex Vio: (( yes, the standard 10 I’ve been giving you guys. Everybody ends up with 60 to play with, Vale ends up with 70. ))
    Vale: Ballsy indeed!
    Xie: Almost lost his character XD
    Vale: Shat meself sideways
    Vale: :3
    Mathus: Heh.
    Xie: And are we all spending the full +10 obligation for +10 XP? XD
    Vale: I legit thought I’d be making a new character for that :P
    Jshock-GM: (( my off the cuff failure was you were going to fight the gladiators with a vibroknife ))
    Mathus: Yeah, Vale. I think that bought us enough time for Jabba’s men to swoop in.
    Mathus: (( Heh. ))
    Mathus: Eh, I had an ace or two up my sleeve too.
    Mathus: I was hoping to use the bounty on Teemo to throw his men into rebellion.
    Jshock-GM: What did you have?
    Mathus: Well, that and shut off the lights.
    Mathus: Nothing like hearing your boss is suddenly going to be "crossed out" to make you reconsider loyalties.
    Vale: Haha nice
    Jshock-GM: OK. Here’s my question; you guys want to keep going with sort of mixed action/adventure stuff, or did you want to do something different? What do you want to see?
    Xie: I dunno, that campaign was pretty fun
    Mathus: The action/adventure was good, but I would honestly like a cooldown/wrapup session after that. Have some time to wrap up loose ends, find new threats to our existence, avenues for profit, etc.
    Xie: I admit I didn’t do so well at the part scene with all the intrigue and stuff, but if I adjusted my skills a little…
    Xie: *party
    Jshock-GM: I think springing your ship from Dimmock’s hive is a thing
    Xie: Right, yeah, we still have to do that XD
    Mathus: Yeah. Mathus has that data packet for Dimmock, though. That should show he never should’ve traded with the Hutt in the first place.
    Xie: And maybe in-character talk about what we’re going to do next, e.g. smuggling/bounty hunting :P
    Vale: Right so, I really enjoyed the action adventure, but I’m always keen for any sort of theme or campaign. I mean Vale has a spread of face and a bit of combat/pilot so I know I’ll fit in any direction we’ll head,
    Jshock-GM: We can assume squaring up with Ota / Nyn can go off camera, unless you really want to make something of it
    Mathus: Oh yeah, and Mathus’s perks are more suited for ship-to-ship combat.
    Mathus: Honestly, I thought it’d be a new obligation for us.
    Jshock-GM: Noted. Ship to ship stuff.
    Mathus: Maybe they need us to escort them for a run or something.
    Mathus: And IIRC, the Empire still wants our heads for evading their blockade of Tattoine, right?
    Mathus: They still think we might’ve had illegal droids.
    Jshock-GM: You guys have some party obligation, but it’s light; I think 10 from the imps since you’re still wanted for questioning (in general)
    Vale: Lol news to me, cuz IM guessing that’s start of campaign stuff?
    Mathus: Yep.
    Mathus: We escaped Tattoine at the same time they were looking for "those droids".
    Jshock-GM: Sorry, Vale; you hang with the criminals, you’re one of them
    Vale: XD
    Vale: Im okay with that
    Mathus: I’m certain we’re also on Jabba’s radar now, too.
    Vale: I meant I didn’t know we had imp stuff cuz I got involved on Ryloth
    Vale: Out of chracter that is
    Vale: in character he well and truly knows he’s shady :P
    Mathus: People crazy enough to steal information from a Hutt’s palace and succeed are valuable.
    Vale: We were only there for a bit, so who knows if we even blipped
    Vale: I mean Fett was tearing it sideways
    Mathus: Perhaps.
    Mathus: I’m sure he’ll ask Anatta who he got the info from, though.
    Jshock-GM: Mm, also true
    Vale: Didn’t think of that
    Vale: good call
    Mathus: Other than that, we’re in favor with Duke Piddock, the Twi’lek rebels, and the 2 info brokers.
    Mathus: We’re on Jabba’s radar.
    Xie: Yeah, but he’s not gonna hate us :P
    Jaana Raeth: math will hae to repgrom his droid pal…
    Xie: We helped him out, really
    Mathus: Being on a Hutt’s radar is dangerous in general.
    Xie: But yes, there is no good reason to be on a Hutt’s radar
    Jshock-GM: Alright, so I’ve got more of the same, but with some ship to ship from mathus. Anything else?
    Xie: Though maybe we can do some smuggling work for him
    Xie: That never hurt anyone :3
    Mathus: Well, some ship-to-ship and a bit of downtime for personal motivations, now that "survival" is no longer an urgent priority.
    Xie: So long as we don’t jettison our cargo at the first sign of an imperial presence OR ANYTHING STUPID LIKE THAT
    Xie: :P
    Jaana Raeth: ^ that ‘60 xp to play with’ is grand total right, not +60?
    Mathus: Yeah, grand total.
    Jshock-GM: yes, grand total
    Mathus: Drookie probably wants to run the Wookie blockade & maybe do something for the Black Sun artificer.
    Jshock-GM: good assumption
    Mathus: Janna & Taliq & Vale… not sure what they want to do.
    Vale: So we start from scratch, and then rebuild with that 60?
    Xie: Plus the base XP for whatever our species is, right? Doing a rebuild that is…
    Vale: just making sure :)
    Mathus: Mathus is probably looking for mechanical jobs himself.
    Jshock-GM: if he’s still making a face, he’ll probably want an emphasis on talky stuff
    Xie: lol
    Vale: I think I will build in mind waht I ahve done (for RP sake) and then shoot off into that sorta area of pilot/rogue, if Drek wants to be the dedicated face
    Vale: So I’ll be like an Off face :P
    Vale: An all rounder
    Jshock-GM: yes, start from scratch. Skills are split up (like in beta), and the current talent trees don’t match up with anything
    Vale: which I know how well works out in ROs :/ :P
    Vale: *RPs
    Vale: I BE JEDI
    Mathus: Ithink he was joking. :P
    Vale: lololollo
    Vale: Oh
    Vale: Ha I love the idea of a wookie diplomat
    Mathus: But yeah, a cooldown session for us to buy stuff & upgrade equipment would be nice.
    Jshock-GM: Also, i need to get in contact with my friend Evan. He said he was interested in playing
    Tygaran is disconnected.
    Xie says to the GMs: Yeah, I was gonna ask you about that
    Xie says to the GMs: Now that I’m looking at specializations ;)
    Vale: So we are logging in next week for the cooldown, or shall that be done over message board oooor what’s the deal with carpets, they’re not wood, and they’re not cielings etc
    Mathus: Session. Forum threads don’t go fast enough IMO.
    Xie says to the GMs: I was thinking of taking subtle stuff, as though she didn’t even know it was happening…
    Jshock-GM: I’m good if you guys want to get together next week
    Xie: Should happen a little faster now that JShock and I fixed email notification ;)
    Mathus: Yeah, I’m good for that.
    Vale: Yeah I’m good for that
    Jshock-GM: Messages on the forum should be an hour delay at worst
    Vale: Oh hey
    Vale: So when I first joined you put a post up
    Vale: questioning whether we wanted to vent
    Vale: do you think that’ll happen or anything like that?
    Vale: Xie and I skype while we play so it’s not like it’s a huge jump for me :)
    Jshock-GM: Oh, yeah; still need to look into that. What would you guys prefer; Vent or Skype?
    Jshock-GM: I think talking just goes a bit faster for stuff that doesn’t need chat
    Vale: I prefer skype but that’s becasue I ahve it already, but I’ve used vent too so when I say prefer, It’s more like "bullet to head, I don’t really care otherwise" deal
    Mathus: Vent myself.
    Vale: Skype also has better voice quality
    Xie: Potato potata
    Jshock-GM: I like Vent because of channels
    Vale: but vent is cool in general
    Vale: so whatevz :P
    Vale: Yeah the channels are good
    Xie: I even have a spare mumble server if ya’ll want to use that :P
    Jshock-GM: What’s mumble?
    Xie: It’s for our Minecraft server, but nobody ever uses it :P
    Vale: Pretty much another vent
    Xie: It’s just another VOIP client, but with a dedicated server
    Vale: WAIT
    Jshock-GM: Where’s the client software?
    Xie: Should be free to download
    Jshock-GM: 1.2.4?
    Vale: Mumble and vent are pretty much the same thing though
    Xie: Yeah, much of a muchness really
    Xie: Six and two threes
    Jshock-GM: Let me grab this real quick
    Vale: Lols totally in the mincraft server I didn’t kow existed, but apaprently did know because it’s in my favourites
    Xie: Y’all are also welcome to join our Minecraft server
    Jshock-GM: Ok, i’m installed
    Xie: :P
    Xie: IP and port, the server is called Fensgard, but you can call it whatever you want :P
    Mathus: Alright, logging off for the night. Later guys.
    Mathus: What a way to end things.
    Xie: ’night Jeff
    Xie: gg mate _
    Vale: Night man
    Vale: Was fun
    JeffG is disconnected.
    Jshock-GM: Audio got really choppy before you killed the server
    Xie is disconnected.
    Foxtrot is disconnected.

    Long Arm of the Hutt - Session 13

    Tales from the Outer Rim Jshock Xie