Debts to Pay - Session 5

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
FoxyGrif has connected.
Xie has connected.
Jshock-GM: Hey
Xie: Hey!
Jshock-GM: You have Xbox, Xie?
Xie: I’m getting exceptions again, possibly related to VBL?
Xie: I do have an XBox, as it happens _
Jshock-GM: I picked up Diablo 3 last night
Xie: Oh right, that’s on console now
Jshock-GM: …if no one shows up tonight, I have a plan B
Xie: Hahahaha
Jshock-GM: That might have been what was causing the exception – little strip of FoW that could have been exposed but wasn
Xie: Oh I see
Xie: lol
Xie: Getting them any time I move my token :(
FoxyGrif: Errorrrrrrrr
Xie: Nope, OK now
Drookiee has connected.
Jshock-GM: Phoenix, Wook, Attorney at law
Drookiee: raaaaaaaaawr
Xie: XD
Drookiee: Instead of yelling objection I just tear opposing counsel’s arms off
Drookiee: can’t say I haven’t thought of doing so before…
Xie: Oh, seems to be a conflict with Java 7
Xie: Let me see if I can run using Java 6 instead
Drookiee: yar
Drookiee: I’m still using Java 6 here
Xie: Those Oracle developers, I dunno!
Xie: If I knew any I’d yell at them! :P
Drookiee: because B87 hates 7
Jshock-GM: I’m not even sure what I’m running right now; I’ve got both installed
Xie: Indeed it does!
Xie: brb, restarting
Xie is disconnected.
FoxyGrif is disconnected.
Jshock-GM: So, what is Lowurra’s back – backstory now? How did he get 1337 negotiation skills?
Xie has connected.
Jshock-GM: Better?
Xie: Let’s roughhouse it!
Xie: Yay!
  • Jshock-GM wathces as Taliq moshes around the

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Running Tim through the Java 6 process


Okies; getting a drink

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Hey, is that everyone?


only if vale’s not supposed to be here




He’s installing Java 6


But I think he has some more cleaning
to do anyway, so I’m sure he won’t mind if we start without him


He’s not really going to be online for
a little whiloe anyway; he’s logging in so he can keep tabs on chat


Hopefully the landlord comes by early :P


Right, what that guy said ^^

Lowurra III of Kashykk: Also can I remark
Lowurra III of Kashykk: as a non-American
Lowurra III of Kashykk: how hilarious it is that you guys have a politician that can’t seem to understand Dr. Seuss
Xie: Which one?
Xie: That sounds like a funny story!
Lowurra III of Kashykk: Ted Cruz in his speech read from Green Eggs and Ham comparing it to your new health care law
Lowurra III of Kashykk: being against it
Lowurra III of Kashykk: but the whole point of Green Eggs an Ham is that you hate something for no rational reason
Lowurra III of Kashykk: and then when you try it, you LOVE it
Xie: That’s hilarious XD
FoxyGrif has connected.
Jshock-GM: Umm… I heard that sound bite, and didn’t realize it until you just said that
MikeL: Well, except being a politician, he won’t get it anyway.
Xie: That’s awesome XD
Jshock-GM: Two ways to fail upwards; Hollywood and politics
Xie: I’m sure that’s how many politicians will find Obamacare :P
MikeL: Isn’t it glorious the people making those laws will never have to deal with them personally?
Xie: Too bad America can’t just adopt the Commonwealth model, works for us :P
Jshock-GM: You guys pull a McGlaughlin report; I’ll roll pregame stuff
Jshock-GM: The Destiny Pool has been set!
Light Side Points1</image>Dark Side Points5</image>
Jshock-GM: Victim of obligation: None (72)
Jshock-GM: Lucky…
FoxyGrif: :O
Xie: Yay!
FoxyGrif: XD
Xie: Why has nobody but Taliq suffered obligation yet :P
Jshock-GM: Nobody’s suffered doubles yet; I’m waiting for that, that’s the real dirt
  • Taliq hides in here with you guys



When we last left our crew, they has finished negotiations with BARGOS THE HUTT. Their mission: Travel to the sole planet of the GAVOS sysem, inspect the mining complex Bargos had just obtained and retrieve the mine’s first years profits.

After around a week’s travel, the crew made it to the system. The crew were directed by automated beacon to the ORIDELVE mining complex. Upon landing, it was discovered that not all was well. Signs of combat were clearly evident; the only employees encountered were deceased, and the canteen’s chef was clueless to any problems.

After exploring further, they encountered a powered down administrative droid; 3D-4K, who claimed he was "sentient relations" for the facility. 3D-4K had no knowledge of how he came to be powered down. The crew made their way with the droid to the security closet, where they are currently reviewing the footage…

MikeL: J, mind giving me ownership of Mathus?
Xie: And then shit was about to get real? :P
Jshock-GM: Oh, you’re on as MikeL
  • Jshock-GM gives MikeL ownership


Hey guys jsut a heads ups (Jshock
knows) I’m here but not here. Waiting on an inspection lady. So
I’ll be creepily watching/maybe punching in at times, obviously if
there’s combat I’ll do my best to be more available.


Xie tells me you mentioned that :P





MikeL: (( You forgot the warning klaxons? ))

Jshock-GM: (( I DID forget the warning
klaxons! ))


"WARNING! WARNING! Storm barrier
generator 4 compromised. Functioning units compensating
effectively. Send mantenance as soon as possible. WARNING!

Lowurra III of Kashykk: Raaawr (that is not a good sound)
MikeL: "No it isn’t."
Lowurra III of Kashykk: Raaawr (Where are the generators droid?)
The automated warning sounds again, then stops…
Taliq: "Send maintenance, eh? That’s you Mathus!"
  • Taliq grins

Vale: I’ve got a bad feeling about this…
Vale: (( trololo ))
  • Mathus pauses a moment. Was the warning
    sound supposed to stop? Or is that an even worse sign?

3D-4K: "I have no knowledge of the exact storm barrier emitter locations, Sir Lowurra."
Taliq: "What happens if a storm barrior generator breaks down, exactly?"
Intercoms: (( It didn’t sound like it got cut off, if that’s what you’re asking ))
Lowurra III of Kashykk: Raaawr (I have a feeling we don’t get paid)
Jaana: "Presumably, local storms can wreak havok…"
  • Mathus grumbles, tries to look at the
    location of Shield Generator 4 on the computer.

Taliq: "Sure, but ’knocked over lawn ornaments’ havoc, or ’we’re not going home’ havoc?"
3D-4K: "I believe the young lady is correct. The local storms and atmosphere woud be allowed withing the complex’s location."
Jaana: "Any weathe rmonitoring systems in here?"
Intercoms: (( Give me a Computers search, Mathus… 2d ))
Lowurra III of Kashykk: Raaaawr (Well Mathus, have you seen anything approachign a generator thus far?)
Lowurra III of Kashykk: rrrrrr (otherwise, it’s likely further on)
Mathus: (( Hrm… don’t think I want to spend our sole Destiny point on that… ))
Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Computers Check
Success </image> 2 Advantage1</image>
Mathus: (( Urg, so many errors popping up… ))
Taliq: (( I switched to Java 6 and all of the errors went away ))
Vale: (( I can confirm this…though I ahven’t donme anything yet ))
Mathus does not find a location map for the generators, but he does find a status report page. Generator 4 is offline; to his eyes, it appears unrepairable.
Jaana: "You’re making that ‘I can’t fix it’ face, Mathus…"
  • Mathus curses vehementaly.

Intercoms: (( Scratch that; you do have
locations there, too; stupid paragrapg structure… ))

Mathus: (( How old’s the status report page?
Can we tell when it’s been damaged? ))

Intercoms: (( current. It’s refreshing
constantly ))

Intercoms: (( so it was damaged a few
seconds before you heard the warning ))

Lowurra III of Kashykk: rrrawrr (Sabotage?)
Jaana: "So then.. weather readouts? We’ll want to know how long we have before a major storm hits this area with those shields down."
Taliq: "Could the damage report be faked? To lure us out there?"
Mathus: "Moment…"
  • Mathus checks to see what, exactly the
    damage listed is. Does it look like sabotage?

Intercoms: (( HArd to say, really. All the
associated sensors are completely offline. ))

Mathus: "Can’t tell, the sensors got knocked offline, too."
  • Mathus checks the weather reports like Jaana

Intercoms: (( The storms are constant; so
stormy ))

Intercoms: (( it’s like Jupiter, only with a
solid core, I guess ))

Taliq: (( Hopefully not as bad as Venus :P

Mathus: (( In other words, we need to figure out
a workaround now or we’re hosed? ))

Intercoms: (( well, toxic atmosphere
actually. So Venus isn’t farr off either. ))

Jaana: (( can I roll a Survival to guestimate how
long we have before it’s unsafe to try taking off? and/or how lethal
these storms are? ))

Taliq: "Well, we either jump on our ship and leave, or head over to that generator and see what we can do."
  • Mathus takes a deep breath, closes his eyes
    a moment, thinks.

Mathus: "Hang on…"
Mathus: (( Alright, can Mathus think of any way to save the complex without that shield generator online? Stretch the other 3 thin? Set up an emergency backup? Cut off that section of the mine? ))
Vale: (( even though I know it is ooc, because you’re as the intercoms JShock, I’m imagining all of it coming out voe rhte loudspeaker from an A.I or something :P ))
Intercoms: (( Hmm… interesting question, Jaana. I suppose if you had vac suits you could survive as long as the suits held out; dealing with the megahurricaine level winds would be trickier though ))
Jshock-GM: (( whoops ))
Jshock-GM: (( Make a Mechanics roll, Mathus; call it 1d, since you have readouts in front of you ))
Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Mechanics Check
Success </image> 0 Advantage4</image>
Mathus: (( Dammit… ))
Taliq: (( Whoopsiedoo! ))
Mathus: (( I make the 3d check but fail the 1d check. Lovely. ))
Jshock-GM: (( Plenty of Advantage, though… ))
Mathus: (( Yeah, not sure what to spend it on yet though. ))
Mathus: (( Ugh, the only Mechanics advantages it lists are only on successes. We’ll have to wing it. ))
Taliq: (( I literally have no skills that can help us in this situation… Guess I shouldn’t have put them all in shooting and shooting talents :P ))
Jshock-GM: (( I could drop you a clue ))
Mathus: (( Sure. ))
Mathus: (( Either drop us a clue or give Mathus a hint what caused the damage. ))
Taliq: (( Does Mathus have a raging clue? ))
Mathus tabs through several settings on the status screen, and ends up displaying a "defcon bar"
  • Jaana spends time assessing unshielding
    storm threat, atmospheric toxicity levels, whind shere, etc…

Taliq: (( Can’t we just go to the generator
and try to fix it? Or shoot the sabouteurs and turn it back on? :P

Jshock-GM: (( you are currently green,
edging into orange ))

  • Mathus groans.

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk goes to try and find
    where a geneartor may be

  • Mathus has that information.

  • Taliq: "Green is good, right?"
    Mathus: (( Does it look safe to check out? ))
    Mathus: "Yes."
    Mathus: "Green turning to orange is bad."
    Taliq: "Well what are we so worried about then? let’s go check out that generator…"
    Jshock-GM: (( the generators are in a circle around the complex, maybe 15 mins away by some sort of craft each ))
    Mathus: "…Alright. 3D, what’s standard procedure if a generator fails and can’t be repaired?"
    Taliq: (( But only one is broke, right? ))
    3D-4K: "Hmm… Protocols say the complex can survive failure of 4 storm field generators. Prepare for evacuation, await a repair team."
    Mathus: (( right. ))
    Mathus: "Right…"
    • Mathus hmms.

    Mathus: "I think we should check the rest of the base for survivors first, then check the generators."
    Taliq: "Nah, that’s the easy way out. Let’s go take a look."
    Taliq: (( Obv that was referring to the droid’s comment not Mathus’ :P ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Raaaawr (We shouldn’t just abandon anyone here, that is true)
    Taliq: "Well there’s one door left, let’s take a look!"
    • Mathus nods, follows Taliq.

    3D-4K: "Sirs, perhaps I should stay in the security room? I could monitor the status of those generators, keep an eye on the remaining cameras for you."
    Taliq: "Thanks 3P!"
    Mathus: "Yes. You have our comm frequency?"
    3D-4K: "Unfortunately, I was not designed with an onboard comlink."
    Vale: "I can stay with the droid."
    • Mathus nods at Vale.

    Vale: ’Meet up with you guys if things get hairy."
    Mathus: "Alright."
    • Mathus goes to check the remaining doors.

    Taliq: (( That works ))

    3D-4K: "Certainly…"
    Taliq: (( Convenient, too :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( going west? ))
    Vale: (( Cna we assume I relay everything to the dfroid and abck so if I’m not here, you guys still can use him? :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m OK with that ))
    Taliq: (( Go west! Life is peaceful there… ))
    • 3D-4K mans the desk
    • 3D-4K slides the door closed as you leave
    Sturdy metal railings line the walls of this room, and sets of clothing hang from the hooks on the railings. Some of the clothes are civilian; the rest are stocked with well worn mining coveralls and protective gear. Two rows of lockers occupy the middle of the room, with a pair of plastoid benches in front of them. Nearby stands the tall cylindrical form of a Medtech medical assistance droid.
    Taliq: (( Because nobody probably got that obscure reference, ))
    Taliq: "Hmm… No survivors, should we go to the generator now?"
    FX series medical droid:
    • FX series medical droid stands silently,
      optics pivoting as you move around
    Mathus: (( Isn’t another door to the south? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yes… a large blast door. There’s a smaller door to the west (looks like a fresher ))
    • Taliq opens the door to the water closet

  • Jaana looks for medical supplies for

  • Mathus: "Hmm… Jaana, Lowurra, Taliq, can you see how many people took their workclothes from here?"
    • Mathus tries to start a discussion with the
      droid in the meantime.

    Jshock-GM: (( Alright, we’ll do Mathus first

    FX series medical droid:
    • FX series medical droid ’Did sir need medical
    FX series medical droid:
    • FX series medical droid glides closer to Mathus
    Mathus: "No. There appear to be several casualties in the cafeteria. We need their injuries examined and the people identified."
    • Taliq knocks on the door

    Taliq: "Hello?"
    FX series medical droid:
    • FX series medical droid chirps and whirrs
    FX series medical droid: "When was the last time sir consulted a medical technician?"
    Taliq: "If there’s someone in there, I’m just trying to help…"
    • Taliq tries to force the door open

    Jshock-GM: (( Taliq, guive me an Athletics
    check; no difficulty ))

  • Mathus pauses a moment, glances at Jaana.

  • Mathus: "A few days ago."
    FX series medical droid:
    • FX series medical droid pivots as Taliq tries
      to force the door
    Mathus: (( Lemme guess… this is another "dumb" droid? ))
    FX series medical droid: "Do you have a copy of your medical records available?"
    Taliq: (( Oh man I am not good at athletics :P ))
    Mathus: "No."
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Athletics Check
    Success </image> 1 Advantage2</image>
    Taliq: (( Good enough maybe :P ))
    Taliq manages to shove past the obstriction. She stumbes upon a pair of miners, crisscrossed with plasma burns
    FX series medical droid: "FOR THE REVOLUTION!!!"
    Taliq: "Worse places to die, I guess…"
    Jshock-GM: (( Initiative! ))
    Taliq: (( Vig? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yes; Cool for the droid ))
    Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Vigilance Initative
    Success </image> 2 Advantage2</image>
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Vigilance Initative
    Success </image> 1 Advantage1</image>
    Taliq: (( What a punk!! XD ))
    FX series medical droid:
    Ability </image> Cool Initative
    Success </image> 0
    Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Ability </image> Vigilance Check
    Success </image> 1 Advantage3</image>
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Cool Check
    Success </image> 1 Advantage2</image>
    Jshock-GM: (( You guys need to click on the "initiative" link on your char sheets ))
    Vale: (( did yo uwant me to roll in for later, or no need? ))
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Cool Initative
    Success </image> 1 Advantage2</image>
    Jshock-GM: (( Vale, you’re in the next room, and behind 2 doors; you can roll if someone contacts you or you pass a Perception check ))
    Vale: (( roger roger ))
    Jshock-GM: (( luckily droids aren’t very good at this Initiative thing ))
    Jshock-GM: (( who’s first? ))
    • Mathus will go first?

    FX series medical droid:
    • FX series medical droid turns into a pillar of
      spidery arms, tipped with various medical tools
    Jshock-GM: (( it’s Engaged with Mathus, and also Jaana ))
    Mathus: (( Alright, hmm… punch it with the Shock Gloves? Or could I make a Mechanics check to rip out something vital? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( it doesn’t really have any exposed systems, and you don’t have tools in hand anyway ))
    Tygaran says to the GMs: Jaana updated their character sheet
    Mathus: (( K, punching away. ))
    Jaana has received initiative.
    • Mathus takes a maneuver to aim, an action to
      punch, then a maneuver to get the hell away.

    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Brawl Check
    Success </image> 2 Threat1</image>
    Jshock-GM: (( strain for it ))
    Mathus: Mathus gains 2 Strain
    Mathus: (( 6 damage total, no threat/advantage. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( You’re base 4? so 6… take another strain too, it grazes your arm with a laser scalpel as you swing on it ))
    Jaana: (( what’s the diff for rangeed attack whiel engaged again? 2d? ))
    FX series medical droid: FX series medical droid gains 3 Wounds
    Jshock-GM: (( hang on ))
    Mathus: (( Uh, no; that doesn’t count my free advantage. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( ah, right… ))
    Mathus: (( 2d for light weapons, 3d for heavy weapons… but I think you have the Forearm Grip that reduces it to 2d. ))
    • Mathus takes a defensive stance between the
      droid & Taliq.

    Taliq: "I thought you liked droids, Mathus…"
    • Taliq smirks

    Jshock-GM: (( Yes. +1d light, +2d heavy, -1d
    Forearm grip ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk has received initiative.

    Jshock-GM: (( who’s next? ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( question – do you guys
    think it’s worth it to try and strain him? ))

  • Jaana aims and tries a point blank

  • Mathus: (( Yeah; it should count as wounds to
    him. ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( or I can just delay
    and hope to get lots of advantage to heal most of you ))

    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Heavy Blaster Rifle Check
    Success </image> 0
    Jshock-GM: (( mechanically, it’s taking strain as wounds. I’ll let you "subdue" it if you like ))
    Jaana: (( ah well.. nana ))
    Jaana: nada
    Vale: (( It’s go time ))
    Vale: (( bbs ))
    FX series medical droid:
    • FX series medical droid howls in mechanical
      rage as blaster bolts ping off its shell
    Jaana: I’ll strain to move and give Taliq a clear shot
    Mathus has received initiative.
    Jaana: Jaana gains 2 Strain
    Taliq: (( Is that me? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( up to you guys ))
    Jaana: tactically, you’d be better to act before the melee wookie
    Taliq: (( Agreed ))
    • Taliq unclips her carbine and braces it
      against her shoulder

    Taliq: (( Maneuver ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( to be fair – my
    berating counts as close, not engaged ))

    Taliq: (( Short range pew pew 1d? ))

  • Jshock-GM adjusts the wookiee so it’s not
    standing on a locker

  • Jaana: brb
    Taliq: (( Oh sweet! You can berate at close range ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yes, short is 1d diff ))
    • Lowurra III of Kashykk begins rawring a
      string of wookiee invective and obscenity

    Mathus: (( It’s subtly different from standard
    wookie talk. ))

    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Super Blaster Carbine Check
    Success </image> 3 Advantage2</image>Triumph1</image>
    Jshock-GM: (( more arm tearing than usual ))
    Taliq: (( So… uh… triple crit :3 ))
    Jshock-GM: (( that’s 10, 3 crits? ))
    Taliq: (( base 9 damage, net 12? ))
    Mathus: (( I think that means one crit at a +20 modifier. ))
    Taliq: (( I think he’s right ))
    Jshock-GM: (( the rule is it’s (+ current amount of crits * 10) per roll. So first is +0, second is +10, third is +20, etc ))
    Mathus: (( I can’t find anything specifically about multiple critical hits per attack. ))
    Taliq: (( Yeah, that’s right ))
    Taliq: (( It’s in the equipment section ))
    Mathus: (( Pg#? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( what page? ))
    Taliq: (( p158 ))
    Mathus: (( Yep. One critical per hit, each extra critical bonus adds +10 to it. ))
    Taliq: (( The example is 3 crits = +20 ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Ah, good find ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I think that breaks the way the current roller works, though! I’m going to hand roll ))
    Taliq: (( No, it’s still just one roll but at +20 ))
    • Xie rolls: Usually 2 => Invalid expression: Usually 2.

    Jshock-GM: (( yeah, I can’t modify on the
    fly with this framework, unfortunately ))

    Taliq: (( Ooops ))

    FX series medical droid:
    Ability </image> Cool Initative
    Success </image> 2
    FX series medical droid: Percentile Roll: 115
    Jshock-GM: Uhh…
    Taliq: (( What’s that XD ))
    Taliq: (( Oh, it’s lame ))
    Mathus: (( Temporarily lame. Can only do one maneuver per turn. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( That is Temporarily Lame. 1 maqneuver / turn ))
    Mathus: (( So you blow out a tread or something. ))
    Taliq: (( Man… rapid fire is way better than critical hitting :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( thought its head was going to pop off from that ))
    Mathus: (( Nah, that’s a 150+ or something. ))
    Taliq: (( I know, right? XD ))
    FX series medical droid: FX series medical droid gains 9 Wounds and is Incapacitated!
    Jshock-GM: (( oh, look… ))
    Taliq: (( lol ))
    Taliq: (( Didn’t even need the stupid critical ))
    • Mathus curses vehemently.

    Taliq’s pinpoint blaster fire peppers the droid… it is now a
    smoking wreck…

    Jshock-GM: (( Vale, you hear an explosion ))
    • Jaana goes back to looking for medical
      supplies.. which can now be freely looted…

    Taliq: "I guess it took a liking to you…"
    Mathus: "Geez…"
    • Mathus checks over the two dead bodies in
      the lavatory quick.

  • Taliq holsters her weapon

  • Taliq: "Should we see to that generator now?
    Mathus: (( I think there’s still a door to the south. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Nothing interesting on the dead bodies… the do have nametags. "J. Nerran" and "B. Semas" ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: rrrrrrrr (It mentioned revolution… do you think maybe these droids are not the droids we think they are?)
    • Mathus takes note of that.

    Mathus: "Either that or the invader has a sense of humor…"
    Jshock-GM: (( the lockers you can get into have stuff like shaving supplies, deoderant, soap, etc ))
    Taliq: "Alright, I guess we should be thorough…"
    • Mathus loots some of the deoderant and soap.

  • Jaana will eventually take a look at the
    bodies, assessing if the wounds could have been caused by tools wielded
    by the med droid…

  • Taliq: "Someone give me a hand with this blast door"
    Mathus: (( Would the droid overhear a comm call to Vale? ))
    • Mathus helps Taliq.

    Jshock-GM: (( can we assume MAthus takes 1
    of each? Or should encumberance be involved/ ))

    Mathus: (( yeah. ))

    Jshock-GM: (( the medical droid? Or 3D? ))

    Mathus: (( 3D. The med-droid isn’t hearing
    anything. ))

    Jshock-GM: (( glad you’re paying
    attention… maybe? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( I’m going to assume droids
    hear as well as humans, at least ))

    This is a large, long room lined with piles of cargo crates. The
    crates are of varying sizes, and are decorated with the logos of various
    corporations; but many are small, and say "Oridelve" on one side. To one
    side of the room is a large cargo lift, which rises up to the level of a
    pair od double doors set high in the wall. There is a large heavy duty
    droid in the room, standing by a pillar.

  • Mathus just hopes Vale is keeping his guard
    up in case 3D turns against him.

  • Mathus groans a bit as he sees yet another
    droid to deal with…

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( also – amazing

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: rrrrawr (And if they ARE all killer droids turning on us… who ate the food?
    Mathus: "Just… be careful."
    • Mathus sighs.

  • Mathus glances around for signs of violence.

  • Jshock-GM: (( it looks pretty orderly in
    here ))

    Mathus: "Okay, uh… maybe this room’s safe. I’d steer clear of the droid anyway, though.
    Binary Loadlifter:
    • Binary Loadlifter swivels as you enter, but
      does nothing
    • Mathus sweats a moment, mutters,

    Mathus: "Alright, just act casual…"
    • Mathus tries to casually walk down to the
      southern door.

    Mathus: (( That’s the only door here, right? ))

    Mathus: (( Well, that and the one to the west…

    Jshock-GM: (( there’s the double doors to
    the west too, but you’d have to take the cargo lift to get to them ))

    Taliq: (( That’s one of the coolest things
    I’ve ever seen ))

    Taliq: (( re Drekkan’s link :P

    Jshock-GM: (( everyone make a Perception
    check, please – 1d ))

    Taliq: "I don’t have a high expectation of survivors…"
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Difficulty </image> Perception Check
    Success </image> 0 Advantage1</image>
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Perception Check
    Success </image> 0 Advantage2</image>
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Perception Check
    Success </image> 1
    Mathus: (( I’ll boost Low’s Perception check. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( sure ))
    Taliq: (( I will too? If it can be double boosted :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Drekkan? ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Difficulty </image> Perception Check
    Success </image> 1 Threat1</image>
    Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Boost </image> Skill Check
    Success </image> 0
    Mathus: (( And another boost. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( that was your boost ))
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Discipline Check
    Success </image> 2
    Mathus: Mathus recovers 2 Strain
    Mathus: (( Taliq gave him a boost, too. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Lowuura and Jaana both spot it; an R5 astromech droid. It starts to break south as you move through and the loadlifter activates… ))
    R5 Astromech droid:
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Cool Initative
    Success </image> 0 Advantage3</image>
    Mathus: (( So we roll Cool, then? ))
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Cool Initative
    Success </image> 3
    Jshock-GM: (( Cool for Lowurra and Jaana ))
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Cool Initative
    Success </image> 4
    Binary Loadlifter:
    Ability </image> Cool Initative
    Success </image> 1
    Jaana: .. . ..D
    Jaana: :D
    Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Ability </image> Cool Check
    Success </image> 2 Advantage2</image>
    Jshock-GM: (( Initiative, link, guys… ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( dang it ))
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Vigilance Initative
    Success </image> 3
    Jshock-GM: (( Mathus, reroll with Vigilance pls ))
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Vigilance Initative
    Success </image> 1 Advantage1</image>
    Jshock-GM: (( thanks ))
    The droids are once again note as sprightly as the flesh-things
    Mathus: (( Jshock, you mind clearing the fog-of-war out of the whole room? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( not really ))
    Vale: (( I AM BACK FOR GOOD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( sweet ))
    Jaana: "Droids.. boring conversationalists anyway…" aims at the load-lifter….
    Jshock-GM: (( let’s rewind; Vale heard an explosion before you guys moved into the room. Would Vale have investigated? ))
    Vale: (( just callin’ the missus ))
    Taliq: (( So he’s not back, but will be soon :P ))
    Jaana: (( waiting on combat go-ahead to roll for the shot(s)… ))
    Jshock-GM: (( misswed that fog in the lift ))
    Jaana has received initiative.
    Jaana: short range 1d, +1d for auto…
    Jshock-GM: (( let’s get Vale in, then we’ll go ))
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Heavy Blaster Rifle Check
    Success </image> 1 Advantage3</image>Triumph1</image>
    Vale: (( :) ))
    Jaana: hmm, I could use 2 to crit.. or can I use 2 adv for the autofire and triumph for a crit?
    Jaana: 3 to crit rather
    Jshock-GM: (( hang on ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Fox? You there? ))
    Vale: (( Sorry, little sister couldn’t work the microwave :P ))
    Vale: (( Sorry I’ve missed the past twenty min, Xie said I would ahve heard an explosion? ))
    Vale: (( hurriedly scrolling through now ))
    Taliq: (( That microwave is based on cold war technology, so I’m not surprised ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Ok… you heard a boom from the next room over (where the party was going). Can we assume you were investigating it? ))
    Vale: (( That’s a good idea ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK; give me a Vigilance Init, we’ll start you midway through the door ))
    Vale: Error executing "getProperty": the token name or id "" is unknown.
    Vale: Hmm
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Vigilance Initative
    Success </image> 1 Advantage2</image>
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Vigilance Initative
    Success </image> 0 Advantage3</image>
    Jshock-GM: (( simuroll ))
    Vale: (( Not sure hwy it went twice… ))
    Vale: (( ma bad, anyways, I guess the first one is the correct one :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( we’ll use the 1st ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Same diff; what was Jaana doing with all that Adv? ))
    Jaana: if I can use the triumph fro a crit, 2 adv = autofire.. so base 10 = 11 dmg twice and one crit
    Jshock-GM: (( you did take the die for auto… ))
    Mathus: (( I’d suggest going for the autofire. ))
    Binary Loadlifter: Binary Loadlifter gains 8 Wounds
    Binary Loadlifter:
    Critical Roll: 24
    Easy Critical () || Off-Balance
    Jaana: next…
    Taliq has received initiative.
    Mathus: (( Nice. ))
    Taliq: Taliq removes all Critical Injuries!
    Jaana: (( so, that think has soak 7? ))
    Mathus: Mathus removes all Critical Injuries!
    Vale: "Guuuuys, what’s going on?"
    Jshock-GM: (( ayessir ))
    Mathus: "Killer droids!"
    Jshock-GM: (( did it crit everyone? ))
    Mathus: (( Yeah. ))
    Mathus: (( Well shit, Mathus is going to do jack to it for damage, then. ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Lowurra III of Kashykk removed Off-Balance
    Vale: "Of course there’s killer droids."
    R5 Astromech droid:
    Critical Roll: 78
    Average Critical () || Overpowered
    Taliq: Taliq removes all Critical Injuries!
    Taliq: Taliq removed Overpowered
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Lowurra III of Kashykk removed Overpowered
    Mathus: Mathus removed Overpowered
    R5 Astromech droid: R5 Astromech droid removed Overpowered
    Jaana: Jaana removed Overpowered
    Vale: Vale removed Overpowered
    Jshock-GM: (( put it on everyone but the BLL. Bug report… ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Do the trick, Mathus ))
    Mathus: (( Hrm? ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( have to go afk for a few minutes ))
    • Mathus will go last.

    Jshock-GM: (( OK; who’s after Jaana then? ))

    Mathus: Mathus removed Overpowered
    Jshock-GM: (( someone going? I’m going to advance a step if not ))
    Vale: (( I’ll wait till the enxt round for you know….timing and ease and what not ))
    Taliq: (( Oh lol ))
    Taliq: (( I’ll go I guess ))
    Mathus: (( Shooters first, then melee. Try to kill that lifter. ))
    • Taliq draws her pew pew stick

    Vale: (( I just relaised, that defeat shte
    purpose nof me going into init order…sooo I’ll go whenever :?P ))

  • Taliq targets the lifter

  • Taliq:
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Ranged – Heavy Check
    Success </image> 4
    Taliq: (( :O ))
    Taliq: (( NO CRITS o.O ))
    Taliq: (( 13 dmg . ))
    Binary Loadlifter: Binary Loadlifter gains 5 Wounds
    Jshock-GM: (( cannot into the maths ))
    Binary Loadlifter: Binary Loadlifter gains 1 Wounds
    Jshock-GM: (( anything else? ))
    Binary Loadlifter:
    • Binary Loadlifter doesn’t even react as chunks
      of its frame are blasted off
    Vale: "Humm"
    Taliq: "We should be fixing that generator, not decommissioning junky droids…"
    Lowurra III of Kashykk has received initiative.
    Jshock-GM: (( Lowurra is AFK; he’ll go after Mathus if Drekkan doesn’t come back. Vale should go ))
    Vale: (( yep yep ))
    Vale: (( I guess I’ll fire? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you need to move into the big room; you don’t havce LoS as is ))
    Vale: (( What’s the Difficultly? 1D for short range? ))
    Jaana: "We need to get safely past any obstacles before we can even find the correct one, Taliq."
    Vale: (( Oh I can see it on my LOS darkness tingy so I assumjed I did ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Oh, I guess maybe you do have LoS ))
    Vale: (( XD ))
    Jshock-GM: (( he’s at Med to you ))
    Vale: (( I moved anyway ))
    Jshock-GM: (( right ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Ok, short now. 1d ))
    • Taliq sighs

    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Heavy Blaster Pistol Check
    Success </image> 0 Advantage2</image>
    Taliq: "Yeah, I know…"
    Vale: (( I’ll jsut throw my adv to who is next? ))
    nothing signifigant strikes home
    Mathus: (( Blarg. 1 boost to Jaana’s next roll? ))
    Mathus: (( Or 1 setback to the lifting droid? ))
    Vale: "I’ve got your backs, lads."
    Vale: (( sure ))
    Mathus: (( I get the feeling we don’t want it hitting us. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( droid has a setback, but 2 wouldn’t hurt matters ))
    Jaana: (( it has 1 setback already.. just saying ))
    • Vale runs into the room firing as he goes."

    Vale has received initiative.

    Jshock-GM: (( Mathus? ))

  • Mathus isn’t Engaged with the astrodroid,

  • Jshock-GM: (( yeah, you can punch it or
    something ))

  • Mathus punches it.

  • Mathus:
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Shock Gloves (Superior) Check
    Success </image> 1 Advantage2</image>
    Jshock-GM: (( so 5… disorient? KD? ))
    Mathus: (( Sweet, 5 damage & 3 advantage. I’ll spend 2 to shock it for 3 strain. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Oh, kk ))
    Mathus: (( And I’ll spend the other advantage to give Lowurra a boost. ))
    Mathus: (( Hmm, if it looks like the astromech droid’s fleeing, can I spend a maneuver to block it off? ))
    • Jshock-GM needs to look up the shock gloves
      to confirm it’s free damage

    Jshock-GM: (( I think it bypasses soak… ))

    Mathus: (( It does, else it’d be worthless. ))

    Mathus: (( Yep, inflicts Strain equal to the
    Stun setting. Stun 3, in this case. It doesn’t mention anything about
    being reduced by soak. ))

    Jshock-GM: (( reason I asked is because
    there’s 2 versions of stunning stuff ))

    R5 Astromech droid: R5 Astromech droid gains 2 Wounds
    R5 Astromech droid: R5 Astromech droid gains 3 Wounds
    Mathus: (( Hmm, if it looks like the astromech droid’s fleeing, can I spend a maneuver to block it off? ))
    R5 Astromech droid:
    • R5 Astromech droid squeals in binary
    Jshock-GM: sounds good; it’ll have to spend 2 maneuvers to move away (1 to disengage, 1 to move around you
    • Mathus strains to take a Guarded Stance.

    Mathus: Mathus gains 2 Strain
    • Mathus is done.

    Jshock-GM: (( What did that do? 1 setback to
    melee? ))

    Mathus: (( Yeah. ))

    Jshock-GM: (( I should make a state for that

    Mathus: 1 setback to my attack rolls, but 1 setback to their melee rolls vs me.
    • Mathus is done.

    Jshock-GM: (( Drekkan? You back? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( take that as a no… ))

    Mathus: "Try to short out the astromech droid instead of destroying it completely."
    Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    • Lowurra III of Kashykk moves up, yowls curses
      at the astromech (Scathing tirade)
    Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Coercion Check
    Success </image> 0 Failure</image>1 Advantage4</image>
    Vale: (( XD ))
    Jaana: (( and it’s Low who blows a fuse… ))
    it seems the droid does not understand wookiee…
    Mathus: (( Still, 4 advantage… ))
    Mathus: (( 4 boost to the next player roll? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I wish it worked that way. healing strain is the one you can spend multiple on ))
    Mathus: (( 1 advantage to Jaana, one setback to the lifting droid? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yeah ))
    Mathus has received initiative.
    Jshock-GM: (( BLL goes ))
    Binary Loadlifter:
    • Binary Loadlifter makes a mechanical growl,
      charges at Jaana
    Jshock-GM: (( I’ll give a third setback for the pillar ))
    Binary Loadlifter: Binary Loadlifter spends a Destiny Point!
    Binary Loadlifter:
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Setback </image> Setback </image> Setback </image> Lifting Grappler Check
    Success </image> 2 Threat4</image>
    Jshock-GM: (( heh; 12 dmg to you, Jaana ))
    Jshock-GM: (( how badly does it wreck itself in the process? ))
    Jaana: (( it can take a bunch of strain for those… ))
    Jshock-GM: (( sure ))
    Binary Loadlifter: Binary Loadlifter gains 4 Wounds
    Jaana: Jaana gains 8 Wounds
    Jshock-GM: (( hmm ))
    Taliq: (( Ouch ))
    R5 Astromech droid:
    • R5 Astromech droid circles around Mathus; it
      produces an arc welder from one of its tool doors
    Vale: ’Jaana!"
    R5 Astromech droid:
    Ability </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Setback </image> Arc Welder Check
    Success </image> 0 Threat2</image>
    Jaana has received initiative.
    Jshock-GM: (( next? ))
    Taliq: (( Jaana first maybe so she can withdraw? ))
    Mathus: (( Agreed. ))
    Vale: (( seconded ))
    Vale: (( Or thirded…whatever, motion carried. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Mathus? Strain on the droid for the setback? ))
    • Jaana steps back to te next pillar and
      unloads.. (by my count I’m at 3 boost; Aim, one from Vale, one from Low)

    Mathus: (( Sure. ))

    Mathus: (( BTW Jshock, you said the lift was
    lowering to our level, right? ))

    R5 Astromech droid: R5 Astromech droid gains 2 Wounds
    Jshock-GM: (( no… it’s on your level now. You would have to operate it to get to the west doors ))
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Boost </image> Boost </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Heavy Blaster Rifle Check
    Success </image> 1 Advantage1</image>
    Jaana: many empties…
    Mathus: (( You still hit, at least. ))
    Jaana: 11 dmg for 4 wounds anyway
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m going to give you a setback for shooting behind that pillar ))
    Binary Loadlifter:
    Setback </image> Skill Check
    Success </image> 0 Threat1</image>
    Jaana: so you canceled the stary adv,, :P
    Jshock-GM: (( So just dmg ))
    Binary Loadlifter: Binary Loadlifter gains 4 Wounds and is Incapacitated!
    Jaana: Jaana gains 2 Strain
    Jaana: mext
    Binary Loadlifter:
    • Binary Loadlifter falls to its knees
    Taliq has received initiative.
    • Mathus will go next.

    Taliq: (( Mathus ))

  • Mathus spends a maneuver to aim…

  • Mathus: (( Spending any Destiny on his attack,
    Jshock? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( it would have to be his turn ))

    Mathus: (( No, I meant to upgrade the difficulty
    of my attack. ))

    Mathus: (( Wanna check before I just roll. ))

    Jshock-GM: (( oh; not a bad idea! ))

    R5 Astromech droid: R5 Astromech droid spends a Destiny Point!
    Mathus: (( So our Destiny’s up to 3/3 now, right? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yeah ))
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Difficulty </image> Challenge </image> Setback </image> Shock Gloves (Superior) Check
    Success </image> 0 Advantage1</image>
    Jshock-GM: (( choo choo! ))
    Mathus: (( No success, but 2 advantage, hmm… ))
    Taliq: (( LOL ))
    Jshock-GM: (( is that +1 always, or +1 on hit? ))
    Mathus: +1 always.
    Jshock-GM: (( hmm; have to remember that when i stat out bounty hunters… ))
    Mathus: (( I’ll give the next PC a boost, and give the droid a setback to its next roll. ))
    • Mathus strains to maneuver around the droid
      again, blocking off its exit.

    Mathus: Mathus gains 4 Strain
    Mathus: Mathus recovers 2 Strain
    • Mathus is done.

    Lowurra III of Kashykk has received initiative.

    Mathus: (( Vale and Taliq? ))

    Taliq: (( Go wookiee, go wookiee! Oh is Drek
    still afk? ))

    Taliq: (( +1 d for shooting into engaged? ))

    Mathus: (( BTW, you guys gonna set your weapon
    to Stun so we can capture this droid? ))

    Vale: (( just repair him :P

    Taliq: (( Stun is for scrubs ))

    Vale: (( also don;t you use Ion to stun
    droids? Stun weapons wouldn’t ahve much effect? ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( back! ))

    Taliq: (( That’s a good point, wouldn’t we
    need Ion weapons? ))

    Taliq: (( Good timing, you’re up! ))

    Jshock-GM: (( I don’t think you can even
    stun droids without them ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( anyone strained? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( there’s some mild strain ))

  • Jaana has 2 strain, math migh thave more

  • Mathus has 4 strain.

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( you guys want healing,
    or want me to holla at the droid yo ))

    Jaana: (( I’ll heal this 2 post combat anyway..
    so I’m fine ))

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk begins a minor
    dissertation on proper wookie cutlery etiquette… hoping to cause
    fusion in the droid’s logic matrix

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Coercion Check
    Success </image> 0 Failure</image>1 Advantage2</image>
    Jaana: (( that’s about how it went last time… ))
    Mathus: (( Checking the rules; it doesn’t say anything about Droids being immune to non-Ion strain. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Looked up stunning on Wookieepedia… it sounds like blaster stuns are sort of tuned for organics. I’d say no to stunning droids (with blasters ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( sigh ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( suppose I can give next up a boost then? ))
    Jaana: (( the simple truth is, Jaana isn’t the type to ‘stun’ a droid. You want detail, repair it or hack its verbobrain… I suspect Taliq is much the same ))
    Mathus: (( Pity. ))
    Mathus: (( Ah well, if we don’t get it this turn, give boosts to Mathus so he can punch it into submission? ))
    Taliq: (( Yeah there’s an "Ion" quality that makes weapons deal damage to droid strain ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I can’t remember; what was it in saga for stun vs droid? ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( I’ll pass the boosts over to mathus then :D ))
    Vale: Ummm
    Taliq: (( And yeah, Taliq takes convincing to use stun on people… :P ))
    Mathus: (( Yeah, reading over the entry, though, it says Ion’s advantage is doing much more damage… at the cost of it only being Strain to Droids. ))
    Tygaran is disconnected.
    Jshock-GM: (( Where’s VAle in all this? ))
    Taliq: (( In Saga Ion weapons did "stun" damage to droids, they were immune to normal stun damage ))
    Vale: (( I forget, but oil and stun work the same, fule wise in saga but for droids and organics… Because it doe shalf damage anyway, I jsut don’t nthink it doubles hte threshhold damage like a normal stun Ion would do ))
    Jshock-GM: (( that’s sort of what i thought ))
    Vale: (( I can’t see anything so IMa poke my head round the corner soon ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you could shoot the droid, but it’s engaged and behind crates to you ))
    Vale: "DOn’t ahve a safe shot!"
    Vale: (( Gettin some vision ))
    Jshock-GM: (( hmm… ))
    R5 Astromech droid:
    Ability </image> Difficulty </image> Setback </image> Arc Welder Check
    Success </image> 0 Failure</image>1 Advantage1</image>
    R5 Astromech droid:
    Ability </image> Difficulty </image> Skill Check
    Success </image> 1 Threat2</image>
    Vale: (( Wait it was my go right? When you said "where’s vale in this" I kinda went for it :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK, you can see it ))
    Tygaran has connected.
    Jshock-GM: (( clean shot, but it’s still engaged ))
    Tygaran: (( an dit starts again… ))
    Vale: (( Ima strain to get an aim ))
    Taliq: (( You had this last week didn’t you? ))
    Taliq: (( What’s the penalty for engaged? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( blame the cat. I can tell it’s looking at you ))
    Taliq: (( Is there a penalty if I don’t mind shooting Mathus by accident? :3 ))
    Mathus: (( :p ))
    Vale: (( Setback or Difficulty for engaged? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( +1d, I’m upgrading (so 1d1c) ))
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Challenge </image> Heavy Blaster Pistol Check
    Success </image> 0 Failure</image>1 Threat1</image>
    R5 Astromech droid: R5 Astromech droid spends a Destiny Point!
    Vale finds his blaster grow hot in his hand as his power pack temporarily overheats (1 strain)
    Vale: Vale gains 2 Strain
    Vale: Vale gains 1 Strain
    Vale has received initiative.
    Mathus has received initiative.
    Vale: ’Sorry Math!"
    Jshock-GM: (( I think it’s just mathus left ))
    Taliq: (( And me ))
    Mathus: (( I already went, so Taliq goes. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( oh, OK ))
    Taliq: (( I’ll go I guess? ))
    Taliq: (( Can jump over those crates? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Athletics… that’s a fair amount of crate, and I have destiny. 1d1c ))
    R5 Astromech droid: R5 Astromech droid spends a Destiny Point!
    Taliq: (( Nevermind, was only doing it for effect, I can get a clear shot without it :P ))
    Mathus: (( 5 Light, 1 Dark now. ))
    Mathus: (( Er, 4 Light, 2 Dark. ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Lowurra III of Kashykk spends a Destiny Point!
    Jshock-GM: (( retweaking 5the pool ))
    Taliq: (( Shooting the droid ))
    Taliq: (( sorry to be a pain :P ))
    Taliq: (( Going to upgrade the shot? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( 1d1c anyway… as I said, i have destiny… ))
    R5 Astromech droid: R5 Astromech droid spends a Destiny Point!
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Challenge </image> Ranged – Heavy Check
    Success </image> 0
    Taliq: (( :O ))
    Jshock-GM: (( luckily, you don’t blow Mathus’s face off ))
    Taliq: (( Maybe next time :P ))
    Taliq was trained by stormtroopers?
    Mathus: (( Everyone’s trying too hard not to hit Mathus. ))
    Taliq: "Haar’chak, I can’t get a clear shot. Get out of the way, Mathus!"
    Vale: (( clearly we need to shoot AT mathus, and wait for the despairs generated to kill the mech ))
    R5 Astromech droid:
    • R5 Astromech droid maneuvers behind Mathus,
      prods with its arc welder again, than disengages, passing through the door
    Mathus: (( So it takes… 3 maneuvers? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( 2 and an action. It strains ))
    R5 Astromech droid:
    Ability </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Arc Welder Check
    Success </image> 0 Failure</image>2
    Mathus: (( Give it 2 more strain. ))
    R5 Astromech droid: R5 Astromech droid gains 2 Wounds
    Mathus: (( Is the door still open? ))
    Mathus: (( Can Mathus chase after it? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( it’s sliding closed, slowly… ))
    Taliq: (( Indiana Jones through! ))
    Mathus: (( Okay, what kind of roll to dart through it? ))
    Mathus: (( If any? ))
    • Lowurra III of Kashykk rushes forward to try
      and keep the door open with his pure brutal wookieness

    Jshock-GM: (( I’ll advance to next round,
    then you guys decide ))

    Jaana has received initiative.

    Mathus: (( Oo, good idea, Drookie. ))

    Jshock-GM: (( you want Lowurra to do that
    first? ))

    Mathus: (( Sure. ))


    the the wookie can take our 1st spot…

    Jshock-GM: (( Athletics feels like feats of
    strength; call it… 3d. you’re fighting hydraulics ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( should I drop a
    destiny on it fellas? ))

    Mathus: (( Go for it. ))

    Taliq: (( Do it, we have tonnes ))

    Mathus: (( Jshock’s been spending it like candy.

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( wait – that upgrades a
    green to a yellow right? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( yep ))

    Jaana: (( if you’re at all yellow beforehand, you
    add a green ))

    Lowurra III of Kashykk:
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Athletics Check
    Success </image> 2
    Jshock-GM: (( if you were sadistic, you could upgrade your own difficulty ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: RAAAAAAAWWRRRRR
    Jaana: (( you’re the one that want’s it KO’d.. you go next Mathus… ))
    the otherwise civilized Wookiee wedges himself in between the door panels, heaves, and fights back the powerful hydraulics!
    Taliq: "Don’t bust a lung over it, it’s just a droid…"
    Mathus: (( How damaged does the droid look? ))
    Mathus: (( Trying to estimate if Mathus can down it in another punch. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( it’s pretty bad; looks like a stiff wind could blow it over ))
    • Mathus will risk it and attack again.

    Mathus: (( Okay, no longer in Guarded Stance,
    either… ))

  • Mathus darts in, Strains to aim, and punches.

  • Mathus: Mathus gains 2 Strain
    Mathus: (( I got another boost from Lowurra, right? ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( s’what I spent my advantage on IIRC ))
    beads of sweat trickle down the technician’s face… (1/2 strain threshold)
    Ability </image> Proficiency </image> Proficiency </image> Boost </image> Boost </image> Difficulty </image> Difficulty </image> Shock Gloves (Superior) Check
    Success </image> 3 Advantage7</image>
    Mathus: (( Whoa. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yow ))
    Mathus: (( So 3 damage, 8 advantage. ))
    Taliq: (( A hit! A most palpable hit! ))
    BZZT! The canister shaped droid emits arcs of power, thwen shuts down with a puff of smoke
    • Mathus breathes heavily, stepping out of the
      doorway and looking for a switch on the other side to keep it open.

  • Jaana uses the one free application of stim
    from her medpak…

  • Taliq: (( Must be a faulty motivator ))

    Jshock-GM: (( no problem. you punch a couple
    of buttons on the door panel ))

    Jaana: Jaana recovers 5 Wounds
    • Mathus nods in appreciation to Lowurra.

    Mathus: "Good catch."
    Taliq: "You alright Jaana?"
    This room seems to serve several purposes. To one side is a workbench with tools and parts; an oil bath sits alongside one wall. A small smelting plant runs along the opposite corner, consisting of a conveyor piled with rocky ore, a furnace, and set of cooling racks with molds for oridium ingots.
    Jaana: "It’s just a flesh wound…"
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Rraaaar
    Taliq: "Good… can’t have you dyin’ on me."
    Ability </image> Ability </image> Discipline Check
    Success </image> 2 Advantage1</image>
    Mathus: Mathus recovers 2 Strain
    Taliq: "Don’t want Mathus patching me up when I get hurt!"
    • Mathus frowns, but just nods.

    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( did the door stop
    closing? ))

    Mathus: (( Yeah, I hit the Open switch. ))

  • Taliq grins

  • Lowurra III of Kashykk flops somewhat in

  • Jaana: Jaana recovers 2 Strain
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: rrrawwr (Heavy….)
    Jshock-GM: (( so, what’s everyone doing? ))
    • Mathus is looking over the room for more

    Mathus: (( Or evidence of nefarious deeds. ))

    Taliq: "Door…"
    • Taliq kicks in the door

    Mathus: (( Honestly, I’m expecting some of the
    bodies to get dumped into the smelting vat. ))

    Taliq: (( Or just… opens it :P

    Vale: "Room clear?"
    Jaana: "Come join the fun, Vale."
    the door slides open as Taliq hits the panel…
    Taliq: (( OH shiiiiii ))
    Vale: (( let me know when I can move up ))
    Taliq: "Well that’s unexpected…"
    Mathus: "hmm?"
    inside, you see several battle droids, a pair of worker droids, another loadlifter, and the supervisor you saw on the securtity video
    Mathus: (( Er, the supervisor droid? ))
    Taliq: "Hey… what’s good you guys?"
    all but the workers and binary loadlifters have blasters leveled at you
    Taliq: "Friendly…"
    Vale: (( I can’t see this, but I’d suggest closing the door :P ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: Rrawwr? (Parlay?)
    Mathus: (( Hrm… quick thinking… disabling the shield generators would kill any organics but leave the droids unscathed, right? ))
    EV supervisor droid: "Flesh-things. So glad to make your ac-quan-tance…"
    Fade to black…
    Mathus: (( DAMMIT! ))
    Taliq: (( CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! ))
    Taliq: (( YEEEEEEAAAAAAH XD ))
    Taliq: (( Better… ))
    Vale: "Noice
    Vale: (( schmexy ))
    Jshock-GM: (( so go ahead and plan some strategy for next week… ))
    Taliq: (( Hmm… can I spend XP between now and next session? XD ))
    Mathus: (( Uh… shoot them all? ))
    Mathus: (( Improvise a really big ion bomb? ))
    Taliq: (( Like take dodge? :3 ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yes, you sure can ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( I tell you – Parlay! ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: (( I can talk them into surrender, it’s only logical! ))
    Xie says to the GMs: Turns out I was wrong about force exile, it doesn’t get the +10 xp cost for going outside of your profession like other caareers do
    Jshock-GM: (( I thought it was cheaper to get in to ))
    Vale: Wooklomacy
    Taliq: (( For once I might agree with you XD ))
    Taliq: (( Shooting may NOT be the best course of action :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I’ll tell you this: BLLs will wreck your shit ))
    Mathus: BLLs?
    Tygaran: ok then.. hitting the hay
    Xie: I’m more worried about the lifter than the battle droids TBH :P
    Tygaran: cya next time folks
    Xie: ’night Tyg!
    Jshock-GM: (( Binary Load Lifters ))
    Xie: ’night all!
    Xie: gg!!!
    Tygaran is disconnected.
    Vale: Night Tyg
    Vale: Ohj :P
    Mathus: Alright. Gonna log off myself and play some LoL, then.
    Vale: Oooo
    Vale: Oh wait
    Vale: \Was aboutt o say "Add me"
    Vale: Then remembere I Jumoed ship to the Oceanic Server
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: ciao y’all
    Vale: Instead I have a smurf o nthere with no flash and like…mumu and tryndadn that’s it :P
    Jshock-GM: (( kk. I’ll save & exit myself ))
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: enjoy your evenins!
    Vale: Night erryone
    Lowurra III of Kashykk: wookiee be with you
    Xie: Take it easy all
    Mathus: Oof, so many blooyd errors…
    Vale: Have a wodnerful time with your future endeavours, or whatever.
    Mathus: Wonder if it’s the sight stuff.
    Xie is disconnected.
    Mathus: Er, line-of-vision stuff.
    Drookiee is disconnected.
    Vale: XIe and I rolled back to Java 6 abnd I got no more errors

    Debts to Pay - Session 5

    Tales from the Outer Rim Jshock Xie