Beyond the Rim - Session 1

Jaana: Jaana removes all Critical Injuries!
Taliq: Taliq removes all Critical Injuries!
Vale: Vale removes all Critical Injuries!
Mathus: Mathus removes all Critical Injuries!
Lowurra: Lowurra removes all Critical Injuries!
You say to the GMs: Mathus updated their character sheet
Jshock says to the GMs: Mathus updated their character sheet
Jshock: Victim of obligation: Mathus (Favor) (9)


When we last left our quintet, they had interrupted the machinations of the rebellious supervisor droid EV-8D3.

Said droid was leading most of the other droids in the complex, assembling a barricade out of crates of ore. Several tense minutes of negotiation ensued; the droid claimed he meant no harm to the party, but wanted them to throw down their arms and enter the mine so that the might spread their droid revolution to other worlds.

After the ensuing firefight, the revolutionaries lay deactivated at the feet of the crew… but the party was split, due to MATHUS tinkering with the smelter’s emergency purge system. Luckily, LOWURRA managed to sway the simple circuts of the remaining active binary loadlifter into ramming a wall with its body (which ruined the droid in the process). With the complex’s storm barrier system failing systematically, the crew’s ultimate fate is far from clear…

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.
Tygaran has connected.
Jshock-GM: Evening, my friend
Tygaran: evening
Tygaran: .. for secodn I thought there was a warforged toke on this map for somereason… nope – some kind of lizard guy? :P
Jshock-GM: The vendor?
Tygaran: yeah
Jshock-GM: Generic alien #221
Tygaran: and it looks liek I lack ownership of Jaana for some reason
Jshock-GM: hmm
Jshock-GM: You’ve got it now
Jshock-GM: So, it looks like delaying ended up being worth it; this is looking pretty bug free. In addition…
Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Heavy Blaster Rifle Check
Success 0 Failure2 Advantage2
Damage 10 / Crit 3; Autofire (+1d, 2 adv to apply), -1 diff for Long and Extreme range, -1 diff to shoot while engaged.
Jshock-GM: Notes!
Tygaran: not seeing an update link on the char sheet anymore…
Jshock-GM: It’s the mini portrait
Tygaran: and workign too :D
Jshock-GM: He put in a separate sheet type for ships, too
Alien vendor:
Critical Roll: 4
Easy Critical () || Minor Nick
Alien vendor:
Critical Roll: 62
Average Critical () || Slightly Dazed
Tygaran: the question arises.. has he figured out a way for player to individually roll for session Destiny?
Alien vendor: Alien vendor removes all Critical Injuries!
Jshock-GM: No, unfortunately… I think the next biggie is some sort of talent display. I’llo field the question again.
JeffG has connected.
Jshock-GM: Hey
JeffG: Hey hey, J. Good to finally be playing Star Wars again.
Jshock-GM: It looks like all the ownerships were wiped; I’ll have to reinstate them as people log on
JeffG: Kk.
Jshock-GM: You’ve got yours now, Jeff
JeffG: BTW Jshock, you got time for a Photoshop request sometime over the next week?
  • Jaana only find the huge hospital and/or
    medical frigate Bacta systems in the Wheel’s database of available


Sure; what do you need?


I need an elf pic given eladrin eyes.
Sound reasonable?


That sounds pretty easy; got the pic


Yeah. Mind if I send it to you via


Sure, just give me a sec to turn it on


Don’t worry about that strand of hair
in front of an eye, either; it’s being scaled down for a token

Jaana: hmm… I think I shoud see if I can find something worth speniding 5 XP on.. or just wait two XP grants to buy into the doctor spec. Seems almost silly to spend the 30 for the spec and not grab one of the Talents at the same time.. :P
JeffG: Although getting the shadows to match the ones on her eyes would be appreciated.
JeffG: It look simple enough now that you see the picture? Or is it gonna be tougher than you expected?
Jshock-GM: So, this is why I don’t keep my Skype on; with it off, I’m sitting at @ 30% processor use, 50% ram. With it on, that jumps to like 80% processor (both cores), 80% ram.
JeffG: That seems… strange.
Jshock-GM: That should be an easy shoop. You need it before Sun?
FoxyGrif has connected.
JeffG: I’d like it before Monday night. Not urgently; another week w/o it would be fine.
Tactical Direction (Maneuver)
May direct one stormtrooper group within Medium range. The group may perform either 1 free maneuver or add to their next check.
FoxyGrif: Hey everyone
JeffG: …When did Jaana get Stormtroopers?
Jshock-GM: Hey hey
Jaana: ^ wonder what that’s on my token for.. stormtropes? :P
Adversary 1 (Talent)
Upgrade the difficulty of all combat checks made against this target once.
Jshock-GM: I think I copied that button over at some point as a template
Jaana: and that too
Jaana: lokos like they’re set to GM only for edit/delete
Jshock-GM: That might be a server serring, now that i think about it
Jshock-GM: Want me to restart the server so you can do something with them?
JeffG: Hrm… Jshock, Skype on my computer’s taking up 145,284K memory, 0 CPU. Total CPU usage is at 0%, total memory usage is at 2.17 GB (for the whole computer, not Skype).
Xie has connected.
Xie: Evening
Jshock-GM: Yeah, I’m not sure why it be like it is, but it do
Jshock-GM: OK; just missing the wookiee… also, everyone but should be able to do something with their tokens
Ability Ability Ability Ability Medicine Check
Success 3 Advantage2
JeffG: Token wonking.
Jshock-GM: I stress tested this framework a bit; it seems to be bug free, but if anyone notices anything, let me know
Ability Proficiency Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty Heavy Blaster Rifle Check
Success 3 Triumph1
Damage 10 / Crit 3; Autofire (+1d, 2 adv to apply), -1 diff for Long and Extreme range, -1 diff to shoot while engaged.
JeffG: revs up chainsaw
JeffG: Why do you think we’d break it?
Drookiee has connected.
Jshock-GM: Ah, there’s the furball
FoxyGrif is disconnected.
Jshock-GM: OK, anyone need some time, or should we get down to it?
FoxyGrif has connected.
Lowurra: I can get down and boogey woogey
Jshock-GM: FT, you good?
FoxyGrif: Ermmm
FoxyGrif: How does one impersonate now?
  • Jaana is semi offscreen with 41-VEX

Jaana: (( but ready ))


Ah, I forgot to put the speakforme
macros in CAmpaign; just a sec

Lowurra: (( also I may have to run at any point ))



Lowurra: (( we have an opinion that needs to get
to the calgary office tomorrow, my draft was in but I’m on call ))

Mathus: (( Noted. And I’m ready to start. ))

Mathus: (( Although note I’ll be sans book
tonight; we haven’t vacuumed it for fleas yet. ))

Lowurra: (( also – legal opinions be long, hard,
expensive ))

Taliq: (( /im Vale ))

Jshock-GM: (( eww ))

Taliq: (( XD ))

Jshock-GM: (( SpeakForMe is in campaign now,
FT ))


The Destiny Pool has been set!
Light Side Points7


Yeah, I’m lost. I only use this
program with you guys :P






Victim of obligation: Vale
(Betrayal) (40)

Mathus: Don’t whine, Jshock. How many sessions have we rolled all Dark now? :p
Jshock-GM: Yeah, I know
FoxyGrif: Ha
Mathus: Look, you can take it out on Vale! That make you happier?
Jaana: (( 2 in a row for Vale… ))
Taliq: (( Fox may not have permission for Vale’s token, cause he’s using a different name than usual? ))
Jshock-GM: …But VAle is further dogged by his sordid past!
FoxyGrif: Ooooooh Yeah
FoxyGrif: OH NOES
Jshock-GM: OK, you’ve got it now
Vale: Huzzuh
Vale: Coul;dn’t find this speak for me thingy so
Vale: THat works
Jshock-GM: OK; so VAle’s thresh is 2 lower, everyone elses is 1 lower.


When we last left the crew of the Krayt Fang, they had just arrived on the seemingly neutral space station THE WHEEL, attempting to sell a freshly acquired cargo container of GLITTERSTIM, a highly addictive spice.

THe crew decided that the best way you sell the goods was to split the contents of the container in half; Argen Vale and Taliq would take one half, while Mathus and Lowurra would take the other. Jaana wanted no part of the operation, and left to take care of what she deemed to be actual business.

After a days worth of asking around, Vale and Taliq had no luck finding contacts willing to buy their illegal goods. What TAliq did find was a merchant selling a suit of laminate armor of an ancient and curious design; a suit she quickly became VERY interested in! After interrogating the merchant, she practically threw credits at her, more than willing to pay ABOVE the armor’s value.

Sadly, Mathus and Lowurra were equally unlucky at finding buyers. Unfortunately for the two crewmen, their pursuits seem to have atttracted some attention - attention they probably do not want…

Jshock-GM: (( Pretend that says ’Beyond the Rim"… ))
Mathus: Mathus gains 1 Strain
Lowurra: Raaawr (watch your rear Mathus)
  • Taliq has a better idea of what we can do
    with all the spice…

Taliq: (( :3 ))

Jshock-GM: (( Speaking of the topic at hand.

As the two crewmen walk down some lonely corridors, Lowurra
realizes they are being followed…

Taliq: (( Is this story arc called "Beyond
the Rim"? I may need to update the wiki :P

Jshock-GM: (( yeah, we’re on beyond the rim

Unknown command: "oo cI dun goofed". Try /help for a
list of commands.

Jshock-GM: (( I dun goofed ))

Jshock-GM: (( consequenses will never be the
same ))

  • Mathus grumbles under his breath as they
    haul their cargo back.

  • Mathus: "Swear, this is the last time we try to trade this smeg…"
    Lowurra: Rawrrr (Just look tight)
    Mathus: "Huh?"
    • Mathus looks at Lowurra, confused.

    Taliq: (( At least Mathus is inconspicuos in
    his civilian clothes ))

    Mathus: (( They’re camo-painted now. ))

    Lowurra: (We have company)
    Taliq: (( Camo painted civilian clothes? That’s not gonna stand out at all… :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Can’t remember; did you two take VEX with you, or was he with Jaana? ))
    Mathus: (( Don’t remember off the bat. *grabs logs* ))
    Jshock-GM: (( camo painted designer suit. ))
    Taliq: (( He was hanging out with Jaana ))
    Taliq: (( Trying to get up to some non illicit activities :P ))
    Mathus: (( Yeah, believe so. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( kk ))
    • Mathus blinks a moment at Lowurra.

    Mathus: "…Oh."
    • Mathus sighs, glowers, looks grumpy.

    Mathus: "Perfect end to the day…"
    • Mathus was grumpy before, so continued
      grumpiness is the perfect cover.

    Lowurra: (Just be ready for when they come in)
    • Mathus grumbles & nods.

  • Lowurra walks with his cane looking slightly

  • Jshock-GM: (( Both of you, make 2d
    Perception checks, please ))

    Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Perception Check
    Success 3 Threat4
    Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Perception Check
    Success 0 Failure2
    Lowurra: (( threatened success! ))
    Lowurra sees another group of two coming in from another tunnel… they seem to be herding you into an alley. And you’re also quite sure they saw you seeing them.
    Tygaran says to the GMs: Jaana updated their character sheet
    Lowurra: (They’re coming for us from two sides)
    Jshock-GM: (( Only escape route is sort of an ‘alley’ corridor ))
    Lowurra: (( OR ))
    Lowurra: (shall we turn and quickly engage those behind us
    • Mathus sneers.

    Mathus: mutter "…Think we can take them?"
    Lowurra: (We’re going to have to take 2 of them, or 4)
    Lowurra: (they’re herding us into the alley ahead
    Lowurra: (Which likely is a dead end)
    As you debate the matter, two more step out from the shadows…
    Jshock-GM: (( cutting tokens ))
    Mathus: (( New map? ))
    Taliq: (( I moved to A Little Chat ))
    Wheel tough leader: "WELL, well, well.. seems we have a couple of salesmen here. Isn’t that right, boys?"
    muffled laughter from all around
    • Mathus glances over at the leader. He does
      not look like he’s in a happy mood.


    (Well then)

  • Lowurra stretches out his neck and arm

  • Lowurra:

    The way I see it, you’re either a
    buyer and we all make money

    Wheel tough leader: "This can go one of two ways; you either hand over the spice and we let you go, or we take the spice and beat you to a bloody mess. Which do you prefer?"
    Lowurra: (Or you’re trying something you’re really not ready for… in which case I get to have some fun)
    Lowurra: (Well considering that you would kill TRY to kill us immediately anyway)
    Wheel tough leader: "I’ve taken tougher carpets than you, furball!"
    • Mathus glances them over. What are they
      armed with?

    Lowurra: (Boy, I flossed bigger things than you out of my teeth at Kashyyk)
    at a glance, they’re all armed with sidearms and club – equivalents
    Lowurra: (I’ve killed Gamorreans, Hutts, and Trandoshians)
    Mathus: (( Sidearms = holdout blasters? Or nastier? ))
    Lowurra: (You, sir, are nothing but a jumped up ruffian)
    Jshock-GM: (( Perception, Mathus; call it 2d, 1set (they’re mostly holstered ))
    Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Setback Perception Check
    Success 1 Threat1
    Lowurra: (OR… we can come to a deal)
    Jshock-GM: (( Lowurra, give me Coercion vs 1d ))
    Lowurra: (( we have 7, so I’ll spend a point of destiny ))
    Proficiency Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Coercion Check
    Success 0 Advantage3
    Lowurra: (( well that’s balls ))
    Jshock-GM: (( hmm ))
    Jshock-GM: (( he doesn’t seem frightened of you, but there’s advantage on the table ))
    Jshock-GM: (( any ideas? ))
    Lowurra: (( not sure – Mathus? ))
    Mathus: (( Hrm… best idea I have ATM is convincing them it costs less to just buy it from us than to pay the medical bills for fighting us? ))
    Mathus: (( Or have a station patrol enter the corridor? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Hmm; I could do a patrol ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Actually, one better… maybe… ))
    As the two groups attempt to intimidate each other, you hear heavy footfalls on one of the bridges…
    • Mathus glances over towards the footsteps.

    Mysterious warrior: +Bargos says hello…+
    Mathus: (( …Aw smeg, I don’t know how much of an advantage this is… ))
    Jaana: (( it’s a gen’Dai? ))
    Taliq: (( AWWWWW SHIIIIIIIiiiit ))
    Jaana: (( nope.. it’s a Fett! :P ))
    Mysterious warrior: +You eight; Leave. NOW.+
    Lowurra: (Whelp, you heard him)
    • Lowurra picks up the package and starts to

    Wheel tough leader: "I don’t think so; FINDERS KEEPERS!"
    Jshock-GM: Init; call it Vigilance for all but the warrior in the T shaped visor
    Ability Proficiency Vigilance Initative
    Success 1 Advantage1
    Ability Ability Ability Vigilance Initative
    Success 1 Advantage2
    Lowurra: ++Math – I recommend we huff it with our stuff++
    Mathus: "…Gotcha…"
    You say to the GMs: Mysterious warrior updated their character sheet
    Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Mysterious warrior updated their character sheet
    Mysterious warrior:
    Ability Proficiency Cool Initative
    Success 3
    Mathus: (( Hrm, Mathus heard the dealer threaten to tell Bargos we were cutting in on his business, right? ))
    Wheel tough leader:
    Ability Vigilance Initative
    Success 1
    Wheel tough:
    Ability Vigilance Initative
    Success 0
    Wheel tough:
    Ability Vigilance Initative
    Success 1
    Wheel tough:
    Ability Vigilance Initative
    Success 0 Advantage2
    Mathus: (( Looks like it, but I originally thought he left to tend to Taliq first… ah well. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( so perhaps not surprisingly, a whole lotta suck for the toughs, not so much suck for the other guy. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I sort of don’t have stats for this guy programmed in, so I’m doing this on the fly… ))
    Mathus: (( Kk. ))
    Mysterious warrior:
    • Mysterious warrior spins around, manipulates
      something on his wrists; you hear a silenced thuk eminating from a pair
      of launchers…
    You say to the GMs: Mysterious warrior added a Weapon
    Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Mysterious warrior added a Weapon
    You say to the GMs: Mysterious warrior updated their character sheet
    Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Mysterious warrior updated their character sheet
    Mysterious warrior:
    Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty wrist launchers Check
    Success 1 Advantage2Triumph1
    Damage 4 / Crit 5; concussive
    • Lowurra looks at the devastation

    Lowurra has received initiative.

    Lowurra: +yes running… is a good idea+
    • Mathus ’s eyes widen.

    Mathus: "…Yep…"
    Mathus: (( How heavy are the drugs, BTW? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( hmm; give me a sec ))
    Jshock-GM: (( full container is enc 5; I’ll be generous, round down half, call it Enc 2 ))
    Jshock-GM: (( so, a fully laden backpack full of drugs ))
    Lowurra: (( wookies are big! ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Wookiees ARE big ))
    Mathus: (( Mhm… think I’m still under encumbrance, though, since I gave my Heavy Blaster to Taliq. ))
    Lowurra: (( I think I only have a cane… ))
    Mathus: (( So no impairment to movement. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m not tremendously worried about it; Silent Low carries the stash? ))
    Mathus: (( Sounds good to me. ))
    Lowurra: (( so which way woudl we be going to get back to base? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( East, towards the warrior… ))
    Mathus: (( Let’s go west; I’m sure there’s another way back to base. ))
    Lowurra: (( so mandalorian battle armour… that’s not too tough right? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( nah. ))
    Taliq: (( lol XD ))
    Mathus: (( He’s NOT Boba Fett, right? ))
    Lowurra: +After you Math+
    Lowurra: ++Find us a way out with your scanny-magig++
    Jshock-GM: (( What would that be; know (underworld)? Something else? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( The Fett is pretty infamous ))
    Mathus: (( I’ll try Know Underworld. Although I was asking whether he’s the same "Fett" we saw blow up Jabbo the Hutt. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Well… his armor seems VERY similar to whoever took out Teemo. You think. ))
    Mathus: (( Yeah, I’ll make a Knowledge Underworld check. ))
    Mathus: (( What diff? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Though whose to say THAT was Boba? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Call it 3d to know the particulars of his gear ))
    Ability Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Underworld Check
    Success 5 Threat3
    Mathus: (( Apparently Mathus is a Boba fanboy. ))
    Taliq: (( Fandalorian ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Well, he’s on Tatooine a lot… ))
    Mathus (being a fandalorian) knows that while this persons armor is almost identical to Boba’s, the colors are somewhat different. He is, in fact…
    Mathus: (( Who? What does Mathus know about Jodo Kast? ))
    Jodo Kast: +What are you starin’ at?+
    Jshock-GM: (( Make another roll; same diff ))
    Ability Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Underworld Check
    Success 0 Failure2 Advantage3
    Mathus: (( So… 3 threat on a success, then 3 advantage on a failure? ))
    Mathus doesn’t know much about the mercenary; he does know that Jodo takes similar jobs to the infamous bounty hunter
    • Mathus breaks out in a sweat.

    Mathus: "…Nothing! Nothing at all…"
    • Mathus backs off a bit, then bolts.

    Mathus: (( Bolting… southwest, I presume. 2
    maneuvers. ))

    Jshock-GM: (( OK ))

    Mathus: (( And how could Mathus find an
    alternate way out using the sensomathingy Lowurra mentioned? ))

    two toughs block your way…

    Mathus: (( What about the 4-way to the south? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( You could maybe try to push
    past them ))

    Mathus: (( Or is that a bridge? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( that’s a bridge ))

    Mathus: (( Yeah, I’ll spend 2 strain to run them
    over. What check is that? ))

    Mathus: (( 2 maneuvers and an action. ))

    Mathus: (( Actually, Lowurra… you following my
    lead? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( Call it Athletics ))

    Mathus: (( Might help if we bowl both of them
    over together. ))

    Lowurra: (( yup ))

    Lowurra: wait
    Lowurra: (( why not go this way ))
    Mathus: (( Bridge, I think… ))
    Jshock-GM: (( bridge ))
    Lowurra: (( aah ))
    Lowurra: (( ok ))
    Mathus: (( Yeah, that was my first idea too. ))
    Lowurra: (( can we do a co-op action? ))
    Mathus: (( Call it an assist. ))
    Unknown JSON type "" in function "json.get".
    You say to the GMs: Jodo Kast updated their character sheet
    Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Jodo Kast updated their character sheet
    Mathus: (( My Athletics 1/3. Yours? ))
    Lowurra: (( 0/3 ))
    Mathus: (( Okay, so just a boost to me. What’s the difficulty? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Ok; you want to push past them, it’ll happen on Lowurra’s turn, Athletics vs 3d, but 1 boost for each of you (you’re aiding each other ))
    Mathus: (( So we both make rolls, then? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( yeah, a normal aid doesn’t feel quite right ))
    Mathus: (( K, sounds good. ))
    Mathus: (( We both have almost the same init anyway, so no biggie if we simultaneously act. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( right ))
    Mathus: (( You spending any Destiny on yours, Lowurra? ))
    Jaana: (( brb ))
    Lowurra: (( hurm ))
    Lowurra: (( I think I’ll be ok ))
    Lowurra: (( actually ))
    Lowurra: (( yeah ))
    Lowurra: (( to get at least 1 yellow ))
    Mathus: (( K. ))
    Ability Ability Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Athletics Check
    Success 0 Threat1
    Lowurra: Lowurra spends a Destiny Point!
    Mathus: (( Argh. I didn’t make it, but I got 1 advantage. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Maynbe Mathus should have spent one… ))
    Ability Ability Proficiency Boost Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Athletics Check
    Success 2
    Jshock-GM: (( OK ))
    The gangers flinch as the wookiee charges past… but catch Matus as he tries to pass! Mathus trips a bit, and bangs his head on the bulkhead
    Jshock-GM: (( 1 strain, dude ))
    Mathus has received initiative.
    Mathus: (( …Oof, that was a strain… ))
    Mathus: (( Well, that was my Action for the turn, right? Don’t think I can Action again… ))
    Mathus: Mathus gains 1 Strain
    You’ve got incidentals
    Jshock-GM: (( didn’t mean to emit that… ))
    • Mathus shouts at Lowurra.

    Mathus: "RUN!"
    The leader and his aquilish companion pull makeshift clubs from their belts…
    Mathus: (( Setback to their attacks due to armor. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( thanks for reminding me ))
    Jshock-GM: (( care to spend anything before the clubbing? ))
    Vale: (( teehee dance party ))
    Mathus: (( No, saving it for the next attempt to breakthrough. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( kk ))
    Wheel tough leader:
    Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Setback Truncheon Check
    Success 2
    Damage 5 / Crit 5; Disorient 2
    Jshock-GM: (( crap; forgot my yellow ))
    Jshock-GM: (( dropping that s/a ))
    Mathus: (( K. ))
    Wheel tough leader:
    Proficiency Truncheon Check
    Success 1 Advantage1
    Damage 5 / Crit 5; Disorient 2
    Mathus: (( Same. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK, same ))
    Mathus: 5 dmg – 4 soak = 1 total
    Mathus: Mathus gains 1 Wounds
    Mathus mostly weathers the storm
    Jshock-GM: (( they’re actually doing strain with their clubs ))
    Mathus: Mathus recovers 1 Wounds
    Lowurra: ++Com’ on Mathus – Move your honky tonk self++
    Mathus: Mathus gains 1 Strain
    Western group is down and staggered this round…
    South group pulls clubs and engages…
    North group pulls stingers and gets behind cover, intending to shoot at Jodo Kast next round…
    Jodo Kast walks forward calmly, firing darts at the group behind cover…
    Mathus: (( South group didn’t have extra actions to attack me? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Minions, and pulling weapons is a maneuver ))
    Mathus: (( Ah. ))
    Jodo Kast:
    Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Setback wrist launchers Check
    Success 4
    Damage 4 / Crit 5; concussive
    Jodo fires a barrage, but it glances off bulkheads / the ganger’s clothes
    Lowurra has received initiative.
    Mathus: (( 4 successes don’t hit? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Soak 4 ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Whoops; right, it’s not auto totaling ))
    Mathus: (( Huh… what’s their base damage? 0? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( need to have that read "base damage" ))
    Mathus: (( Oh, it isn’t? Ah. ))
    Wheel tough: Wheel tough gains 4 Wounds
    Mathus: Mathus gains 2 Strain
    Jshock-GM: (( So, one of you two ))
    • Mathus will go first.

  • Mathus tries to bust through the group again.

  • Mathus: (( Still vs 3d? Or I have setbacks now
    for the # of ppl around me? ))

    You say to the GMs: Jodo Kast updated their character sheet

    Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Jodo Kast updated their character sheet

    Jshock-GM: (( yeah, 3d… 1 set (for the
    extra group ))

  • Mathus will Destiny this.

  • Lowurra: (( wait ))

    Lowurra: (( I can barge back and try to help club
    you free ))

    Mathus: (( If you want to, go for it. ))

    Mathus: (( Although Mathus told you to run. ))

  • Lowurra looks back and sees Mathus surrounded

  • Lowurra: RAWWRRRRR!!
    You say to the GMs: Jodo Kast added a Weapon
    Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Jodo Kast added a Weapon
    • Lowurra brains the gang leader from behind

    Lowurra: (( that’s my stick versus 2d right? ))

    Jshock-GM: (( Yep ))

    Ability Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Covert Cane Check
    Success 3 Threat2
    Damage 5 / Defensive 1, Disorient 3
    Jshock-GM: (( so 8… Mathus will suffer another setback ))
    Mathus: (( groan ))
    As Lowurra rushes in, he forces the leader & aquilish closer in, creating a clump
    Mathus: (( Alright, spending a Destiny on this one. ))
    Wheel tough: Wheel tough gains 4 Wounds
    Mathus: Mathus spends a Destiny Point!
    Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Setback Setback Athletics Check
    Success 2 Threat1
    Jshock-GM: (( Mathus takes another strain ))
    • Mathus screams and bursts through.

    Mathus: Mathus gains 1 Strain
    The gangers claw at the tech, but he pulls himself free!
    Mathus: (( How far can I get in one maneuver? ))
    Unknown command: "oo ctop of the stairs or so". Try /help for a list of commands.
    Jshock-GM: (( Top of the stairs or so ))
    Mathus has received initiative.
    Unknown command: "oo cAnything else?". Try /help for a list of commands.
    Mathus: "Com’n!"
    Jshock-GM: (( Anything else? ))
    Mathus: (( Nope, I’m done. ))
    The gang leader turns his rage towards the Wookiee
    Lowurra: (( does disorient trigger automatically ))
    Lowurra: (( or do I need to spend something? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Triggering generally takes 2a ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you can sub 1t instead, though ))
    Jaana: (( huh.. there seems to be two Jodo Jast tokens.. a Fett wannabe and a mohawk guy,,, ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I think I had the leader selected while I was editing at one point; I seem to be reading him normally though ))
    Unknown command: "oo cOh, the guy to the south". Try /help for a list of commands.
    Jshock-GM: (( Oh, that guy ))
    Jshock-GM: (( meh, he gets injured first ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Lowurra, did you want to alter this roll with Destiny? ))
    Lowurra: (( s’ok – but I will use dodge to spend 1 strain to upgrade it by a d ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK, sure ))
    Lowurra: Lowurra gains 1 Strain
    Wheel tough leader:
    Ability Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Setback Truncheon Check
    Success 1 Advantage1
    Damage 5 / Crit 5; Disorient 2
    Mathus: (( One of those should be a red thanks to dodge, right? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( 6, he’ll boost the next group’s roll ))
    Jshock-GM: (( oh, thought dodge was a setback ))
    Lowurra: (( oh no – dodge adds 1 to the difficulty ))
    Jshock-GM: (( adds or upgrades? there’s a difference ))
    Jaana: (( heh… reading the leader’s token nam ein my head sounds more like ’he’s a weally (instead of really) tough guy’ ))
    Jshock-GM: (( speech impediment ))
    Lowurra: "upgrade the difficulty of that check by that number"
    Jshock-GM: (( he’s compensating ))
    Jshock-GM: (( OK; let me trade that blang for something worse ))
    Wheel tough leader:
    Challenge Truncheon Check
    Success 0 Threat1
    Damage 5 / Crit 5; Disorient 2
    Jshock-GM: (( so; 6 dmg flat ))
    Lowurra: (( soak 6 ))
    Lowurra: (( I mean 3 ))
    Jshock-GM: thunk thunk
    Lowurra: (( wait – does the "defensive" property of my weapon ))
    Lowurra: (( passive or active? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( passive ))
    Lowurra: (( did you account for the defensive 1? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( not deliberately, but yes ))
    Lowurra: heh
    Lowurra: (( aight ))
    Lowurra spins his staff, but several blows still get through
    Jshock-GM: (( strain damage ))
    You say to the GMs: Jodo Kast updated their character sheet
    Jshock-GM says to the GMs: Jodo Kast updated their character sheet
    Lowurra: Lowurra gains 3 Strain
    remaining men=mber of east group loses staggered at the beginning of the turn
    He pulls a stinger, fires
    Wheel tough:
    Ability Ability Boost Difficulty Sting beamer Check
    Success 1 Advantage2
    Damage 6 / Crit 3; Stun damage
    Jshock-GM: (( forgot Jodo’s armor grants him defense ))
    Jodo Kast:
    Setback Skill Check Check
    Success 0 Threat1
    Jshock-GM: (( so 1/1; 7 stun ))
    Jodo Kast: Jodo Kast gains 2 Strain
    they can’t get at lowurra, so they pull stingers and fire at Jodo
    Wheel tough:
    Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Setback Sting beamer Check
    Success 0 Advantage1
    Damage 6 / Crit 3; Stun damage
    Jodo Kast: Jodo Kast gains 1 Strain
    more shots at the merc
    Wheel tough:
    Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Setback Sting beamer Check
    Success 0 Advantage1
    Damage 6 / Crit 3; Stun damage
    Jodo Kast: Jodo Kast gains 1 Strain
    emits a growl; he pulls a vibroknife from his belt, charges in
    Jodo Kast: Jodo Kast gains 2 Strain
    Jodo Kast: Jodo Kast spends a Destiny Point!
    Jodo Kast:
    Ability Ability Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Vibroknife Check
    Success 0 Failure3 Advantage2
    Damage 4 / Crit 3; Pierce 1, Vicious 2
    Who wants a boost from that massive distraction?
    Lowurra has received initiative.
    Jshock-GM: (( or a free maneuver? ))
    Lowurra: (( I’ll free maneuver to disengage? ))
    Jaana: (( if escape i the goal, thw wookie should move away ))
    Lowurra: (( and then we run? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you can disengage ))
    Mathus: (( Free maneuver. ))
    Lowurra: ++Move++
    Jshock-GM: (( your guy’s turn ))
    Lowurra: (( wait ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you both high tailing it, I assume ))
    Lowurra: (( do we want to double back over the bridge? ))
    Lowurra: (( and then drop in behind the group? ))
    Lowurra: (( and run – or just take the eeasy out? ))
    Mathus: (( Easy way out. ))
    Mathus: (( That’s my vote, at least. Lowurra can run whereever. ))
    Lowurra: (( right ))
    • Lowurra high tails it

    Ther two crewmembers run for safer parts of the station while the
    mercenary carves a bloody path through the gangers…

    Lowurra: (( fun! :D

    Mathus: "Place to hide, place to hide…"
    Jshock-GM: (( eventually, the two manage to find their way back to the ship… ))
    Mathus: (( …Ah, or that works. ))
    Lowurra: (Mathus you know I couldn’t just run with you surrounded)
    Mathus: "…I told you otherwise, but thanks."
    • Lowurra puts a massive paw on Mathus’ head
      and muffles his hair

    Mathus and Lowurra approch, looking bloodied but unbowed…

  • Mathus gives a tired grin at Lowurra, then
    rushes as they approach the ship.

  • Mathus: (( Hrm, Mathus should’ve commed them
    earlier, but this is more dramatic… shrug ))

  • Mathus darts onto the ship.

  • Mathus: "…Guys, we need to liftoff. Now."
    Lowurra: (Oh we fight a trained mandalorian working for Bargos)
    Mathus: "Judging by his armor, his name’s Jodo Kast. He takes the same types of jobs Boba Fett does..>"
    • Mathus pales a bit.

    Mathus: "…We need to get outta here."
    Jshock-GM: (( Xie? ))
    Taliq: (( Sorry, I’m here ))
    Taliq: (( Was afk for a sec :P ))
    Taliq: (( How long has it been since we got bck to the ship ourselves? ))
    Taliq: (( I assume that was happening simultaneously to us getting back? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( maybe an hour? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( more or less simutaneously, though not exactly ))
    Taliq: (( OK. Taliq probably isn’t wearing her new armor, she’s just been repairing it, polishing it, basking etc :P ))
    Unknown command: "oc OK". Try /help for a list of commands.
    Jshock-GM: (( OK ))
    • Jaana is busy storing shipboard medical
      supplies and then measuring space and studying ship blueprints for
      potential installation of a medical bed….

    As Mathus and Lowurra board, they stumble across Taliq, polishing
    a familiar looking T visored helmet…


    "… you two have been having fun?"

  • Vale has been putting away the goods that
    they failed to sell, out of eyeshot of Taliq

  • Jshock-GM: (( so, Mathus stammers out his
    statement while seeing that… ))

  • Mathus pales a bit more at seeing the armor.

  • Mathus: "…Where’d you get that?"
    Taliq: "… I bought it…"
    Mathus: "…Well, man the stations. We’re leaving. IMMEDIATELY!"
    • Taliq stares obsessedly at the armor while
      polishing it

    Jaana: (( I’ve got to wonder how he rlekku are
    goign to work with a human type helmet… :P

    Taliq: "What’s the rush?"
    Taliq: (( I know right? XD ))
    Taliq: (( Haven’t crossed that bridge yet :P ))
    Mathus: "Bargos sent a bounty hunter after us!"
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m assuming modifying the helmet for space isn’t that hard ))
    Mathus: "Judging by his armor, looks like Jodo Kast. From what I’ve heard, he takes the same types of bounties Boba Fett does…"
    Mathus: "…Look, we barely escaped him. It’s not safe for us to stay here."
    Taliq: "… we’re hardly worth that much. What’s Bargos’ problem?"
    Jaana: "May he just wanted to do an object lesson rather than a full on Hunt. You know, make a point that you shouldn’t cut into Bargos drug trade maybe?" .
    As you discuss the matter, the ship’s perimiter alarm bleeps; someone is approaching…
    • Mathus curses vehemently.

    Mathus: (( We got enough time to launch before
    he reaches us? ))

  • Vale wanders into the room looking tired.

  • Vale: "What’s this now?"
    Mathus: "Bounty hunter after us!"
    Taliq: "We can take one bounty hunter."
    • Vale stares at Mathus.

    Jshock-GM: (( Legally? Probably not. Need
    clearance from the station, a filed flight plan, etc ))

    Vale: "Okay."
    • Jaana heads to Bridge to check extrernal
      cameras… )is we even have any…)

    Mathus: "-Fett- level bounty hunter!"
    Jshock-GM: (( you do. ))
    Mathus: (( Although… did he look as skilled as Fett? ))
    • Vale stares at Mathus some more.

    Jodo Kast:
    • Jodo Kast stands in front of the ship, arms
    Vale: "Okay."
    • Taliq starts hastily donning the armor

    Lowurra: (Give him the main guns?)
    Jaana: (( is there a broadcast system with which we can comminicate to someone standing outside? ))
    Taliq: (( Actually scratch that, no way it’d fit, it needs to be sized still :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Absolutely, Jaana. ))
    Vale: (( Lol was just ab out to ask that Jan ))
    • Taliq stores the armor, to keep it secret,
      keep it safe

    Jaana: * swithc flick * "Attention approaching Hunter. My we ask you business with us?"
    Jodo Kast: +I’m just here to talk.+
    • Vale Wanders off into Bridge

  • Taliq rolls her eyes

  • Jaana: "Certain associates have a lack of trust for you at the moment, is ship to shor communication acceptable?"
    Taliq: "I’m going to go talk to him then"
    Jodo Kast: ++That’s fine. As long as all of you listen.++
    • Mathus mms, frowns, glances at Taliq… then
      goes out with her.

    Jaana: "We’re listening…"
    Jodo Kast: ++You bunch made a mistake; you cut into the slug’s business. He wants the glitterstim… one way or the other.++
    • Mathus pauses, blinks.

    Mathus: "One way or- you think he’s willing to buy it from us?"
    Jaana: (failing to mute the system,) "Do you guys really want to piss off another Hutt?"
    • Mathus says that to the others, not over the
      comm systems.

    Lowurra: (WRite off the losses?)
    Vale: "I want to just hand it over. It’s nothing but trouble.
    Taliq: "There are other ways to make money… Where’s the stuff? I’ll take it out."
    Vale: "Not so nice try."
    • Vale goes and retrieves hte glitterstim he’d
      stowed away.

  • Taliq laughs

  • Vale: "I’ll take it then?"
    Taliq: "Oh believe me, I’ll be as glad to see it go as you…"
    Jodo Kast: +I’m waiting.+
    • Mathus looks reluctant to part with it
      without a profit… but glumly nods.

  • Taliq follows Vale out, but doesn’t go near
    the goods

  • Jaana: "We’re transferring the supply now." she says into the mic, "Take it on out, Vale"
    • Mathus follows Taliq out.

  • Vale nods.

  • Jshock-GM: (( you see the bounty hunter turn
    towards you as you exit ))

  • Vale stands his ground.

  • Jodo Kast: +That it?+
    Vale: (( it is right, no one acutally managed to get rid of any? ))
    Lowurra: (( well, minus one hit ))
    Taliq: (( Well I smoked one :P ))
    Mathus: (( Aside from the amount Taliq took? Ype. ))
    Vale: "Yes. THis is the stash. We have been unable to unload it."
    Jodo Kast:
    • Jodo Kast presses a couple of buttons on his
      wrist; a droid appears from the shadows to carry the crate
    Taliq: "We’re happy to find other kinds of work."
    Vale: "Is this done now?"
    Vale: "Ar we square with Bargos?"
    Jodo Kast: ++Smart. A word of advice; stay out of Hutt business. It doesn’t sound like you’re very good at it.++
    • Mathus sighs.

    Mathus: "-Gladly.-"
    Vale: "I hear that."
    Taliq: "It’s a work in progress…"
    Jodo Kast: +You’re square… for now.+
    • Taliq grins

    Vale: "Till we meet again."
    Jodo Kast:
    • Jodo Kast and the droid walk off towards the
      cargo elevators
    • Mathus sighs, frowns.

    Mathus: "…If I ever recommend something like that again, somebody punch me. Now… I need a drink."
    Vale: "I think everyone but Jaana has a part of the blame on that dumb move."
    Lowurra: (( sorry gents – but I must jet ))
    Taliq: "No regrets. It was worth a try."
    Lowurra: (( comments just came in and I must turn this around by the AM ))
    Jshock-GM: kk; til next time
    Vale: (( Do a barrel roll!" ))
    Taliq: (( No worries Drekkan, gg mate ))
    Drookiee is disconnected.
    Mathus: (( Kk, later. ))
    • Mathus sighs, frowns.

    Mathus: "Well, it was my bloody stupid suggestion in the first place…"
    Mathus: "Come on, it’s still early today, right? I’m gonna try and relax here…"
    Vale: "Well let’s stick to the legitimiate stuff for now. The run in with te law, then the bounty hunter, we’re lucky we’re standing."
    Taliq: "Wait… just one thing I want to say…"
    Jshock-GM: (( Ah. Jaana, you got a lead; a company called IsoTech is looking for a light freighter to do some sort of exploration job… ))
    Mathus: "Hmm?"
    • Mathus glances at Taliq.

    Taliq: "I’m sorry."
    • Taliq shrugs

    Jaana: "Well, whikle you guys were making a total mess of things, I found us a lead. IsTech needs a small shipper."
    Taliq: "I indulged some old habits, but it won’t happen again."
    • Jshock-GM gets the train back on the rails

    Jaana: "Well, more exploratory than shipping. The notice had minimal details, of course."
    Mathus: "Mmm… do they need us immediately, or can it wait until morning?"
    Mathus: "Because right now I feel like getting plastered."
    Jaana: "As if that is really goign to help at all."
    Taliq: "I heard some treasure hunting rumors."
    Vale: "You’re not dlying the ship Mathus, go buy a bottle, and bunk down."
    Vale: (( Flying ))
    Jaana: "I’d have approach the listet contact myself, but speaking and negotiations isn’t my strong suit."
    • Mathus sighs at Jaana, then glances at Taliq.

    Mathus: "Treasure hunting rumors?"
    Vale: "How about someone find the going rate for this sort of work so we’re not oging to blind."
    Lowurra: GROWWWOWWUUU (I could go for a bit of a nightcap; capital idea!)
    Taliq: "Yeah, somebody found a beacon from a long lost ship that’s a salvage goldmine… supposedly."
    • Mathus glances at Vale.

    Vale: (( THaaaats right ))

    Mathus: "Could mix business and pleasure."
    Lowurra: GROO? (Treasure ship?)
    Vale: (( CLone war era ship, escape pod, salvage, rumours. ))
    Taliq: "Sounds like a high risk, high gain venture. We may want to stick with more secure work after the capital hit we took from that shipping fiasco."
    Lowurra: GROWW (What was that ship called?)
    Jaana: "Or, you could get serious about busniess. How long do you think this fly by the seat of your pants method of obtaining credits is going to work out.?"
    Mathus: (( As long as the GM finds it amusing. ))
    Mathus: (( Conversely, the first "stable" job we take will blow up in our faces. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( you’re catching on. ))
    Taliq: "The Na Salador?"
    Taliq: "No, the Sa Nalador I think?"
    Mathus: (( Knowledge check for that? ))
    Jshock-GM: (( checking the Wookiee’s skills ))
    Taliq: "The Salad Door?" XD
    Taliq: "The Sultana Tor?"
    Taliq: "The Sultan’s Claw?"
    Jshock-GM: (( I’m defaulting to Know (lore) unless you can argue otherwise ))
    Mathus: (( What difficulty? ))
    • Jaana notices Mathus new bruises and
      somewhat ungently patches him up…

    Ability Ability Ability Boost Difficulty Mechanics Check
    Success 3 Advantage3
    Jaana: (that’s healign 3 wounds and 3 strain)
    Taliq: (( Mathus is a droid apparently :P ))
    Mathus: "…-Oof-. Thanks, I think…"
    Jshock-GM: (( sec ))
    • Mathus rubs his arm, frowns.

    Mathus: Mathus recovers 3 Strain
    Jaana: oops
    Mathus: (( I’ll take it. ))
    Mathus: (( Don’t bother rerolling it! ))
    Jaana: well, it’d be two yeloow and 1 green instead
    Taliq: "So Jodo roughed you up a bit?"
    Mathus: That roll’s good!
    Jshock-GM: (( he was only down strain ))
    Taliq: "Seems like he was overdoing it a bit…"
    Mathus: "No, a gang trying to steal our glitterstim."
    Jshock-GM: (( er, up strain… ))
    Taliq: "Oh… That makes more sense."
    Mathus: "It became a 3-way. We got out in the confusion."
    Ability Ability Cool Check
    Success 2 Advantage1
    Mathus: Mathus recovers 2 Strain
    Taliq: "Good job not letting them steal it! Would hate for us not to be able to give it away, eh?"
    • Taliq slaps Mathus on the arm

    Jshock-GM: (( I’m calling this a Hard check;
    I though it stated it somewhere… ))

    Ability Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Lore Check
    Success 0 Failure2 Advantage2
    Jshock-GM: (( Lowurra is 1/1; swap a blank for a yellow ))
    Mathus: (( K. ))
    Proficiency Lore Check
    Success 0 Advantage2
    Mathus: (( Still a failure, but 4 advantage total. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Well, you don’t remember anythig solid; you think cybernetics might have been mixed in with that story somehow, but you’re not sure ))
    • Mathus hmms, frowns.

    Jaana: (( so, what you guys are saying is that
    you’d rather ignore the legitimate hiring opportunity to try and track
    down the rumors of a myth situated in a indeterminate area of space…
    right? ={ ))

    Mathus: "I recall something about cybernetics involved with that ship… but not sure."
    Mathus: (( You know the legitimate hiring opportunity is going to go horribly wrong regardless! :D ))
    Jshock-GM: (( Jaana, that’s good enough to lett you roll seperately, if you want ))
    • Mathus frowns, glances at Jaana.

    Taliq: (( Yeah, pretty much XD ))

    Mathus: "But we should probably look into your job while we try to gather more info on this treasure ship. Perhaps the shipment’s towards that way, too.
    Jaana: what kidn of roll? The only Lore I have is Xeno… unless its a medicine ‘lore’ somehow
    Jshock-GM: Lore, unless you can make a good argument for something else…
    Taliq: "If we want to go after the Salad Door, we should do it quickly, it’ll quickly turn into a rat race…"
    Ability Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Difficulty Lore Check
    Success 3 Threat3
    Jshock-GM: (( Ah, someone actually knows something. ))
    Jaana: "Are you deliberatly mispronouncing that ship name, Taliq?"
    Mathus: (( Apparently Jaana takes 3 strain from the headaches of dealing with us. ))
    Vale: (( DOn’t look at me, I’m for the legit job :P ))
    Vale: (( Out of Char I want TREASAAAAAA though :P ))
    • Mathus voted for the legitimate job for now,

    Mathus: (( Or at least learning more about it.
    Like I said, could be on our way to Treasure Ship. ))

    you’ve heard of the ship. Seperatist, was supposedly carrying
    something important. Some say credits, some say something else. Story
    goes it might have had a failing hyperdrive; imperials caught up to it
    while it was prepping for a jump. It jumped for parts unknown, never to
    be seen again…

    Taliq: "I can’t remember exactly what it was… It was something like that…"
    Lowurra: ROOF (I could use some of that treasure… for reasons.)
    Jaana: "Whatever.. something the Seps didn’t want the Imps to have, so mere credits seems unlikely."
    Taliq: "It doesn’t have to be about credits…"
    Jaana: "Well, with our recent luck, this IsoTech job IS the treasure ship, and they already have some coordinates…"
    • Taliq laughs

    Taliq: "It wouldn’t surprise me."
    Mathus: "Well, when can we contact them about the IsoTech job? Can we still do it tonight, or will it have to wait until morning?"
    Jaana: "Depends on how in sync out night schedule is to the contacts. You’re the slicing. Get on the holonet and confirm the contact details."
    Vale: There is one benefit to looking for the ship. Getting away from everything we’ve been doing for the last few months. We wont be dealing with hutts, or imperial patrol or any of it, we’ll jsut go out there looking. Aaaand if we fail we fail, there are toher jobs out there. Having siad that, a nice standard income with the odd pirate chase doesn’t sound so bad to me.
    Jaana: …typos…
    • Mathus hmms, shrugs.

    Mathus: "Alright, will check that out first, then go drinking."
    Taliq: "I agree. It’d be nice to get away from it for awhile."
    • Mathus goes back into the ship to confirm
      Jaana’s contact details.

    Jshock-GM: (( Computers! 2d! ))

    Ability Ability Proficiency Proficiency Difficulty Difficulty Computers Check
    Success 2 Triumph1
    Mathus: (( Badaboom. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( wow. OK… ))
    Jaana: (( he gets their entire itenerary for the next week… ))
    Mathus: (( I’ll leave the Triumph results up to you, Jshock. ))
    • Mathus typity-types.

    You determine that IsoTech is a company that has ventures in all
    sorts of legitimate – and not so legitimate – tech oriented projects
    (ship modifications, weapons, cybernetics, etc). Its founder, a Twi’lek
    named Ropok, started the company during the clone wars (and was rumored
    to be a CIS sympathiser). The company has offices on the Wheel, and
    other facilities on worlds and stations of a questionable nature. The
    current heads are Reom and Shira (son and daughter of Ropok).

    Mathus: (( CIS = Separatists? ))

  • Mathus hrms.

  • Mathus: "…Actually, Taliq, you might not have been far off."
    Jshock-GM: (( Yes; Confederation of Independent Systems ))
    • Mathus reads off the IsoTech information to
      the rest of the party.

    Jaana: (( twi’lek chich as ceo.. just Mathu’s
    type… ))

    Mathus: (( …Heh… ))

    Taliq: (( lol ))

    Mathus: "It’s feasible they’d have an interest in salvaging this Treasure Ship. Did you hear which sector this assignment will bring us to?
    Jshock-GM: (( Reom (the male) is CEO; Shira is vice ))
    Jaana: "You knw how terse wanted ads can be. Gettings details is the whole point of meeting with the conact, right?"
    Taliq: (( Typical patriarchal dominance :3 ))
    Mathus: "Point."
    Jshock-GM: (( the ad on WheelList was incredibly low key ))
    • Mathus tries to figure out a good time/place
      to meet.

    Reom/s droid secretary schedules a meeting for the next day…

    Mathus: "Alright, it’s set up for tomorrow…"
    Taliq: "Sounds good. Let’s keep our knowledge of the Salador a secret though, OK? Can’t be too careful."
    Mathus: (( Not too early, I hope. ))
    Mathus: "Right. Tonight? I’m getting a drink or two and enjoying some entertainment. That’s why we came here in the first place, right?"
    Jshock-GM: (( these tech guys never keep early hours! ))
    Taliq: "No. We came here to sell drugs and find work."
    • Taliq winks

  • Jaana eyerolls, then brings up the ship’s
    schematics again with particular attention to any large open spaces…

  • Mathus sighs.

  • Mathus: "Let’s go."
    • Mathus goes. Anyone coming with?

    Taliq: "Right behind you."
    Taliq: "Just a drink or two though, I still got some work to do."
    • Mathus mms, nods.

    Mathus: "…On the armor?"
    Taliq: "… maybe…."
    • Taliq grins sheepishly

    Mathus: "…Hmm?"
    • Mathus looks at Taliq suspiciously.

    Taliq: "Well, I also need to take care of the other half of the glitterstim…"
    Mathus: (( I think we gave that away as well. ))
    Vale: (( What? ))
    Taliq: (( Do you think that out loud? :P ))
    Vale: "no seriously, what?"
    Vale: (( tha twas meant to be ooc ))
    Jshock-GM: (( should I retroactively shoot the crew for only giving up half the drugs? ))
    Vale: XDDD
    Vale: DOO IT
    Jaana: (( far as I know, Vel gave up the half his group had, and amthus and Low gave up their half.. so all gone ))
    Jshock-GM: (( I’ve got notes on this guy; you’re not going to take him as is ))
    Mathus: (( Hey, I thought we were giving it all away. ))
    Taliq: (( Do you think that out loud and/or in character? :P ))
    Mathus: (( Think what out loud or in-character? I’m utterly confused now. ))
    Taliq: (( Whatever Mathus’ in character response is XD ))
    Vale: (( QUestioning whether Taliq haws the glitterstim ))
    • Mathus blinks at Taliq.

    Vale: (( as far as I know you;’re hte only one
    in the room with her ))

    Mathus: "…Er, what?"
    Taliq: "Yeah, I switched one of the bags while nobody was watching…"
    • Taliq grins

    Mathus: "WHAT?!"
    Taliq: "Boy is that bounty hunter gonna get a surprise when he finds a bag full of wookiee laundry!"
    • Taliq laughs

    Taliq: "I’m kidding!"
    • Mathus doesn’t look like he’s laughing; he
      looks like he was ready to explode.

    Mathus: (( So, what skill check is it to see if
    Taliq’s truthful or not? ))

  • Mathus mutters a slew of curses in a few

    Jshock-GM: I think that’s Perception vs 2d…
    Ability Ability Difficulty Difficulty Perception Check
    Success 3 Threat4
    Taliq: (( If it’s vs Taliq’s will? 2 :P ))
    Jshock-GM: (( mmmmmmmmaybe ))
    Taliq: (( Oh gawd, what does that threat do XD ))
    Mathus: (( Obviously raises Mathus’s strain by 4. ))
    Mathus: (( As he crashes from the high stress. ))
    Jshock-GM: (( You think she’s telling the truth, but you’re not sure; Taliq seems to be kind of a chameleon… ))
    Taliq: (( Taliq is giving him gray hairs? :P ))
    Mathus: "Just… don’t JOKE about you taking more of that smeg!"
    • Mathus points a finger at Taliq.

    Mathus: "This is- you- UGH!"
    Taliq: "C’mon Mathus, where’s the faith?"
    • Mathus loses coherent speech for a moment.

  • Taliq grins and tries to hold back another

  • Jshock-GM: (( buttfrustrated… ))

  • Mathus ughs, sighs.

  • Taliq: "Alright, that was a little mean. Come on, I’ll buy the first round…"
    Mathus: "Tested way too much by what you’ve done… and yes. I swear, if you joke about taking glitterstim again I’ll sock you."
    Jaana: "So Vale… what say you we give those two a scare and switch docking berths,,," she comments only half seriously…
    • Mathus sighs, frowns, but heads out to the
      bars with Taliq regardless.

    Mathus and Taliq hit the promenade for a night’s entertainment…

    Vale: "Yes. Right now. Yes."
    Jshock-GM: (( power converters are canon. ))
    Jaana: "Give her earlier attitude, Taliq gave up on keping those drugs rather easily don’t you think?"
    Taliq: (( XD ))
    Taliq: (( I 3 Robot Chicken ))
    Mathus: (( So, anything interesting happen during that? Oh, and Lowurra was coming too. ))
    Vale: "Just a little…but, the way she was looking at htat armour. Maybe her addictions move quickly?"
    Jaana: "One can hope…"
    Vale: "Well She’s with Mathus now so…"
    Vale: There’s not a little sarcasm there…
    Taliq: "Better keep a close eye on me… Wouldn’t want me to slip into an alleyway and score a hit…"
    • Taliq gives Mathus a half-grin

  • Mathus sighs, mutters,

  • Mathus: "Would be nice to have an eye on you and not worry about that…"
    Jaana: "That… not a great deal better than her being on her own…" .
    • Vale nods

    Vale: "So… you bringing up the docking station or am I?"
    • Jaana starts drawing up some schemtic
      alterations.. new poer conduits, metal sheeting for a couple walls… if
      vale catches a glimpse, they’re for a ratehr small, actual, medbay for
      the ship.. one medical bed droid thingy, on recovery bunch….

    Taliq: "Look Mathus…" Taliq says after a few IPAs
    Taliq: (( Imperial Pale Ale, obviously :P ))
    Mathus: (( IPAs? ))
    Mathus: (( Ah. ))
    Mathus: "Hmm?"
    • Mathus glances at Taliq. He’s buzzed and
      kind of sullen.

    Vale: (( Ithorian Pale Ale! ))

    Taliq: "All kidding aside I’m done with that junk. You can trust me…"
    • Mathus sighs, frowns, shakes his head.

  • Taliq smiles a totally convincing smile

  • Mathus: "I hope so. I’d hate it if some stupid plan of mine ruined you."
    Jshock-GM: (( Ithorians could brew something fierce; plant specialists ))
    • Vale looks over, gives an appraising look
      and goes back to deciding how much he wants to screw with the shoreleave.

    Mathus: (( Anything else happen while we’re out
    partying, or cut to the next day? ))

  • Taliq probably heads back to the ship to get
    back to working on her armor before too long

  • Jshock-GM: (( nothing on my end ))

    Jshock-GM: (( we can cut to the meet if you
    want ))

    Mathus: (( Go for it. ))

  • Mathus glances at the twi’lek dancers for a
    moment as Taliq leaves… before heading back with her to help with the


    Mathus: (( TO PLOT! ))

    Taliq: (( Exposition ahoy! ))

    Isotech’s offices are a bit run down, but stylishly decoratet with
    a spartan style; alien potted plants flank an old polished reception
    desk of some exotic wood. A CZ series droid greets you as you enter.

    CZ comm droid: "May I help you, gentlebeings?"
    Jaana: (( what a grumpy looking droid… ))
    Jaana: "Inquiring about job listing _____" quotes terse job board listing…
    Jaana: ^ listing number
    CZ comm droid: "Ah, of course. I will let Reom know you have arrived. Refreshments while you wait?"
    Jaana: "We have an appointm,ent with….." looks over to Mathus
    Mathus: "Reom, as the droid said."
    Jaana: "I’m fine. They might want some of the dog that bit them…" * looks over Mathus and Taliq for hangover signs… *
    • Mathus looks more like he suffered from a
      restless sleep than a hangover.

    CZ comm droid: "Some water, perhaps? I’m told rehydration iss the best cure."
    Jaana: (( the drookie order milk and get it on his ‘mustache’… ))
    Taliq: "I’m fine, thanks."
    • Taliq is perkier than she’s been in weeks

    CZ comm droid:
    • CZ comm droid pushes a button on the reception
      desk; a circular table rises out of the floor with some drinks. The droid
      shuffles out of the room.
    after a few minutes, the droid returns… it goes to the front doors, peers outside for a second, and then locks them.
    CZ comm droid: "Please, follow me…"
    • Jaana follows the droid

  • Vale falls in line

  • the droid leads you to a long conference room; standing by the
    table is a male twi’lek in a comfortable (but stylish) clothes. On his
    shoulder rests a strange batlike creature…

  • Mathus nods at the twi’lek.

  • Taliq: (( Mordekai XD ))

    Reom: "Gentlebeings, welcome! I am Reom. Please, have a seat."
    Taliq: (( Clearly he’s a Borderlands fan :P ))
    • Jaana sits

  • Mathus sits.

  • Reom: "Mordekai tells me your ship is called the Krayt Fang, Is that correct?"
    • Mathus blinks.

  • Taliq nods

  • Taliq: "It’s a good ship."
    Mathus: (( Didn’t we change that name? ))
    • Jaana , having donw her part, now lets the
      sociable people do the talking stuff…

    Mathus: (( I’m having trouble remembering. Did
    Mordekai say the original name of our ship, or our cover name for it?

    Taliq: (( Also that droid is HILARIOUS ))

    Reom: "Please, don’t look too alarmed; I’ve been in this business a while. Not the first time I’ve seen a masked transponder."
    • Mathus nods.

    Jshock-GM: (( CZs really look like that ))

    Mathus: "Most of the time when people mention the original name, they’re looking to either arrest us or shoot us."
    • Reom nods
    Taliq: (( That has to be from the original movie :P ))
    Reom: "Some sort of trouble on Tatooine, I understand."
    Taliq: (( Mathus needs to brush up on his job interview techniques :P ))
    Vale: SHrugs before my time.
    Taliq: "Nothing we couldn’t handle."
    Reom: "Ah, right… Argen Vale, I assume?"
    • Vale Nods.

    Vale: "Pleased to meet you. You really are well infomrmed aren’t you?"
    Vale: (( INFOMREMED ))
    Vale: (( :P ))
    Reom: "…You could say i have friends in high and low places."
    Jaana: "Well, you were working for a person of note on Ryloth…"
    Vale: "You could and you just did. No harm in that."
    Vale: "True."
    Reom: "And that makes you the mighty Lowurra… warrior-diplomat of the tree people."
    Taliq: (( I’m not sure tree people is PC :P ))
    Reom: "And you are Jaana Raeth… one of the finest scouts who ever worked for the corps. Shame about that obvious frame job."
    Jaana: "Guild licenses can be reovoked, but not skills…"
    • Mathus doesn’t know whether to be insulted
      or pleased Reom’s never heard of him.

    Mathus: (( "Oh, and you must be the psychotic
    mechanic. Heard you ran over several people with a bulldozer, cackling
    madly the whole time." ))

    Reom: "And finally, Mathus, adopted son of Honwoo… and a former street ganger."
    Taliq: (( lol ))
    • Mathus sighs, just nods.

    Mathus: "No apologies. Life’s tough on Tattoine."
    • Reom looks confused
    Reom: "Do your friends not know?"
    Mathus: "They do."
    Mathus: "But most people’s opinion of street gangers is low. Usually for good reason."
    • Taliq shrugs

    Reom: "My apologies… I will say no more of it."
    Taliq: "There are worse professions."
    Mathus: "Usually closely connected to street ganging."
    Reom: "So, obviously I know about you; so let me tell you something about me, about IsoTech."
    Taliq: "Don’t worry about it Reom, we’re all friends here."
    • Taliq beams

    • Reom smiles, and… winks? at the twi’lek
    Taliq: (( Is he doing that lekku body language thing? :P ))
    Jaana: (( lekku moving in secret twi’ley sing language… ))
    • Mathus grits his teeth a bit.

  • Taliq blushes almost imperceptively

  • Reom: "My father founded this company nearly thirty years ago to become a leader in all fields of technological development; ships systems, weapons development, cybernetics, droid manufacture. We’re a small operation, but we make up for it in dexterity."
    Taliq: "Don’t we all"
    Reom: "I’m sure…"
    Reom: "Recently we ran into a boon; an old hyperspace communication pod. It was floating out there in deep space for nearly twenty years."
    Reom: "On said pod was a gold mine."
    • Reom leans in conspiratorially
    • Taliq tries to hold her best poker face

    Mathus: (( LOL. Poor Jaana. ))

    Reom: "Have any of you ever heard of the Sa Nalador?"
    • Jaana mutters ‘and our luck remains the

    Taliq: (( *sabaak face ))

    Vale: (( Ma ma ma my pokefaaace ))

    Mathus: (( Next time, we should go for the
    high-risk assignment. It’ll be a cakewalk. ))

    Mathus: (( Every "easy" assignment we’ve taken
    has spiraled drastically out of control. ))

    Taliq: (( lol ))

    Jshock-GM: (( next time? ))

    Taliq: (( XD ))

    Scene irises in on the group as Reom begins to explain…

    Vale: (( read explain as expand and started
    freaking out ))

    Jshock-GM: (( OK, it’s midnight; I’m going
    to call it here, Reom will spin the tale at the beginning of next
    session ))


    ok.. not an early start at work
    tomorrow anyway


    cya next time all…


    not = got

    Taliq: (( Sure ))

    Taliq: (( gg guys, till next time _ ))

    Tygaran is disconnected.

    Vale: gg guys
    Vale: Hey Jshock, do you ever get on Sklype anymore?
    Vale: Haven’t seen you in bit
    Xie: Didn’t your skype break or something?
    Jshock-GM: I’ll get the logs to you in a sec Xie, but give me until tomorrow night to get the NPCs up on OP
    Jshock-GM: my skype bogs down my machine when I start it now for some reason
    Mathus: Yeah, dunno why.
    Vale: Every THursday morning I’ maware that I didn’t do my back story, and while that is jsut forgetfulness mostly, part of it was wanting to dailogue it out, get input etc as you’ve already started the ball rolling couple of sessions ago
    Mathus: His Skype sucks up half his processor/RAM.
    Vale: Oooh okay
    Vale: HTat’s fair enough
    Mathus: Dunno why, really. Got any ideas, Xie?
    Mathus: My Skype barely hogs anything.
    Vale: well I’ll shoot yo uan email or through obisdianportal then
    Jshock-GM: I’m going to read up, maybe a clean reinstall will help or something
    Mathus: The few threads I read online mentioned that running it as an Administrator often caused it.
    Mathus: That or bad combos with Antivirus software.
    Xie: I got nothing :P
    Mathus: Ah, not running it as an Administrator. Running it in Compatibility mode.
    Xie: And don’t rush with the logs, I probably won’t get to them till the weekend
    Xie: Crazy-busy at work, still in release mode :P
    Jshock-GM: I’m pretty easy to reach otherwise, though; Jon Shockley on both G+ and FB
    Mathus: Oh, you’re on G+? Hrm… ein moment.
    Vale: Cool cool I’ll do thatthen
    Xie: gg all, and to all a good night
    Xie: Except you Tim :P
    Xie: You have a good… afternoon
    Jshock-GM: At some point we should do something other than RPGs; I’m still jonesing to play game of thrones
    Xie: yeah we should kick it with that program you suggested
    Mathus: We meaning just 2 people, or multiple people?
    Xie: It’s not so hard to set up
    Vale: I’d be down for GoT
    Xie: Origin or whatever it was
    Mathus: Is GoT a free game? Or does it cost money?
    Xie: It’s free
    Mathus: Ah.
    Xie: They don’t just have GoT they have hundreds of board games avaialble as free user-made modules
    Jshock-GM: it’s like 6 player with expansions, right?
    Xie: Yeah
    Vale: Um
    Vale: Yes
    Mathus: Oh! Think I heard of that.
    Xie: The expansions are all available too
    Xie: For free XD
    Mathus: I was gonna suggest Solium Infernum, but that costs… checks
    Xie: We’ll make it happen sometime
    Mathus: yeah, it’d be $15 for a copy.
    Mathus: For each player.
    Xie: That’s not so bad
    Vale: Adding you on FB so I can get a hold of you if need be since your skype is out of action, Are you at Blazing Editions?
    Mathus: -Finally- won my first multiplayer game in it after 3 years.
    Xie: But the other one that I can’t remember the name of is cheaper… being free :P
    Jshock-GM: that’s me, tim
    Vale: Seht a request
    Vale: I should be a private investigator!
    Xie: XD
    Xie is disconnected.

    Beyond the Rim - Session 1

    Tales from the Outer Rim Jshock Xie