Long Arm of the Hutt - Session 10

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
Foxtrot has connected.
Foxtrot: Hey
Jshock-GM: Oh, hey
Foxtrot: I jsut randomly checked to see fi the server was up ha.
Jshock-GM: I was just getting ready to post about it
Foxtrot: I cleary have the powers of the wizardry.
Jshock-GM: Do you work after we game? 4 day weekend for me, so I don’t have to call it at Midnight tonight
Foxtrot: No, I wish I did! But alas I am an unemployed bum.
Foxtrot: The day I get a job is going to be great and not so great because it means I probably won’t be able to play at this time anymore.
Jshock-GM: Pfft. Unemployed =/= bum
Jshock-GM: Unless you in fact panhandle for loose change
Foxtrot: Haha no I do not.
Foxtrot: Last year I used to babysit my niece a lot, and my sister htrew money my way.
Foxtrot: But she moved back to home, at hte end of last year, and I don’t really ahve a great resume so it’s been tooooough. But lolwells, I get to play star woars :P
Jshock-GM: What do you know?
Jshock-GM: It’s been my experience that resumes are pretty meaningless
Foxtrot: Yeah, I jsut don’t have a work history to build upon really. Last meaningful job was 2009, then there wqas uni (which I didn’t finish), then my neice, and now eh. I’m not complaining, my own hole that I dug, just gotta keep looking till an opportunity arrises.
Jshock-GM: Mm.
Tygaran has connected.
Jshock-GM: Just don’t stop looking. It’s like rolling dice; eventually you hit a 20
Foxtrot: My current sorta working idea that I ahven’t given lots of weight to cuz it’s a scary idea and I can’t do it yet anyway, it to finish my degree (really close) and then go to Korea/Japan/Thailand and teach English because you just need a bachelors in anything.
Jshock-GM: That’s kind of scary. If it was my choice? Thailand
Foxtrot: Same
Foxtrot: Based solely on Thai being my favourite food :P
Jshock-GM: Japan is crazy expensive, Korea’s probably the same
Foxtrot: Nah Korea is cheaper.
Foxtrot: A friend (how I got this idea) did it.
Foxtrot: First Japan then Korea.
Foxtrot: Where I got the idea, he keped trying to get me to come voer and do it. But I kept never finishing my degree. Sonded relaly great though.
Foxtrot: So that’s a ‘back of the mind’ idea.
Jshock-GM: There’s always military too, right?
Foxtrot: Not for me. When I was younger I entertained those ideas, but not so much now. Also it would legtimiately take me over a year to get ready.
Foxtrot: Australian military is all best of the ebst silliness :P
Foxtrot: I assume my eyesite would hold me back.
Foxtrot: Eyesight lol
Jshock-GM: Yeah, maybe
Xie has connected.
Foxtrot: Hai
Xie: Hola!
Jshock-GM: Heya heya
Xie: Sorry I’m late
Jshock-GM: You’re not the latest
Xie: lol
Jshock-GM: I’m tempted to just start without Jeffg; he’s playing something on Steam
Foxtrot: Heresy!
Xie: Hahaha
Xie: DOTA2? :P
Tygaran: and the wookie is likely in China by now…
Xie: In China?! Whoa
Foxtrot: Joises
Jshock-GM: It’s annoying; he pounces right as I turn on Skype, asks when the server will be up, I tell him, I message him when the server is up, he ignores me
Xie: Hahahaha
Xie: I can see where Mathus gets it from :3
Foxtrot: Ha
JeffG has connected.
Foxtrot: Ello
Xie: Hola! _
Mathus: ’Lo.
Mathus: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Destiny check!
Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat

Light Side : 0 / Dark Side: 1
Jshock-GM: Alright; we’re probably wookiee free until the end of the adventure. Do any of you guys want to run him, or should I just NPC him?
Jshock-GM: He did say he was gone for the whole month, right?
Foxtrot: I don’t remember personally
Mathus: More or less, sounded like.
Xie: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Duct tape check!
Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat

Light Side : 0 / Dark Side: 1
Tygaran: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a maybe light this time check!
Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat

Light Side : 0 / Dark Side: 1
Tygaran: * sigh *
Xie: Oh boi…
Vale: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Use the salad fork check!
Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat

Light Side : 0 / Dark Side: 1
Jaana Raeth: Did Teemo the Hutt hide a Sith among us??
Vale: 0.0
Xie: RIGGED!!!
Jshock-GM: Let me try…
Jshock-GM: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Drookie check!
Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat

Light Side : 0 / Dark Side: 1
Vale: Same result as last week :P
Xie: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a These things are loaded… check!
Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat

Light Side : 4 / Dark Side: 3
Xie: … :P
Jshock-GM: Ok, no change to destiny… I will just have to spend some on some rolls…
Mathus: Let’s see… what modifications did people add to their weapons again?
Jshock-GM: Oh, good point
Mathus: Might have a chance later to tweak them, I’d like to know what I have to work with.
Vale: I didn’t get any modifications done.
Mathus: I know Janna got a Scope. Did Taliq get anything?
Jshock-GM: I think Taliq got something, but I can’t remember what
Xie: Um… was Taliq getting the sling thing maybe?
Xie: I can’t remember TBH XD
Mathus: Forearm Grip, I think.
Xie: Yes! That’s the one _
Mathus: Yeah. I figure you’ll want an Accuracy attachment for that first.
Mathus: That’ll give you a boost to all shots with it.
Xie: Put a pistol grip on it so I can fire it with one hand like a badass
Jshock-GM: Forearm grip lowered the difficulty for firing while engaged?
Mathus: Yeah.
Xie: Accuracy would probably be better
Xie: Or a bayonett so that I can stab people when engaged :3
Xie: Actually I don’t have any brawn or anything
Xie: Let me take a look at the mods
Mathus: There’s just +1 Accuracy and +1 Snapshot.
Jshock-GM: Alright; any modding will have to come after the party, but that will wrap up shortly. for now… RECAP (ap, ap, ap)…


When we last lefth the crew, They were on GEONOSIS,
attending a social gatering hosted by the arms dealer DUKE
PIDDOCK, on behalf of the Bothan information broker OTA.

a few setbacks, thwe party continued to go quite smoothly.
LOWURRA was approached by a beautiful and elegand woman
from CORUSCANT named MARu JAKKAR, who claimed to be an
antiques dealer. While speaking with her further, the
wookiee noticed her signet ring, bearing the symbol of the

MATHUS was approached by the
Toydarian ANATTA, who quite plainly wanted to broker his
information on the party guests for credits! After getting
nowhere with the technician, the Toydarian took a
different approach; he moved on to speak with TALIQ, who
was much more receptive to the idea.

the group entered negotiations with PIDDOCK. The Geonosian
duke began by demonstrating his wares: a new line of
blaster weapons. Between MATHUS’s observations and TALIQ’s
hands on examination, it was determined that they were
capable of more grievous injuries than normal. A bit of
technical advice from MATHUS opened the door for lowering
the purchase price on the weapons. After the
demonstration, the crew questioned PIDDOCK about the
missing drone, SIVOR; after putting together the pieces,
it was determined that the drone was abducted – and
executed in the arena – by the malevolent TEEMO THE HUTT>

us watch as the festivities come to a close…

Xie: You can add a camera to your gun? :P
Mathus: Multioptic Sight provides a +2 Perception bonus.
Mathus: It’s like binoculars that shoot bullets.
the party had just finished negotiations with Duke Piddock…
Jshock-GM: (( Xie, did you want to retroactively finish the conversation with Anatta? ))
Xie: (( I forget what I was even going to ask him ))
Xie: (( :P ))
  • Vale gets up and bows.

Xie: (( Maybe I just got his business card
or something? ))

Mathus: (( Business card works. Gives us time to
huddle & prep. ))

Jshock-GM: (( OK, I guess that’s fine. You
trade com frequencies ))


OK I got one!

  • Jshock-GM waits patiently

  • Xie:

    Ask him for some juicy dirt on Teemo


    Happy to pay the top price, 100
    credits or whatever it was


    Something taht might, for example,
    convince one of Teemo’s trading partners to not do trade with him
    anymore? :P


    (e.g. Dimmock XD)

    Mathus: Mm, that works.
    Anatta: "Ahhh, going right for de gusto… I happen to know a few things about that one…"
    Taliq: "I’ve never been one for appetizers… I like to get straight to the juicy stuff."
    Anatta: "Sell it cheap, for a pretty one like you, too. Only 60 credits, and you didn’t hear it from me."
    Taliq: "Make it 70, and I never even asked."
    Anatta: "I like the way you do business. You hear of Jabba de Hutt, I assume?"
    Taliq: (( I don’t know if you’re supposed to tip information brokers on Geonosis, but it’s always better safe than sorry :P ))
    Taliq: "I know of him, yes…"
    Taliq: (( I assume XD ))
    Anatta: "Teemo is from a branch of Jabba’s clan. Something prehaps you do not know: Junior members are supposed to kick a percentage of their takes up de ladder."
    • Taliq raises an eyebrow

    Taliq: "I’ll admit I did not know that…"
    Taliq: "… supposed to?"
    Anatta: "Word is… Teemo is getting ambitious. Perhaps TOO ambitious. Maybe he hasn’t been sending along ALL that he should, if you catch my meaning."
    Taliq: "I do… And I’d hate to see what happens to the guy that owes Jabba money."
    Anatta: ’Mmm hmm. I see that you do catch my meaning. Completely."
    • Taliq slaps 75 credits on the table

    Taliq: "Buy yourself a drink sometime, on me"
    • Anatta widens his already large grin
    Taliq: "Or better yet, buy one for me next time we’re in the same town!"
    Taliq: (( OK that was totally worth it XD ))
    Anatta: "…You are with Ota, yes? How long have you known him?"
    Taliq: "It’s just a job. Not long."
    • Anatta nods to himself
    Taliq: "Why?"
    • Taliq narrows her eyes

    Anatta: ’You a good keed, and you pay me extra… so I give you a bit of advice. Watch that one."
    Taliq: (( BTW did I have 75 credits? I can’ t find any in my gear :P ))
    Taliq: (( Oh it’s alright it’s on my character sheet ))
    Jshock-GM: (( everyone had 500 before you kicked most of it down to the spaceport official… snicker ))
    Mathus: (( We got 800 credits each for the last mission, too. I hope you haven’t spent it all… ))
    Taliq: (( Depends if this is an open bar or not :P ))
    Vale: (( Lol didn’t know we got that money ))
    Jshock-GM: (( oh, it’s open bar. Piddock knows how to throw down the bling. ))
    Vale: (( all I know is that my character sheet says 400 ))
    Mathus: (( We got an extra 400 from "real estate". ))
    Taliq: "Well thanks for the advice.. Though I don’t expect it to be a lasting relationship."
    Anatta: "Smart. Don’t get me wrong; he’s not a killer. Just… watch your back arount heem."
    Taliq: "I always do!"
    Taliq: "Well, it’s been a pleasure Anatta. Here’s hoping we bump into each other again soon!"
    • Taliq toasts and downs her drink

    • Anatta checks hs com, warbling
    Taliq: "Now if you’ll excuse me, I should get back to work…"
    • Taliq winks

    Taliq: (( In a friendly way, not a suss way :P

    Anatta: "Need to get going – my ride is here myself. See you around sometime."
    • Anatta flutters out of the palace
    Taliq: (( well that was a fruitful snap decision XD ))
    Mathus: (( Heh. ))
    Mathus: (( Hmm… can Mathus spend a few more minutes discussing mechanics with Duke Piddock? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( sure ))
    Mathus: (( Hmm… does that impress him further? Or give Mathus some interesting insight on something? ))
    Duke Piddock:
    • Duke Piddock seems neither more or less
    Duke Piddock: (This technical banter is enlightening. But getting back to business; how many units did you want to purchase?)
    Taliq: (( Can’t we only buy 3 guns? XD ))
    Jaana Raeth: "So? Have we done our social duty? Can we get out of ehre now? This is really not my preferred environment."
    Jshock-GM: (( you can buy as many as you have cash on hand for ))
    Taliq: (( How much cash did Ota give us again? And how much are the guns? ))
    Mathus: (( I think we had 3000 credits to buy guns for the rebels, right? And how much are the guns with the 10% discount we got? ))
    Taliq: (( OMG if I have +800 credits, can I afford a carbine for myself?! :D ))
    Vale: (( WOokie rightfully talked about investments, future deals etc, I remember that. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you have 3k for Nyn’s, plus your own… let me check my notes on the final cost per… ))
    Taliq: (( Our wookiee negotiator is the best XD ))
    Jshock-GM: Duke Piddock: (Hm Our base price per unit is pistols for 1100 per, carbines for 1300 per, rifles for 1500… but…) Taliq: ++ Ask him if he’ll throw in an extra one for me! ++ * Taliq grins at the box and throws everyone a thumbs up Vale: "This could be the start of a very lovely relationship." Duke Piddock: (Since your technician gave us that information about the power converters… I can knock 10% off that price. 990, 1170, 1350. How does that sound?)
    Jshock-GM: (( so 990 hvy blaster pistol, 1170 Carbine, 1350 Rifle ))
    Taliq: (( OMG I BUY A CARBINE FOR ME!!!! ))
    Taliq: (( Assuming my math checks out… 400 + 800 – 75 =…. 1125 DAMNIT XD) ))
    Jshock-GM: (( that’s enough for a pistol ))
    Mathus: (( Hmm… ))
    Taliq: (( I DON’T WANT A PISTOL XD ))
    Mathus: "I’ll chip in."
    • Mathus glances at Taliq.

  • Taliq glances back

  • Taliq: "I’ll pay you back…"
    • Mathus nods.

    Mathus: "Giving you a better makes my chances of surviving higher, too."
    Mathus: (( a better gun ))
    Taliq: (( lol ))
    Vale: (( Ooookay but Ryloth. ))
    Mathus: (( Ryloth? ))
    Taliq: (( What do we buy for Ryloth :P ))
    Vale: (( we have 3000 for the effort ))
    Taliq: "We’ll take 3 units!"
    Mathus: (( Hmmm… we can either buy 3 pistols, or 3 carbines if we chip in some of our own money. ))
    Vale: "I’m not sure that’s what they had in mind when they sent us to negotiatiate arms.
    Taliq: "Well we can purchase one of each, as samples…"
    Taliq: "And if they want more, that can be arranged, once the funds have been arranged…"
    Mathus: "Will we be chipping in the extra cash needed, though?"
    Taliq: (( Yeah, we’re getting 3 guns, but I’m keeping the carbine :3 ))
    Jaana Raeth: "Couldn’t we just call our contact on Ryloth??"
    Duke Piddock:
    • Duke Piddock watches the conversation like a
      spectator at a tennis match
    Jaana Raeth: (( tyg unfamiliar with in game holonet calls or whatever… ))
    Vale: "Oh yeah…"
    Taliq: (( We’re professional arms dealers, honest XD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( bathroom break – you guys sort it out ))
    Taliq: (( Yeah we use those holograph phone thingies XD ))
    Taliq: (( I’m happy to just buy them a couple of guns, but if you want to consult Ota we can :P ))
    Mathus: (( Actually, he gave us an item that would let us contact him. ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( who said Ota? the guns running is a COVER in a cover… if we’re REALLY guying weapons, contact that twi’lek friedn of Vales… ))
    Mathus: (( Mm, true. Would Vale have her phone number? ))
    Taliq: (( I don’t care, so long as I get one XD ))
    Taliq: (( I mean, do we really care how well we arm those dissidents? :P ))
    Taliq: (( Doesn’t matter how many guns we get them, they’re all dead anyway ))
    Taliq: (( jk :3 ))
    Jshock-GM: (( and Taliq takes another step towards the dark side for abandonig her race ))
    Vale: (( XD ))
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Vale: (( well I care, it’s like my job n shiz ))
    Mathus: (( So, can Vale contact Mrs. Twi’lek and bum more money off her? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Umm, sure… you can route through the Krayt Fang’s comms, that’s basically how you’re getting a hold of Ota… ))
    Vale: (( I…do that? ))
    Taliq: (( apparently we’re not contacting Ota, we’re calling Vale’s boss and asking her what guns she wants ))
    Vale: RING RING "So, how much of the goods do want?"
    Nyn: (Groans over the Com) "…do you know what time it is…?"
    Mathus: "…Gun time?"
    Vale: "My appologies. Er, I’l make this brief then."
    Mathus: (( You know, Mathus & Vale would make a good Moe & Curly. Now which of the women’s Larry? ))
    Vale: "I was told to call…you know what nevermind. We’ll handle this."
    Taliq: (( I’m Groucho ))
    Vale: (( I am legitimately confused as to what is happening. LET’S GO KILL TEEMO MURDERHOBO AWAY! :P ))
    Nyn: "…right… zzz…" click
    Vale: "We’ll take a Carbine and a pistol, and we’ll get in contact with you as to how to proceed with a greater shipment."
    Vale: (( to Piddock ))
    • Mathus sighs, fishes out a 150 credits.

    Taliq: "And I’ll take an additional carbine!"
    Vale: "Actually, we’ll take all three." (I’ll cover the rest with my money
    Mathus: "Here, make it 2 pistols and a carbine."
    Mathus: "…That works."
    Mathus: "How much do you need to cover the carbine?"
    • Mathus glances at Taliq.

    Taliq: "I only need 50 credits from you Mathus."
    Taliq: (( We’re so professional XD ))
    Vale: (( just to be clear that’s one unit each for RYoth, and I believe Taliq is getting a carbine as well? ))
    Taliq: (( Right, I’m buying mine on a seperate reciept, for tax reasons ))
    Vale: (( Goddamn it :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Bounty hunter. She can totally write that off ))
    • Mathus nods, tosses her 50 credits.

    Taliq: (( Exactly XD ))

    Duke Piddock: (Excellent. I will arrange for delivery of the samples to your ship immediately. Now if you will excuse me, I have some business to attend to. Feel free to enjoy yourselves.)
    Vale: "Very good, thank you for you time."
    Vale: (( pretty sure I am broke now :P ))
    Duke Piddock:
    • Duke Piddock leaves to attend to something
    Taliq: (( I updated mah character sheet, I have 5 credits XD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( anything else anyone wants to take care of? ))
    Taliq: (( We did get 800 credits from that last mission, right? ))
    Mathus: (( I think we’ve scared off everyone else, right? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yeah ))
    Mathus: (( Yeah, we did. 400 credits each from the safe, 400 credits from real estate. ))
    Taliq: (( But no, Taliq is happy with her new gun :D ))
    Gear, Equipment and Other Items
    Stimpacks (1) Use a maneuver to heal 4 wounds to a non-droid. Consumed on use.
    Emergency Repair Kit (1) Use a maneuver to heal 4 wounds to a droid. Consumed on use.
    Extra Reload (Heavy Blaster Pistol) Can use to replace an empty heavy blaster pistol power pack.
    Tool Kit Allows you to repair mechanical devices and ‘heal’ droids with the Mechanics skill.
    Comlink Communicate with other characters who own a comlink.
    Datapad Handheld computer; access other computer systems.
    Reinforced overalls Soak 1 (already included in soak value).
    Credits 900
    Taliq owes me 50 credits.
    Jshock-GM: (( that’s as your carbine, but it crits with 2 advantage… but has no fore grip… ))
    Gear, Equipment and Other Items
    Stimpacks (2) Use a maneuver to heal 4 wounds to a non-droid. Consumed on use.
    Comlink Communicate with other characters who own a comlink.
    Binders (2) Binds prisoners’ hands.
    Datapad Handheld computer; accesses computer systems.
    Padded armor Soak 2 (already included in soak value).
    Some glow rods Good for raves
    Clump of Ageden crystals
    Credits 5
    Debts 50 cr owed to Mathus
    Mathus: (( Can I transfer the fore grip over to it? ))
    Taliq: (( I don’t need no fore grip! ))
    Taliq: (( BLAM ))
    Jshock-GM: (( presumably. Give me a sec for some descriptive stuff, than I’ll pop the beta ))
    Mathus: (( Mhm. ))
    Weapon Skill Range Dmg Dice
    Blaster Carbine R (Hvy) Med 9
    • You deal 9 dmg on a hit, +1 dmg for each rolled.
    • +1 damage at Short or Point Blank range
    • Inflict a critical injury on a hit for .
    Weapon Skill Range Dmg Dice
    Piddock Carbine R (Hvy) Med 9
    • You deal 9 dmg on a hit, +1 dmg for each rolled.
    • +1 damage at Short or Point Blank range
    • Inflict a critical injury on a hit for .
    The party eventually winds to a close; the band packs up and leaves, and the remaining guests head for their sleeping quarters and ships. You are eventually escorted to your rooms.
    Vale: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy yawn
    • Taliq sleeps with one eye open

    Vale: "Are we breaking for the night, or is there nightcaps happening?"
    Mathus: "…Nightcaps?"
    Jshock-GM: (( yeah, I don’t see why it couldn’t be swapped; makes sense you can do the same with real acessories ))
    Vale: "Drinks."
    Vale: "A tipple!"
    Taliq: "I’ll share a jigger or two with you!"
    around an hour after the party ends, the com Ota gave you warbles…
    Jaana Raeth: "You going to get that, Vale?"
    • Mathus answers.

    Vale: "Yes"
    Vale: "No."
    Jshock-GM: Weep weep… weep weep…
    Taliq: (( I think that means Mathus answered it? :P ))
    • Mathus opens it.

    Jshock-GM: (( oh, sorry ))

    Mathus: "Hello?:"
    Ota: "Mathus? Greetings. How was the party? Did everything go all right?"
    • Taliq looks on curiously, sipping Naboobian

    Jshock-GM: (( and juice? LAID BACK ))

    Jaana Raeth: "I guess," she answers from nerby. "We learned Teemo is skimming from Jabba…"
    Ota: "Really? Are you serious?"
    Taliq: (( No you didn’t. I did :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you’re not sharing? ))
    Taliq: (( Not yet, because apparently I also didn’t share that Ota isn’t to be trusted? :P ))
    Mathus: "Decent. A few snags, but we got a couple guns at a discount. Superior to the standard fare, too."
    Ota: ’That’s… that’s good to hear. Find any good dirt?"
    Mathus: "Got a pistol, carbine, and a rifle with improved piercing capabilities."
    Taliq: (( … ah, I take it back. Taliq would’ve totally mentioned the Jabba thing to the guys over the nightcaps ))
    Taliq: (( I just wasn’t sure if we should share that with Ota, and wanted to talk it out, but go ahead :P ))
    Mathus: (( Did Taliq also mention Ota’s not to be trusted? ))
    Taliq: (( Absolutely ))
    Taliq: (( Well, would’ve passed on the warning, but she wouldn’t give away the source of either pieces of intel ))
    Mathus: (( Hmm… ))
    Mathus: "Was it who I think it is?"
    • Mathus glances at Taliq.

    Vale: "We just need to get at Teemo now. End this nonsense."
    Taliq: "We need evidence, not heresay. Got any ideas?"
    Vale: "We get evidence, Jabba will do the dirty work for us."
    • Mathus frowns.

    Ota: ’Well, let me fill you in on what I know."
    Vale: "Please do."
    Ota: "There’s a ship berthed on gantry AA7 at Trelik hive, due to ship cargo at sundown to Teemo’s palace. Should negotiations go well with Dimmock tomorrow, he may just overlook some last minute cargo… namely, you."
    Taliq: "Sounds like a plan. We need to make sure negotiations go well then."
    Ota: "The ship is due to arrive on Tatooine late morning. If you can get into the palace, find some hard evidence that Teemo is double crossing Jabba? I could pass that information along, let Jabba take care of the rest."
    Vale: "Sounds like a plan, gang?"
    • Mathus nods.

    Mathus: "We did find out some other info, too. It seems Teemo’s been showing interest in rebuilding the droids from the Separation Wars."
    Mathus: "He might be trying to build his own little private robotic army."
    Taliq: "I know that palace like the back of my hand, we can get in and out pretty easily."
    Ota: "Really… Show that to Dimmock. Could push him over the fence, make him cut ties with Teemo."
    Vale: "So what exactly are we negotiating with Dimmock? I want to get our objectives straight."
    Mathus: "You sure? Because it sounds like Teemo’s paying Dimmock to give him information on it. We also found out one of Teemo’s men kidnapped a drone of Lord Piddock’s, but… not sure how much that’ll help us."
    Mathus: "Presumably to die in the arena. Or help him build the drones. Piddock made a reference to Teemo being allied with ‘bugeaters’."
    Ota: ’Dimmock is currently working with Teemo. You want him to look the other way so you can get on that ship. I’m pretty sure I can get a hold of the captains, get them to play along, but you’re going to need Dimmock’s help too."
    Mathus: "Uh… captains? Brother and sister?"
    Taliq: "Should we try to turn him against Teemo to acquire his aid, or just grease his palms?"
    • Taliq ’s eyes go wide and she looks sidelong
      at Mathus

    Ota: "Yes…" pause Orta and Vio Wex. Sounds like they were at the party; you happen to meet them?"
    Taliq: "We did bump into them, yes…"
    Taliq: "If you speak to them, you may need to know that… uh…"
    Taliq: "… I made a joke, and I think they may have taken it in poor taste?"
    Mathus: "We told them we killed Trex."
    • Taliq grins nervously

    Ota: long pause
    Ota: "When you say ’we told them we killed Trex’, what <u>exactly</u> do you mean by that?"
    Jaana Raeth: "You didn’t… And just how was that supposed to come off as a joke? Exactly how did you phrase it?""
    • Taliq pauses, thinking

    Taliq: "Well they said our ship looked a lot like Trex’s…"
    Taliq: "So I said… "We murdered him and stole it.""
    Ota: longer pause
    Taliq: "Obviously I was joking, because we didn’t "murder" him… it was self defense!"
    • Taliq looks hopefully at Jaana

    Mathus: "Well, we stole it then we murdered him. We tried to spare him at first!"
    • Mathus sighs and frowns.

    you think you hear a palm hitting a face over the com

    Mathus: "We should’ve fed him into the turbines."
    Vale: "I quit. I’m going to to be a dirt farmer like my pa!"
    Vale: (( ooc obviously :P ))
    • Jaana Raeth facepalms

    Vale: (( or rather IC but a joke I mean to
    say :P

    Mathus: "They know their ships and we are poor liars."
    • Taliq sighs

    Jaana Raeth: "Technically, we did NOT murder him. It was self defense all around. In both instances."
    Taliq: "Yeah, that’s pretty much it"
    Ota: "So, what your telling me… is that I have to convince your ride… that you’re not pirates and mass murderers."
    Mathus: "Uh, no, it quit being self-defense when he decided it was easier to kill us and take the part rather than barter for it."
    Vale: "Looks like it."
    • Taliq pleads the fifth

    Jaana Raeth: "So why didn’t you say he tried to kill you and you took the ship as compensation?"
    Ota: ’I need to get to work. Just… just get to Trellik hive in the morning… Ota out."
    Mathus: "I think they quit listening to the details once the shock set in."
    Taliq: "… because then it wouldn’t have been a very good joke."
    Taliq: (( He has his work cut out for him XD ))
    Vale: "So. There’s that."
    Mathus: (( The switch between hardcore mercenaries & Three Stooges is whiplashing. ))
    Taliq: "…….. so….."
    Mathus: "Note for the future: repaint the ship."
    Taliq: "Sorry Jaana… It did seem like a good idea at the time, I swear…."
    • Mathus shrugs.

    Taliq: :/
    Mathus: "Oto doesn’t have to tell exactly who we are or what we’ve done. Worse comes to worse, we can explain ourselves when they draw blasters on us."
    Mathus: "They should know Teemo is a horrible boss."
    Taliq: "Well if we can get evidence of him skimping on Jabba, he won’t be anybody’s boss anymore."
    Jaana Raeth: "I’m getting out of this dress an bck into my survival gear…" * heads to her own room *
    Vale: "Do whgat’s the direction we’re going to go with for Dimmock? Getting him to look the other way?"
    Jshock-GM: (( if you’re finished, I’ll transition the scene ))
    Vale: (( sure ))
    Mathus: "I think we’d be better off trying to convince him working for Teemo is a losing prospect."
    Taliq: (( brb ))
    Vale: "Right."
    Mathus: "And unless someone takes Teemo down, he’s taking Dimmock with him."
    Mathus: "I honestly don’t know. My specialty’s mechanics and hacking. Perhaps we should see what else we can learn when we head there and then improvise?"
    Vale: "we could go self fulfilling prophecy. Tel lhim that within the week, Teemo will be dead, and it would be best to cut ties. He cuts ties, we get our in with Jabba after we get the info, Teemo is dead within the week.
    Taliq: (( back ))
    Vale: "Which is a ridiculous idea, but the best one I’ve got…
    in the morning, when you board, you find weapon cases in the forward loading dock containing the new guns. the journey to Trellik hive is uneventful; when you land, an escort is ready to take you to see Duke Dimmock,
    Vale: "Oh what a beautiful moooorning, oh what a beautiful daaaay."
    • Taliq busts out her new gun with pride

    Taliq: "Thanks Mathus, I owe you one!"
    Mathus: (( Hmm, can Mathus spend some time that night looking over the network for news on potential Teemo/Dimmock dealings? ))
    • Mathus nods at Taliq.

    Jshock-GM: (( if you want ))

    Mathus: (( Okay. What difficulty Computers check
    is that? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( I think I called it Hard last
    time (3d) ))

    Jshock-GM: (( I’ll actually raise t he
    stakes ))

    The Dark Side:
    Jshock-GM: (( so make that 2d, 1c ))
    Mathus: (( Okay. ))
    Mathus: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Computers check!
    Successes:  None  /  Advantage: 3
    Mathus: (( Argh, no successes, but 3 Advantage. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( hmmm… nothing solid. You do find some mention that Dimmock is selling old droid parts to outside investors. ))
    Jaana Raeth: * is in normal attire once again *
    • Vale quite likes his fancy digs, and has had
      them washed and pressed.

    Jaana Raeth: "Malthus.. why are there bags under your eyes? Were you up all night at the vid feeds?"
    The Force:
    • Mathus yawns.


    "Gang, I think I’m going with using
    existing knowledge to get Dimmock to distance himself. Pherpas we
    say that Teemo’s large sourcing of droid parts has brought
    unwanted attention and now there are seveal parties itnerested in
    his operations. That might be the seed we need to grow something
    to get them apart. He can’t proce or disprove it, and it’s quite

    Mathus: "Yeah… trying to dig up more dirt on Teemo and Dimmock. Nothing new…"
    • Mathus sighs.

    Vale: "Half truths etc"
    • Mathus nods at Vale.

    Vale: "I’m not exactly lying, we’re the party, and there are droid parts."
    Jshock-GM: (( alright. There are guards waiting patiently at your loading ramp. You disembarking? ))
    Mathus: "I can keep looking for other clues. Maybe we’ll stumble onto something else we can use…"
    • Mathus is ready to disembark.

    Taliq: "You’re looking more comfortable this morning, Jaana. Though it as a good look for you."
    Taliq: "Not a bad idea Vale, I say give it a go!"
    Jshock-GM: (( the guards lead you down a dim passageway, lined with other guards standing at unflinching attention. They lead you into a wide hall and present themselves before a throne, upon which is seated a regal Geonosian. ))
    • Vale checks his blasters, dusts his
      shoulders and is good to go.

    Vale: (( Oops no blasters ))

    Vale: (( that’d be dumb of me ))

    To your eyes, Duke Dimmock looks no different than Duke Piddock
    did; perhaps his gold bangles are more numerous, and maybe his carapace
    is slightly more pitted.

  • Vale bows low.

  • Duke Dimmock:
    • Duke Dimmock looks you up and down with a
      supercilious expression
    • Taliq left her weapons behind also, aside
      from Mathus’ holdout that’s still in a special place…

    Vale: (( should really have researched
    Geonosian ettiquette first :P

  • Taliq bows low also, folowing Vale’s lead

  • Vale: "Greeting Duke Dimmock."
    Vale: "It is an honour to be able to meet with you."
    • Mathus just stands in the back silently,
      waiting for an opportune moment to mention something… if anything
      comes up.

    Duke Dimmock: (I have little desire to undermine my own business arrangements, but I owe our mutual friend Ota quite a bit of gratitude. I am therefore willing to hear you out, as you apparently have some sort of grievance against an associate of mine. Be quick about it, though; don’t waste my time."
    Vale: ’Of course. We would not dare to. We bring information that Teemo has been attracting a lot of attention with some deals to do with a droid force. I fear his time is not long for this world, and I must confess, we bring you this information so that in future you may look kindly upon us. We are but humble workers, and must unvest in our future prospects. I believe we could become firm friends.
    Mathus: (( Hmmm… how would most Geonosian nobles feel about working with someone that doesn’t pay their superior their proper dues? ))
    Taliq: (( I think we should let our face do the talking on this one :P ))
    Vale: (( I think our face is in over his head :P ))
    Duke Dimmock: (Go on…)
    Jshock-GM: (( Mathus, Knowledge check for you ))
    Vale: "I would suggest you break ties with him now, so that any implications, however absurd they might be, would not fall on such a great Duke as yourself.
    Jshock-GM: (( Call it 3d, since you really didn’t research this or anything ))
    Mathus: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Knowledge check!
    Successes:  None  /  Threat: 1
    Mathus: (( Argh. ))
    Jaana Raeth: "Evidence suggests Teemo is making a move within the Hutt Cartel.. te droids, kidnapping scientists then know them well, disdain his rightful tribute to Jabba. At the very least, you will wish to obtain solid information as to Teemo’s intensions. You would not want to be caught up in what passes for Hutt politics."
    Jshock-GM: (( Vale, Charm (2d) for smooth talking ))
    • Jaana Raeth speaks bluntly as she has no
      social skills :P

    Vale: (( Can I pop our one and only light
    side? or should we save it? ))

    Taliq: (( We have a destiny point? :P

    Jshock-GM: (( I poped one on a roll out of
    mercy ))

    Vale: (( Just cuz this seems improtant,
    buuuuut we only ahve one ))

    Vale: (( if no one objects I’m doing it :P

    Jaana Raeth: (( feel free ))

    Vale: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a K go! check!
    Successes:  None  /  No Advantage or Threat
    Triumph: 1
    Jshock-GM: (( woah – first impressions. ))
    Mathus: (( Erhuh, no successes but we still got a triumph. How does that work? ))
    Taliq: (( hey we needed that XD ))
    Taliq: (( Triumphs count as a success, don’t they? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( hmm – I’ll have to check that. Triumph should count as success. ))
    Mathus: (( It does. But it’s 2 successes & a triumph vs 3 failures. ))
    Taliq: (( Oh they do… but there are 3 failures from tha roll :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( ah, good catch ))
    Vale: (( the Triumph counts, but the success portion does not? ))
    Mathus: (( I dunno, skimming the rulebook now to look it up. ))
    Taliq: (( Does he fail the check, but still gain the triumph effect? ))
    Mathus: (( Alright, pg.20 of the rulebook says Triumph does not automatically mean a successful skill check. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Yes, that’s what i thought ))
    Mathus: (( I think that’s the right ruling, Taliq. In such cases, it says to treat it like a superpowered advantage. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK; here’s what happens. VAle comes off as a little pompous… but the duke does not seem offended. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( perhaps it was expected. ))
    Vale: (( I’m a pilot, I’m new to this smooth talkin’ thing :P ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( vale can follow up on jaana’s comments, offering our services to investigate the truth in Teemo’s actions.. keeps his hands clean ))
    Taliq: (( It works _ ))
    Duke Dimmock: (Hutt politics is not my concern, hu-man. Trellik hive is mighty, and our defenses impenatrable.)
    Taliq: (( If he only helps us out by getting us there! :D ))
    Vale: "My fine friend here has the right of it though. As mighty as your defences may be, perhaps the operations you ahe cast out into the galaxy may not be?"
    Vale: (( *have :P ))
    Duke Dimmock:
    • Duke Dimmock narrows his eyes
    Vale: "Perhaps you ahve had to rely on mercenaries and non-geonosians, and there is weakness there."
    Duke Dimmock: (You have given me no reason why I should not do business with my associate – a profitable busines, I might add. Do you have any more claims?)
    • Vale looks to his comrades.

    Taliq: "We could investigate for you, find evidence so that you can know for sure. Obviously you could deny any involvement with us, there’d be no risk to you."
    Vale: (( changing tact, going risky ))
    Vale: (( or waiting :P ))
    • Mathus ponders a moment, thinking.

    Jaana Raeth: "We are’t askign you to stop, just to have plausibly deniability while we sneak in and investigate Teemo. It always good to have the most recent information for good business, right?"
    • Vale stance changes to one of assertion
      rather than one of being passive as he has been.

    Taliq: (( Can Jaana and I make a combined
    check? ))

    Taliq: (( Oh, neither of us have ranks in
    charm or negotiate, LOL ))

    Vale: (( got a super risky (possible) ace up
    the sleeve if nothing works but I don’t want to do it jsut yet ))

    Jaana Raeth: (( nope.. 2 presence… ))

    Jshock-GM: (( sure – one of you leads, the
    other gives a boost ))

    Taliq: (( Well I have a slightly better
    roll… 3g instead of 2 :P

    Taliq: (( What’s the difficulty? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( 2d ))

    Mathus: (( Hmm, remind me, do we have any idea
    how long Piddock’s been working for Teemo? ))

    Taliq: <!—input(“.|”+dbArgs+"|args|LABEL|SPAN=TRUE")—> makes a Let us snoop on your boss check!
    Successes:  1  /  No Advantage or Threat
    Jshock-GM: (( not really ))
    Taliq: (( That was you Jaana XD ))
    Duke Dimmock: (Ah, the hu-man female gets to the crux of the matter. You have not yet given me one reson why I should go around behind my partner’s back…)
    Duke Dimmock:
    • Duke Dimmock is getting progressivley more
    Taliq: "Well you don’t have to… We’ll do it for you, and your hands will remain clean."
    • Mathus ahems, steps forward a bit, glances
      at the rest of the group.

    Mathus: "Mind if I…?"
    • Taliq glances cautiously at Mathus

  • Vale looks alarmed but quickly composes

  • Duke Dimmock:
    • Duke Dimmock nods at the approaching tech
    Duke Dimmock: (Speak!)
    Mathus: "Lucrative business selling droid parts to him, right? Has he asked anything else of you yet? What do you think he plans to use them for?"
    Duke Dimmock: (This is true… his need has not been my concern. What are you getting at?)
    Jaana Raeth: "There was also that drone.. liek Teemo’s tryign to make sure noone else can do anything with the droids… "
    Mathus: "What else do you think he’ll ask you for in the future? And how do you think he’ll respond if you can’t procure his demands?"
    Ota: (Your concern is touching. Truly.)
    Taliq: (( He’s already said he’s not afraid of Teemo :P ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( hi Ota… ))
    Taliq: (( lolsies ))
    Jshock-GM: (( oops ))
    Vale: (( XD ))
    Duke Dimmock: (Was there anything else?)
    • Mathus sighs.

    Taliq: "All we need to do is get to Tatooine… If we run across any evidence, we can share it with you. If not, you lose nothing."
    Duke Dimmock:
    • Duke Dimmock sighs
    Mathus: "He’s ambitious and proud, he’ll demand the impossible and threaten you if you can’t deliver it. And his own mistakes… he prefers to cover up. We have a recording concerning some previous dealings he had with the Geonosians."
    Mathus: "If you’d care to hear it… it isn’t long."
    Duke Dimmock:
    • Duke Dimmock raises an eyebrow
    Duke Dimmock:
    • Duke Dimmock (Show me.)
    • Mathus replays the second message they got
      from the landlord’s computer.

    Mathus: (( The one where they disparage the
    Geonosian dukes and remind each other not to let them hear about what
    happened to that drone or it’ll all be over. ))

    Duke Dimmock: (Hmmm… they killed one of Piddock’s drones? Anything else you know?)
    Vale: (( is the first recording useful/ ))
    Mathus: (( Maybe. Trying to find the exact wording again. ))
    • Mathus hmms, then plays the first recording
      for him as well.

    Mathus: (( The one where they talk about Trex
    getting away with the droid tech, the kriffin’ bugs, and how they can’t
    annoy the wrong one or the whole thing falls apart… ))

    Jshock-GM: (( right ))

    Duke Dimmock: (Disrespectful… he still pays, though…)
    • Vale sees they are not making headway, and
      looks to be deciding something.

    Duke Dimmock: (What else do you know?)
    • Mathus ponders.

    Mathus: "Personal experience. He hired me to help work on his droids. The pay was good… at first…"
    • Mathus frowns.

    Mathus: "But when I told him I didn’t have the expertise to do what he asked of me, he thought threatening my family would get results. The only way he left out for me was to flee. My comrades have similar stories. Teemo disrespects his workers as well."
    Duke Dimmock: (Unfortunate for you… he does not disrespect ME, however,)
    Taliq: (( Dimmock pulls out a tiny violin and starts playing it ))
    Jshock-GM: (( pretty much ))
    Vale: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v:ONvFPKujc5w
    Vale: (( XD ))
    Mathus: "And his superiors? We’ve heard from a reputable source that Teemo is shortchanging his superiors in the Hutt cartel. He disrespects his workers, his superiors, his former trade partners…"
    Jaana Raeth: "So, getting the droids from you only after he couldn’t get them from Piddick was just bein gpolite?"
    Taliq: (( You’re talking to a guy who doesn’t respect HIS OWN workers :P ))
    • Mathus hopes Vale can pick up that thread
      and run with it.

    Mathus: (( Else I’m gonna keep talking and
    pray I make a miracle roll? ))

  • Taliq nods

  • Vale: "When his superior comes down on him, you will lose your precious profits."
    the duke cuts you off, seeing as you are going to try playing the sympathy card <u>again</u>
    Vale: (( cut me off? ))
    Mathus: (( Argh, sorry guys, I just no clue ATM what angle to take with Piddock… ))
    Taliq: (( *Dimmock ))
    • Vale is much more assertive than before.

    Mathus: (( Dimmock, right. ))

    Vale: "THere’s your reason. Teemo is going down. It is as simple as that. You can go down with him, and lose all your ivnestments, or yoiu can break with him, and possibly even profit from his demise. Advance knowledge."
    Duke Dimmock: 9This si what i will do: as I said, I owe Ota a debt. I will look the other way if you try to board that ship; but I will not AID your meddling… and if am led to suffer for your foolhardiness, I WILL take my own retribution for it! Now begone!)
    Vale: "Jaana had it right. You do not need to be accountable. We just need the passage.
    Duke Dimmock:
    • Duke Dimmock nods towards his guards
    Vale: "Thank you, that is all we can ask for."
    • Vale gestures that we should leave. Now.

  • Mathus leaves.

  • Mathus mutters,

  • Mathus: "That could’ve gone better, I’m just not sure how we could’ve done it…"
    • Taliq looks confused

    Taliq: "That’s all we were ever asking…"
    • Mathus mutters that once they’re away from
      the guards, mind you.

    Vale: "I tink…I think we just cashed in Ota’s debt…."
    • Taliq mutters, she doesn’t say that to him XD

    Mathus: "Then we better find something to repay it. Is it just me, or did it seem like the only way we could’ve convinced Dimmock to break off ties with Teemo is to find evidence he was either sabotaging or shortchanging him?"
    Taliq: "We’re getting what we came for. It’s enough."
    Ota: Weep weep… Weep weep..
    • Vale answers

    Vale: "Hello…
    Ota: "Alright, have it all set up with the captains of that freighter.. how our things on your end?"
    Jaana Raeth: "He’s a jerk…"
    Vale: "Things did not go as well as could be hoped. What Jaana said."
    Vale: "We may have cashed in a debt of yours, so I suppose we own you one."
    Ota: ‘Tell me something I didn’t know, Jaana. He letting you sneak on board?’
    Vale: "Yes."
    Ota: "Don’t worry about it, Vale."
    Vale: "At the end of the day. Yes."
    Jaana Raeth: "He won’t stop us, at any rate…"
    Taliq: "We’re on our way to Tatooine. That’s all that matters, right?"
    Vale: (( that is correct yes? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( that’s what he said. Not going to hinder you. ))
    Ota: ’Look, you gous are going to want to arm up… I don’t know what you discussed, but he’ll have guards there - at least for apperances sake."
    Jshock-GM: guys^
    Taliq: "Can’t we sneak in?"
    Ota: "…you guys can sneak?"
    Mathus: pregnant pause
    Jaana Raeth: "Only some of us."
    Taliq: "Well it’s worth a try"
    Taliq: (( … are we talking about the ship or Teemo’s palace? :P ))
    Ota: "Worth a shot, but you might want to keep your options open."
    Jshock-GM: (( does it matter, really? ))
    Mathus: "Honestly not sure how we could’ve convinced him to give up the deal. We would’ve had to bring him solid proof Teemo was shortchanging him somehow."
    Ota: "Didn’t you have that?"
    Taliq: "I always keep my options open."
    Ota: "You said you knew he was trying to build his own droids!"
    Taliq: "The evidence we need is on Tatooine."
    • Ota groans
    Mathus: "As Piddock said, why would he care about that as long as he got paid?"
    Jaana Raeth: "Not only a jerk. a stupid jerk who couldn’t hear what were were saying. This is what we get for doing the smooth vague-talking."
    Ota: "Doesn’t matter right now. Just get on that ship."
    Ota: ’Ota out."
    Vale: "Humph."
    Taliq: "OMG that guy… Am I right?"
    Vale: "Played the wrong cards I guess."
    Mathus: (( Honestly don’t see how telling Piddock Teemo was making his own droids would’ve changed his mind. Why else would Teemo buy droid parts? ))
    Taliq: (( Did we not say that expressly? Surely it was obvious ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you said nothing of the sort. ))
    Taliq: (( Yeah, why else WOULD he be buying all these droid parts? ))
    Taliq: (( And kidnap a droid mechanic ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Mathus came close a couple of times… and then swerved. ))
    Vale: (( and yeah I didn’t touch on it, cuz I was being a sycophant like a derp ))
    Xie: Mathus: "We did find out some other info, too. It seems Teemo’s been showing interest in rebuilding the droids from the Separation Wars." Mathus: "He might be trying to build his own little private robotic army."
    Mathus: (( That was to Oto. ))
    Xie: ROFL
    Vale: XDD
    Mathus: (( Ugh, I thought it was obvious. Why else would someone buy droid parts en masse? That’s like buying tank parts without building a tank! ))
    Xie: To resell as scrap
    Jshock-GM: (( he collects? ))
    Xie: You almost had him with that sad story about your family though
    Vale: Museum relics and the like
    Vale: Yeah what Jshock sadi :P
    Mathus: (( The mechanic is flummoxed by the idea of buying parts but not using them to build something… ))
    Vale: (( Sok guys, e fell on our faces, and failures is entertaining anyways! :) ))
    • Mathus sighs and grumbles.

    Mathus: "So… Oto thinks all we had to do was tell him Teemo was rebuilding the Separation War droids?"
    Jshock-GM: (( well.. 11:30, and next encounter is combat. I’m good, how about you guys? ))
    • Jaana Raeth sighs, glancing from Taliq to
      Mathis and back a coupel times

    Vale: "Guess so. Next time we do something like this, we need to work on our prep. I think.
    Jaana Raeth: "A real shame the pilots of our ride thik we’re insane murding pirates…"
    Xie: Hey, I succeeded on my check. I did my part :P
    Xie: (Thanks to Jaana’s boost die, admittedly XD)
    Xie: But yeah, I’m good
    Xie: Looking forward to the combat session
    Xie: Since we suck at the talking scenes XD
    • Mathus sighs.

    Mathus: "Well, there might be a way to still salvage something from this. We just need evidence Teemo’s actually building these droids… or that he’s shortchanging Dimmock somehow."
    Vale: "Or we jsut get in, get the evidence, let Jabba know and then we never need to deal with that Pompous git again.
    Taliq: "I don’t see why it matters anyway. Once Teemo’s dead it won’t matter how distanced Dimmock is from him."
    Jaana Raeth: "That no longer matters. I donj’t see us dealign with the bug again anytime soon."
    Taliq: "And I still don’t trust Ota. For all we know he could be working for Teemo."
    Mathus: "Would you rather spend the rest of your life running?"
    • Mathus frowns.

    Mathus: "Our options are… severely limited right now."
    Vale: "I don’t think he would ahve gotten so annoyed and reminded us of the one thing we could ahve used against Teemo if that were the case."
    Vale: "I like him"
    Vale: (( apparently I’m gullible and trusting now? :P ))
    Mathus: "Like who?"
    Taliq: "But he’s a bothan!"
    Vale: "Ota"
    Jshock-GM: (( check your privelage, non furry scum ))
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Vale: (( To Tumblr! ))
    Mathus: "Either way, we’re going to have to hack into Teemo’s records first, aren’t we?"
    Taliq: "First things first. I need my guns."
    • Taliq stalks of to lock and load

    Taliq: *off
    Jshock-GM: (( OK; because you’re going to have to abandon the Krayt fang, for at least a while… what are you all taking? ))
    Jaana Raeth: "so, get to work on a data spike to mine Teemo’s databses for dirt…"
    Taliq: (( How does encumbrance work in this system? :P ))
    Taliq: (( i.e. how much shit CAN I take :P ))
    • Jaana Raeth takes what is on her gear
      list… :P

    Gear, Equipment and Other Items
    Stimpacks (2) Use a maneuver to heal 4 wounds to a non-droid. Consumed on use.
    Comlink Communicate with other characters who own a comlink.
    Binders (2) Binds prisoners’ hands.
    Datapad Handheld computer; accesses computer systems.
    Padded armor Soak 2 (already included in soak value).
    Some glow rods Good for raves
    Clump of Ageden crystals
    Credits 5
    Debts 300 cr owed to Mathus
    Vale: (( I am taking everything that is in my meagre inventory list, because I believe that is all I have ))
    Taliq: (( This plus two carbines? ))
    Mathus: (( Two carbines would probably be too much. You’d have to take just one. ))
    Vale: (( How are we getting the three guns to the Ryloth? ))
    Taliq: (( I’m dual wielding them like a boss ))
    • Mathus sighs.

    Jshock-GM: (( good question; how ARE you
    getting those guns to Ryloth? ))

    Mathus: "It’ll be easier on his internal network. I guess it’s about time I splurged on some splicing gear…"
    Taliq: (( We’re taking them on the ship ))
    Mathus: (( …After visiting Teemo. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( the one going to Tatooine? ))
    Taliq: (( yup ))
    Taliq: (( That one ))
    Vale: (( someone gonna owe The Twi’leks 3000 creds :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (…and how are you getting from Tatooine to ryloth?
    Taliq: (( That’s a bridge we can burn later : ))
    Taliq: (( :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( just checking. ))
    Taliq: (( Unless we’re supposed to post them? XD ))
    Vale: "Wait."
    • Mathus glances at Vale.

    Vale: "Crazy idea. I’m not on Teemo’s watch list…I don’t think. I can fly the Krayt to Tatooine while you guys hitch all smuggle like, then I can just walk in the front door and try and get an audience…or…I don’t know. Making this up as I go."
    Taliq: (( And besides, I’m sure the dissidents won’t mind if they’re in used condition P ))
    Taliq: :P
    Vale: "Right nevermind, Krayt was owned by that guy you murdered"
    Taliq: (( I like your plan, but the Krayt Fang miht attract attention ))
    • Vale gives thgumbs up to Taliq

    Mathus: "Yeah. I think Teemo’s men would recognize it."
    Taliq: (( Sorry that was in character ))
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Taliq: "But I like your plan! Once we get there, you should totally try to plant yourself in his court."
    Taliq: (( brb ))
    Mathus: "First we need to get off the ship."
    Vale: "I mean, I could just tell the truth. Sorta. If anyone asks. I killed the guy after he hunted me while I was escorting a bunch of loons across the wastes. Then being the nice fellow I am I just took it after I dropped you off. Could be more trouble than its worth though."
    Vale: "Just spitballin’ here. Looking to the future. Burning bridges hasn’t worked well for us so far.
    Vale: "Or we could repaint, and a fake transponder on it."
    Taliq: "Ask for a reward!"
    Vale: "or I was returning the ship to it’s owners employer looking for a reward?"
    Vale: ’These are just ideas, and they do get in the way of the main problem of what we’re doing once we’re a hte palace.
    Vale: "things to consider though."
    Mathus: (( Uh, motivation check: why would Dimmock be pissed that Teemo’s rebuilding the droids anyway? ))
    Taliq: (( Because nobody likes a droid army ))
    Jshock-GM: (( because then the bug can’t sell more droids. ))
    Taliq: (( Except fans of episodes I-III ))
    Mathus: (( Wait, they’re still selling them?! ))
    Jshock-GM: (( not legally. ))
    Taliq: (( Wait… so why didn’t the rebellion have a massive army of droids? :P ))
    Mathus: (( Ugh, I thought they weren’t selling them period. ))
    Jaana Raeth: (( ^ The naive hick in Mathus… :P ))
    Taliq: (( Why weren’t those X-Wings escorted by vulture droids in the battle of Yavin? :P ))
    Vale: (( hehe ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Nobody really trusts droid troops after the seperatists, was my impression. ))
    Taliq: (( Because they sucked? XD ))
    Mathus: (( It’s not like you ever see them in Episodes 4-6 or the Extended Universe! ))
    Jshock-GM: (( well, that ))
    Vale: (( Also, The rebellion started as a bunch of separate groups that finally merged. You need the kind of huge manufacturing plants to make the droid armies. A volcano or something :P ))
    Mathus: "Alright, let’s see… I’m getting some slicer gear for this operation. Be sure to grab plenty of stimpakcs."
    Taliq: (( I’m sure they’re used for security details and fringe actions ))
    Vale: (( and that can be traced back to the planets and easily conquered by the Empire. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( right; you see them as guards and assassins after that. ))
    Xie: So Taliq can’t carry two carbines without being encumbered?
    Mathus: (( Doubtful. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( no ))
    Xie: (( I guess that’s why she has a carbine and not a rifle in the first place :P ))
    Mathus: (( Actually… carbines are only Encumbrance 3. Taliq’s Brawn is 2, right? ))
    Xie: Right
    Mathus: (( Her encumbrance threshold is 7, then. Plus a backpack and a utility belt, that’s upped to 12. ))
    Mathus: (( Since the only other things you have are a Comlink and a Datapad, you could carry 2 carbines unencumbered. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( armor… ))
    Xie: Yeah padded armor
    Xie: Its fine, I don’t mind not being able to carry two guns, not like I’m going to use the old one
    Xie: It’s just sad to let it go…
    Xie: Ole faithful
    Xie: I killed Trex with that gun…
    Xie: …. or DID I?! :O
    Mathus: Jshock, you said Mathus was familiar with the layout of Teemo’s base, right?
    Taliq: "Mathus, can you give me a hand with these guns? I want to swap some of the parts over…"
    Jaana Raeth: me collects he macro and electro binoculars, medpac, a couple stims, and her rifle…
    Jshock-GM: (( everyone but Vale would be ))
    Vale: (( :3 ))
    Taliq: (( I want to combine the two guns into one, taking the best parts from each… if that’s OK ))
    Jshock-GM: (( if we’re sticking Taliq with encumbrance, we’ll do so for everyone. What’s your brawn? ))
    • Mathus nods at Taliq.

  • Mathus already has his encumbrance

  • Vale: (( mines 3 ))

    Taliq: (( maybe we can work it into modding?
    Like make the old carbine pay the cost for the mod, instead of selling
    it? Or I don’t mind if it’s effectively throwing away the old carbine
    but making the new one aesthetically similar :P

    Mathus: (( Alright, so… how hard would this
    be? We’ll probably start in the Cargo Bay, right? From there, we go to
    the Central Processing Core to hack Teemo’s security & grab
    incriminating files, then we finally storm the Central Room to take on
    Teemo himself? ))

    Mathus: Er, Cargo Bay -> Central Processing Core -> Throne Room
    Taliq: "If we get the evidence we need, we don’t need to take on Teemo himself. We can just inform Jabba and let him deal with it in Hutt fashion."
    Taliq: "Though if you’re feeling sympathetic we can just kill Teemo and spare him a lot of suffering…"
    Jshock-GM: (( Jaana, I’m seeing enc 4 for rifle, 1 for armor, 2 for the medpac, 1 ea for the binoculars. That’s 9. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( drop down to 7 or lose your free maneuver each turn. ))
    Mathus: "True. But I don’t know if we’ll find that info."
    Jaana Raeth: well, I can have someone stronger carry the binocs.. that’s the only way to get to 7
    Taliq: give them to the wookiee
    Mathus: A utility belt + backpack increases your encumbrance by 5.
    Mathus: They’re also common and dirt cheap.
    Taliq: Or get mathus to attach the binoculars to your rifle as a scope
    Taliq: Apparently that’s how modding works now, combining two items? XD
    Jshock-GM: (( and that does not help you in the here and now. ))
    • Jaana Raeth does have 550 cr left


    Sorry, I shouldn’t go making up rules :P

    Mathus: (( We have time to prepare and buy
    stuff, right? ))

    Vale: (( I’m carrying armour and two pistols
    so I can’t envision myself being over encumbered so maybe I can take the
    Bonics for you ))

    Jshock-GM: (( ship leaves at sundown… ))

    Jaana Raeth: (( surprised someone liek Jaana does
    NOT have autil and backpack as yet :P

    Mathus: (( How long does it take to buy a
    backpack + utility belt? ))


    Why would an explorer need a backpack? :P

    Jshock-GM: (( I will MAKE it so you miss
    your ship. ))

    Mathus: (( Also, you drop the armor’s
    encumbrance by 3 if you’re wearing it. ))

    Jaana Raeth: apparanty to carry mbasic suplpies sinc eshe has Brawn of 2
    Mathus: (( So she would just need to give one pair of binoculars to someone else. ))
    Xie: We’ll have time on the trip to combine Taliq’s carbines, so I’ll carry them both for now, and suffer the encumbrance
    Jaana Raeth: (( anyway, for now, she just ties the binoc’s into the wookies bandolier .. or something like that ))
    • Mathus could loan Jaana his utility belt. I
      believe I have enough spare encumbrance.

    Mathus: (( I assume that also means Mathus can’t
    pick up a slicer deck before the sundown as well? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( no. ))

    Mathus: (( Damn. Major hacking without that
    boost, then. ))

    Jaana Raeth: (( we’re in bug contry.. he’s not
    helpig us which means no one is selling… :P

    Mathus: (( Bleh. ))

    Jaana Raeth: (( an dit’s not liek we’re on a time
    table once on Tat.. just at risk.. we can send Vale to shop… ))

    Xie: (( at least we’re not in bat country ))

    Vale: (( this si true ))

    Mathus: (( Erwhat? Aren’t they delivering us
    straight to Teemo’s compound? ))

    Vale: (( all of it’s true ))

    Mathus: (( From how I understand it, we’ll be in
    the thick of it the moment we land. ))


    Teemo’s palace doubles as a spaceport?

    Mathus: (( …Maybe? ))


    I guess it would

    Jshock-GM: (( it does not. ))


    Jabbas didn’t, and he’s the boss :P

    Jaana Raeth: (( then we deal with the limitations
    and move on… ))



    Mathus: (( Aha, hmm… then we need to figure
    out how to sneak/fight our way in. ))

    Mathus: (( I guess more info on Teemo’s compound
    would be useful now. ))

    Jaana Raeth: (( we need to snaek ONTO our ship
    first … ))

    Vale: (( lol right ))

    Jshock-GM: (( I’ll just move you guys onto
    the gantry map and I’ll lett you take it from there ))

    Mathus: (( Didn’t he work it out with the
    captains? :P

    Jaana Raeth: (( was going to TRY to… ))

    Mathus: (( He said he did. ))

    Mathus: (( "worked it out with the captains of
    the freighter" ))

    you head out towards the gantry. Soon, you find it, and the Lucky
    Guess; it’s being guarded by 5 Geonosians armed with large, exotic
    looking pistols.

    Xie: (( we kill them and loot the bodies ))


    jk :P

    Jshock-GM: (( what’s the plan? ))

  • Jaana Raeth waits for map to appear…

  • Vale makes no agressive moves.

  • Jaana Raeth looks for the cargo which will
    be loaded…

  • Jshock-GM: (( sorry about that… ))

    Vale: (( :P

    Mathus: (( Do we see the captains walking on/off
    the ship? ))


    There’s a pair of droids loading cargo
    onto the ship

    Vale: (( loading loading loading, loading si
    so fun ))

    Jshock-GM: (( no, you don’t ))

    Vale: (( neat map! ))

  • Jaana Raeth tries to judge the feasibility
    of becomnming part of the cargo…

  • Taliq: "We can try to sneak on, but if we have to kill them I assume Dimmock won’t mind."
    Taliq: "I mean, they’re only drones…"
    Jshock-GM: Probably no check; would have to get by the guards, but the droids are probably simple. Might not care.
    • Mathus frowns at Taliq.


    "He’d still have to replace them. I
    think he’d rather us not."

    Taliq: (( Is it open space or walls between
    sections? ))

  • Jaana Raeth gives Vale a half smile, "Too
    bad we never got some grenades.. they’d make a good distraction…"

  • Vale smiles back and nods

  • Mathus: "There’s other ways of making a distraction…"
    Mathus: "Vale, you know anything that might make all the guards leave their post to check on something?"
    Jaana Raeth: "So.. Mathus… Place like this is bound to have sensitive alarms…" looks around for a data port to hack…
    Jshock-GM: (( mostly it’s open; the southernmost drone is elevated a couple of meters, and the westernmost one is on top of a storage shed ))
    Taliq: "The stealthy approach will be difficult… I say we just hose it."
    Jaana Raeth: "Or a malfuncioning crane, mobiel gantry, etc…"
    Mathus: "We can always hose after failing the stealthy approach."
    Vale: "hmmm"
    Mathus: (( Urgh, I’d rather do this next session. Getting too late and too tight on time to improvplan. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( the drones haven’t seemed to notice you assessing the situation… ))
    Unknown command: "oo cthat’s fine with me". Try /help for a list of commands.
    Taliq: (( HAHAHAHA yeah we get spotted just THINKING about how to sneak past them :P ))
    Vale: (( XD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK, we’ll pick this up next week ))
    Xie: Yeah, sadly I do have to work tomorrow
    Jshock-GM: (( on the 4th? Time and a half, I hope ))
    Vale: Okie dokie
    Xie: I’m on a salary, not a wage :P
    Jshock-GM: (( ouch ))
    Jshock-GM: sorta
    Vale: It’s the 4th of July right now! :3
    Xie: Pros and cons
    Jshock-GM: (( I wish i was salaried ))
    Xie: Yeah, I’m not going to complain XD
    Xie: It is what it is
    Vale: What foods should i cook in honour of you guys!
    Jshock-GM: (( yep ))
    Xie: BBQ!
    Jshock-GM: (( burgers and beer ))
    Xie: Seems to be pretty popular, the July 4th BBQ
    Xie: Burgers and beer!
    Vale: Ha, I do like those things!
    Xie: Smoke a briskett
    Tygaran: alright then.. cya ya next week or sooner…
    Xie: Aye!

    Long Arm of the Hutt - Session 10

    Tales from the Outer Rim Jshock Xie